Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2)

by Adamverse


Driving through a breech portal, all the way from Earth 1, was a gang of sinister criminals. Each one had a grudge to hold against Spiderman; during their time in the Raft, Ock gave them a tip on where to find him.

"Careful, 'Face. We don't want to draw to much attention to ourselves." the leader said to the driver of the jeep. There was a total of four criminals in the vehicle, they were ones you wouldn't expect to find coming after Spiderman.

The leader of this little squad, was the man that never misses, Dead-Shot. His real name is Ashley Monday, he's a wanted hit-man, wanted for twelve cases of murder.

Sitting in the driver's seat, because it was his jeep; you had the two minded gangster, Two-Face. Who needed the flip of a coin to decide if he was to do good or evil.

In the back seat, doing her nails, Catwoman wasn't paying attention to the fact that they just crossed into an alternate dimension.

Sitting next to the cat-villain, moaning like the monster he is, Bane was waiting to grab something in his clutches and crush it. Cause Dead-Shot has just been giving him empty soda cans.

As the gang of criminals drove through the city, they were heading a school that was just down the road. Two-Face had to ask, "Dead-Shot, why are we taking over a high-school?" The hit-man turned to the doubled sided villain, and answered with, "If Ock's tip is correct, then Spiderman will come to us if we take the school hostage."

No villain said another word as the group drove closer to the school.


Inside the school, Fluttershy and Adam were in the music room, alone. The boy started the talk by saying, "We should take a trip together, just the two of us. It would be like were actually boyfriend and girlfriend, instead of, musician and super-hero." Fluttershy looked at her love, she looked disappointed. "I'm sorry Adam, but I have to finish this song for the concert next month." she explained.

"Really? Come one, it'll only be for a week. We'll be back before anyone notices were gone." He stated. Fluttershy continued to talk while she wrote, "I have to finish this song, it's important." Adam sat next to her and playfully nudged her.

"Is it more important then the way you fell about me?" the hero asked. Fluttershy stood up and turned to her boyfriend.

"It's not more important, but important. I told Sunset that these songs would be ready by the end of the day." Adam stood up and walked close to her, "You want me to prove that love is more important than work?"

"I didn't say..."

"I'll prove it." Adam then pulled out his web-shooters and held them up to Fluttershy. "When I finished making my new and improved web-shooters, my dad said to me, 'Adam, these are the best thing you can get in life'. But he was so wrong." the boy then placed the gadgets in her hands.

"Wow, their heavier than I thought." she stated.

"Their yours."

She then sighed at his statement, "If your just going to speak in riddles, then you should just go." Adam sighed as she moved away from him, but then he grabbed his in a hug from behind. "You're the only thing I've worked the hardest to get, I'm not letting you slip away." She turned around so they were face to face.

"What am I going to do with you?" she asked sarcastically. Adam replied, "Love me, for as long as the Earth rotates." the two of them joined in a passionate kiss.


Once inside, the villains snuck in through the back door. Most of the students were in class, so they weren't spotted; but they still had to be quiet.

Two-Face was told to go to the security room, he was to take control of the school's security network. While the rest of the villain were on their way to the main hall.

A meeting was being called there, for the students that work for charities and fund raisers. A meeting that Fluttershy was supposed to be at, right now."


Fluttershy and Adam broke apart when someone knocked on the door, Adam leaped onto the ceiling so he doesn't get spotted; he's not really allowed in the music room. When the door opened, Tree Hugger walked to greet Fluttershy, "There you are, the charity meeting's about to start." Fluttershy nodded and followed him out the room, she placed Adam's web-shooters in her bag, which she carried to the meeting with her.

Adam jumped down from the ceiling, now that he was alone; in a sneaky voice, he muttered, "Still got it."

Tree Hugger and Fluttershy arrived in the gym, some of the students were already discussing the matter. "We need to help the zoos save the wild life that's on the verge of extinction." One student said. Another replied to their comment, "Are we all in a agreement then?"

Suddenly, the entrance to the gym opened, Dead-Shot and Bane walked into the meeting. "Morning students, if you all stay quiet, this will be quick and painless." The hit-man started to circle the group, they wear scared of the man with tubes coming out of his head. "Now, give my lovely assistant your cell-phones, please." Catwoman appeared in the room, holding a small bag.

The students started giving their phones to the cat villain, Bane was told to search the school for anyone who could get in their way.

Fluttershy stayed close to Tree Hugger, she muttered, "I see three of them in the room, maybe we could...."

"What are you going to do?" Tree Hugger interrupted. "It's not like we carry weapons."

That's when Fluttershy remembered the web-shooters in her bag, also the pen that Adam gave her. When Fluttershy first discovered that Adam was Spiderman, he gave her a special pen that could signal him if she was in danger. So she pulled out the pen, pushed the button, sending the distress signal.

Adam was just leaving the music room when he felt his phone vibrate; he check the screen, and saw that Fluttershy was signalling him. So he went to change into his suit, but the heroes luck was about to run out.


Rainbow Dash and Applejack were outside on the football pitch, they were minding their own business; when the farm girl's phone vibrated. She answered the phone, "Adam, what is it? Me and Rainbow need something to do."

"AJ, Fluttershy's in trouble, I can't get a hold of Twilight. Can you try and reach her?"

"Okay, Adam. Hang tight, I'll try and find Twilight." she hanged up. Rainbow ran to her and asked, "What's going on?" Applejack filled her in, but instead of looking scared, Rainbow Dash actually looked excited.

"This is great." the sports girl stated. "Because I get to help save the day." Rainbow used her new super speed and shot off like a missile, she ran straight for the school entrance. As she ran, she then remember something she needed.

"Wait, I need a costume." so she ran for the drama department, to look for a superhero costume.


Adam was now suited up, he ran for the gym. However, he was stopped a familiar face.

Bane stood in front of the gym's entrance, groaning like a monster. "BANE!" he roared. Spiderman was confused, how could Bane be here; he decided to find that out later, so he went to fire a web-line at the brute.

That's when he remembered the his girlfriend had his web-shooters, he was basically defenceless. He then ran for it, with Bane running after him. The villain chased Adam towards the drama rooms, where he would run into someone else.

Within the dressing room, Rainbow Dash had put together her costume; a blue and grey leather jacket, with a small black eye-mask. She jump in fear when Spiderman crashed through the door, she helped him, but then saw the bad guy that threw him in.

"Bane!" the beast man groaned. Spiderman got up and prepared to fight, however, Bane kept punching him down. Rainbow decided to help, she super-speeded behind Bane and kicked him in the back of the head. He spun around and grabbed her by the neck, she struggled but couldn't break free.

Adam got up, pushed through the pain; he saw Rainbow in trouble. Spidey muttered, "The tubes. In his head." Adam pointed to the tubes that pumped the venom into Bane's body. So Rainbow Dash started kicked the cords, eventually the main tubes was knocked from it's place, the toxic liquid spilled all over the floor. Bane fell to the ground as his strength liquid leaked out of him, he began to go skinnier and weaker; that's when the villain passed out from the lack of the venom.

Rainbow Dash helped up Adam, that's when the boy realised what she was wearing. "What's with the get up?" Rainbow looked back at her outfit, then replied, "Oh yeah, I didn't tell you. I have powers." The boy was confused, so she showed him; Rainbow grabbed his arm, and the super-speeded to the entrance of the gym.

All Adam could say was, "Nice." The two of them entered the gym to finish the fight.


5 minutes earlier.

Two-Face had come back to the gym, Dead-Shot ordered him back out of worry when Bane didn't come back. Fluttershy decided to tell Tree Hugger what she had, "Spiderman's web-shooters, I've got them." She pulled the gadgets out of her purse, making her friend gasp. "Why do you have Spiderman's web-shooters?" she put her hand over his mouth so the villains wouldn't hear, she replied, "It doesn't matter; the question is, do we try and get them back Ad...I mean Spiderman? Or use them ourselves?"

Dead-Shot heard the two of them talking, so he went to see what the fuss was about. He saw the pink haired girl and said, "My, my, my; what a pretty little thing." He turned her face towards him. "Tell me, does your pretty little face have a name?"

Fluttershy broke away from her captor and muttered, "Sorry, Mr. But I have a boyfriend." Dead-Shot grabbed her face again, and pulled a gun from his pocket. "I'm afraid, that your 'boyfriend won't be helping you this time."

"Really, because I hear he's a nice guy."

Dead-Shot, Two-Face and Catwoman turned to see the two superheroes standing in front of the doorway. "Now let the go, Ashley." Spidey demanded. The heroes and the villains faced each other, Adam always loved punching villains around.

Two-Face and Catwoman went first, charging for the heroes, Rainbow and Adam fought back with a lot of force. Adam started by dodging Two-Face's punched, then delivering a kick to the stomach. Rainbow Dash tripped Catwoman up, and she fell to the floor hard. Spiderman punched Two-Face on the good side of his face, then the bad side; with one final kicked to the chest, he was down cold. Rainbow finished Catwoman by kicking her in the stomach, then a spin kick to the face.

"Two down, one to go." Adam muttered. Dead-Shot was standing by the hostages, pointing his gun at Fluttershy. Spiderman remembered what happened the last time he was in this kind of situation, but last time, he didn't have someone with super-speed.

Rainbow Dash ran towards the villain, without him realising, she kicked him to the wall. He dropped the gun and was out cold.


When the O.S.C soldiers arrived through the breech portal, the cuffed the villains, taking them back to prison on Earth 1.

Fluttershy walked up to Spiderman and said, "Excuse me, Mr Spiderman. I found these in the school hall, be careful not to lose them again." Adam nodded at her statement as she handed him back his web-shooters.

Once the students had left the room, Rainbow Dash removed her eye mask. Adam asked, "So, what should we call you now?" Rainbow thought for a minute, then looked at her suit for ideas. That's when it came to her, when she saw the silver colour on the outline.

"Quick Silver." She stated. "Call me Quick Silver." Adam saluted her, welcoming her to the new team of superheroes. But that still leaves one question, what can Pinkie Pie do?