South Swamp Rag

by JimmyHook19

East Coast Blues

Morning came with the sun rising in the east, and Mage Meadowbrook yawned and awoke to the sound of honking horns and traffic whilst lying in her tent near the SC/NC state line. Packing up her things, as well as getting her mane and tail tied back up in her braids and putting her clothing back on, she crossed over the state line from South Carolina into North Carolina, and headed onto NC Highway 211.

Then she turned left onto East Moore Street, took a right through the traffic circle (or rotary, or roundabout) for a ferry. The ferry departed Southport of which it crossed the Cape Fear River. (Of which 3 lighthouses could be seen while Meadowbrook was on the Ferry: Bald "Old Baldy" Head Island Lighthouse, Oak Island Lighthouse, and Price Creek Lighthouse.) Eventually it docked on the other side of the Cape Fear River in Fort Fisher.

She then turned left on K avenue, onto Dow Road South, then left onto Highway 421. She then crossed said road, left Highway 117, then turned onto the Highway 17 business loop.

She went onto Highway 17, then back onto the business loop, having left it in the meantime, and onto (and off) Marine Boulevard.

She then curved onto Johnson Boulevard. Then she traveled to LeJeune Boulevard, and promptly left it. She then turned onto NC Highway 58, went around a roundabout, crossed the Atlantic Beach bridge, turned onto Highway 70, followed by Beaufort (Home of the North Carolina Maritime Museum), and then went through the town. She then took a sharp right on Highway 70, then onto Highway 12.

She then took the Ocracoke Ferry from Cedar Island and arrived at Ocracoke Village (home of the Ocracoke Lighthouse), before taking a series of lefts and rights before boarding the Hatteras Ferry. She then got off the ferry at Hatteras Village (home of The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum). She traveled off Highway 12 briefly before rejoining it, before passing through the towns of Frisco, Buxton (the location of which Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is in), to which her direction changed from east to north upon leaving Buxton, before passing on through the towns of Avon, Salvo, Waves, and Rodanthe. She then crossed over the New Inlet Bridge then passed through the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge and then after that went over the Marc Basnight Bridge, before pausing at Bodie Island Lighthouse.

It looked amazing after having been fully restored 6 years ago in 2013. "What ah Sight!" she said. Continuing onwards, she then left Highway 12 at Whalebone Junction, switched onto Highway 158 briefly, before getting on US 64, crossed a short bridge, and crossed the Washington Baum Bridge. As she crossed the Roanoke Sound on this bridge, she could see two things from the top of it: Roanoke Island. And most of all.... Manteo.

At long last, she reached Manteo, and as she entered the town from the south, via from the main highway and then onto one of the side paths along the waterfront, people looked over in astonishment to see her trotting up the sidewalk as she came into view.

"Another pony?" said a person, looking at them. "This is getting silly."

"Probably Jimmy," commented another, with a sigh.

Meadowbrook cared not for this, and made her way up the sidewalk through town, turned left along the road that goes by the church she goes to before swinging right back onto the path along the highway. Along this stretch, she passed a few notable things in the area such as... Manteo Elementary School, two Hotels, a road leading to Manteo High School, another church, and lastly, the intersection with the left road leading towards Manteo Middle School. Once she was past the intersection, she rounded the final curve on the path. Finally, she arrived at her home (or the home in her dream, at least). She went up the porch steps, then swung the door open and stepped inside, sitting down upon the nearby couch as she did so.

"Well, Ah made it!" she exclaimed, before a wave of tiredness overtook her. "Ah'd better get some rest." She went upstairs, but she kept her clothing on with her instead of taking it off (even after when she transformed back to normal, she wanted to keep her clothing as a reminder of perhaps her most favorite transformation), and finally reached her room. It looked exactly the same as it did before she left. From there she hopped into bed, switching off the light as she did so.

As she slept, she dreamed of the travels she went through from Louisana to Manteo, North Carolina.

The End. (For now till the next transformation :ajsmug:)