The Mysterious Diaper Bag

by Zubric

Twilight's Letters

Twilight was in her study one day going over some forms on her desk scrutinizing every detail working hard to make sure they were all completed in a timely fashion. The duties of being a princess had given her a lot to do not to mention running the School of Friendship. It kept her busy nonstop and she was becoming quite exhausted grading papers and going over other issues in Ponyville. As she finished grading the lastest history reports, a strange flash of magic drew her attention. Sitting on the table of her study was a seemingly harmless diaper bag. The bag itself was bright pink and it looked quite odd being twice the size of any diaper bag she’d ever seen before. Twilight got to her hooves and went over to it with a confused look on her face as she whispered, “Huh? Guess Princess Cadance left it here last time she brought Flurry Heart over.”

Twilight slowly pulled the zipper open she peered inside feeling compelled to do so. Inside seemed to be the standard sort of foal items, wipes, pacifiers, spare diapers, and other assorted items. Although something seemed off with the scale of them...almost as if they were designed more for adults.

Before she could ponder further, a big box of crayons caught her eye. She had no idea why she couldn’t take her eyes off them they looked so colorful and welcoming compared to the dull black ink she’s been staring at for hours. She blinked as a crazy idea came into her mind…what if she used the crayons to finish the reports and the grading?

Twilight shook her head. “No way! Why would I ever do that!” Her hoof on its own will reached for the box gently setting it upon her desk. They even oddly had fruity smells as well. The princess alicorn pulled out a purple crayon and began writing out her next report blushing to see that her hoof writing also seemed to look like it came from a Magic kindergartener. “What am I doing? And why does my writing look so sloppy?” she asked herself. The mare tried to focus as thoughts of Celestia came to mind and all those reports she used to send her.

“Oh, I miss writing friendship reports. I want to send her one more just for old times sake.” Twilight decided to use a yellow crayon and started to write about her day like she used to.

“Dear Prinkess Cestia,

I had lots of fun with my friends today we had a party with Pink pie, ten I still was able to teakh mi studeents abouts Starswirly beardy and I wuv you awot and misss you!

Luv Twily Sparklezz

Twilight read the letter out loud and scratched her head. “Huh. I wonder if I spelt all this right? I did get a C in Magic Kindergarten for spelling maybe I should have Spikey read it before I send it…” She then took a purple crayon next and giggle starting to draw a stick figure unicorn at the bottom of the letter with the word ‘Twily’ pointing to it. It was, of course, a unicorn that was supposed to look like her. She added in a green stick figure as well being Spike. After tapping the crayon to her chin, the mare decided to try and make a sun drawing using a sloppy yellow and orange circle on the left side of the paper cooing happily and kicking her legs under the table feeling so carefree as the bag had mysteriously vanished leaving only the box of crayons behind.

“Otay all done! Spikey! I need ya ta send a letter to Tia!” Twilight shouted out loud.

“Uh okay? Twilight why do you sound like a five-year-old?” Spike snickered as he came into the study with a cup of tea.

Twilight skipped over with a big smile on her face but something seemed off as she came over she seemed too cheerful. The mare gave the scroll to Spike and chirped, “Here send this to Princess Tia soon as possible Spikey.”

“Uh okay, sure?” Spike shrugged taking the letter and burped out a flame on it sending it to Celestia.

Twilight bounced up and down in excitement as she gasped upon seeing the tea. “Yay tea! But Spikey I spill a lot can ya put mine in a sippy cup?”

The young dragon scratched his head confused by how she is acting. “I guess so? Probably a good idea considering all those papers she has to grade and the forms she has to sign for issues going on in Ponyville. But I could just put her tea in a thermos instead?”

Twilight tilted her head with a cute confused look on her face. “Thermas what?” She asked, puzzled.

“Uh, you feeling okay?”

“Uh-huh, never felt better. I want sippy cup,” Twilight whined, stomping her forehooves getting quite thirsty.

“Okay, okay, I guess I’ll use one of Flurry’s,” Spike said not wanting to upset her in this odd state.

As Spike walked off he burped out a scroll from Princess Celestia. He unfurled it and read

“Dear Spike,

Twilight wrote me a silly letter and I wanted to say that it was very adorable but also kind of concerning can you check on her she might have messed up on a spell or maybe she is a little stressed.

“Huh that’s weird,” Spike mumbled now wondering what exactly he just sent off to the princess. “Wonder why she is acting like a toddler?” He then grabbed a pink sippy cup form one the cupboard, he proceeded to pour the tea into the cup but then noticed the pink diaper bag as well. “Huh? This must be one Cadence left behind but it's so big? Flurry is only one little foal.”

Spike took the diaper bag and was going to place it in a spare closet when all of a sudden a pack of markers came out. “Some of Flurry’s arts and crafts stuff huh?”

He then slowly picked the markers up to place them in the bag but his eyes turned to the wall and had this idea of drawing a silly picture. He drooled now in a daze as he moved over to the wall and began doodling random stick figures of himself and Twilight with the purple and pink markers. He kept going for a minute or two and then a pair of simple white training pants with purple leak guards came out of the bag and strapped itself around Spike's rump without him realizing it. In his mind, he was only four.

Meanwhile, Twilight had grabbed another sheet of paper and giggled as she began to draw a picture of all of her friends. As she doodled a pull-up magically came up around her rump as well, having the same purple leak guards and with her cutie mark printed on the thin padding. She kicked her legs making the pull-up crinkle as her mind also regressed a little thinking she was only around five and was almost done with her potty training as well. But the princess was too busy to worry about the potty as she clumsily drew each of her friends as stick ponies. Pinks, yellow, orange, blue and purple. Twilight had to use light grey for Rarity since the white page would not show and she made sure to scribble purple all over her friend as well giving her a very messy purple mane. The princess clapped joyfully as her art as she drew in herself in the middle represented by a massive blob of purple and pink on a stick figure pony and cheered. “Yay, my art is done!”

Spike eventually waddled back to Twilight's study in his crinkly pull-up with her sippy cup in a claw. Twilight turned around and snickered seeing the young dragon’s scales were covered in marker stains he had a cute blush on his face. “Sorry I’m late I got kind of distracted making art and ten I went potty by myself.”

“Tat's otay, It looks like you were doing some art huh?” she took her sippy cup and started to guzzle down her tea like a foal. Spike nodded and replied, “yeah I on walls…I also made a picture of us with ta markers and sent tem to Princess Tia.”

“Oh! Can you send this art to Celestia too!” She gave Spike her picture who gladly burped out flame sending Twilight’s letter to the princess.

Twilight took out more scrolls. “Let's keep sending her art! Come on Spikey!”

“Otay! But du ya gots to go potty first?”

“Nah! I otay I go potty after we finish making art.” Twilight proclaimed as they worked together to doodle and write incoherent gibberish on pieces of paper sending them to Celestia for the next hour or two.

Celestia was now really concerned was she flew over to Ponyville as fast as she could towards Twilight’s castle using the occasional teleport to help. “Oh dear, I hope those two aren’t under some curse.” Upon landing, she made her way inside easily able to hear the laughter echoing from the library. Moving through the castle she saw the walls were covered in marker and crayon doodles looking like a bunch of foals decorating the walls with “art.” Upon coming across the two she gasped seeing the two doodling away and wearing pull-ups acting like toddlers without a care in the world. Her face turned a bright red as she whispered, "Twilight, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I otay! I went potty all by myself so I dun gots to go for a while.” Twilight responded with a cheerful smile.

Celestia was unsure of what was going on but was growing more concerned about how Twilight responded as she asked, “Twilight who drew all over the walls? Was that you?”

“Oooh! Spikey ya gonna be in big trouble!” Twilight jeered poking Spike’s pull-up.

Spike pouted and whined, “Nah, uh ya did it too! We both in trouble.”

Celestia rolled her eyes not having to deal with this. “We can worry about the walls later. Right now we need to figure out why you’re acting like kindergarteners,”

“But Tia I’m still in Magic Kindergarten! Didn’t you like my art?” Twilight asked, gazing up with big puppy dog eyes looking adorable with all the marker lines on her coat.

“Twilight, you’re not in kindergarten anymore.”

Twilight gasped. “Oh no, don’t send me back to preschool.”

Celestia sighed shaking her head. “No Twilight, I’m not sending you to preschool, I’m just concerned.”

“Did I get a bad grade? I’ll do betta, promise!” Twilight pleaded being quite scared of being sent back to preschool.

Spike raised a claw and asked, “I dun know magic but can I got to kindergarten.”

Despite being worried, Celestia can’t help but daw seeing how cute Spike looked in his training pants and acting so adorable and responded with a smile. “Well maybe if you’re a good dragon you can go.”

Spike bounced up and down in excitement clapping his claws. “Yeah, yeah I good dragon.”

“Well, uh may I see more of your art then?” Celestia asked, moving into the study proper. Upon entering, she sensed the odd magic moved over to the table and the crayon box. Being cautious she gave it a quick scan her brow raising at the enchants she found. It didn’t appear to be anything mischievous in nature, however, it did seem to awaken the young mind within the user. “Hmm, curious is this Discord’s doing?”

She suddenly had an urge to start drawing suns everywhere and it was taking all her willpower to keep herself under control. “I better take these crayons and destroy them…but I really wanna make Lulu a pretty sun.” Celestia shook her head. “Stop! I have to resist.” She shot a beam of magic at the crayons trying to destroy them but the odd artifact just seemed to soak up the magic, making the allure stronger. “Mmm-” She picked up the yellow crayon in her magic moving over to a blank piece of paper with a gleam in her eyes giggling. “Hehe, me make sun for sissy.”

The other two cheered as the rush over to resume drawing a well the room full of joyful laughter. It wasn't long until Celestia had a pull-up suddenly appear around her rump as well with it having yellow leak guards and with her cutie mark printed on the seat of her padding.

The three spent hours doodling away not only on pieces of paper and as the sun began to set that the strange crayon box’s glow began to fade, the three sat around Twilight’s table once had scrolls piled organized professionally was now a giant mess of forms and scrolls filled with drawings and scribbles. The three were feeling dizzy as the allure faded allowing them to look around the room trying to regain their composure. Celestia, Spike, and Twilight all stared around at their art projects with confusion yet still feeling happy and relaxed.

Then Luna stomped into Twilight’s study with circles under her eyes and looking quite unamused, “dear sister while I was sleeping I was sent dozens of these silly letters. If this is a prank, it's a terrible one.” She then gawked seeing that Twilight, Spike and Celestia were all wearing Pull-ups. "Uh...are you pretending to be toddlers or something?"

The three squeaked in embarrassment as they saw the training pants strapped around their rumps and they all began pulling the foalish garments off as quickly as possible. As Celestia kicked her pull-ups off she stammered. “oh...uh...well I can explain...”

Luna yawned and grumbled, “Well do tell, you ruined my sleep.”

Twilight blushed staring at all the marker stains on her hooves. “Uh, I think it was some enchantment set upon this crayon box...but it seems to be gone now.” She held up said crayon box, with most of the crayons well used all worn down to stubs.

"What about the Pull-ups I hope you didn't become incontinent or lost your bladder control?" Luna added.

Twilight's face was now a beat red as she checked all the pull-ups and made sure they were dry and sighed in relief before explaining. "No, we're fine, from the regression I think we were mentally reduced to kindergarteners so the pull-ups were more of a precaution. Most foals by that age are fully potty trained."

“Hmm, was this Discord’s doing?” Luna asked raising an eyebrow.

“It didn’t feel like Discord’s magic,” Celestia retorted, feeling relaxed despite all the embarrassment.

Twilight exclaimed, “I’ll research this and try to see what happened but for now I better get to cleaning the walls luckily their made of crystal so they should be easy to clean.”

Spike nodded as he got out some scrub brushes and a bucket of soapy water, “well might as well get to it we have a lot of the castle to clean.”

“Well at least we had some fun,” Twilight admitted. “I don’t feel so stressed as I was this morning.”

As Spike began to scrub the nearby wall he remembered something suddenly and turned around to Twilight and asked. “So did you see a diaper bag too?”

“Yeah, I did! It was so big and was bright pink! I wonder where it went to?”

Celestia rubbed her chin. “That must be the source of what happened here. But indeed, where did it go. Will somepony else be affected? You’d better keep an eye out Twilight whatever magic it was, it's very powerful.”

“It didn’t seem to last that long though luckily,” Spike added poking his pull-up double-checking to make sure he didn’t have an accident.

Luna smirked seeing Celestia’s hooves covered in crayon and marker stains. “Speak for yourself, you spelt my name Lulu and kept saying “look at my pretty suns.”

The rest of the ponies all burst into laughter with Celestia’s face turned a bright red. “Please keep this between us.”

“Perhaps I shall do what mothers do and put your art upon thy fridge,” Luna teased booping her sister’s nose.

Celestia got flustered and snapped back. “You better not or I’m gonna tell!”

Luna snickered, “oh looks like I’ll just have to keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t get into any trouble or wet yourself. Besides, who would you tell?”

Celestia shook her head. “Just don’t embarrass me, it’s not that funny. Also, I don't wet myself I'm a grown filly and can go potty by myself."

“Oh, but it sort of is,” Luna remarked with a snicker at her sister’s foalish remark. This took Luna down memory lane as she whispered, “Reminded me of old times when we are just fillies and studying with Starswril.” The princess sighed out loud. “Good times and don't worry about the pull-up I was just teasing you."

The two sisters both laugh flying out and back toward Canterlot leaving Twilight and Spike to clean. Twilight shook her head and grumbled. “Of all the times for Starlight to be would’ve been funny to see her in a pull-up.”

Meanwhile, in Carousel Boutique, a large pink diaper bag appeared on the cashier’s counter awaiting its next victim.