Adventures in Fanfiction: Equestria

by Hot Blooded Hero

The Most Canon Cloning Equestria - Part One

The Most Canon Cloning Equestria - Part One

I’m gonna start this chapter with some terminology, that way I won’t have to explain it within the story if it comes up.

Fiction - How people in Primes can view other Primes, Alternates, Parallels, and/or Universes that descend from other Primes (you know what? For the sake of terminology, I’m gonna call those Fandoms). If you’ve read it, seen it, heard it, dreamt it, or even merely thought of it, there are probably several to hundreds of versions of it.

Primes - Even though the Multi-verse is infinite, it still had a beginning. The Prime is the very base Universe for a Fandom. Messengers are the only ones that can view other Primes and decide how much information about it is revealed. An Example of Prime would be the Universe we are in. Even if the characters in this story seem like Self-Inserts, they are merely alternate versions of the Author and his friend (although, *slight spoiler* the true Self-Insert will become a major part of the plot later). No one from below the Prime may enter a Prime. If one were to try, the Prime would activate its auto-defense and the traveler would merely be launched into an alternate in which he did enter Canon, A.K.A. a Canon-Clone (see below in Alternates).

Alternates - These Universes are ones that had very subtle changes made through Choices in history (ex: a change in wind direction, an event that never happened in Prime, a single molecule out of place, etc.), thus creating an Alternate Universe. Alternates can vary in difference from the Prime, but must remain very core to the Original’s Laws. An example would be any piece of Fan-Fiction that tries to stick very close to canon, or Canon-Clones. No Fan-Fiction ever written is ever part of the Canon, no matter how close they make it look. It will always be another Universe only similar to Canon.

Parallels - These Universes have very large and easily noticeable changes made in the very core of the Universe. However, the Universe contains some part of its core to keep it related to the Fandom. An example would be something like a R63 universe (*cough* On a Cross and Arrow *cough*).

Gods Within/Below Prime - You already know that the Gods Above Prime have created the Primes and their Physics sets. Gods Within and Below Prime is any author/creator of an Alternate and/or Parallel of our and other Primes (A.K.A. Fan-Fiction and/or realistic fiction). The author of this story is a God Within Prime just by writing it.

Messengers - Messengers are people who can view other Primes and choose to create works about them (A.K.A. completely original work). They choose how much information about the Prime they release to the public. The popularity of an ‘original work’ as well as how much info put out about it are factors in how big its Fandom will be.

Choices - Decisions made within a Universe that separates it from other Universes. The decision can made by anything. Nature, physics, chance, an individual, a group, etc.

The Void - An area located outside of the Multi-verse. This is where DMs keep there central Reality and Time traveling Hubs. These Hubs come with settings and preferences that aid in a DM’s travels. Such settings include, but aren’t limited to: Home Worlds (an anchor world(s) where all Hub settings are nullified and reset to prevent a DM from OPing), Age Reversal (reverses your physical age back to how it was before you left. Must be switched off if no Home World is selected or visited often), Auto Kicks (automatic ejection from a Universe after certain preferences are met. Ex: timed, task to meet, etc.), Time Flow (the amount of time that passes in a Universe in comparison to others and The Void), and others.

Normally, a DM can travel alone and set these settings just by thinking and fading, but with more than one individual traveling or when carrying large cargo, opening a portal into The Void is required.

Alright, now you should understand some things better.

It was the first time either of us walked into The Void.

We had just passed through the portal that Aleister figured out how to open from our forced knowledge. Since I was also forced with the same knowledge that he had, I knew how to open the portal as well. But because I wasn’t of DM descent, it was basically impossible for me.

The Void was really on the outside of the large room we were walking into. The large room was Aleister’s Travel Hub, which is usually only used when bringing large cargo or another individual with him. The room was a giant, transparent orb floating in an empty blackness. Although, if you look just long enough you could see a mass of stars in the very distance. The orb itself looked thoroughly shattered with randomly switching pictures of various scenes within the still connected shards. The cracks and images still managed to stay transparent enough to see the outside, however. The entire orb had an ominous tint of blue to it.

Aleister and I stood on the single, circular floating platform in the center of the orb. Behind us was a strangely advanced looking portal gate, while in front us seemed to be an equally advanced computer system. You’d think that with a room over billions of years old, everything would more… primitive, or at least ancient.

The computer setup had a huge holographic moniter displaying what looked like… a Windows 7 desktop? Odd. Anyway, the operational part of the computer included the standard keyboard, mouse, and a whole bunch of other dials and buttons I somehow know how to work. I’m not explaining them because it was already complicated with the terminology section I put to begin with.

Aleister walked up to the Hub’s Interface (the computer system) and started messing around with it. “Hey, it has an internet connection… with every version of it. Looks like you didn’t need to bring your laptop at all.”

“Whatever, at least I have something to bring to Universes in case I get bored.”

Aleister gave me an exasperated look. “Are you serious? We’re going to be traveling through worlds we’ve only seen on screens or text, and you’re going to bring your laptop in case you get bored?!”

I raised an eyebrow. “I thought you knew me. I’m lazy, and if I don’t feel like adventuring or socializing, I’ll just read or listen to music. Maybe look up some good Universes to go to next… Plus, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at the ‘This is My Boomstick’ Trope.”

Ah, yes. I loved that movie.

It was the voice we heard from the crystal back home. It seemed to come from computer.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked, annoyed. “I thought we left you back at the cavern. And why aren’t you a crystal?”

Tch. You thought I was the crystal? Ha, typical mortals and their assumptions. The crystal was only tool meant for storing knowledge. I was simply controlling it from Master Pinkerton’s Hub.

I snorted. “Master Pinkerton?”

Yes, Master Pinkerton! Is there anything wrong with his surname?

“No, it’s just… *snicker* It sounds weird when you say it with ‘Master’ in front of it.”

Aleister let out a sigh. “Jasper?”

I was still snickering. “Yeah?”

“Shut up.”

“Sure thing… Master.” I burst out laughing.

Sir, would you like me to hurt him?

“No, no, that’s not necessary.” He then glanced at me. I was still laughing. “Actually, can you shock him? Non-lethally?”


Now that the mortal has shut up, my name is Travel Intelligence Assistant.

“T.I.A., I like it,” Aleister said.

I was still charred and on the ground, but I managed to croak out, “Sounds… Cute…”

She started stammering. Y-Yes, w-well I’m your A.I. assistant when it comes to managing the intelligence here in the Hub. I am also programmed to aid Master- *Snicker* -err, Aleister in any emergencies. I am able to control the Hub’s Interface and bring you back at anytime. I’ve created a mental link which should allow us to have a telepathic link at all times. If you need help, just send me a message.

“Thank you, Tia,” Aleister thanked. “I think we can handle it from here. Jasper, you okay?” He offered a hand.

I took it gratefully. “I’m fine, nothing permanent.” I then cuffed his head. “But don’t order her to do that again!”

He rubbed the back of his head and said, “Then don’t make fun of my name again.”

“Fine… Alice.”

“Tia! Shock Jasmine here again!”


After a few more insults and shock therapy sessions, we finally got to choosing our destination on the Interface. Of course, we were going to stick with the MLP: FIM Fandom as promised, but we wanted to start out small. So, we wanted to start with a Canon Clone (which I couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought of earlier).

“Alright, is the portal ready?” I asked.

Yes, Mortal. You can obviously tell how it’s ready by the endless darkness shown in the portal.

Ah, she was always so rude back then. And I was so stupid. “So, it’s ready then?”

Why don’t you jump in and find out?

Aleister was putting entering in the last of the settings. “Jasper, no. Tia, stop teasing Jasper’s intelligence.”

“Hey! I’m plenty intelligent.” I huffed and stuck my nose up snootily.

“Sure you are. Anyway, the portal should be open in a few seconds. Are you sure you won’t be lonely without us, Tia?”

Don’t worry, I was programmed not to feel loneliness.

“Oh, that’s right. A.I. I don’t think I’m used to that yet.”

Understandable, now go out and fulfill your mission.

The portal had opened, so I grabbed Aleister excitedly and started dragging him towards the portal. “Yeah, right. Prophecy and stuff. C’mon, Aleister! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Bye, Tia!”

“Yeah, seeya!”

Good luck, Sir… And you too somewhat, Mortal.

“Aww, you do care.” And with that we entered the portal.

Twilight’s Library, 10:03 PM - 3rd Person View

Twilight sat at her desk, reading a book from her latest shipment studiously. It seemed like any other night that wasn’t Tuesday. That was weird because it was Tuesday, and everything weird always happens on Tuesday. Like that time when she appeared in front of herself from the future, or that time when Fluttershy decided to become assertive. That was a Tuesday right? She wasn’t even sure if it was true or not because it seemed so far-fetched and had only heard of it from her friends. I mean, the implications of-

Anyway, it was an abnormally normal Tuesday night. Spike was already in bed sleeping soundly, along with the rest of Ponyville at that time. If you were to walk through the streets during that hour, you’d feel entranced by the peacefulness of the nighttime silence. Not to mention Luna’s beautiful sky that she always works hard making to provide every night. In short, it was a peaceful, quiet, normal-



And there it was.

Twilight turned around, shocked at both the language and the fact that there was an intruder that teleported into her library. What she saw blew those two out of the water.

Laying on top of her now broken coffee table underneath a blue portal was an almost hairless ape-like creature wearing a semi-formal jacket (is that leather!?), a red t-shirt, and jeans. He, she assumed was a he from his voice, started to get up when another ape-like creature came crashing down on him and the portal vanished.


The second ape-like creature was obviously much taller than the first. It was also almost hairless, but had a red-ish mane instead. This one was wearing an unzipped blue jacket made of some tough looking material. It wore a black t-shirt and jeans as well.

“Sorry, I must’ve made a small miscalculation on where the portal would end up!” He, again judging by voice, got up, stood up straight (…So tall) on it‘s to hind legs, and looked to Twilight. She tensed up immediately.

“Uh, um… *Ahem* Excuse me, Miss, what time is it?”

Time? He wanted to know what time it was? Could they be from the future. She wasn’t unfamiliar with the concept, but these creatures weren’t of any species she’s ever read about. Extra-Equestrials maybe?

“I-It’s August 07, 1003, Sir,” she managed to stutter out.

He blinked, then raised an eyebrow. “No, no, I already knew that. I meant, what is the hour?”

“O-Oh, um…” She glanced out the window towards the moon’s position in the sky. “I-I believe it’s 10:10 PM, S-Sir.”

“Ok, so that’s right. Jasper, you alright?” He stuck his hand out to the shorter creature and pulled him up.

The shorter creature spoke in a marginally less loud volume than before. “I’ve been bruised several times and shocked way more. How do you think I feel?”

“Considering you, very whiny but fine.”

Twilight inserted herself into the conversation. “Excuse me, but what are you two and why are you in my library?” She tried to make herself sound aggravated, but just managed to sound fearful.

The taller creature stepped forward and announced, “My name is Aleister Pinkerton,” he then motioned towards the shorter creature, “and this is my friend, Jasper Landers. We are-”

The shorter creature, Jasper, cut Aleister off. “We are an advanced, evolved species from the future, come back to warn you of a terrible event that will take place in 3 days!”

She knew it! But 3 days?! That would be no where near enough time to prepare! What if it comes earlier than expected? What if they did miscalculate when they would land? What if-


Both of the creatures looked like they were holding in laughter, which was the actual truth. Twilight didn’t realize that she had said those things out loud and was looking very frazzled. The creatures then burst out laughing and started rolling around on the floor. Twilight started to turn red while her hair began to steam.

Jasper was the first to recover from their laugh attack. “Ha, ha, oh, sorry, Miss, but that was just too funny. Ha ha.”

Aleister was next to catch his voice. “Ohoho, but seriously, we are interdimensional travelers here to fulfill an ancient prophecy by traveling across different realities to recover even more ancient artifacts of great power, then save the Multi-verse.”

“I thought we were just gonna screw around he- OOF!” Aleister had elbowed him in the stomach.

“Hey, we also have a job to do, so let's be responsible about this.”

They burst out laughing again. The Multi-verse was doomed.

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