Ponies Being Slowly Eviscerated to Death in a Big Rusty Meat Grinder

by shortskirtsandexplosions


"Okay, Rainbow Dash!"

Lavender hooves scuffled across the dirt streets of Ponyville.

"I came well-prepared!"

Alicorn wings nimbly opened up two separate saddlebag pockets before pulling out multiple rectangular sheets of cardboard paper which were promptly shuffled in a magical field.

"I've got two hundred notecards with color-coded suggestions for each character, plus a projected outline tree for a second draft with at least four dozen branches, and finally no less than a dozen reference materials with full citations for how to incorporate streams of consciousness narrative along with modernist Equestrian magical realism!"

With a toss of her purple mane, Twilight Sparkle looked straight in front of her with a perky smile.

"Sorry I took so long, I just wanted to make sure I didn't skip any..."

The Princess of Friendship stopped dead in her tracks.


She was staring at her reflection in the glass window to Sugarcube Corner. Behind the sheet, a big "CLOSED" sign hung off a suction cup mount.

"Uhhhh... Rainbow...?"

Twilight blinked, suddenly aware of the sound of crickets all around. She looked up at the night sky, then at the distant cottages all with their lights off. Golden-thatched roofs slept soundly under the moonlight.

"... ... ...oh well, I'll meet her in the morning."

The mare hummed to herself, turning around and trotting off...

...until she noticed something off to the side of the street. The mare fluttered over on royal wings, inspecting a garbage can. There was a sliver of a manuscript sticking out slightly from under the lid.

With a tug of telekinesis, Twilight pulled the draft out. She looked it up and down, squinting as she flipped through several pages. Then, with a steely groan, she frowned up into the starry night sky.

"What the heck, Rainbow?!? I thought you gave this a 'Complete' tag!"