Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2)

by Adamverse

Goblin Nation: Introduction

It was an average day in Canterlot High; Adam had finished his studies in the library, he was about to meet his friends outside. Adam closed his books and packed away his pens; now he was ready for a grand day out.

Outside the school was; Twilight Sparkle & her dog Spike, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer. Adam saw them all standing by the statue in the centre of the courtyard, his eyes were mainly fixed on Fluttershy.

“Adam.” Pinkie greeted him. “What took you so long?”

“I had to study for the test next week.” He replied. “This work has been murder.”

Putting all the school stuff aside; they began to walk towards Sugar Cube Corner, it became a favourite of Adam’s after he moved to this universe. They walked down a small quite street; only for it to be interrupted by a loud, “BOOM!!”

Adam noticed smoke rising down town, luckily; the Mane 7 knew Adam’s secret. “I need to go girls.” He cried.

Twilight replied, “We know, go to work. I would join you, but I need to help Rarity with something.”

Before Adam could rush off and change; Fluttershy grabbed him by the arm, “Just be careful.” She whispered in here light, quite voice. “Please come back to me.” With those final words; Adam and Fluttershy closed the gap between them, as their lips met in a small, passionate kiss.

Adam broke the bond and ran down the alleyway; Fluttershy stood there with a scared look in her eye. She then felt a warm hand on her shoulder, “He’ll be fine; he’s Spiderman remember.” Rainbow Dash explained. But that didn’t take the look off Fluttershy’s face.


Down town; the bank was being robbed, by fairy-tale creatures.

There was a small, but over weight middle aged man. He was dressed in a small stitched together shirt and trousers; while wearing a green troll mask. However; he was holding a small rifle.

Next to him was another man who looked like he was in his twenty’s. He was wearing an orange cloak; he also wore an orange and light blue suit, as well as all that; he had a yellow mask that looked like a…. goblin.

Then there were two girls; they looked like twins, they were dressed the same as well. They both were dressed in a slim fairy tube belly top and shorts; with false wings stitched on the back of the top. They also had their hair dyed in a rainbow colour and spiked it upwards.

The next one was larger than the others; he was also wearing a stitched together outfit, but his was dark green. His body was painted green; like an ogre, he was also bold. To make matters worse; he was carrying a large club over his shoulder.

Finally; this crook looked familiar, it was a wolf like man. It was Man-Wolf; this super-villain needed no description.

Spiderman; now dressed in his suit, swung towards the crime scene. Only to find the crooks were already driving away with the money they stole. Adam reacted quickly; he shot two web lines that hooked onto the van, he pulled himself after them.

Adam landed on the back of the van with a bang; the villains knew he was here, so the ogre climbed out through the sky light and onto the roof. Spiderman leaped on the roof to meet his opponent; compared to Adam, the ogre was huge. The beast swung his club at Adam; but he leaped over the giant and kicked him in the back of the head, he fell forward nearly fall off. Spiderman turn to see where they were going; they were heading for a low bridge, before Adam could react; the ogre grabbed his neck and slammed him down.

Adam tried to get up; but it was no use, the ogre was to strong. As the Adam was gasping for air; he noticed the bridge was getting closer.

Adam muttered, “L….k ….t!”

The ogre looked confused, “What did you say?” he released Adam’s neck a little.

“Look out!”

But it was too late; the ogre slammed into the bridge, sending him flying off the van and crashing into a tree. Adam had quickly ducked down; so he was safe from the bridge, when it passed; he leaped up and dropped through the sky light.

Inside; Adam looked as all the criminals stared at him, “Wanna dance?” he asks.

After those words; Spiderman was thrown out the van, but shot a web line at the side of the vehicle and caught the broken off door with his feet. Adam was now water skiing on the road; and was enjoying it.

“Woohoo, surfs sup.”

The troll came to where the door used to be and began firing his rifle at the web slinger; but Adam was quick and dodged the flaming death beads. Spiderman was starting to pull himself closer to the runaway villain truck; but the never ending bullets made it even harder.

Spiderman leapt onto the side of the van; holding on tight, he crawled along to the driver’s door. With his spider-strength; Adam pulled the door of its hinges, the driver was shocked to see the bug still alive.

“Your still here!?” the goblin man cried as he tried to kick Adam away. “I’ll kill you myself then.”

Adam replied, “Want to bet?” Adam pulled the driver from his seat and threw him into a wall; Spiderman shot a web net at him to soften his landing. But now there was a bigger problem; no one was driving. The van sped out of control; Adam had to think fast, as they were heading for a dead end.

Spiderman decided to use a trick he learned on earth; he moved to the front of the van, he rapidly fired web-lines at the wall. One by one they hooked onto the wall; Adam held tight as the van began to slow down, “I forgot how much this hurts.” He muttered as his arms were being stretched out.

The truck finally stopped in its tracks, however, the gang ran away. Spiderman didn’t have the strength to run after them, so he just web-slinged home.


The gang of fairy-tale creatures returned to their hideout, it was an old toy factor just outside of town.

The crooks entered the building and saw their boss waiting for them; in a creepy voice, the boss asked, “So, how did it go?”

The troll stepped forward with a small bag of gold coins. “This is all we could get.” He put the bag on the table a slid it across the tables surface to the boss. The figure in the shadows picked up the back and looked at it, “This?” he said.

“This is nothing!” he cried as he threw the bag into a nearby furnace.

The gang were kind of scared of this guy, they all knew what he was capable of. The only one who was not buying the act, was the ogre. “You guys can’t seriously still be afraid of this guy.” the ogre stated. “He’s got us running all over the city, doing his dirty work, but no cash. If he was really the guy we think he is, he’d go out there, and kill Spiderman himself.”

The ogre moved closer to his boss, “I want out.” The boss suddenly pulled out a gun, pointing it right at the ogre, “If you insist.” He commented.

“Hey man, chill out. I was just kidding.” The crook said, trying to beg for his life.

The boss still pointed the gun at the ogre, “Well guess, I’m not.”

He laughed like a maniac, the pulled the trigger. The ogre fell to floor, he was dead on the spot. The boss came into the light and stared down his crew, they all saw the horror in his yellow eyes.

“Does anyone else wish to cross me? Anyone else want double-cross the Goblin.” No doubt about it, it was him. Spiderman’s oldest and deadliest enemy.

The gang all just shook their heads in fear, Goblin decided to see how loyal they were. “I need to hear you say it. Are you with me?”

“Troll, Hobby?” he asked. Hobgoblin and the troll replied, “Were with you.”

“Pixies?” Goblin asked the twins. “Were with you, Mr G.” they said at said at the same time.

“Wolfy?” He asked. Man-Wolf simply nodded, he lived on Earth 1, so he’s seen what the Goblin can do when he’s mad.

“And Ogre? But then he remembered what happened. “Oh right, dead.” He turns to the twin girls and says, “Pixies, be dears and sweep up the trash.”

The twin pixies moved the body to the side, Goblin then explained his plan.

“Now that I’m back, it’s time I finished what I should have done, 7 years ago.” Goblin then laughed like a maniac again, all his crew feared for their lives.