Drabble Kaboom!

by Alex Warlorn

Rainbow Snow Surprise (DianaGohan Request)

Rainbow Dash trotted out of her house, smiling up at the sun. "Ah, what a beautiful day, the kind where nothing can go wrong." Rainbow Dash really should have known better than to say those words. Even Twilight Sparkle would tell you they were right up there with 'at least things can't get any worse.'

Rainbow Dash in blissful ignorant flew from her cloud house... and flew straight into a snow bank.

"HEY! What's the deal?! There was no snow scheduled for today and I scheduled to do stuff outside today!" Ponyville was completely covered in snow.

"Sorry!" Clear Skies the purple pegasus mare said. "Emergency orders from up top! Apparently Ponyville was behind in its quota of snow from last year!"

Rainbow snorted. "I'm still Captain of the Weather Team and all that goes through me!"

"It did, you kinda flew in from Wonderbolt training, rubber stamped it, and flew out to that Friendship School of yours and then flew to take care of Tank... We're kinda taking bets on how long it'll take for you to have a heart-attack."

"What happened to Ponyville, the town so nice Canterlot thinks we're crazy?!"

"We are nice, that's why we're all carrying a first response kit for when it happens since we know you'd sooner chew your own wings off before giving up an obligation!" Clear Skies said with a smile.

"Ugh! Whose bright idea was this!?"

"The paperwork was signed by a Miss Delayed Karma... It was P.S.'ed with a 'hugs and kisses from the Weather Factory repair crew who had to give up their Hearth Warming Eve vacations' for some reason..."


"Cutie Mark Crusader Snow Troopers!" The CMC cheered fighting in snowy trench warfare with Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Babs.

"Oh don't worry Rainbow Dash!" Rarity called with a smile. "I could use a model for my pegasi winter line!"

"Get Fluttershy!"

"Busy with her animals I'm afraid... And besides, I've got this dress I know you'll look perfect in!"

"When I get my hooves on the pony who ordered this winter day!" Rainbow grumbled.

Clear Skies said helpfully, "Oh Karma isn't a pony, she's a diamond dog."

~ Fin