Second Chance In Another World.

by Neutral Boy

Chapter 1: Friendly neighborhood ponies?


It feels strange being alone in a dark void.

I couldn't quite tell of where I am or perhaps why am I here exactly.


I spoke out, but got no answer from anyone.

Suddenly, my body is slowly pulled towards a faint small light ahead.

From what I can tell, there's a book right in front of me.

"Wonder what this book is doing here?"

The next thing, my left hand is slowly moving towards this book.

I tried to resist, but my hand isn't responding to me at all.

Now my left hand continues to reach closer and closer until it touches the book.

When I touch the book, it starts to shake with vibrations uncontrollably. The book somehow stops for a moment before something inside it shocks me. As I begin to black out from the shock, I see several images that I've never seen before.


I awoke with a gasp as it felt like my heart was beating fast. I calmed down back and forth until I hear my heart felt back to normal beats. It feels strange, but really real from what I saw.

"Man, what a crazy dream."

After a minute of staying still, I rub my eyes to see that I'm still in this weird white.

"Let's see, how did I get here exactly."

From what I can remember, first I left graduation, then packed up my things in the truck, almost got hit by another vehicle, woken up in this room, and finding a strange book.

"Wait a minute, what was the last one I saw before passing out again and found a book?"

"Hello there, finally awake a second time?"

I froze like a statue as I slowly turn my head to see a girl standing beside this bed. From what I can at least tell in details, this gorgeous girl is an a-a-anthropomorphic pony. She has nurse clothing, E-cups size breasts, purple-ish eyes, pink hair/tail, and white fur.

The pony smiles at me while my face seems to be burning up from seeing her.

"Hello, any pony home?"

I shook my head of my sudden pause and nod my head to her.

"Good, my name is Nurse Redheart. What's your name hairless stallion?"

I'm not a pony or a horse, woman. Get that right.

". . .Names Roy, Nurse."

She just nods and writes down something on her note sheet before she speaks again.

"I've never seen any stallion like you before. Hardly any pony else has."

"Are you serious?"

She nods again. Well, this is just my luck. First I try to get away from graduation, then go to somewhere in another state, and now I'm stuck here without my vehicle and house.

Oh well, at least I got some of my supplies beside me.

"So uh, is it alright if I can get out of here?"

"Sure, but first. . ."

She flips another sheet of paper over while she looks at me and licks her lips while I see her cheeks in red or pinkish blush.

For some reason, my spine is shivering of me being a prey and her as a predator.

"I need to learn more about you, Mister Roy."

. . . This can't be good.

After the "good chat" with Redheart, I finally got out of the hospital with my clothes on.

No, she didn't rape me if anyone is asking. She kept giving me those dreamy looks when she looked at me in every angle and tries to grab my butt or crotch with her tail.

Anyway, I talked to her of where I am and she told me that this is Equestria. We're a mile or so from Ponyville hospital to Ponyville. Canterlot is less than a day to travel there, should you meet with Princess Celestia for more questions and answers. I asked the nurse if there's anything else that I need to know and she told me that around the world, more than 60% of populations are female gender.

. . . Better make sure to protect my manhood at all costs.

Now I'm currently walking outside with my backpack on and searching for a mare named Mayor Mare to see if she knows anything around town in Ponyville.

First stop I go to is a house with a barn and multiple apple trees.

"I'm sure no one doesn't mind me of getting one apple cause my stomach is growling."

When I try to reach up in one of the tree to get an apple, a girl shouted from somewhere.

"Hold it right here!"

The next thing, a strong rope came at me and I got trapped in it. Then I get yanked and landed on my butt, dragged away from the tree toward someone from behind me.

I turn my head and my face went red again as I see a damn good looking strong mare. She is wearing a stetson cowgirl hat, cowgirl clothing, green eyes, yellow mane & tail, D-cups breast size, and orange fur.

"I-uh-I-I. . ."

I wasn't functioning my words properly while the Blonde mare tilts her head looking down at me, confused and chuckles to herself.

"Hey AJ, what's going on?"

I stopped my words when I spot a few more mares heading towards up. Again my face lit up, but darker from looking at them. The first one has a sports outfit, magenta eyes, rainbow mane & tail, D-cups breast size, and cerulean blue fur.

The second mare has non-expensive fashion clothing, blue eyes, beautiful curly purple mane & tail, E-cups breast size, and white fur.

The third one hiding behind the white mare is wearing garden clothing, blue-green eyes combined, beautiful light pink mane & tail, E-cups breast size, and yellow fur.

The fourth mare bouncing up and down has girly teen clothing, dark blue eyes, messy dark pink mane & tail, F-cups breast size, and pink fur.

"Uhhhhhhh. . . ."

That was the only thing I could even say at this point.

I didn't even hear of what these girls are saying as my brain starts to malfunction.


. . . Did I just hear a girl moaning?

*moan* "Mmmmmm." *moan*

Okay now I'm starting to get a bit freaked out.

"Why can't I find the right stallion to be with?"

Can someone please get me out of here away from this unknown woman?!


I jolted up awake to see that I'm in some kind of barn and it's night already.

"Oh man, what a weird way to dream."


I froze and turn my head slowly to see an orange mare sleeping beside me.

It must be the same one that got me tied up in the rope.

At least that I'm not tied up now. As I slowly try to get out of this hay, I felt a hand grab a hold of me and yanked me back beside her. Only this time, she wrapped both of her arms, legs, and tail around me like a boa snake, leaving my head mushed by her cheek.

Now I'm actually feeling her breasts mushing on my chest and hear her heartbeat.

'I guess it can wait until morning.'

Before going to sleep, I felt a shiver when the mare was licking my cheek and ear.

'Someone help me out here!'