Yu-Gi-Oh! EG: Neo W.R.G.P World Arc

by foxmaster

Mighty Defense and Offense

“ And now taking the stage for Team Hēi'àn jù lóng is Shi Zui,” The Mc announced as Shi Zui raced on to the track and lapped Ratchet before he drew his opening hand.

Crimson Ratchet:2500
Shi Zui:4000

“ My turn I draw,” Shi Zui said as he drew his sixth card. Shi Zui smiled wickedly after seeing what he drew. First, since I have no Spells or Traps in my GY I can Special Summon Superheavy Samurai Big Waraji from my hand in Defense Mode. A gold robot with a metal frame around it appeared on Shi Zui’s Field.

Superheavy Samurai Big Waraji

“ Next I use Big Waraji’s effect when tribute summoning a Machine-Type Monster Big Waraji counts as two tributes instead of just one so I tribute my Big Waragi to Summon Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei. Big Waraji split into two before opening a rainbow portal and out of that portal came a mechanical warrior with orange armor that took an offensive stance.

Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei

“ That’s it just 1000 attack points? You do know compared to Primus that is nothing,” Ratchet pointed out.

“ Who said I was done there is more to come so first when Big Benkei is Normal or Special Summoned he switches to Defense Mode. Big Benkei took up a defensive stance.

Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei

“ And since I don,t have any Spell or Traps in my GY I can special Summon the tuner Monster Superheavy Samurai Trumpeter from my Hand. A small robot with a conch shell appeared before blowing into it.

Superheavy Samurai Trumpeter

“ And now to bring forth my heavy hitter I tune my level two Trumpeter with my Level eight Big Benkei to Synchro Summon your destruction. Trumpeter blew his conch before transforming into two stars and then two green rings that encircled Big Benkei and turned him into eight stars that fell into alignment.

8 + 2 = 10

“ Mighty Warrior who mounts the greatest defense against my foes come to me and aid me in this fight! Synchro Summon! Rise! Level Ten! Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo! A samurai-like robot almost as big as a mountain with green and yellow armor took up a meditative stance while stabbing his sword into the ground.

Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo

“ Nice try but even in defense mode, your monster is still too weak,” Ratchet pointed out only for Shi Zui to burst his bubble again.

“ Not after I Equip Superheavy Samurai Soul Kudayari from my hand When I have no Spells or Traps in my GY I can Equip this monster to a Superheavy Samurai monster I control and raise that Monster’s defense Points by 2000. Susanowo’s sword was replaced with a gold spear with a gold drill tip at the end.

3800 + 2000 = 5800

“ And I will also equip Superheavy Samurai Soulpiercer to Susanowo as well which now gives him the ability to inflict Piercing Damage. A crossbow was suddenly equipped to Susanowo’s left arm. Now its time to Battle Susanowo attack Primus with Kudayari Strike. Susanowo grabbed his kudayari and spun it around creating a tornado from the rotating drill tip.

“ How is this possible he shouldn’t be able to attack his monster is in defense mode?” Lightning asked.

“ Your wrong there is a way there is one known archetype that has the unique ability to attack while in defense mode and that archetype is called the Superheavy Samurais they also require you to have no spells or traps in your GY to use most of the monsters to their fullest,” Silver pointed out.

“ How is this possible?” Ratchet asked.

“ Allow me to explain the unique effect the Superheavy Samurais have you see they have the ability to attack while in defense mode and their defense points are treated as their attack points,” Shi Zui explained before Primus exploded and an arrow struck Ratchet.

Crimson Ratchet:1700
Shi Zui:4000

“ Now you’re in for it when primus is destroyed by battle or card effect I can Special Summon Power Tool Dragon from my Extra Deck. Power Tool Dragon suddenly flew out of the explosion and punched his shovel forward.

Power Tool Dragon

“ You’re also in for a surprise when a Superheavy Samurai monster swinging Kudayari destroys a monster in battle it can attack again by halving its defense points. Susonowo suddenly glowed as its defense points went down.

5800 /2 = 2900

“ Susanowo attack Power Tool Dragon. Susanowo repeated the same move as before. Just when things were looking hopeless for Ratchet he spotted a clutch action card and grabbed it just in the nick of time.

“ I activate the Action Spell High Dive this gives my dragon an extra 1000 attack points until the End Phase. Power Tool powered up as the tornado was coming.

2300 + 1000 = 3300

Power Tool Dragon retaliated by pointing his screwdriver arm forward and spinning it in the opposite direction of the tornado thus canceling it out and allowing Power Tool to destroy Susanowo.

“ Don,t think you beat me just yet because by discarding my Superheavy Samurai Soulbeads I can bring Susanowo back to my field in attack mode. A beaded necklace appeared before Susanowo grabbed it and was pulled out by it.

Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo

“ Before I end my turn I activate Susanowo’s effect while I have no Spells or Traps in my GY I can target a Spell or Trap in your GY and set it on my field so I will be setting that High Dive you just used. Suddenly a set card with an A on it appeared on Shi Zui’s field. With that, I shall end my turn.

“ My turn I draw,” Ratchet said as he drew his third card. Ratchet looked nervous after seeing what he was in for if he attacked recklessly. After checking his hand he noticed a potential way out and bet everything on Power Tool Dragon coming through for him. I activate my Dragon’s effect once per turn I can add a random equip spell to my hand from my deck. Ratchet’s deck began shuffling until a card stuck out and after pulling it out Ratchet was relieved to see his gambit worked. Looks like my gambit worked I activate the Equip Spell Double Tool C&D during my turn this gives Power Tool an extra 1000 attack points. Power Tool’s shovel and screwdriver changed into a circular saw and drill.

2300 + 1000 = 3300

“ Next I equip your Susanowo with the Equip Spell Power Bomb when your monster is destroyed either by battle or card effect we both take damage equal to that monster’s attack points.

“ If you aim to take both of us out it won,t work because I will still overpower your monster,” Shi Zui said.

“ We shall see Power Tool Dragon attack Susanowo with Crafty Break. Power Tool charged forward with its drill ready to destroy Susanowo until Shi Zui reacted.

“ I activate the set Action Spell High Dive not only does Susanowo gain 1000 attack points but the card is also banished since it was set by Susanowo’s effect. Susanowo powered up.

2400 + 1000 = 3400

Ratchet looked around and noticed a clutch Action Card ahead. Ratchet was expecting Shi Zui to fight him for it but he ignored it since he knew using it would shut his deck down. After grabbing it Ratchet quickly activated it. I activate the Action Spell Rejuvenation this gives my Power tool an extra 800 attack points during Damage Calculation. Power Tool suddenly grew stronger.

3300 + 800 = 4100

Power Tool suddenly boar through Susanowo and took a small dent out of Shi Zui’s life points.

Crimson Ratchet:1700
Shi Zui:3300

“ Now Power Bomb’s effect goes off and we both take 3400 points of damage. An explosion covered the field and both Ratchet and Shi Zui were caught in it

Crimson Ratchet:0
Shi Zui:0

Both duelists returned to their respective pits and passed the baton to their next duelists.

“ Sorry I could not keep the match going any longer,” Ratchet apologized as he handed his Power Tool Dragon and Double Tool C&D to Lightning.

“ It’s ok Ratchet you manage to get us this far that’s all that counts now leave the rest to us,” Lightning said before she took off.

On the other side, Shi Zui returned in disgrace after losing to Ratchet.

“ You are an absolute disgrace to our team Shi Zui,” Jian Feng shouted before ripping the baton off of Shi Zui’s arm and taking off. As soon as both duelists took the track the MC announced their arrival.

“ And now taking the stage for team Silverwing is Lightning Dust and Taking the stage for Team Hēi'àn jù lóng is the leader Jian Feng. After both duelists caught up to each other they drew their opening hands and began.

Lightning Dust:4000
Jian Feng:4000

“ My turn I draw,” Jian Feng shouted as he drew his sixth card. Jian Feng looked pleased with what he drew and acted. First I activate the Spell Card Destruction now we send all the cards in our hands to the GY and draw the same number of cards. After they both discarded their hands and drew five new cards Lightning looked confused.

“ Why would you do that you just threw away your starting hand?” Lightning asked.

“ Let me tell you a story passed down among the students of the Duel Temple. In ancient times there were four powerful dragons that created the world, The Dragon Ruler of Boulders Redox created the land. The Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls Tidal created the seas. The Dragon Ruler of Storms Tempest created the winds that blow through the land. And Finally, The Dragon Ruler of Infernos Blaster created the sun itself. These four dragons were so powerful that they were sealed away inside the Duel Temple never to see the light of day ever again until now. So I banish my Debris Dragon and Mythic Gust Dragon to Summon from my GY Tempest Dragon Ruler of Storms. A tornado suddenly appeared and out of it came a dragon made of wind that unleashed a mighty roar.

Tempest Dragon Ruler of Storms

“ Next I activate the Equip Spell Different Dimension Reincarnation by discarding a card from my hand I can Special Summon a banished monster in attack mode and equip it with this card so welcome back Debris Dragon. A small white Dragon appeared before it was tied to a pink tether.

Debris Dragon

“ Next I activate the Effect of Land Mine Dragon from my GY when he is sent to my GY he can destroy one card on the field so say goodbye to Double Tool C&D. Double Tool was destroyed and Power Tool Dragon’s drill and saw reverted to a shovel and screwdriver. Next, I activate the Spell Raigeki to destroy your Dragon. Power Tool Dragon was instantly destroyed by a bolt of lightning leaving Lightning defenseless. Now its time I showed you one of this deck’s greatest weapons I tune my Level Four Debris Dragon with my Level seven Tempest to Synchro Summon one of the mightiest of dragons. Debris burst into four stars and then four green rings that encircled Tempest and turned him into seven stars that fell into alignment.

7 + 4 = 11

“ Mighty dragon that consumes the very sun itself takes flight and incinerate my foes with the might of the sun! Synchro Summon! Take Flight! Level Eleven! Star Eater!

A red-colored dragon with a serpent-like body coiled around what looked like the sun appeared before unleashing a mighty roar.

Star Eater

“ Cool monster too bad he won,t be sticking around because by discarding my Synchro Rewinder your Synchro Summon is negated. A clock appeared over Star Eater and started moving backward only for Star Eater to not look affected in the slightest. That’s impossible your Star Eater should be resting in your GY right now,” Lightning said in shock.

“ I never told you about my Star Eater yet so here is your first lesson Star Eater’s Synchro Summon cannot be negated so he will be sticking around and when he is Synchro Summoned cards and effects cannot be activated. And finally, when he attacks he is unaffected by other card effects until the end of the damage step,” Jian Feng said. Now to get rid of you so I can fight the one I want Star Eater Attack Lightning directly with Celestial Dragon Flame. Star Eater unleashed a breath of crimson-colored fire that burned Lightning upon contact.

Lightning Dust:800
Jian Feng:4000

Lightning looked around for action cards in a desperate attempt to stay in the game and found one ahead of her and grabbed it only to look shocked by what she just picked up.

“ Looks like I win you just grabbed the Action Trap Lousy Luck which inflicts 800 points of damage to you,” Jain Feng said mockingly as Lightning was zapped and ran out of Life Points.

Lightning Dust:0
Jian Feng:4000
WINNER: Jian Feng

After driving back to the stadium Lightning pulled over next to Silver and passed the baton to him.

“ Sorry I lost before I could do anything whatever he is using sure is powerful,” Lightning said.

“ Leave the rest to me something tells me his ultimate weapon has not been unleashed yet,” Silver said before taking off.