Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

Sting of birth

It was just another day in Ponyville; the sun was rising over the beautiful land, and somepony was going to have a hard day.

Rose had just woken up to the sight of Celestia's sun being risen; also to the sound of Fancypants running up and down the hall. The ranger opened her door; finding the well dress unicorn pacing back and forth with a terrified look on his face. "Fancy, what's the matter?" Rose asked.

The stallion turned to the human, "Today is Rarity's due date. So are new baby could be born any day now." Rose was excited to hear the news; Gemstone was soon going to have a new brother or sister. Rarity walked out of her room and joined the conversation, "Good morning Rose." she greeted. The human replied, "Morning, I hear today's your due date." The white unicorn simply nodded her head. The whole family went downstairs for some breakfast; Rose quickly used her morpher to contact her team.

At the Chaotic Castle; Adam was in his room, walking back and forth. "Why can't I just do things like everyone else." he muttered. "Because I'm not like everyone else." he said while jumping down from the ceiling. That's when his morpher rang; upon answering it, Rose delivered the good news. "Sweet Celestia, that's fantastic." the Yellow Ranger said. Rose did the same with all the other rangers,

"Give them my congratulations." Kian explained.

"That's brilliant." Rory said.

"This is a day to remember." Wiktoria said.

This day could not be ruined for the rangers or for Rarity & Fancypants; that is, if the whole thing wasn't being watched by Zombra through his rift.
The King of Monsters ventured through the life cells; attempting to find one which will help him complete today's plan. After five minutes of searching and groaning from the thought of losing again; he found the one he was looking for, "You will steal this new born child and bring it to me." he muttered.

He began the sequence to release the villain; blasting it with his dark magic, "I summon.....Scorpiotron!"

Just outside of town; a stallion was returning with buckets of water. Suddenly; the ground started to shake, then the road cracked open. The pony looked down the newly formed hole; before being knocked back by a giant metal claw, the stallion dropped his water and ran for his life. Within seconds; a giant metallic scorpion monster raised up from the crack, Zombra opened his rift and stared upon his newly freed villain.

"Scorpiotron, I command you to steal Rarity's soon to be born child. Once it is mine, I will raise the child to be as evil as me." The robot scorpion replied, "Very well, I'll destroy anything that gets in my way." he spoke in a scary computerized voice, due to him being part robot.
Rose sat in her room; Gemstone sat with her as they looked at an old family book. Rose turns to the tiny unicorn and asks, "What are you hoping for, a brother or a sister?" But Gemstone turned to her human friend and replied, "I just want somepony to play with."

"Gemstone! Rose! Come on! Rarity's going into labour." Fancypants explained while shouting up the stairs. Rose picked up the fillie and ran downstairs; the whole family ran outside.

They had to get to the hospital; but they were stopped in the middle of the street, "Your going no where." said the large beast scaring of the surrounding ponies. Rose handed Gemstone to Fancypants, "Who are you?" the Pink Ranger asked in a serious tone. The metallic beast answered her question with, "I am professor Victor Reevor, but you can call me.... Scorpiotron." The Pink Ranger confronted the villain; pulling her morpher from her pocket, "Out of our way, were in a hurry." she explained.

Scorpiotron began to laugh at the group, "I'm leaving with that baby, even if I have to rip it out of the unicorn with my claws." Rarity gasped at what she heard. Rose gestured them to run back to the house; they followed her orders and made their way home, leaving Rose and Scorpiotron face to face.

"Now, I'll destroy you and all the ponies in Ponyville to get that unborn child." the villain explained. Rose was prepared to fight, "Magical Source; Harmony Force." she said, she instantly morphed into her ranger suit. She drew her Magic Staff from her belt and changed it to shield mode; Scorpiotron's tail was revealed from behind him, it was made up of cogs and gears; with a large spike on the end. The ranger charged at the villain; throwing her shield to his face, but sadly no effect.

Scorpiotron wacked her to the side with his giant metal claw; Rose crashed into a food cart, moaning in pain. She needed the rest of her team; and she got her wish, the rest of the team arrived to help their fellow ranger. "Rose, you should go help Rarity." Adam stated. Scorpiotron faced the multicolored heroes, "More of you will not make a difference, I'll crush you all." the villain growled. Rory and Kian ran straight for the villain; with their bladed weapons ready to fight, their steel clashed with Scorpiotron's claws.

Adam stayed at a distance and fired his crossbow at the beast, but it did nothing to him. It wasn't until Wiktoria threw her spear; it landed in a opening in the villain's armour, causing transmission fluid to leak. Scorpiotron's face told the rangers he was getting weaker, "This isn't over, I'll be back." the villain cried. He began to drill into the ground, the rangers tried to stop him but it was to late.

The team de-morphed and ran back to Rarity's house, they went as fast as they could.
"Fancypants, where's Rarity?" Rose said as the team entered the house. "She's upstairs in bed, what am I going to do? The baby's going to be here soon." Kian stepped forward and explained, "Well you can't take Rarity to the hospital, not with that monster after her. Fancypants was pacing back and fourth again, "What can I do? I can't call a doctor, they won't get here in time." The unicorn and the rangers all stood there trying to think of an idea.

That's when Wiktoria had a plan, "Adam, your a doctor." she stated. Adam turned to her confused, "I'm an engineer, a doctor for machines." Fancypants looked at the boy and explained, "Please Adam; you have to help, my wife is having the baby right now." the boy was concerned, he's never dealt with something like this before.

"Okay fine.... I'll do it." Adam explained. "But I'll need help, can someone come with me?" Rose stepped forward and said, "I'll do it, I'll be their for Rarity." So it was settled; Adam was going to deliver Rarity's baby and Rose was going to help.

When the two rangers followed Fancypants upstairs, the other three went outside. Rory ordered, "Okay guys, while they do that. We stand guard, let nothing interrupt this delivery." Kian and Wiktoria nodded in agreement. However their job was easy compared to what Adam and Rose were doing.
Outside of town; Scorpiotron was being yelled at by his master, "How hard can it be to capture a pregnant unicorn!" Zombra cried as he looked down on his minion from his rift opening. The villain tried his best explain himself, "Master; it wasn't my fault, the Power Rangers arrived and kept her away from me."

The king's face dropped into his hooves, "Why have I been cursed with such annoying humans?" he muttered. "Well that does it; I can't beat them with my power, I'll destroy them with their own power." Zombra looked across the room to see Chrysalis watching him; in commanding words he ordered, "Bring me the Element of Generosity."

The Changeling queen did as commanded and flew off into the tunnels.

When she returned; Zombra threw the small black box through the rift. The Element landed in front of Scorpiotron; he picked up the box and crushed it in his claw. When the case was gone, the relic inside began to glow; the villain could feel the power. Zombra cried, "Use that Element to match the ranger's powers; even they won't be able to fend off that much power." Scorpiotron opened the glass hatch and placed the neckless around his neck; the power was pulsing through him.

Zombra said one last thing, "Remember; you must wait for the baby to be born before you steal it, it's no good to me dead." Scorpiotron replied, "Yes King Zombra." The villain then dug his way back down into the ground; tunnelling his way back to Ponyville.
In Rarity's bedroom; she was lying back on the pillow when Adam walked in, "Okay; just a quick reminder, I've never done this before." Rose was on Rarity's left side while Fancypants was on the right.

"Now I just need to check the....the....the place where the baby comes out." Adam muttered. Rose looked at him with a 'really' look on her face, "'Place where the baby comes out.' Couldn't you at least make up a name for it and pretend you know what your doing." she stated.

Adam lifted up the blanket to have a look and came back up white as a ghost, "Okay, I think it's starting." he said. Rarity let out a bit of a scream, Fancypants held her right hoove, "It's okay my dear." Adam had to take charge of the situation; so that's what he did, "Okay Rarity; when I say, I want you to push as hard as you can." the unicorn nodded ever so slightly.

Adam began to count down, "Three...two...one....push!" Rarity pushed as hard as she could.

Outside; the other rangers could hear the unicorn screaming, "Oh my." Kian stated. Suddenly; a crack opened up on the floor. From the crack, Scorpiotron lifted himself to the surface; he saw the rangers outside the fashion studio. "Well, well, well; only three this time. That baby is going to be mine." Rory stepped for and said, "You'll have to go through us first."

The villain looked at the group of friends before saying, "Gladly." Scorpiotron charged forward; not showing any mercy. The rangers had to morph quickly; they pulled out their morphers and cried, "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"

Now the rangers were morphed; the grabbed the staffs and fired a rainbow blast at Scorpiotron. Without Adam and Rose, the blast wasn't as powerful; however it didn't work anyway. When the blast faded; the ranger saw the villain standing behind a shield made of diamond. The shield faded and Scorpiotron said, "Like my new power, curtesy of the Element of Generosity." The rangers saw the Element around his neck; Wiktoria said, "We have to get that back."

Kian agreed, "If we get the last Element, we can use it to turn Discord back to normal." The rangers now knew their mission; destroy Scorpiotron and get the Element back.

Rarity was in a lot of pain; they had been doing this for at least an hour now, as if things couldn't get worst; Fancypants passed out. That left his wife in the hands of two humans, "Come on girl, push." Rose said. Adam could see something, looked like a horn. "Rarity, Rose; I can see the head, it's got a horn." Adam knew that another push would get the head out; so he gave Rarity the signal and she pushed with all her might.

With that strength; the head was out; along with the horn, there was a small lock of purple hair. "Okay Rarity, I think one more push should do it." Adam explained. The unicorn heard the human; she used what was left of her strength and pushed hard. The Yellow Ranger could see, "It's coming, it's coming." the boy stated.

Until finally; cries could be heard, Adam held a baby unicorn in his hands. "It's a girl." the boy said. Rarity sighed in relief, it was all over. Rose looked at her and said, "Do you want to hold her?" Rarity nodded. Adam snipped the cord and handed the baby to her. A small tear fell from Adam's eye as he watched the mother & child be happy together. Rose cried a little too, watching the to of them. The silence was interpreted when Adam said, "We should probably see if the others need help." Rose nodded and they both ran out the door.
Scorpiotron was throwing the rangers around like tennis balls; Adam and Rose ran outside to see the chaos, "Whoa." Rose commented. The pair pulled out their morphers and instantly morph into their ranger suits.

The other rangers were then thrown to Adam and Rose's feet, "Nice of you guys to finally show up." Rory said. Wiktoria got to her feet and asked, "How's Rarity?" And Rose replied, "She and her new baby are fine." But saying that was a mistake; because Scorpiotron heard that, he now knows the baby's been born. "I'm going to destroy you all!" with that, the villain charges forward.

All five rangers decide to try something; they all draw their Magic Staffs, send a rainbow blast towards Scorpiotron. The blast stops the villain in his tracks, but he still pushes forward. "We need more power." Kian states. The Rory has an idea, "Guys, form the Celestial Sword." the rangers do as ordered and combine their weapons. The Red Ranger lifts the sword above his head; all the others grasped the handle as well, "Celestial Sword, Final Strike." The villain believes that it won't do anything to him, boy was he wrong.

The blast from the sword blew him into the sky; the Element around his neck fell, luckily Adam caught it. Scorpiotron flew higher and higher until he exploded from the force. Rory commented, "Not back for a big guy." No that the threat has been dealt with, the rangers went back inside.
The team de-morphed and entered the room; Fancypants had woken up and Gemstone was on his back. "Isn't she beautiful?" Rarity asked. The rangers all nodded; Rarity continued, "I can't wait for her to meet all her aunts and uncles." she then looked at Rose, "And her god-mother."

Adam was full on crying now; he rested his head on Kian's shoulder. Rose stood there trying to take in the news, "Thank you Rarity." she said. The rest of the visit was just everybody and pony looking at the new baby; Rose even got to hold her at one point. "What are you gonna name her?" Wiktoria asked. Rarity looked at Fancypants and then back at the rangers, "We thought about it darling; and were naming her 'Jewel'."

Rose cradled the baby in her arms; all this was being watched by Zombra in his lair, "This is why I loathe children."