Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

They're Back

Down below the surface of the planet Equestria, was the evil underworld. The domain of all the evil that has ever dared to set hoove on this peaceful planet. For a short while, the mighty King Zombra was trapped here, and used it as his lair. Even though he was trapped, he still managed to cause destruction to the planet above. Him and his evil villains, which Zombra freed from their life-cells.

However, each villain that was released from it's prison; met a quick end, at the hands of this worlds great heroes. The Power Rangers.

Using the power of the Elements of Harmony, they were able to destroy each and everyone of Zombra's villains. They fought to protect they're temporary home, because freedom is the right of all beings; not just sentient ones. But when the King of Monsters finally escaped his prison, the Power Rangers used their Zords, weapons & skills to finally defeat Zombra; with help from the Lord of Chaos.

Discord was taken by the forces of darkness; but he fought the possession and returned to the side of good. Using his magic, he defeated King Zombra and dragged him back to the underworld; but at a great cost. Discord sacrificed his own freedom to keep both him and Zombra trapped even deeper in the underworld, no one has seen him since.

But one ranger made a promise, a promise to a certain Pegasus that he would get Discord home to her. And that ranger has been searching the lands ever since, trying to keep his promise.
Within the underworld, a new evil had come back from the darkness; hoping to succeed where Zombra failed.

"Oh guys, were back." the monster in the middle stated. The rest of the monsters within the group started laughing like maniacs. The Queen of the Changelings, Chrysalis, stared at the strange monsters; one looked like a giant blue frog, one had a large poofy cloud on his head & two of them looked like they were made of bones.

Chrysalis stepped towards the eight monsters, she stated, "Greetings, I am Queen Chrysalis. What brings you to these chambers?" The leading monster steps forward to confront the Changeling, this one looked like a fish man made out of lava and stones. "We are the Eight Evil Elements, we serve the Master and are the best monsters in his army." he explained.

The Changelings that were hiding in the caves surrounding the room, came out to observe the eight beasts standing before their queen. Chrysalis asked, "Do you have names?" Each monster then spoke their name, starting with the leader.





"Shriek." this one sounded female.



"Rattle-Bones." this one spoke in a Mexican accent.

Chrysalis was trying to hold back her laughter, she thought those were silly names. However, she was not going to say, out of fear of making these monsters angry. Once they were introduced, the monsters had to make themselves known to the surface world. Using their dark magic, they teleported to Ponyville; where they would address the nation of their arrival.
Returning to the town, Adam had just come back from his walk in the forest; because of his magic, he didn't fear the wild creatures. Plus, Fluttershy had shown him how to handle Manticores.

Waiting at the entrance to the town, was the daughter of Fluttershy; Screwball, and her boyfriend, Mothball. Once the boy reached the chaotic pony, they came together for a friendly hug. Screwy muttered, "Any sign of him?" But all Adam could reply with was, "Sorry Screwball, still no sign of your dad."

Mothball stated, "It's only been two days since he saved us all from Zombra. But when it comes to him, he could be anywhere." So the three creatures made their way to the Castle of Chaos, the home that Adam had love living at.

Throughout Ponyville, all of the rangers had strong bonds with their pony friends.

Rory and Kian were happy helping out on Sweet Apple Acres, they were helping Applejack lift crates into the barn. Rory said, "Okay Kian, lift with your knees." But the Green Ranger replied, "Look, you can tell me what to do, or you can tell me how to do it. But you can't do both." Whilst they lifted the box into the barn, Rory muttered, "I didn't."

Within the sky, Wiktoria was playing a ball game with Prism and the Dash Twins. The Blue Ranger's magic allowed her to walk on the cloud like a Pegasus. "Hey Thunder, catch." the ranger yelled when she through the ball in Thunder Dash's direction. The four of them continued to play as the day went on.

Rose was in the fashion studio, helping Rarity with her house work. Fancy Pants was off on a business trip, leaving his wife with the new baby to look after. Gemstone would sometimes help, when she wasn't doing her homework or playing with her friends. Rose would help out by using her magic to get the job done quicker, then she take the weight of the unicorn's shoulders by watching baby Jewel for a while.

Heather, being the newest ranger, was still getting used to living on an alien planet. But Derpy, and her daughter Dinky, would help her alone. Charlie would also stop by, sometimes; he felt a strong-bond between them; almost as if Charlie had a thing for Derpy. I wonder why? :ajsmug:

Little did the rangers know, something evil was rising up from the depts. of the underworld.
The clear blue shy suddenly turned pitch black, as if night had come early. Rising up in the centre of the town, eight giant monsters rose up from the dark portal. Malagore marched to the front of the group, he started to address the ponies.

"Inhabitants of the surface world, we are the Eight Evil Elements. Bring forth the Power Rangers, and you may be spared in the coming war."

The ranger team had seen the giant creature stomping about in the town, so they went to find out what the hay was going on. While they ran, Kian said, "Just when you think it's over, we never learn." The rangers didn't morph yet, they wanted to see what was going on first.

When they arrived at the scene, the were shocked to see how big these monsters were; bigger then any monster they've faced. Super-Nasor noticed the rangers below them, so he informed his leader; Malagore turned to the rangers and stated, "Greetings rangers, allow us to introduce ourselves." One by one, each monster stated their name and title.

"I am Hecka-Toad; the sea monster on the oceans, and the Master of Water!" This monster was the giant blue frog. Wearing a blacksmith outfit, parts of him covered in barnacles & he carried a large hammer; that when he blew into the handle, doubled as a horn.

"I am Thunder-Toll; lord of the skies, and the Master of Lightning!" This monster was wearing knights armour mixed with kings armour. The top part of his head was covered by a poofy cloud, showing only his mouth on his face. He also carried a doubled bladed weapon, the blades wear shaped like lightning bolts.

"I am Rattle-Bones; keeper of the no-longer living, and the Master of Undead!" Rattle-Bones was a bulky skeleton, wearing nothing but a Mexican cape, and a sombrero. He also had a large handlebar moustache above his boner teeth.

"I am Shriek; the bringer of your tornados, and the Master of Wind!" This monster was also made of bones. She looked like a large skeleton bird. The creepy yellow eyes within the skull, actually made the skull look like a helmet.

"I am Brawl-&-Chain; the jailer of Tartarus, and the Master of Metal!" This monster was dressed like a prison guard. Wearing the hat and uniform of one, but with two small cages on his shoulders, and a gas mask welded to his face. His body was also wrapped in a few chains; which he could remove and use as a weapon.

"I am Fifty-Below; the warden of the snowy north, and the Master of Ice!" A giant yeti like creature, wearing medieval hockey armour and a mask. His weapon was a hockey stick, with a sharp blade on the end.

"I am Super-Nasor; king of the forest, and the Master of Earth!" He was a plant monster, covered in leaves, vines and tree branches. He carried a fan shaped blade, that could cut through anything.

"And I am Malagore; the leader of the Eight Evil Elements, and the Master of Fire!" Malagore looked like a giant fish monster, made out of fire and lava, his hands looked like three bladed crab claws, and he was the most terrifying out the lot of them.

Malagore continued, "We are the new enemies of Equestria, fear us! For we will be back!" With those final words, another dark portal opened and the eight monsters were dragged back down to the underworld. The rangers watched as they disappeared.

Rose stated, "We need to tell the princess about this." So the rangers caught the next train to Canterlot.
"It was so strange; they just rose up, introduced themselves and then left. They said we should fear them." Wiktoria stated. The rangers were with the three princesses, Twilight, Celestia & Luna; informing them of the Eight Evil Elements.

Celestia stated, "I have heard of these monsters, their older than Grogar himself." Only Adam knew who that was, he researched the planet when they first came here. The princess continued, "They claim to be the ones who created the eight elements; fire, earth, water, lightning, metal, air, undead & ice. But I thought they were just legends."

Luna gasped when she realised something, she went to her sister and stated, "Sister, if the Elements are real; the prophesy must be real too." This statement made Celestia worry. Kian stepped forward and asked, "What prophesy?"

Celestia explained what it meant, "The legend states that the Eight Evil Elements will work together to destroy what stands in their way for world conquest; and right now, that something is you rangers. But if they defeat you, then the war will start."

"What war?" Adam asked.

"The Elemental War. The eight elements would turn on & destroy each other, until only one remained. The last element standing would be free to conquer the planet." All the rangers were concerned, then Rory stepped forward and asked, "How will the elements conquer the world?"

"It depends on which element wins; Hecka-Toad would flood the lands, Fifty-Below would plummet Equestria into a frozen waste land. Rangers, you must stop and destroy each of the evil elements."
Down in the underworld, Malagore was staring at a pool of water in the ground, he muttered, "Master, the time has come to complete your master plan, we should begin the selection ceremony." The eye of the Master could be seen in the water, it blinked, saying 'yes' to his statement.

So the eight monsters entered the main chamber; standing in a circle, the presented their weapons. Malagore and his club/mace, Hecka-Toad and his hammer, Thunder-Toll and his double-bladed sword, Super-Nasor and his fan blade, Rattle-Bones and his cutlass, Shriek and her bone dagger, Fifty-Below and his hockey stick & Brawl-&-Chain with his wrecking ball on a chain.

The eye of the master was wide open, it shot a beam of dark magic that would choose which element would go and attack the rangers first.

The energy spun around the room, until it placed itself on the chosen monster's weapon; and that monster was.....

"I have been chosen." Brawl-&-Chain stated.