Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited)

by TasteDaRainbow

Ponyville - Introduction Part 1

You are nothing kid! Remember this, you let your family die! You have no reason to live young man. You didn't deserve to live! Don't you remember what you did to your family?! YOU LET THEM DIE!! AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!! YOU ARE NOTHING COMPARE TO EVERYBODY ELSE, NOTHING!!!

Come with us Daniel. You didn't deserve to be with your friends, nor with these ponies. Because you will end up killed them all from your stupid action! Just wait Daniel, your time will come sooner or later, we will waiting for you. Just wait... Daniel...



Day 1 - 12:20
Pvt. Daniel Nicholas
1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment
Ponyville, Equestria

The young kid suddenly woke up from his nightmare, panting and begging for air with his left hand holds his heart. After a few seconds, he manage to control his breath. "Damn, what a nightmare," he thought out loud. He looked and notice that he's now covered in blanket, "Wait..." He began looking at his surroundings, "Where am I? And why the hell is everything made from crystal? Its cool though." To his right, there's a window left opened and bringing the cool breeze and the warm sunlight fills the room. To his left, there's a nightstand with his helmet have been put. He then immediately check his injury using his left hand to felt the wound, "Huh? Strange, didn't I just got hit by a sniper and that... crossbow? Am I dead?"

He pinched his right arm and he flinched at the sudden pain. "Nope, its not a dream, nor that I'm dead. But where am I? And where are the others?"

Just as he said that, he heard his sergeants voice, "BATTALION IS OSCAR MIKE!!"

"Wait, were leaving already? Dammit I just woke up." He groans and put his helmet on and immediately get out of the bed and headed to the door. "Well, at least I know that he's here." He turned the doorknob and peeked outside. There was a huge hallway inside and to the left, he could heard some voices from a huge room. "That must be them."

As he went outside, he closed the door and proceeded his walk towards the voice. As he was walking, he couldn't help but watch in awe at the crystal wall. "Woah," was all he could say. The beauty and the light that bounces off the crystal made the hallway even more... beautiful?? Nah, more like AWESOME!! He arrived at a huge what looks like a throne room with a big round table in the middle of it. He recognised the ponies who is looking to... his sergeant as he facepalmed himself towards his rangers who are now were leaning against a wall trying to - or maybe had - slept.

"You guys are just humiliating me," he said as he now pinch the bridge of his nose.

"Hey come on," said Chase as he stand to his eye level, "Were tired of what had happened. Besides, we're on another planet for God sake!" He throws his hand to the air.

"And is that what you call a ranger?" Daniel crossed his arms and leaned with his side to the wall. Everyone immediately turned their gaze to the young kid who is now confused from the stares, "Am I interrupting something?"

"You woke up fast," Finn said now facing him.

"Yeah," Daniel rub the back of his head, "I had a nightmare. But that's not important now," he took a deep breath then, "Can anybody tell me what the hell is going on?"

"Lets do some briefing uhh..." Finn glance at the purple alicorn.

"Twilight," said Twilight now trotting to the rangers. "Yeah, we haven't introduce ourselves yet, so maybe we can stay here a little longer and get to know each other better."

"Sounds fine with me," Daniel shrugs his shoulders and take a sit on the crystal floor. Damn its freezing my butt. He took off his helmet and bring his hand through his hair.

Everyone follows suit and made a circle around them. Daniel speaks up first, "Well, my instinct told me that these guys," he mentioned his friends, "Already introducing themselves... so I guess its my turn, my names Private Daniel Nicholas of the 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment United States Army pleasure to meet you." He place his right hand to his left chest and bow a little. The ponies left mouth agape to his instinct.

"He's a sidekick!" Pinkie whispers to Rainbow.

Finn chuckles, "You always did that didn't you?"

"Hey I was just being polite." Daniel throws his hands up in the air.

"Okay," Twilight began to getting everyone's attention, "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier today."

"No need to apologize Twilight," Finn said in a warm tone, "And now Daniel's here, you can introduce yourselves to us."

"Alright, this is..." She began introduce her friends to the rangers. Soon, the humans and the ponies began to blend one another. The rangers talked about their past until it was Daniel's turn.

"Hey kid you wanna talk about your past?" Asked Finn who is sitting next to Twilight.


"Kid?" He looked to his friends with a concern look, "Daniel? Private?" He waved in front of Daniel's face and snap his fingers several times.

"Huh? What?" Daniel flinched a little.

"You alright?" Asked Jerry.

"Y-yeah, I-I'm fine," he then looked to the ponies. "Imma head outside to get some fresh air." He stands up, put his helmet on and walked to the main door.

"Whats up with him?" Rainbow ask pointing a hoof to Daniel as he walked away.

"Oh Christ," Chase said turned to face Finn, "Dude you know how that question affect him?"

He quickly slapped himself, "Oh God I totally forgot!"

"Dumbass," Jerry mumbles underneath his breath.

"What in tarnation are ya talkin' about?" Applejack said.

Finn sighs and looked to the ponies, "It would be better for you to ask it to himself. He's very sensitive to that question but if he trusted you enough, he'll talk about it."

"Yeah," Chase suddenly interrupts, "We promised not to tell it to anyone without his permission."

"And if we break the promise," Jerry chimed in, "We'll get our ass kicked with his gun."

"You said a swear!" Pinkie shrieks.

"What, you don't have freedom of speech here?!"

"N-no we do, its just that most ponies tried not to swear on their own will so its a little frowned upon." Twilight replied.

"Oh well, I guess you all should get used to it because I'm pretty sure me and the rangers here are gonna continue for a goddamn while," Finn replied, chuckling to himself at the ponies' wincing expressions.

"What makes his past so secret like that?" Rarity ask and the rangers immediately felt the guilt building up inside them.

"Its the best for you to ask him yourselves," said the sergeant, "I didn't wanna 'cause any trouble with him."

"Same here," Jerry said stands up, "I'll go check our supplies."

"Wait," Twilight exclaimed. "We can show you the village, so you and everypony else in here get to know better and that you're not harm to them."

"Aight," Finn says grabbing his gun, "Lets make ourselves friendly boys."

"Hooah," replied Chase. "Oh yeah, what is this village name?"

"Ponyville," replied all of the ponies at same time while Chase tried his best not to laugh like a mad man.


They all got out from the castle and were greeted by the cool breeze and warm sunlight. Not much like the forest, Finn thought to himself. He looked to his left and sees the tank and the humvee is surrounded by a mass of ponies.

"No need to afraid!" Yelled the commander. "We mean no harm to you, if you wanna take a look inside just step right on it!" Well, at least the tank crew did a good head start.

"So Twilight," asked Rainbow with a smirk grin, "Where do we want to take these guys first?"

Twilight put her hoof to her chin, "Well, I bet you and your friends are hungry," she said looking at the sergeant then to her friends, "We'll take him to the Sugarcube Corners first."

All of a sudden, Pinkie shoots off into the air like a firework and landed bouncing circling all of them, "OHHHH!! I'm gonna made a lot of cakes for you guys! Especially because you guys saved our lives from Sombra's powerful army and not only that because I know you guys feeling exhausted of what had happened back on your homeland but do not worry 'cause Pinkie here is gonna make you a bunch of cupcakes and cakes and pastries and ice cream and... mmphh!!" She was interrupted by Starlight putting a hoof to her mouth.

"What Pinkie trying to say is, she's gonna make you some food."

Finn just stares at the pink pony with mind full of questions. At least I know that she made a good rapper, Earth won't have a chance on beating her, he chuckles at his thought. "Alright, lead the way." He say gesturing them to move on.

Twilight nod and as she was about to walk, she spotted Daniel leaning against a tree to their right. "Hey Daniel!" Daniel perked up and saw Twilight is waving at him, "You wanna come with us for lunch?"

Lunch? Alhamdulillah I'm starving to death right now. Wasting no time, he got up and run towards them with his ACR dangling on its chord and its loyal backpack. "Aight, so where are we going?"