Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

Seeing Double

Adam was wandering through Ponyville, the last few days have been that he can handle; such as him and his team getting the Element of Generosity back. This meant, that once they find Discord, they can turn him back to normal. However, they would have to find somebody to bond to the Element, so they could become a ranger.

Whilst Adam was walking, he saw Rose, Rarity and Jewel in her baby stroller, they were out shopping for food. He'll never forget how he delivered Jewel fro Rarity.

Also, across the market, he could see Rory & Kian helping the apple family sell the fruit and lift the heavy barrels onto the wagon.

Adam was proud that him and his friends had made such strong bonds with the ponies of this planet, nothing was going break the bond between them.

Little did Adam know, he was being watched by someone in the bushes behind him. This figure was just staring at him, Adam still didn't notice and just walked off. The figure began to mutter, "Before I destroy you ranger, there are some old friends who would like to say hello."
Later that day, the rangers were called down to the market again, something was trashing the carts.

When the team arrived, they were shocked to see.... The Black Knight destroying everything in site. He turned to the rangers and said, "I'm back, rangers."

The team was confused and a little scared, Rory stepped forward and asked, "We destroyed you, how are you back?!" But the Black Knight just swung his sword at them, blasting them with a magic blast. The rangers were knocked to the ground, but they got back up and pulled out their morphers.

"Magical Source, Harmony Force!" the cried.

The team instantly morphed into their suits, they pulled out their weapons and charged at the knight. The weird thing is, the Black Knight didn't fight back, he just held his sword and ran away. The rangers followed him deep into the market, but when they turned a corner, the knight was gone.

Kian turned around to try and find him, but then suddenly tied in a strong rope. Only it wasn't rope, it was bandages. The Green Ranger looked up and saw the Mummy at the other end of the bandage line. "Rangers....fall.." he muttered.

The Yellow Ranger blasted him with a lightning blast, knocking him off the roof he was standing on. The team ran to go get him, but when they arrived, he was gone.

Wiktoria was shocked, literally, when she was hit with a electric blast. She brushed herself off and said, "Oh no, it's got to be Fossil." and she was right. Doctor Fossil was standing behind the team, his gloved hand sparking with electricity.

The Power Rangers were confused about where all these villains were coming from. They were to weak, so they had to retreat, they used the teleporters. They all vanished and re-appeared in Canterlot, they needed to think of a plan.
The team arrived at the castle, the princesses were waiting for them. They were just as confused as the rangers, three villains from the past have appeared in Ponyville, three villain that have already been destroyed.

"Rangers, we must stop this before it gets worst." Twilight explained. Rory then said, "You mean before any of our other creepy foes make a comeback."

The princesses now thought it was time to create the new ranger, one who can master the power of the Element of Generosity. However, they had no one to give it to. That's where Adam came in, he had just the person. So he went back to Earth to pick them up, meanwhile, Celestia gave Kian and Rory another mission.

"Kian, Rory, I need you to go to Tarturous. Tirek is there, he must know how this is happening." Celestia explained. The two rangers excepted the mission and left at once.
Wiktoria & Rose arrived back in Ponyville, confused on how three villains that had already been destroyed, appeared in the market. The Pink Ranger suggested, "Maybe it wasn't villains from the past, maybe it was illusions. Protections of past villains." Wiktoria shook her head in disagreement, it had to be something else.

As they walked through the streets, a scream was heard from around the corner. The two ranger went to see the problem, but they came face to face with another villain from the past.

The mechanical monster, known as Scorpiotron, was smashing through the market as if they was children's toys. Rose was the most annoyed, she hated this villain the most; this was the monster that tried to steal her god-daughter. So the two ranger quickly morphed into their ranger suits, they had to stop this guy, now.

The scorpion monster saw the Power Rangers charging at him, so he began the battle by striking them with his tail. Wiktoria was knocked back, but Rose blocked the attack with her shield; it took all her ranger strength, but she pushed the tail away. The Blue Ranger got up and tried attacking with her spear, she managed to lay a few strikes on Scorpiotron's armour. With one final strike, the monster fell to the ground; the two rangers approached their old foe, hoping to get some answers.

Rose started the talk with, "Okay ugly, how the hay are back? Even after we watched you destroyed." But the villain didn't answer. A sudden purple glow came under the Scorpiotron, the villain was pulled into the ground through a dark portal. The Power Ranger couldn't do anything, so they watched him get away.

With nothing left to do, they de-morphed and headed home; they could only hope that no more monsters came back for a rematch.

Up on Tarturous, the feared villain, Tirek; was sitting in his cage.

Suddenly, the villain's attention was caught when a portal opened and two humans stepped through it. Tirek stated as he held onto the bars, "Well, well, well, I finally get to meet the famous Power Rangers, I heard so much about." The two heroes ignored his comment and matched towards his cell.

"Listen, Tirek. Three super-villains have been in Equestria, three villains that we've already destroyed. How can that be?" Rory questioned. However, the centaur-beast just laughed, the muttered, "Why, oh why do you think I'm going to tell you anything?"

Kian asked, "Alright, what do you want?" Tirek shook his head with disappointment, the replied, "Isn't it obvious? I want out of here."

The two ranger had to think, they couldn't let Tirek loose in Equestria, it would a disaster. But they needed information, so they came up with an idea. "Okay, Tirek." Rory started. "We will talk to the princess about it. But for now, give us what we want."

Tirek told them what he thought, "Let me think; did you see the villains at the same time?" Kian replied, "No, they appeared like one at a time." The centaur continued, "Then it sounds like your dealing with the villain, Switch, the shape-shifter. All he needs is enough information about a certain creature, and he can take the form of whoever he likes."

The rangers understood, it all make sense now, a shape-shifter. Kian said, "We need to get back to the guys, they should know about this."

Before the rangers left, Tirek stated, "Remember our deal, Rangers." Rory stepped up to him and replied, "We'll keep our word, as long as what you've told us is true." The two rangers stepped through the re-opened portal, leaving Tirek alone in his cage.
Kian and Rory returned to the Ponyville Town Hall, the rest of the team were waiting for them there; as well as the newest member of their team.

Adam stepped forward and said, "Our new ranger is right here." A girl stepped from behind Adam, she looked about the same age as the others. The girl said, "Hi, I'm Heather. I'm an old friend of Adam's." The rest of the team new this ranger, but only by legend. She was the original Pink Ranger, she fought along side Adam during the war, before Rose took over.

Rose was really excited to meet her predecessor, they never actually met in person.

While the rangers were getting to know her, the princesses were approaching. "Rangers." Twilight said. "This must be the newest member of your team, the one who will carry the Element of Generosity." Luna stepped forward and present a black box, when it was opened, the last element was revealed.

Celestia stepped forward to bestow the power to her, "Heather, your friends have chosen you to join their team. Do you promise to only use this power for defence, not attack?" The new ranger knelt down on one knee and replied, "I promise, your highness."

The princess continued, "Then by the power vested in me, I name you, the White Ranger."

The rest of the team watched the element fly out of the box and change it's shape; but instead of turning into a cell-phone, it became a magic wand. Heather took the wand in her hand and excepted the power, the other rangers applauded.

All it took were some screams heard from outside to break up this magical moment; the rangers looked out the window, only to see another villain from their past.

The Minotaur was tearing apart the streets, scaring all the high-class ponies away. The ranger left the princesses and ran down to the street.
When the rangers arrived at the scene, Minotaur stopped rampaging a turned to the team of heroes.

"Well, well, well; long time, no see, rangers." the villain said. Rory stepped forward and replied, "Drop the act, Switch. We know it's you."

The villain was confused, until he gave in to the ranger's wish. He shifted back to himself and said, "You are correct rangers; it is I Switch, the master of disguise." So the rangers pulled out their morphers, but before they could morph, Switch used a new trick.

"Behold the power of the master." Switch shape-shifter into the Black Knight, but then he started to duplicate. The pieces of him started to form into other villains; Scorpiotron, Dr Fossil, The Mummy, Minotaur & a new one, Cyber Racer.

The rangers stared at the six villains standing before them, Zombra was watching form his rift, "Yes, even the rangers can't handle that many warriors." he muttered.

The Power Rangers decided to end this, so they finally morphed; Adam turned to Heather and said, "Watch and learn." All the rangers said, "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"

Heather saw the team of Power Rangers, she saw the amazing suits, so she decide to get in on the action. She waved her wand and spelled, "Magical Source, Harmony Force."

"Element of Generosity, White Harmony Ranger."

Heather joined her team, the six villains stood in front of the six rangers. Without a second thought, the two sides charged at each other; clashing upon impact.

Rory used his sword to battle with the Black Knight, the two warriors clashed their swords together. The Red Ranger managed to lay a few strikes onto his armour, but it wasn't enough for him to go down. So they continued to battle like gladiators.

Wiktoria was getting even with Dr Fossil, but the electricity in his gloved hand was blasting her away. Her spear helped her block some of the attacks, but she was knocked back a lot.

Rose wanted to make sure Scorpiotron stayed destroyed this time, so she used her shield and all her power to attack him. But even that wasn't enough; she was caught in his metal grip and thrown to the ground. When she got back up, the villain's tail struck her hard.

Adam tried to fight Minotaur back, but he never actually fought this villain, so he knew none of his moves. The beast knocked Adam's crossbow out of his hand, meaning the Yellow Ranger was defenceless.

Kian fought his arch-enemy with all his strength, but he remembered how tuff the Mummy was, so he had to fight harder. Using his axe, the Green Ranger tried to cut the bandages of the villain, but all he did was knock the villain of balance. The Mummy quickly recovered and punched the ranger away.

Heather was new at this, but she still knew how to fight like a ranger. Her magic staff became a sceptre, she slashed at Cyber Racer, knocking him to the ground. A finished was using her most powerful attack, "Diamond strike!" she cried, and blasted the villain with a rain of diamonds.

Cyber Racer stumbled back before exploding apart, he flaming, robot parts fell to the ground. Heather muttered, "I like this power."

The other rangers were knocked back, the villains used their most powerful attack. The evil creatures started to merge together, the rangers watched as the glowing glob started to shape itself and grow into something else. When the energy disappeared, the rangers saw a giant Switch, the villain had grown all on his own."

"YOU RANGERS BETTER STEP BACK!" he said as he nearly stepped on the rangers.

Heather was the only one with enough power fight, but she hadn't used her titan mode yet. But she had to try, otherwise she'd have failed as a ranger. So she used her power and change her form, sort of.

"Titan formation." she chanted. "Mystic Giant."

Instead of changing into a titan, she just grew into a huge ranger. Switch saw her opponent and charged at her, Heather did the same and charged at him.

The two of them battle in the sky, the rangers watched from the ground; they would help, but their power had depleted.

After Heather had struck Switch a few times, she finished him off. "Magic Staff, final sapphire strike!" the staff generated a large diamond, it blasted itself towards the villain. Switch was sparking like crazy, until he muttered, "I can't copy my way out this." he then exploded like all the villains that he copied.

Heather was about to shrink back to herself, until....

Discord appeared out of a portal, the rangers de-morphed to see the friend in the dark armour. The dark warrior said, "I see you have white. Can she match the powers of purple and black?" he chanted a spell to summon the Pony of Shadows.

Heather de-morphed and landed in front of her friends; Discord, while still in his centaur mode, looked down on the rangers.

"It doesn't matter how many rangers you have, or how many of our villains you destroy. You will still lose." A portal opened beneath Discord's feet and he was pulled back to the under world.

The rangers remained quiet, except Adam; he muttered, "We'll save you, Discord."
Back in the underworld, Zombra was more mad than the time he was beaten by Cadence and a baby dragon.

Chrysalis looked at her partner and muttered, "First five rangers, then six, and now seven." Zombra stared at her with a menacing look.

He sat back on his chair and said, "This is not over rangers; I will escape this prison. And when I do, I will destroy this world; and you with it."