Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

Under the dirt

Zombra sat down in his underworld prison; hating the rangers, "Why? Why is it when ever I try to take this world, some form of good stops me? And now because of some teenagers, I am trapped in this prison." He began to remember back when Equestria was filled with monsters; but their all gone, their bones lie beneath the dirt. That's when an idea sprung into Zombra's head; the perfect villain to bring back an army of monsters, the king summoned his life cells.

"I know the one to release today." He found the right cell and powered up his horn. With his dark voice; he muttered, "I summon.....Doctor Fossil."

Deep within an old quarry; a portal blasted out a man. This was human shaped; but his skin was scaly, on he his right hand; he wore a brown leather glove covered in wires and circuits & he was wearing and paleontologist's uniform. The man stood up and recognised where he was; he was on a dig site, where somebody has been digging up fossils.

"I can't believe it; I'm back, it's my dig. Just as I left it." Dr Fossil stated. "My work continues."

In the sky; Zombra's spying rift opens, "Fossil!" the king cried. "I did not free you to continue your research. I freed you for your power, raise me an army of extinct monsters. Ones that will cause the most damage." Once he had given his orders; Zombra disappeared. Fossil was thinking, "Ones that do the most damage, they might take some time to find." he then looked down at a fossil he was digging up all those years ago. "But you; little beasty, can start the chaos."

Fossil used his gloved hand and began shooting lightning at the skeleton; flesh began to animate around the bone, bringing the creature back to life. It was a..... giant snake.

The beast had to be about ten feet long and covered in red and black scales; Fossil was able to control the monster like a puppet, "Go my baby." Fossil ordered. "Make those rangers practically give me the Elements. Ha, ha, ha!"
In the clouds; Wiktoria was sitting in Rainbow Dash's house, reading a Daring Do book. One of her childhood dreams was to be an explorer; she play games in her back garden.

Wiktoria was then joined by Prism; the little Pegasus jumped on to the couch to see what the girl was doing. "Hey there sport." the Blue Ranger greeted. The fillie looked at the book and said, "This one's my favourite, can you read it to me?" Wiktoria nodded and read the rest of the chapter out loud.

Zoarin was about to walk in; but he stopped when he saw his daughter and the human sitting together on the couch, reading together. Without saying a word; he quietly left the room.

As Wiktoria read; Prism sat quietly, rapped in her arms. The beautiful moment was destroyed when the ranger's morpher rang; the girl put the book down and answered her phone. It was Celestia; calling to tell the rangers trouble was coming to Ponyville. Wiktoria stood and made her way to the door; but before she left, she saw Prism with a frown on her face. The girl lowered herself to the fillie's level, "I'll be back soon, then we'll keep reading." The Pegasus smiled before the Blue ranger left the cloud house.
In the market of Ponyville; Applejack was shopping for her family's dinner tonight, all was quiet. Until one pony came running past; screaming like some kind of madmare. She cried out, "Snake!" Applejack was confused; the earth pony muttered, "All this over snake?" She got her answer when another pony ran in the same direction as the other, "GIANT SNAKE!" they cried.

Applejack turned her head in the other direction; she muttered, "It can't be." But she was wrong; a giant snake came crashing through two market stools. The mare back away; she had seen this snake before, "Hissta!" she cried. Applejack ran for her life; the snake began chasing after her, licking it's lips during the chase.

The mare was chased to the town centre; she was stopped by Rory and his team, "Applejack, what's wrong?" Kian asked. The rangers were surprised to see a snake the size of house; Adam was the first to speak, "Just when you think you've seen it all." he joked. Rory said to his team, "Ready?" they all answered him with a strong "Ready!"

They all called out the morph sequence, "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"

Now morphed; they charged for the snake. But the monster put up a fight; using it's long tail, it knocked Adam and Kian back towards a wall. Rose threw her shield at it's face; but the snake caught it with his mouth and threw it back at her, the shield struck her hard. Wiktoria tried to use her spear; but it wasn't enough, the beast wrapped itself around and began squeezing. The Blue Ranger cried out in pain; only Rory was left, so he acted quickly.

The Red Ranger leaped into the air; and brought his sword down on the snake, impaling it through it's solid scales. The monster cried out in pain; Wiktoria took her chance and broke free from it's strong grip, she jumped up and struck the snakes face with her spear. The snake fell to the ground; the rangers observed the unconscious monster, but then something strange happened.

The snake began to flash blue like a hologram; before it just disappeared. Rose broke the silence, "Where'd it go?" Rory answered, "I don't know, but that wasn't a normal snake."

"No it wasn't Rory." Applejack interrupted. She approached the rangers and began her story about how she knew that snake.

"The snake's name is Hissta. It attacked Sweet Apple Acres when I was very young; it would attack our farm and eat our crops." she explained. "But it's impossible for him to be here." Adam asked, "Why's that?" Applejack was hesitant to say this, "Because Hissta's been dead for over 12 years, his species went extinct just before I married Spike." The rangers were confused; if he was extinct, how could he of just attacked the market.

The rangers returned to their homes; Rory and Kian took Applejack back to the farm.
In the quarry; Doctor Fossil was digging up more fossils to bring to life, "Now I have a Troll, a Sharktopus & Hairy-vulture. These will all do some great damage to this land." Before the doctor could continue; Zombra's spy rift opened in the sky. "Fossil!" the king cried. "Your snake was defeated by the rangers! I told you to bring back powerful monsters." Fossil was terrified of his angry master. "My king, let me explain. The snake was only a distraction, my monster army is growing as we speak." the villain explained.

Zombra rolled his eyes before saying, "Fine; you have one, more chance. Don't blow it!"

The King of Monster's rift closed and Fossil was left on his own, "Time to bring back another beast." he said. Before he could resurrect one of the monsters; he heard voices coming from the distance.

The rangers were exploring the quarry; Rory explained, "Applejack said this was where Hissta's remains would have been buried." So the team began to investigate where the giant snake came from. Wiktoria felt like her dreams were coming true; she was in a quarry, a place where fossils are usually found. She said, "I can't wait to tell Prism about this." The rangers came to a stop when they saw a dig site; someone had been digging for fossils.

Wiktoria rushed towards the site; only to find a strange looking man digging in the dirt. "Um, hello there." the ranger said. She was then joined by her joined by her team; who were greeted by the man. The digger introduced himself, "Hello their children, Doctor Fossil at your service." Wiktoria replied with, "Hi; I'm Wiktoria, were the Power Rangers." Fossil gasped at the news before grabbing the Blue Ranger's had and shaking it rapidly. The villain said, "So I finally meet the great Power Rangers, this is an honor." he finally let go of Wiktoria's hands.

The doctor motioned the rangers to follow him; he explained, "My work is to find the bones of long lost species, such as extinct animals and creatures." The rangers look around his workplace; searching for any clues that would see if Fossil was behind the snake attack. Adam wandered of from the group tour; he walked over to a dig pit, it looked like a fossil was once buried here.

Adam stated, "Wow, what ever was in here had to be about ten feet long." That's when it hit him; because hear that next to the pit was a trail, like something slithered away. Adam had figured it out; he cried, "Guys! Guys! Were in trouble!" he ran for his friends.

Doctor Fossil showed the rangers some of his artifacts; such as dragon claws and extinct animal bones. He explained, "You see; the black shadow dragon could disguise itself as a shadow, before pouncing and attacking it's prey." Adam sprung in front of his friends; he said, "Guys, Fossil's behind this." The rangers were shocked; Fossil played the innocent, "What are you talking about?" he muttered. Rory looked at Adam and asked, "How do you know?" The yellow ranger looked back at the dig pit, "Look over their." he pointed at the trail. "Something big slithered out of that pit."

Fossil began to get angry; he raised his gloved hand and fired electricity at the rangers, they blasted into one of the dig pits. "You may not be here to learn ranger, but you still need to be taught a lesson." the villain stated. Fossil unbuttoned his shirt and threw it away; revealing and amber heart embedded in his chest, lightning began blasting out of his chest. Suddenly the fossils began to reanimate; the Sharktopus, the Hairy-vulture & the Troll.

The three monsters began to walk towards the the rangers; so the team pull out their morphers. The team instantly morphed into their suits and prepared to fight the titans; Rory attacked the Troll, Kian fought of the Hairy-vulture & Rose and Adam were fighting the Sharktopus. Wiktoria went straight for Fossil; who was watching the fight from a far.

Rory used his sword to fight; but the Troll had a large club, it swung it's weapon at the ranger. Rory dodged the attack with a back flip; the ranger the blasted the monster with a fire blast from his sword. The blast was so powerful; the Troll was shot out of the quarry, he went flying towards the sky. Before he was flung into space; the beast disappeared, just like Hissta.

Kian was being thrown left and right; the vulture flapped it's wings, creating a strong wind. The Green Ranger pushed past the force; the he had an idea, Kian through his axe at the giant bird. The axe hit a critical point; causing the Hairy-vulture to disappear like the others. Rory met up with Kian; they both went to assist Wiktoria.

Rose and Adam blasted the shark monster with their staffs; the beast tries to fight back with it's tentacles but two rangers was to much. Until the Sharktopus grabs Adam with one of it's mighty arms; Rose tries to help but is knocked back, Rory and Kian join the fight.

Wiktoria chases Fossil to a higher cliff; he blasts some more lightning at her, but her spear blocks it. "You won't stop me, I will find the ultimate monster." The Blue Ranger leaps up to the doctor; but he fires one last blast at Wiktoria, sending her to the ground. Fossil drops down to her; grabs her by the neck and says, "Told you, I'm the master of the extinct." the doctor throws her to the ground, he sees the Sharktopus battling the rangers.

Adam is still tide in the monsters grip; Rose blocks other attacks with her shield, Rory and Kian are severing other tentacles with their weapons. Adam decides to take action; he uses his crossbow to blast lightning at the monsters face, it reacts with anger. The beast throws Adam into the air; Adam shoots a final blast at the monster, the blast defeats the beast and it vanishes. Adam lands next to his team; they see Wiktoria losing to Fossil, so they go help their friend.

Fossil decides to use his final plan; he calls to his master, "King Zombra, make me bigger and I can bring all the dead back." In the sky; Zombra's rift opens, "You fool!" Zombra cried. "The stink weed monster fossil is beneath you!" With those words; the rift closed, Fossil stated, "The Stink Weed Monster; that's the most dangerous extinct monster on the planet." Doctor Fossil charged all his power to his amber heart; he then released the power into the ground, causing it to rumble. The rangers watched as vines began to grow out of the ground; giant vines, like they were alive.

Finally; a large plant monster grew out of the dirt, the creature had to be at least 30 feet tall. Fossil watched his final creation leave the quarry and make it's way to Ponyville, "My monster will destroy you town and you can't stop it." When the monster left; the rangers were left alone with Fossil, "You a disgrace to all paleontologists Fossil." Wiktoria said. The rangers decided to use their most powerful weapon; the weapons joined together to form the "Celestial Sword, final strike!" the cried. The raised the sword above their heads; they brought the sword down on Fossil, striking him hard.

The villain cried out, "No!" before exploding like all the villains before him. Rory commented, "Now that villain's extinct." And he was right; Doctor Fossil was no more.

Their moment of glory was halted when they remembered a giant plant monster was heading to town. "We have to stop that thing." Adam said. So the rangers ran after the Stink Weed Monster; it was still in the Everfree forest.
The monster broke down any tree that was in it's path, it left a trail of destruction behind it & the rangers were right behind it. Rory said, "We need titan power." Before they could change to their titan form; Celestia called them on their morphers, "Rangers, I think it's time I give you a new Megazord combination." the princess explained. Then; the rangers morphers began to glow, "Let's give this a go." Adam stated.

The fire ball hit the centre of the monster; destroying it form the inside, the monster exploded of existence. The rangers cheered in joy; this day was won, another victory for the Power Rangers.
That evening; Wiktoria came home, only to find Prism sitting on couch. She was right where she left her; the ranger asked, "Have you been sitting there this whole time Prism?" The fillie looked at the ranger and nodded, "I want us to finish the story." Prism said.

Wiktoria smiled and sat on the couch next to her; she picked up the book and wrapped themselves in a blanket, and Wiktoria carried on reading out loud.

Rainbow Dash and Zoarin watched them sit on the couch together; Rainbow couldn't help but cry a little at the beautiful site. And they were left to read their books for the rest of the evening.