Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2)

by Adamverse

Goblin Nation: He's Back

Adam was walking through town with Fluttershy, it had been two day since that strange gang robbed the city bank. He and his girlfriend were just out walking, something was on Adam’s mind, he saw a logo on the side of the getaway truck.

But he decided not to think about it so much, the point was, they were just a bunch of half-head criminals with no common sense. Still, that logo was nagging at the back of his head, where had he seen it before.

Fluttershy then said, “Adam, you know tomorrows the big charity event. Me and the girls will be performing on the balcony of the new youth centre.” Adam turned to the girl he loved and replied, “Are you sure you want to do that, I know how you are with heights.” Fluttershy smiled at his concern for her.

“Heights aren’t so bad for me anymore, because I know you’ll always be there to catch me, if I fall.” The two of smiled and quickly kissed. When then broke away, Fluttershy remembered something, “I have to go, the girls are setting up the stage. I’ll see you later.” Adam kissed her hand and she ran off to the youth centre.

The boy would have gone with her, but he didn’t really help the band anymore. Since he was always too busy with ‘work’, the Rainbooms decided to cope without his special effects. Anyway, Twilight could do it just as good; especially with the smarts she got from the spider bite.

Adam just continued walking down the road, still thinking about the symbol on the side of the criminal’s truck.


Within the lair of the Goblin Nation, the boss of it all was showing the plan to his crew.

“Now, tomorrow, big charity event will be held at a youth centre down town, the perfect place to draw out our enemy.” The Troll stepped forward and asked, “Can we raid the donation boxes, boss?”

Goblin replied, “Of course. Find the boxes, take what you can, then burn the rest.” The gang looked confused, did he just tell them to burn money?” “This isn’t about the money, you fools. It’s about revenge, and spreading some carnage along the way.”

The understood the plan, so they all went to get themselves ready. While they did that, Goblin went to his chair; he sat down and thought for a moment.

“Spiderman, I promised you I would return to take my revenge. This is what you chose when you murdered me.”

Goblin flashed back to the night he died.

Spiderman and the Goblin were battling on top of a building that was by the sea in Adam’s home town, on Earth 1; the building was surrounded by rocks and ship debris. The villain had been infected by some kind of disease, it was killing him slowly; Spiderman had the cure, because Goblin had infected him with it as well.

They were just both fighting, Adam was trying to explain that he wanted to help Goblin, but the diseased villain would not listen.

Also, the night before, was the night Venom had killed Jack-T. Goblin was his father, so he was going to kill Spiderman for revenge. He thinks it was Adam’s fault, so he wants to end it here and now.

Goblin managed to punch Adam off the roof, Spidey had to cure himself if he was going to stand a chance. He was hanging of the edge of the roof, he stabbed the syringe into his leg, leaving the enough for Goblin. He climbed up, but Goblin stood on his fingers, making him drop the cure.

“I don’t want your cure, Spiderman.” Goblin stated. “You will die!” Goblin picked up the syringe and threw it away.

That moment there, was when Adam realised it. “Goblin, this world will never be big enough for the both of us.” The villain picked a pumpkin bomb out of his bag and stated, “Say hello to Jack for me.”

Goblin threw the bomb onto Adam, but he just webbed the bomb and threw it back at the villain. Spidey jumped up and kicked Goblin off the roof, “Tell him yourself.”

Goblin fell to the sea below, screaming as he got closer to his watery grave. Adam watched him fall, he turned away when he hit the water, he looked back and watched Goblin’s hand sink beneath the water.

From that day on, the Goblin was dead. Until now…

Goblin looked up, he saw his crew ready, it was time to draw out his old friend.


The day of the Charity event, the Rainbooms were performing on the balcony as Fluttershy said they were, they were playing some of their most famous songs. Adam was on the ground, watching his girlfriend and her friends perform.

When the music finished, the girls were joined by Celestia for a drink. They had to go back on stage soon, so they quickly refilled themselves.

While they drank, Sunset looked over by the buildings, she saw something flying through the air. “What’s that?” she asked. Rainbow Dash saw the thing as well and said, “Must be some kind of half-time air show.”

The flying object came closer to the balcony, the people on the ground all cheered when it looped in the air. Adam looked up, that flying object looked really familiar.

Twilight noticed it was flying dangerously close to the balcony, when it shot past, it threw something at the beams under them. There was suddenly an explosion, the balcony started to crumble, Fluttershy felt to the edge as the railing started to break. She would have fallen if not for the crumbling stopping.

However, the flyer came back, and threw another something at them. This time, it spoke, “I’m back!” it cried.

The second explosion caused chunks of the balcony to fall to the ground, Adam saw it coming and used his webs to pull the people out of the way; luckily, no one saw him. He knew this was trouble, so he ran off to change into his suit.

The breaking building was cutting Fluttershy off from her friends, they couldn’t reach her to help her. When the scared girl turned her head, the Goblin was standing on his glider, he looked down on her.

“Hello, my dear.” He said, Fluttershy screamed at the sight of his ugly face.

Someone on the ground shouted, “Its Spiderman.”

Spidey swung towards Goblin, he took one look at the villain and shouted, “YOU!” he then kicked Goblin off his glider and he fell to the ground, he survived because he landed on a circus tent.

However, the glider was thrown out of control. It crashed through a circus balloon, that air was holding up and heavy piece of the stage on the ground, so it began to fall.

Applebloom was standing under the falling stage, Granny Smith tried get to her, but Big Mac held her back. “Somebody, help her!” she cried. Adam looked at the falling stage and said, “Come on, move kid.” But when she didn’t, he had to go save her.

Just before the stage fell, Spidey swung and scooped up Applebloom. He handed her to her granny, then he turned his attention back to the real problem.

Goblin emerged from the fallen tent, the police shouted, “Hold it right there!” However, the villain just started punching and kicking them away.

Adam leaped at Goblin, but the villain grabbed his fist before he could punch him. “Impressive, were you always this weak?” Goblin said as he then punched Spiderman away. The glider homed in on it’s master, so the villain jumped back on it.

Once Goblin had his transport back, it began firing lasers at the hero. Spiderman ran for it, the lasers ended with a missile being fired, but Adam webbed away before it hit him.

Spidey leaped onto a rooftop and turned back to the crumbling balcony, “Fluttershy!” he cried. She was crying as she reached out to him, he had to save her, so he began swinging towards the scene. Only to be crashed into by Goblin.

The two of them smashed into the wall, with Adam going first. Goblin grabbed his head and bashed it constantly against the concrete. Spidey tried to fight back, but Goblin knocked him off, he landed next to Fluttershy.

The villain pulled his glider out the wall, blades emerged from the front. Fluttershy said, “Watch out.” But Adam jumped up under the glider, he pulled the wires out form the under it, causing it to go flying through the air.

“This isn’t over Spiderman, for I am reborn!” Goblin cried as he flew away.

Fluttershy suddenly fell from her spot, Adam leaped off the balcony after her. He caught before they both hit the ground, and they both swung off into the city.


The couple landed on the roof of their apartment, Fluttershy kept her arms wrapped around Adam as she cried into his shoulder. “Who was that?” She asked. Adam replied, “An old friend.”

Fluttershy thanked Adam by lifting up his mask and locking her lips with his. The two of them had no idea of what was going to happen, the Goblin had defiantly returned.