Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

That's a rap

Kian woke up one morning; only to listen to the sound of Rory snoring in the bed above him. Kian moaned when he couldn't get back to sleep; so he got up and went down stairs.

He found Cinnamon Roll sitting on the couch; eating a bowl of bran-flakes with bits of apple in it. "Morning Cinnamon Roll, how was your night." Kian asked. The little fillie frowned a little; she explained, "I have a film project at school, but I can't think of anything to do it on." The Green Ranger sat down; he explained, "You should do it on what you want, just of something amazing and then film it."

The pony sat closer to Kian; she put her bowl down and stroked her head against his arm, as if she was cat. Cinnamon Roll began to fall back asleep in Kian's arms; he didn't mind, he thought it was quite adorable. He just there with the fillie cuddling closer to him; the quiet moment began to make Kian a little sleepy to. Soon the ranger dropped of to sleep; holding Cinnamon Roll close to him.

Little did they know; this whole event was being watched by Zombra; he was staring at the through his rift, "So you want something to film little fillie?" he asked. "I've got just the thing."
Deep within the underworld; Zombra observed his life cells, choosing his next villain. "That little brat wants to make a movie, she can record the rangers destruction." Zombra laughed. He found the perfect life cell within the bunch; began to cast his releasing spell, "From the sands of Equestria's deserts; I summon, The Mummy."

In side the Ponyville museum was an old pharaoh's sarcophagus; the museum was closed right now, so no one saw what happened. The lid of the coffin began to rise; from the tomb, a creature completely wrapped from head to toe in bandages. The villain was the size of a man; apart from his wrapping, he wore Egyptian armour, on his face was a sort of gold mouth piece, his eyes glowed bright green & embedded in his forehead was a shiny green stone. The Mummy began to wander outside; upon arrival, Zombra's rift appeared in the sky.

"Mummy; I command you, The Green Ranger his help his friend with a video project. Find them and destroy them both; once he is no more, bring me his Element." the king ordered. The villain stared at the evil eyes in the sky; he muttered, "Yes.....Master." The Mummy then wandered of into town; Zombra closed his rift and sat back in the throne.

"Now to think of a plan to destroy the rest of the rangers." the king muttered. Suddenly; Chrysalis came flying in, she was followed by a blast of purple energy. Zombra shot of his throne and stared at her, "What is the meaning of this?!" he cried. Discord entered the room; he yelled, "How dare you order the witch to attack me!" Chrysalis tried to back away from her chaser, "It was Zombra, Discord." she tried to explain. "He made me do it, he the one to blame."

"SILENCE!!" Zombra cried. "I don't know who's fault this is, but fighting each other is not going to get me out of this prison." Zombra stormed off, leaving the Lord of Chaos and Queen of the Changelings alone together. Discord stared at his hated nemesis, "If you weren't the only reason the Changeling army is help us, I would destroy you right here, right now." he said. Chrysalis looked back at her old crush, "You know Dissy-dear, now that your single again. We could kick off are old spark." she said seductively.

Suddenly; Discord was blasted into a flash back, a memory that this version of him didn't recognize.
"I can't do this." Discord said while standing at the alter. Applejack slapped on the back before saying, "Ya better not bale."

They were all in Canterlot; this was the day Discord married Fluttershy. Applejack looked towards the big door at the end of the room, "Put that fan away, it's starting." she told the nervous draconequus. The large doors opened; Sweetie Bell, Applebloom & Scootaloo came skipping down the isle.

"What am I doing here? I shouldn't be here. Why am I here?" Discord thought, until he saw the beautiful Pegasus standing at the end of the room. The bride looked at her husband-to-be and ever so smiled; Discord muttered, "She's an Angel." Applejack over heard his comment and replied, "Easy tiger, save it for the honeymoon."

Fluttershy began to walk down the isle; Discord couldn't believe that this was happening.

After some words from Twilight; who was performing the ceremony, they went straight to the vows. "Do you Fluttershy; take this...draconequus, to be your lawfully wedded husband. In sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?" Fluttershy let out a simply, "I do." Twilight then turned to Discord; he didn't hear what the alicorn said, he was to busy staring into his love's eyes.

"That's your cue." Applejack said. Discord suddenly realized it was his turn; he quickly said, "Oh yes. I do, I most deferentially do." Everypony giggled before the wedding continued.

Twilight finished the ceremony with, "Then by the power vested in me; I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may now kiss...." she was interrupted when the newly weds knew what to do. They sealed their love with a long passionate kiss; Celestia approaches Rainbow Dash, "Rainbow, that's your cue." the princess says. The blue Pegasus quickly runs outside; she readies her wings and performs a epic Sonic Rainboom. The married couple look outside to see the event; Pinkie Pie springs to Fluttershy and Discord and yells, "BEST WEDDING EVER!"

Discord comes around; with Chrysalis still looking seductively at him, "So what do you say?" she asked. Discord turned away from her and stormed off; the Changeling stared at him as he walked away.
Later that day; Kian had taken Cinnamon Roll to the market to find something for her to film for project. However; there was nothing that interesting for them to film. Kian suggested going to the museum; but Cinnamon wasn't into that ancient stuff, she wanted action in her movie.

They were about to call it a day; until a scream was heard from the distance, a unicorn was running from something. The creature was soon seen by the whole market; it was the Mummy, Zombra's latest villain. Kian said, "Everyone run!" The ponies listened to the Green Ranger and began to run away. Kian also said, "Cinnamon Roll; go home, I'll take care of ugly." The fillie began to run away; but instead of running home, she hid behind one of the market stools.

Kian approached the Mummy and said, "Listen, pack your bags and go back to wherever you came from." But the Mummy just stood there; when he finally spoke, he said, "You.....are....doomed!" Kian smiled at the villain's statement. "That's all I needed to hear." he said.

Kian pulled out his morpher, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!"

Kian instantly morphed into his suit; ready to fight the Mummy. The villain kicked off the battle by blasting bandages from his wrists; tying Kian in a tight grip. The ranger tried to break free; but they were to strong, Kian couldn't move. The Mummy approached the Green Ranger; attempting to take his Element, but the villain was blasted back by four multiple colored blasts.

The other four rangers join Kian in the battle; Rose asked, "What's this guys problem?" Kian replied, "Don't know, but he's going down." Rory used his sword to cut Kian free; they all readied their weapons to battle Zombra's villain.

Each ranger managed to lay an attack on the Mummy; Rory struck his chest with his sword, Rose threw her shield at him, Wiktoria swung her spear around and it struck the villain on the back, Adam fired his crossbow from a distance & finally Kian finished the attack with a axe strike to the chest. The Mummy was thrown towards a wall; he slid down to the floor, weak and defeated.

Adam walked towards the villain, "It can't be that easy, can it?" The rest of the team joined him; they stared at the unconscious mummy. Rose said, "I think we should interrogate him. Find out what Zombra's planning." Rory nodded his head; agreeing with her, "Adam; web him up, let's get him to Canterlot."

Following his leader's orders; Adam blasted the villain with a web net, tying him up. The Green Ranger used his ranger strength to lift the Mummy over his shoulder; all the ranger got the Ponyville Express to Canterlot.
That evening; that rangers were in the Canterlot dungeon, staring at the Mummy chained up in a cell.

Rory sat at a wooden desk; with his fellow rangers standing behind him. "Okay, who wants to ask the fist question?" the Red Ranger asked. Kian stepped forward and deliver a strong glare at the chained up villain, "What has Zombra ordered you to do?" he asked. The Mummy didn't answer; he just stood there waiting for the next question.

"We don't time for games, tell us what we need to know." Adam ordered as he walked up behind Kian. The villain finally decided to talk, "You....will....fall." he muttered. The rangers didn't respond; only Rose said something, "Look; you can talk, so tell us what we need to know." The villain muttered, "Nev...er."

A whole hour went by; but the rangers got no information out of the villain, Wiktoria broke the silence, "This is ridicules. He's not going to talk." Rory stood up from the desk and approached the bars, "Look, you know something we need to know. Surely we can come to some sort of agreement." the ranger said.
Discord was wandering through the woods; he thoughts were on the memory his witnessed, "What is happening to me, I don't love and I'm not married." he muttered. All of a sudden; his head started to hurt again, another memory was returning. Discord blacked out as the vision played through.....

"She's so beautiful." Fluttershy said as she held the newly born fillie in her hooves. Discord said, "She's so....normal." Fluttershy asked him, "Isn't that what you wanted? You said you didn't want our child to judged like you were." Discord put his eagle-claw to his bearded chin, "Yes; I did say that, but how do we no it's my baby."

"Discord!" the Pegasus cried. The draconequus waved his hands innocently, "I didn't mean it like that. Maybe they gave us the wrong one." he explained. "I mean look at it; no snake tail, no antlers, it doesn't even have wings. I mean we both have wings, so shouldn't she also have them. She's just a normal, purple, earth pony; that doesn't make any sense."

The baby then opened her eyes; revealing spirals instead of pupils, "Oh Discord, her eyes." Fluttershy pointed out. Discord finished her sentence, "Their spirals, no pupils whatsoever."

"She must be your daughter then, welcome to the world little one." Fluttershy said in a kind, warming voice. It finally took some convincing; but Discord finally excepted that this baby was his child, "Look at her." the chaotic being said. "Isn't she just an adorable little screwball." It finally came to him; the perfect name for this perfect child, "That's it, we'll call her Screwball." Fluttershy looked at her husband a little confused, "Screwball? Wouldn't that be labelling our baby as....crazy?" Discord looked at his wife with confidence that it was a good name, "Need I remind of my name." he stated.

Fluttershy excepted defeat and agreed it was a cute name, "Point taken, Screwball it is."

The Lord of Chaos came out of it; he head was still spinning, but he just kept on walking.
Back at the dungeon; Twilight came down to talk to the rangers, "Have you got anything out of him?" the princess asked. Rory replied, "No, this know when not to talk." The rangers decide to call it a day; they all followed Twilight out of the dungeon, leaving the Mummy alone in his cell.

A whole hour went by; the villain just stood in the centre of the cold cell, waiting for something to happen. Zombra watched his villain through the rift; he decide to give his minion some help, the evil king began to cast a dark spell.

The Mummy felt a surge of power flowing through him; he began to grow, the chains broke off him and the room began to crack open. He could no longer fit in the cell. The ponies above began to feel the whole castle shaking; they all looked outside, only to fight a giant Mummy crashing through the ground. The rangers ran outside; the villain was the size of the castle, "I....am...rising!" the giant muttered.

Adam stated, "We have to stop this guy." The others agreed; they all morphed and grew into their titan forms. The five titans confronted the Mummy; the villain started the fight by firing his bandages at the rangers, tying them together. Rose yelled, "I can't move!" Kian replied, "None of of us can!"

Rory used his sword to cut through the bandages; he then charged towards the Mummy, delivering a strong strike to his chest. The villain replied his attack with a punch; send the Red Ranger towards his team. When the rangers were free from the bonds; Wiktoria had an idea, "Guys, let's use the dragon formation." All the rangers thought that could work; so they chanted the spell, "Mystic Titans; Dragon Formation."

Kian, Wiktoria, Adam & Rose began to combine and form the dragon; Rory leaped onto of the combination. With the dragon formed; the rangers charged fro their enemy, blasting the villain with fire balls. The Mummy tried to lasso the flying Megazord; but it was to fast, "Let's use our special attack." Rory stated.

The Red Ranger jumped off the dragon; the other rangers fire a fire ball towards the Mummy, Rory kicked the fire ball to give it more thrust. The blast hit the villain directly in the centre; causing it to fall to it's knees, it then muttered it's final words, "Nightmare....Moon....will return." The Mummy then fell forward and exploded; destroyed forever. Only Adam heard what he the villain said; the Yellow Ranger muttered, "What did he mean by that?"
When Rory and Kian got home; Cinnamon Roll greeted the rangers with a hug. Kian lowered himself to her level, "I've got something for you." he said. The Green Ranger handed her a memory card; she took it to her camera, the card contained footage of the battle the ranger fought today. Kian had recorded it for her; now she had a film for her project.
But then the fillie had another idea; she whispered in Kian's ear, the ranger knew exactly what to do.

That night; everybody and pony was invited to Sweet Apple Acres barn, they all came to watch the new movie. Cinnamon Roll stepped in front of the projector, "Welcome friends and family, this is a little thing I threw together with Kian's help. I call this....Morphing History."