Drabble Kaboom!

by Alex Warlorn

Discord The Hero (sonicandmario826 request)

Several sharks shaped alien warships surrounded Equus, like a school of literal sharks descending on their prey.

Under the assumption that the natives MUST HAVE invented radio or television by now (that was just the natural progression of civilian after all, like live sacrifices of your enemies) Grand Supreme Absolute Death-Slayer Individual Reason Doctor Vlick shouted into the microphone his slave handed him.

"ATTENTION NATIVES OF EQUUS! You are now under the protection of the Death-Slayer Fleet of Reason, Sanity, and Individuality! DSFRSI will provide your aimless civilization with proper direction and stability that has been missing from your lives! And we will fix your abominable and impossible geocentric solar system! If you ignorantly and prejudicially reject our generous offer, we will have to protect the universe from your incorporative attitude by scorching your planet. Please provide your answer in the next sixty-seconds!"

After thirty seconds Grand Supreme Absolute Death-Slayer Individual Reason Doctor Vlick wondered if he should scorch the planet right now, it was getting close to lunch time.

A freak of nature made up of several different creature appeared before the fleet, it was the size of several of their warships. There was no atmosphere in space, therefore, the booming voice they heard as it moved its mouth must have been telepathic!

"Hello! Discord! Spirit of Chaos for this universe! I'm afraid I have some dear friends of mine on this planet! So I'm going to have to ask you to move along! In fact! Why don't I give you a hand?"

"DESTROY THAT GIANT ROBOT!" Grand Supreme Absolute Death-Slayer Individual Reason Doctor Vlick declared, since that was obviously what it must have been.

Death rays capable of wiping out entire land masses blasted the abomination from every direction.

"Oh oh oh oh oh oooooh... that tickles! My turn!" Discord snap his fingers.

The space fleet turned into literal space sharks, who scurried away from the spirit of chaos, their crew clinging for dear life. Grand Supreme Absolute Death-Slayer Individual Reason Doctor Vlick inked his pants as he wailed.


"Taken care of?" Celestia asked.

"Taken care of," Discord said simply.

"Twilight's going to be curious about that 'meteor shower,'" Luna said not looking up from her book. Luna causally nudged celestial bodies across the galaxy on the board in front of her.

"Oh she'll come up with her own explanation, ponies always do," Discord shrugged.

"See Luna? I knew trusting Discord... for a third time wasn't going to backfire."

"Says you Celly, I actually enjoy fighting off the alien marauding hordes."

Discord crossed his arms. "You're welcome! You can handle the next assimilating hive-mind that comes by then!"

"My pleasure."