Yu-Gi-Oh! EG: Neo W.R.G.P World Arc

by foxmaster

Shogeki Revenge Match

In one of the assembly halls of the totsuki Grand Resort, the Totsuki Academy students were all in the middle of the 200 plate challenge for their annual training camp. One student Ogawa Kenji was looking confident in his skills as a chef with only five more plates to go and only thirty minutes on the clock until a boy with red hair and yellow eyes wearing a white headband began performing a show of skills in a desperate attempt to finish the challenge in time. His skills were so amazing that customers from the other tables including Kenji’s left to see the show. This went on for the duration o the time left that Kenji had no customers coming to his table to eat his Egg Muffins. As the clock reaches the ten-second mark the PA system spoke.

“ Soma Yukihira you served two hundred,” The announcement said before time ran out and those who failed the challenge were immediately escorted off of Totsuki grounds. Kenji did not take this lying down and went off to plot his revenge on Soma.

“ You’re going to pay for ruining my life Soma Yukihira,” Kenji shouted before a white card flew into his hand and a yellow 59 mark appeared on his right hand.

Meanwhile during the match between Team Silverwing and Team Kagaku Kenji was getting his revenge on Soma by finishing him in a duel.

“ You may have the upper hand when it comes to a Food War but not in this game and to prove it I will have my monster end you number 59 Crooked Cook attack Soma directly with Full Course Mayhem. Crooked Cook began heating something in his frying pan before throwing it at Soma and burning up the rest of his Life Points.

Ogawa Kenji:4000
Soma Yukihira:0
WINNER:Ogawa Kenji

The other students at Totsuki began to panic after seeing Soma lose.

Sometime Later Yuji was searching the city for any sign of Number Monsters until he saw a bunch of people fleeing from a huge piece of private property up ahead. Yuji decided to check out the commotion and noticed a boy with blue hair and red eyes looking like a man possessed.

“ I take it you are the one causing this mass panic?” Yuji asked.

“ Those talentless hacks wouldn’t know fine dining and perfect food even if it was staring them in the face and this institution is no better for expelling me just because that dam transfer student stole everyone’s customers during the training camp,” Kenji said as the number on his right hand appeared.

“ I don,t know what you are talking about and to be honest this has nothing to do with me but I can,t just let you and your number keep attacking innocent people,” Yuji said.

“As if you can beat me I’m not just a great cook I was also one of the top eight at last year’s regionals,” Kenji said.

“ As if I care are we going to do this or not?” Yuji asked.

“ Fine I will whip up a full course of pain for you but can you finish it?” Kenji said as he activated his duel disk.

“ It’s on,” Yuji said as he activated his duel disk and both of them drew their opening hands.

Yuji Tsukumo:4000
Ogawa Kenji:4000

“ I will go first,” Kenji said before looking at his hand. Kenji saw he drew what he wanted and pulled a card from his hand. First I summon Food Warrior Furikake Rice. A bowl of rice suddenly appeared on the field before a bunch of cubes and scrambled eggs fell onto it and caused it to transform into a warrior made of rice wearing orange armor with a yellow sword.

Food Warrior Furikake Rice

“ Next I activate the Spell Second Serving. Kenji said as a spell with an image of someone trying a bowl of rice appeared. While I control one Food Warrior Monster this spell allows me to Special Summon Another monster with the same name from my Deck so I summon another Food Warrior Furikake Rice. the same monster appeared and crossed swords with the other one.

Food Warrior Furikake Rice

“ Next I overlay both my Level Four Furikake Rice to build the overlay network. Both of Kenji’s monsters transformed into streams of orange energy as they entered a galaxy like portal and exploded.

“ Mighty culinary master that creates nothing less than the finest of meals for the gods take form and serve my foes the mightiest dish of demise! Xyz Summon! Appear! Number 59 Crooked Cook!

A giant chef hat with the number 59 on it appeared before spinning and rising revealing a muscular man with a flamethrower on his back and cooking utensils strapped to his belt.

Number 59 Crooked Cook

“ But I’m not done yet next I activate the Field Spell Food Warrior Battle Kitchen. The surrounding area suddenly transformed into an arena with two countertops and a judging table. Once per turn this card allows me to Special Summon a Food Warrior monster from my hand or Deck in Defense mode so from my Deck I special Summon Food Warrior Chaliapin Steak in Defense Mode. A steak covered in onions suddenly appeared before the onions were removed and a warrior with a spear and the steak acting as the shield appeared.

Food Warrior Chaliapin Steak

“ I activate Chaliapin Steak’s Effect when he is Normal Or Special Summoned I can add a Food War Ingredient Equip Spell from my Deck to my hand so I will add Food War Ingredient Lemon Curd to my hand. Kenji added his card to his hand. With that, I shall end my turn.

“ My turn I draw,” Yuji said as he drew his sixth card. Yuji remembered what Crooked Cook did and looked at his hand and need his move. First I summon Gogogo Golem in attack mode. A golem-like monster made of brown bricks appeared and punched forward.

Gogogo Golem

“ Next since I normal Summoned a Level Four Monster I can Special Summon Kagetokage from my hand. The shadow of a lizard began to crawl onto the field before a pair of red eyes rose above it.


“ Next I overlay my level four Gogogo Golem and Kagetokage to build the overlay network. Gogogo Golem turned into a stream of orange energy while Kagetokage turned into a stream of purple energy and entered a galaxy like portal and exploding.

“ Mighty king of wishes take form and aid me in this fight! Xyz Summon! Appear! Number 39 Utopia!

Utopia appeared on the field and took an offensive stance.

Number 39 Utopia

“ Now that the stage is set Time to battle Utopia attack, Crooked Cook, with Rising Sun Slash. Utopia drew his sword and prepared to strike. As Utopia got closer Kenji reacted.

“ I activate Crooked Cook’s effect once per turn during either of our turns I detach one overlay unit to destroy all other cards I control and Crooked Cook gains 300 attack points for each monster destroyed and sent to the GY by this effect until the End Phase. Crooked Cook absorbed one of his overlay units into the tank of his flamethrower and torched everything on Kenji’s field expect for himself.

2 - 1 = 1

2300 + 300 = 2600

“ I use one overlay unit to stop Utopia’s attack. Utopia used one of its overlay units to stop his attack.

2 - 1 = 1

“ Fine with me because now the main course is about to be served you see my Food Warriors have one effect in common when they are sent to the GY you take 600 points of damage so since two of them were sent to the GY that’s 1200 points of damage. A steak cutlet with some rice on it suddenly flew towards Yuji and forced its way down his gullet.

Yuji Tsukumo:2800
Ogawa Kenji:4000

“ No matter because I now have you where I want you I did not stop Utopia’s attack because your cook was stronger than Utopia I stopped it so I could do this I activate the Quick-Play Spell Double or Nothing this not only doubles Utopia’s attack points it also allows him to attack again. Utopia powered up ready to strike again as he drew both his swords.

2500 x 2 = 5000

“ 5000 attack points?” Kenji said in shock.

“ That’s right and now to take down your monster Utopia attack Crooked Cook with Rising Sun Double Slash. Utopia delivered a double slash on Crooked Cook only for Kenji to react to it.

“ My cook is going nowhere because by discarding my Food Warrior Semifreddo I can prevent Crooked Cook from being destroyed by battle. A slice of Lemon Cake wearing a yellow princess dress appeared on blocked the attack.

“ You still take damage from the battle,” Yuji said as Kenji was sent back a few feet.

Yuji Tsukumo:2800
Ogawa Kenji:1600

“ I’m not the only one taking damage since I sent another Food Warrior to my GY you take 600 points of damage. A piece of lemon cake was sent flying towards Yuji and he swallowed it.

Yuji Tsukumo:2200
Ogawa Kenji:1600

“ Since I failed to destroy your monster in battle I can activate the Quick-Play Spell Xyz Murder,” Yuji said as a spell with an image of Utopia stabbing Black Ray Lancer appeared. I can only activate this card when one of my Xyz Monsters fails to destroy one of yours and this card destroys that very monster that survived so say goodbye to Crooked Cook. A sword was shot out of the card and stabbed Crooked Cook thus destroying it.

“ No matter since you destroyed my monster you also sent my Furikake Rice to the GY and I’m sure you know what that means,” Kenji said

“ I get another serving of 600 points of damage,” Yuji said.

“ Hope you enjoy it. A bowl of rice was sent towards Yuji and like with the rest of the food he swallowed all of it.

Yuji Tsukumo:1600
Ogawa Kenji:1600

“ I end my turn by setting one card Face-Down,” Yuji said as a set card appeared behind Utopia.

“ My turn I draw,” Kenji said as he drew his second card. Kenji saw what he drew and smiled. I activate the Spell Card of Sanctity this allows both of us to draw until we have six cards in our hands. Both of them drew five cards and Kenji Smiled after seeing what he drew. Looks like my luck keeps going and now for some more damage, I discard Food Warrior Chou Farci to add the Field Spell Food warrior battle Kitchen from my deck to my hand.

“ Not so fast I activate the Counter Trap Hand Trap Jammer,” Yuji said as a trap with an image of Ash Blossom being trapped in a spell circle flipped face up. When you activate the effect of a monster from your hand by discarding a card from my hand not only is your effect negated but the card is also banished so since your Chou Farci failed to enter the GY I don,t any damage this time.

“ You may have dodged that one but let’s see you dodge this I activate the Quick-Play Spell Trap Booster by discarding a card from my hand I can Activate a Trap from my hand so I discard this and from my hand, I Activate the Trap Souffle Omelette this summons as many Souffle Omelette Tokens as possible to my field. Five pans appeared and flipped what looked like omelets onto the field with eyes.

Souffle Omelette Token x5

“ Time to end this I tribute all five of my tokens to inflict 500 points of damage for each one so that’s a total of 2500 points of damage been nice knowing you. The omelets flew right for Yuji until he reacted.

“ Your right this duel is over for you because by banishing my Returnmato from my GY all of the damage is redirected to you. A tomato wearing a sweatband appeared and sent the omelets right back at Kenji thus causing him to swallow all five of them and reducing his points to zero while Yuji absorbed Crooked Cook.

Yuji Tsukumo:1600
Ogawa Kenji:0
WINNER:Yuji Tsukumo

“ No fair I lost again guess all I am is just a worthless cook and a worthless duelist,” Kenji said.

“ Your not a worthless cook,” Soma said as he came up to him.

“ Your that transfer student that stole everyone’s customers during the 200 plate challenge,” Kenji said in shock.

“ That was never my intention I was just trying to finish the challenge and bearly made it but your dish was brilliant,” Soma said.

“ What difference does it make I’m still expelled and if you can,t graduate from Totsuki than what future do you even have as a chef?” Kenji asked.

“ Its true Totsuki Academy is the greatest culinary school in the world but it’s not the only one have you ever thought of going to another one I bet all those other students who also got expelled never gave up and got back up as well,” Soma said.

“ You’re right I still have hope thanks for reminding me,” Kenji said.

“ No problem and feel free to swing by my family’s dinner and I will have one of my Souffle Omelets waiting for you,” Soma said.

After all the chaos was dealt with Yuji took his leave and continued his search for the number monsters.

“ When I get home I should ask my mom to whip me up some of that duel fuel my dad loves so much,” Yuji said to himself while thinking about Nova.