Home Sweet Home

by ThatWritingDragon

1- Taken

Flash Sentry wasn't much.

Sure, he can play the guitar, he could somewhat sing to save his life, he played for the soccer team for a while before dropping out the moment Rainbow Dash got in because they needed a slot.

Well... he was the only one that volunteered.

It didn't bother him, how easily the team flowed with the new player. It wasn't like he was the best in the game because again, he wasn't much.

(Why else would everyone leave him?

His parents.


Princess Twilight.)

Flash Sentry knew who he is, he's the one that you keep around until 'til you get someone better. He had average grades, worked on his lessons, played with his friends. He was the face among many, easily a stamp in a crowd.

Honestly? he was fine with that. Some say that it was wrong to think that way. How its unhealthy and well, if its so wrong why does it work for him?

It was that mindset that led him through his life, allowed him to swallow the choke on his throat and the shake in his voice at the realization that one day, there would be someone better to take his place.

He was happy when he heard the news of Twilight and Timber's relationship. That's great, he couldn't give her counterpart what she needed and he couldn't give her the love she'd want without thinking of someone else.


He was happy when he heard that his parents finally got their own families. They loved him, sure but they can never love each other.

He was happy when his friends told him that they wouldn't have time for the band. It was understandable! They had to focus on their studies for college, they needed the time for their future after all. Him? he had some workshop somewhere, already having secured one since last year.

He was happy when he saw Sunset, so happy with her friends because she deserves it. The odd pony turned human now fully acclimated to her surroundings. She didn't need a normal guy like him to help her out because she has her friends!

He was not happy when realized that he was just so... alone.

But it was alright, if it meant that the people around him would be happy then it was alright!


Flash walked, he walked and walked wherever his feet would take him. Anything to not go back to that empty house of his. He couldn't blame his parents, they still gave him money for bills and if they see that he had good grades then they would give a bonus for himself.

See? they cared for him. They even send him the regular festive messages whenever they can. There's a message or two a month, a simple 'how are you, son?'

It's not like it didn't bother him because it definitely did, who wouldn't be bothered at such things? But they had their own families to worry about, a job, a whole life- they were busy and Flash is just about shy of an adult. He can handle himself.

Flash with that extra money would carefully invest in more shadier businesses. It wasn't on purpose, a simple stumble in the wrong place at the right time but he made a couple of great friends during those moments. Any of the extra that he didn't need? he would mostly drive to the big city and give the stack to the first beggar he sees.

He likes to think that he showed someone that someone gave a shit. That they wanted to reach out.

He wants a lot of things, he notes. A home, maybe. One that isn't so empty and quiet. Maybe a mom, a dad. A little sibling? He chuckles, thinking of a teeny him. That'd be cute, he wonders how he would treat them. He would definitely take them out for walks, give him all the shoulder rides in the world and sit with them as they ramble about all sorts of things.

He'd like a family, one he can return too.

Flash sat on the hillside in the outskirts of Canterlot City. It was a tiny thing, somewhere far enough that the normal bustle wouldn't reach his ears and its here that he sighs.

This was his sanctuary and no one knew where it was other than himself. He watched as the sun made its way for the moon with a small smile on his face. There was something warm in his chest, something that made him let out a breath.

He loved the sunset and he loved the girl with the same name as it even more.

It was another day and Flash did his normal routine. Brush his teeth, clean his room then screw around on the living room with nothing to do. He didn't feel like playing with his guitar so he just went out on a jog.

Flash slowed as he neared Canterlot High and he couldn't stop the nostalgic smile appearing in his face when he neared the statue.

"Where... where am i?"

"H- hey are you alright?" he shuffles close, carefully reaching towards the flustered girl. She's pretty, is she a new student? "Come on, let's get you up! I'm Flash."

"Sunset," she says and oh, this must be what its like to have a crush. "Sunset Shimmer"

They sure had a great time. Flash turned and made his way down the street, his fast jog slowing into a normal walk. He even remembered the first time he made her smile.

After all, It was the day Flash realized that he may have realized that there was something about Sunset.

He stopped at the corner of Sugarcube Corner, remembering the very first-time Sunset ate with him. After he helped her up, she just about scattered to the winds for a week before he found her again. He was rightfully concerned, asking how she is before offering to go get a drink.

It took a lot of work, seeing as Sunset was stubborn as a mule but after some begging and pleading with his hands pressed together, she finally took pity on him.

It was a momentous day, that's for sure.

"What is this... thing?" She questions, her brow raised as she squints onto the drink before her.

Flash leant on his hand, a smile on his lips. Yeah no, she's definitely an alien. "It's just a milkshake, didn't you have that from where you're from?" he wonders.

"Not... really, I've mostly been drinking tea and coffee." She carefully taps at the glass before taking a sip. It took a second before a small twinkle appeared in her eyes. It didn't take long for Flash to watch as she not so discreetly attempted to sip even more. Then, she does the most adorable thing ever as their eyes meet. She'd choke, quickly pushing away the drink as a flush appears.

"I- I'm just thirsty alright!" she says before bringing the drink closer in an attempt to hide the small smile on her face as she relished the taste of sweetness.

Flash says nothing, happy to watch as she basically makes a fool of herself. She's so cute, he'd think. A smile definitely fits her.

He liked a lot of things, Flash realized.

The way her brow would raise slightly whenever he would fake-boast about anything, or the curl of her lip as she tried to conceal the fact that she laughed at his much cornier jokes, or even the barely concealed amusement in her eyes as she saw him attempt his stunts and fail spectacularly. Not to mention her crappy fashion sense when he first took her shopping or even the pure excitement when she discovered something 'human' without his help.

She would shove it in his face while bragging about how she found it in the first place, practically doing a little dance on her feet. The teen liked her natural curiosity, he liked the fact that while she would act like she didn't care, it was clearly obvious that she did.

That part of her definitely showed more and more throughout the years, as if cracking out of her shell and Flash has never felt so honoured to being able to see such a thing.

He loves her, he realizes with a beat.

There's a peace in him at that realization and his smile is so painfully soft that he feels like mush. His ears are practically burning and he can't help the beat of his heart as he practically skips down the damn sidewalk

How could he not? How could he just realize now-

Flash stopped when he felt something beneath his shoe. With a sound of wonder, he stepped away and picked it up. He examined the shard in his hand, noting how it looked like it broke off some gem. The lovesick boy looked around trying to see who dropped it, not noticing how it seems to glow before reverting back to its transparent state.

"Yeowch!" Flash shook his hand, dropping the shard as it clanked against the floor. Where did that come from? did he prick his hand or something? he stared at where the slight pain came from and watched as blood was lightly pushed out. Huh, he must've gripped it too hard or something.

The boy picked it up and realized that it looked different. Or was it always like that? It was starting to turn dark so his eyes must be playing tricks on him. His eyes narrowed as it began to glow then it widened when he couldn't drop it.

"Woah- Woah, Woah!" he panicked, stepping back as heat grew on his palm. "Is this one of those gems the girls have?" Flash swung his hand around trying to get it off when he finally noticed that it began to glow much more. "Nope! nope nope!" He chanted. "Last I saw someone deal with some artefact that didn't want to get off, she turned into a demon!"

A sharp ring goes through his ears and before he knew it, he passed out.