Sonic Boom

by Wuten

Enter: Rainbro

Well, it’s that time again. Hearth’s Warming Eve. The time where fillies and colts are playing in the snow, coming up with all sorts of creative games and activities.
And then… well, there’s you.
Welcome to your life, Anonymous. You are a human living in a world full of colorful cartoon equines, and it’s been that way for nearly two years now. But right now, all you care about is getting yourself warm.
The middle of winter is the most unforgiving thing about this world. While ponies have fur in addition to their winter garb, you’re stuck with your bare skin and bed sheets, as the local boutique owner, Rarity, would not allow you to have simple cloth to cover yourself, and instead came up with the most artistic, decorative designed pajamas you had ever laid eyes on.
Nope. Not gonna wear those to bed. Mostly because of the booties she conveniently placed on them; you’d never be caught dead wearing that… thing.
The only sources of heat in your house at the current time are the fireplace, and the stove. Neither of which are in your room, of course, and since these ponies have no idea what insulation is, you’re stuck with just drywall and thin bed sheets to keep you warm during the winter.
Your ears perk up when you hear a faint tapping on your window. You cock your head to the right, to see Fluttershy’s head bobbing up and down as she floats outside.
You remember your first interactions with her; you’ve been doing your best to keep them suppressed, but when she comes to your house every day, it’s hard. Because of said interactions, you’ve given her the nickname “Fucking Flutterslut”, though you tend to have the patience to deal with her on a daily basis, as long as it’s only a few minutes at a time.
Since it’s just the window, you sit up and walk over to it. She gets this big grin on her face, like she expects you to open it and let her in. Hah, fuck that. You close your curtains, and then slink across the floor and into the comfort of your bed once again.
And then, there’s a knock at the door.
“Um, Anon… you’ve been cooped up in your house all day, and it’s nearly noon… you must be freezing in there all alone…”
Damn. You didn’t get a wink of sleep last night because of the freezing temperatures at night, so your patience isn’t nearly as formidable as it usually is.
The knocking… the infernal knocking, it rings through your eardrums with the panging sound like your grandmother’s old clock that would always echo through her house every hour…
Fuck it. You throw the sheets off of you, and walk over to the door, still in your boxers. This cold can really just kiss your ass right now; you have other problems to focus on.
You look out the door’s small window, and see that the snow’s piled up at least two or three feet, so much so that Fluttershy has to flap her wings just to stay above the snow. You grunt angrily, slamming your fist against the wall in frustration. You were planning on going out to buy some food later that day, looks like that plan’s wasted…
Your train of thought is interrupted when you hear a squeak come from outside, followed by a sloshing noise almost immediately after. You peek through the small window and see that a pile of snow has fallen off your roof, covering her completely in a huge mound of white snow. The only thing you see are her eyes, and even then they’re fairly camouflaged well by the snow.
Hell, if you weren’t so concerned with her trying to satisfy her xenophiliac desires, you’d think it was adorable.
You can’t contain yourself; you let out a loud guffaw before walking away from the door, your laughs muffled by the door and the snow covering her ears. You decide that today, you weren’t going to freeze your ass off, so you head over to the fireplace, lighting it and placing a few spare logs onto it every so often to warm up. Just as you start feeling the ice melting away from your shoulders, you hear a second knocking at your door…
“Not now, Fluttershy; I’m not in the mood today.”
“Leaving me out in the cold like that?” you hear another, very familiar female’s voice come from outside, “That’s no way to treat a bro!”
Ah, Rainbow Dash. Always coming to your rescue when you least expect it. She was the first one to find you when you arrived in this world, and she’s been the closest friend you could ever imagine since. Whether it’s movies, drinking cider, exercising… she’s always been there for you. You never thought a girl could be such a bro to you, but she proved that theory to be completely false; you’ve even started to replace her name, calling her “Rainbro” as a testament to her bro-ness.
You quickly sprint over to the door, opening it just in time to see Fluttershy scurrying off into a nearby bush. Whenever Rainbro’s with you, it seems Flutterslut tends to keep her distance. Might be because she doesn’t want to destroy the friendship the two of them share, what with the Elements of Harmony and all that you found out about.
Rainbro speeds out of the cold and into the house, and by the time you manage to close the door, she’s shaking the snow off her fur and mane and sitting up next to the fireplace, warming herself. You walk over to her and grin.
“Did you bring the stuff?”
“Fuck yeah, I brought the stuff!” she exclaims, patting her saddlebag. You’ve noticed that your occasional language has rubbed off on her. That, or she’s just trying to act tough to be cool around you. Either way, you don’t mind. She’s still your bro, after all.
“So, which movie first?” she asks, dropping the saddlebag on the ground, various movie cases spilling out of it, along with a few bottles of a special brew the two of you share a like interest for: Applejack Daniels, brewed secretly by the Apples themselves just for you two.
You immediately go through the stash of movies she brought, picking out a high-speed action movie first and pressing it into the television. With help from yourself, the local inventor was able to come up with the first basic television set in all of Equestria, though it’s still black and white and doesn’t get a signal for anything, so you just use it for movies that you had stashed back on Earth that came with you when you arrived. The two of you proceed to crash down onto your couch, and you reach over for a blanket.
“You want in?”
You give the blanket a swift flick to spread it out flat over you, and you look over at Rainbro.
She has the strangest expression on her face. A mix of embarrassment and… what’s up with her wings?
“Um, no thanks,” she says, smiling and handing you a bottle of Applejack Daniels. “I’m fine.”
You shrug; hey, if she doesn’t want in, more blanket for you then.
The two of you continue to play movie after movie, chugging down bottle after bottle of Applejack Daniels. Eventually, you’re on what you believe is your third bottle; you lost count at twelve. Rainbro’s fast asleep, sprawled out on the couch, her head resting on your thigh. You smile, and throw part of the blanket over her to keep her warm; she’s your bro, after all. Can’t let a bro go to sleep in the freezing cold.
The movie marathon ends, and both of you are passed out, opened movie cases and bottles of Applejack Daniels littering the floor in a minefield-like array leading between the couch and the television set.