Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2)

by Adamverse

Goblin Nation: Had Enough

Adam woke up on his couch; he missed the sound of Fluttershy singing to her animals. He turned on the TV, the news had a report on the Goblin.

“The police still have no identity of the masked villain, calling himself the Goblin, who attacked the Charity event two days ago.” The reporter explained. “However, the villain has sent a message to our local crime stopper, Spiderman.”

The camera showed giant words, spray-painted onto the side of a building; the words said, ‘Spiderman, face me if you dare.” Adam stared at the words, the reporter then continued, “We do not know if Spiderman will come to fight this maniac, but the police were told that the battle will be on at the Canterlot Bridge, tonight.”

Adam stood up and went to change, he muttered, “That’s it, I’ve had it with this guy. I’m putting an end to this, now.” The hero changed into his suit and swung out the window, he was off to find Goblin.


Across town, at Rarity’s house, Fluttershy was watching the same news report. She knew that her boyfriend would not resist the challenge, and were be off trying to find this villain.

Rarity walked into the room, “Fluttershy darling, what’s wrong.” She saw that the poor girl had been crying a little. She replied, “Rarity, this was a mistake. I need to go to him, I love him.” Fluttershy stood up and ran out the front door, Rarity got on the phone to her friends, they had to help her.

Fluttershy ran through the city, trying to find the hero; however, she had no luck. As she wandered down an alley way, it became darker as the clouds started covering the sun.

Never the less, she had to keep looking through the city to find Adam. Little did she know; she was being followed.

Fluttershy tried her best to keep herself from cowering; she began to notice the figure behind her. So she ran, faster than she usually would; the figure started chasing after her. They both came to a stop when the alleyway came to a dead end, Fluttershy turned to see who was chasing her.

“You know, it’s rude to run, my dear.” Goblin said as he came out of the shadows. Fluttershy recognised the face that she saw at the Charity event, those horrible yellow eyes. "What do you want?” she asked. But the villain just laughed and grabbed her by the neck, he blew some dusty of his hand; Fluttershy fell unconscious. Goblin put her over his shoulder, they both flew away on his glider.


Spiderman was swinging through the streets when he saw them, the Goblin’s gang, driving through the city. Their van was smashing into anything that came in front of them, so Adam web-zipped down to the streets below.

The hero land on the hood of the van, punched through the windscreen and grabbed the Troll by his shirt. “Where’s Goblin!” Spidey cried.

The Troll rummaged through his bag, he pulled out a revolver gun from the sack. He pointed the in Adam’s face, “Stupid bug.” He stated.

The Hobgoblin was driving, he got distracted by Spiderman and crashed the truck. The gang all got out and were ready to fight. Spiderman turned to the fairy-tale creatures, he was going to have to punch the answers out of him.

Hobgoblin started the fight by running to Spiderman, but the hero dodged the attack and leaped over Hobby. Spidey fired a wed-line at his back, and pulled his back towards his team; the crooked crashed into the pixie twins. Troll started shooting the revolver gun, but Spiderman was able to dodge the bullet with his powers; he webbed the gun out of the crooks hand.

Man-Wolf charged at Spiderman, but Adam swung the gun around on the web, like a ball & chain and wacked the were-wolf in the face. The blow knocked him out cold, leaving the gang to fight without their strongest fighter.

Spiderman decide to end this fight, he webbed the rest of the gang together in a web-net. The Goblin crew were trapped, Adam just walked up to them and removed some of their masks.

Spidey heard a vibration, he searched the criminals, and Troll had a phone in his pocket. Adam took the phone and answered, “Your friends are a little tied up, Gobby.”

“Spiderman, you should know, that I have lady friend.”

Adam’s heart suddenly sank, “Let her go you black hearted monster!”

“Words hurt, Spiderman. But I’m willing to let her go, if you fight me; to the death.”

“Where?” the hero asked. “Where should I destroy you?”

“Didn’t you see the news, the Canterlot Bridge. Be there, or she dies.”

Adam crushed the phone in his hand, he just swung off into the city. The only thought on his mind, was ‘Destroy Goblin.”


A school bus was driving through the streets, on board was only three kids; Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell.

The driver stopped the bus for a second, Applejack’s sister got up and went to the front of the bus, “Mr, how come we’ve stopped.”

The driver spoke in a creepy voice, “Because, this is your last stop.”

The man at the wheel turned to the three girls, they saw the crazy guy who nearly crushed Apple Bloom with his glider crashing through the balloon. Goblin stood up and ripped the bus driver suit off, revealing his full terror.

“Now my dears, let’s go draw out a spider.” The villain through a pumpkin bomb, it released the same knock-out gas as before. The three girls were asleep when the gas disappeared, Goblin got back in the driver seat and drove to the bridge.

He was going to give Spiderman a choice.