This Time for Good

by iisaw

3 Meanwhile, Back in Ponyville


"Yes, Fluttershy?" The draconiquis looked up from the wastebasket he was reading to find his tiny pegusus friend glaring at him. She was adorable when she was angry. She was adorable at just about any other time he could think of as well, but her anger (such as it was) gave her adorableness an extra tang, somehow.

"I am so disappointed in you!" She stomped her hoof with an adorable little whumf on the soft rug that lay before her sofa.

"Is this about the goose? Because the whole thing was his idea."

"You know exactly what I'm talking about!"

The thing was, Discord didn't know, and that utterly delighted him. A secret that he had told to nopony was that one of the reasons he loved Fluttershy so much was that she was constantly able to surprise him. Him! The Lord of Chaos and King of (admittedly sometimes unpleasant) Surprises! He felt a shiver of wonderful anticipation.

"No really! I don't know what you're talking about. Please… tell me."

Fluttershy sighed and closed her eyes for a moment, then she took another deep breath and opened her eyes. "This thing with Twilight. It's upset everypony, and there are hundreds of guards out trying to—"

"Wait! You know about that?" Again, the delightful surprise!

Fluttershy rolled her eyes. "Who else is powerful enough to make something like this happen? It's not funny!"

Discord blinked in puzzlement. "I was trying to help! It wasn't supposed to be funny… exactly. Though the look on Twilight's face when she realizes—"

"Please." Fluttershy took a step forward and placed a gentle hoof on Discord's shoulder. "Could you just undo it? For me?"

Funny things happened to Discord when Fluttershy batted her eyelashes at him like that. Not funny ha-ha, but funny warm and squiggly. He briefly considered pulling out the squiggly bits inside of him to take a closer look at them to try to figure out what, exactly, was going on, but that would have delayed him in saying, "Of course, Fluttershy! I'm so sorry! I'll go fix it right now!"

With a snap of his claw he appeared in "Grogar's" cave, startling the three villains who were (entirely uncoincidentally) conspiring against him.

"Sorry, sorry!" Discord called out to them. "It's all off! You can all go back to Tartarus now. Don't worry, you'll get paid for the full week!"

Before any of them could react, he had snapped his paw and they all vanished. The corroded old bell that Cozy Glow had been holding behind her back dropped to the floor of the cave with a clank. Discord stared at it for a second. "Huh. So many surprises today!"

With another snap, he vanished and the cave collapsed in on itself.

Fluttershy gave out an adorable little eep when Discord reappeared in her cottage. He reached into the aether and folded up the eep and carefully stored it away so that he could enjoy it again later. "There! All fixed!"

"Oh, good! Thank you so much!" Fluttershy gave him a soft, warm hug, nuzzling his side in a ridiculously adorable way. The squiggles inside Discord overflowed into the 7th dimension, making quite a mess.

Fluttershy eased off her hug and looked up at him admiringly. "I know you usually mean well, but... maybe run these things by me first in the future?"

Discord nodded enthusiastically.

"So… where is Twilight now?" Fluttershy asked.

Discord grinned at her. "I have no idea!"

Fluttershy frowned. (Adorably.)

It took more than an hour for them to get things sorted out, and Discord loved every second of it.

= = =