Near Human

by Element of Power

Chapter... 6...

After dragging the cart for many more miles, E -30 finally stopped to check things out. Following this direction didn't seem to be getting him anywhere. Everything was still looking the same as before.

'Maybe I should climb another tree.' Before he could decide, he heard another crack from behind him. 'Not again!'

He slowly turned his hand into a chainsaw, ready to tear the wolves behind him apart. He kept his arm in front of him, and waited. Another crack was heard, closer than before. That sound gave way to rustling in the bushes. Then, in a second, whatever was in the bushes lept out. E - 30 revved the chainsaw, bringing it to life, before he swung his body around.

He let out a roar, "Rraaaaaaaaggh!", as he thrust the chainsaw into the barrel... of a pony. His eyes widened at what he just did. Then, for some reason, he recognized the now dead body even though he had never met her: Ms. Hooves.

He changed his hand back, before falling to his knees. He felt like his heart was torn apart, much like hers was currently. He couldn't stop the tears from gushing down his face. He had just committed the worst crime imaginable. His robotic body felt colder than usual, his hands shaking at his sides.

He stayed like this for a while, he didn't know how long. Then, he shakily got to his feet. As he slowly walked away, he heard a rustle on the grass. Gasping, he looked back, and there she was. She was standing, perfectly healthy, and smiling at him. He couldn't bring himself to look her in the eyes, either one.

She walked forward, getting closer as E - 30 looked away. Her wings flapped as she rose in the air. Then, he felt a warmth. Looking, she saw her hugging him. He couldn't speak. Then, his arms started to raise, seemingly on their own. They wrapped around her, causing her to snuggle closer.

"I'm sorry..."

She leaned back, still smiling. "It's okay, you didn't mean it. Let's go, I can make something to eat. I live over that way." This made E - 30 smile as well. He held her in his arms as he walked in the direction she told him.

Years later, he lived with her, happily enjoying life. He still had to go to a therapist, as he often relieved that horrible moment in the form of nightmares and midday flashbacks.