by cornholio4

Chapter 4

Oleander and Twilight reached a fancy looking house as Twilight knocked on the door, “Wait, so far the friends that Twilight has introduced to me seem like the fellow Key Seekers. Only two left and judging from the look of this house, I bet this one will be like that haughty stuck up Velvet....” Oleander thought in her head and Twilight opened the door with them going in. They looked and saw Spike helping Rarity sew some gems into a new dress.

Just as I had predicted.......” Oleander thought in her head as she was reminded of Velvet and the Sprites she had with them. Twilight introduced Oleander to them and explained that Spike is Twilight’s assistant but likes to help Rarity. Oleander looking at Spike thought that she didn’t have much experience with dragons unless you counted Tianhuo.

“I must say Miss Oleander; the shape of your horn looks divine! How did you get it like that, I must know!” Rarity asked looking in awe at Oleander’s horn and she sighed.

“It was always like this, it is how unicorns’ horns are like in Foenum.” Oleander replied as Rarity looked puzzled along with Spike, “I came here via a magic portal, Foenum is the name of the world that I came from.” Oleander explained as Rarity then decided that she would make Oleander a dress. Oleander’s protests were ignored as Rarity insisted; Oleander never really did wear clothes with the exception of her Order of the Horn robe.

Oleander left with Twilight saying that there was one more friend that she wanted her to meet; Oleander was thinking that by process of elimination that this friend must be like Tianhuo........

Oleander found herself tackled by a blue blur and saw it was an angry blue Pegasus blur with a rainbow mane. Oleander glared as she got the Unicornomicon and used it to magically attack the Pegasus sending her back. The Pegasus glared as she then charged at Oleander but was caught in a magical bubble by a furious looking Twilight.

“Rainbow Dash, what are you doing?” asked Twilight harshly as Dash was trying to get out, especially enraged by the victorious gloating smirk that Oleander was giving her.

“Pinkie Pie was telling me that this unicorn was rude to her and look at her, I bet she is an agent of King Sombra!” Dash ranted as Oleander thought that this must be one like Tianhuo but instead of being an honorable fighter, this Pegasus seemed like an angry hothead.

“Oleander is my guest and I found her coming through a portal, I was showing her around and it was just that she didn’t take to Pinkie being Pinkie. Now I suggest that you apologize right this instant.” Twilight told her and let go of the bubble as Dash mumbled an apology to Oleander and Oleander was thinking that Dash was fortunate. She would have suffered a more embarrassing defeat since after all; she was the one who defeated all the other Key Seekers and the Predators as well.

Twilight suggested that they head back to her castle; clearly not pleased that her effort to introduce her friends to her didn’t plan out as she had hoped.