Drabble Kaboom!

by Alex Warlorn

Birthday Present To Wolfram-And-Hart

"During the celebration at the end of MLP the movie, Derpy gets some recognition for taking the obsidian orb for Twilight."

Derpy Hooves stood surrounded on all sides by the Alicorn princesses, who had reigned before Derpy had been born, and would reign long after it. Derpy felt small.

"Derpy Hooves, also known as Ditzy Doo, also known as Muffin," Princess Twilight said formally. "In recognition of saving Equestria's only still functional princess, at the cost of being petrified by an unknown weapon, we present you with this!"

It was a medal, like the ones Trixie, Thorax, Starlight, and Discord had all been given in honor of them saving Equestria from the changelings.

Princess Twilight smiled. She placed the medal around Derpy's neck. "Congratulations, Derpy!"

"Yay!" Derpy cheered.

"And here is your real reward, this giant muffin!" Twilight gestured to a muffin the size of a house.



"Uh, shall we wake her up?" Princess Twilight asked, Derpy having fainted on her hooves after being given the medal.

Princess Luna's horn was glowing. "No, she's quiet enjoying herelf."