Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2)

by Adamverse

Crawling Through The Night

Adam woke up the next morning, the sight of her in his arms made him feel warm inside. The beautiful girl was all he needed in his life, he gently pressed his lips against the top of her head.

"Morning." Fluttershy sighed.

The boy was shocked that he woke her up, "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." She didn't mind. He kissed her again, this time, on the lips. Fluttershy rolled over and got out of bed, Adam followed her actions and got up as well; they both went to the kitchen for breakfast.

While they ate, Fluttershy asked, "Now that we've taken things to the next step, what should we do with the other bedroom?" But Adam had no ideas, he never really thought this would happen so soon. All he could say was, "Lets just leave in case any of our friends need a place for the night." So the couple just finished eating and went to their work.


At work, the manager was talking to a girl who was purchasing a cat. "Okay miss, that'll be ten dollars." The girl paid the manager and took her new pet; on her way out, she winked at Adam.

The boy couldn't work out why, so he just go on with his sweeping.

The best part about having people know your secret, is that they can cover for you. Other good thing is that when other people can do your 'job', you don't have to work so hard. So Adam was happy that his team was helping him through these times, even if their friendship started of with the craziest of circumstances.


That night, Spiderman swung through the city as normal. He suddenly heard a break in, coming from the penthouse house apartment. While he swung to the scene of the crime, Adam muttered, "Hope it's not Dragon man again."

Upon arrival, the hero saw the one who broke in; it looked like some kind of spy girl. She was stealing a diamond necklace, and the sleeping guards donuts. Adam jumped through the window and cried, "Hey, can you put that back?" The thief turned to see Spiderman, so she ran for it.

Spidey chased after her, but she grapple hooked to another building; so swung after her. They both landed on a building that was under construction, a beam was hanging from the crane.

The spy girl saw a way to lose the spider, so she put her finger to the side of her goggles; the lenses fired to green laser bean at the steel chain. The beam plummeted to the group, it would take all of Adam strength to catch it. He leaped off the building and caught the beam with a web-line, he used his other hand to catch himself; by firing a web at the crane.

Spiderman was now just hanging there, keeping a support beam from falling onto the streets. He looked to the rooftop across the street, he saw the spy girl staring at him. As she walked into the shadows, she blew a kiss to the hero and said, "I like the rubber suit." she disappeared into the dark.

Adam was stilling form the web when he asked, "Okay; what would Will Smith do if this was an action movie?"


When Adam got home that night, she found Fluttershy sitting in bed; he changed out of his suit and got under the covers with her.

"So how did patrol go?" she said, looking up from her book. Adam shook his head in disappointment, "Don't get me started. More people have walked on the moon then do what I've done, and I couldn't catch a simple cat-burglar."

She replied, "Well there's not a lot you can do. You might be the most incredible person I've met, but even you have limits."

"Limits." Adam scoffed. "You might as well say, 'Weaknesses'." Fluttershy turned to him and said, "What? You don't have weaknesses. What do you think your weaknesses are."

Adam replied, "You." But she was confused, Adam continued, "You saw how Goblin took you hostage, I was defenceless out of the risk of him harming you. You are the one thing villains can use to make me lose my focus."

The girl replied, "I don't know whether to be mad or flattered." But Adam just put his arm around her, he kissed her on the side of the head. "Please be flattered." Fluttershy smiled and kissed him on the mouth, the boy kissed her back as they both leaned back in the bed.

"I hate it when you pull that trick on me." Fluttershy stated. Adam replied, "No you don't."

The two of them turned in for the night, she turned away from him, but the boy pulled her close. She fell asleep in Adam arms, he stroked her hair with his head, the love between them was really strong. (good thing there are no changelings around)


Meanwhile, in the middle of the city, at the top of Rich Industries.

"My dear, Octavia." Filthy Rich greeted. "Have you got my necklace?" The spy girl stepped out of the shadows, she said, "Call me, 'The Talon' while I'm working please." She pulled the necklace out of her bag, and handed it to her boss.

"Thank you, dear." the boss said. "Now go, I need to make a phone call." So Octavia left the office, while Filthy Rich picked up his phone.

When the person on the other end of the call answered, Filthy' said, "Not to worry my friend, I almost have all of your bail money. Once your free, our gangs will rule this city."

"Watch yourself, Mr Rich. Your not like me, which makes me the most powerful crime boss."

"Listen here, Cobble stone face. I'm not the one inside prison, so let me do my job and get you out."

"Fine, but don't let me catch stealing the recipe for my indestructibility drug. I need to make money too."

"Yes, and your going to people me back every cent your taking form me."

"You better call your boss, tell him I'm on board with the plan."

"Fine, see you soon, Tombstone."

With that fair well, they both hung up the phones, Filthy Rich now had to call his boss. He dialled the number and waited for the reply, "Hello, Mr Taskmaster."