Trotting in the Winter Wonderland

by BrawnyBold

A Snow Day

For the first day in Ponyville, Feather and his marefriends decide to start things off by enjoying the snow outside. They made their way to Ponyville Park where some ponies were having fun playing in the snow. Some were making structures made out of snow while others were having snowball fights.
"Wow!" Dear said as she looked at her snowy surroundings. "I never seen so many ponies enjoying the snow!"
"Ponyville does give off of that small town vibe compared to Starlight's village." Fond said as she trotted next to Dear.
"I'm just glad there is plenty of snow to play with despite the many ponies playing!" Swoon added while catching up to her friends. Feather slowly followed his mare friends while pulling a red plastic snow sled that was big enough for him and his mares.
"Woo!" Feather said as he wiped some sweat from his forehead. "It's a good thing we brought this sled with us! It will definitely make our snow day more fun! Where should we use it?" Feather asked his marefriends. The three of them scanned the snowy area until Fond spotted an empty spot that had a few snowy hills.
"Over there!" Fond said as she and the rest of the mares helped Feather move the sled to the snow hills. Once the group reached their destination, they carefully took their seats on the sled. Dear was at the front, Swoon was behind her, Fond was on the next seat, and Feather was sitting on the back.
"Is everypony ready!?" Dear asked in excitement.
"Yeah!" Swoon and Fond replied.
"Maybe?" Feather said nervously.
"Here we go!" Dear said as she and the rest of her group leaned enough for the sled to go downhill.
"Ahhhh!" Everypony in the group cried as they rode the sled through the snow. When the sled finally reached the downhill, it slowed down until it came to a stop.
"Yeah!" Dear said as she pumped her hooves in the air. "That was exhilarating!"
"I felt like a filly again!" Swoon cheered as she got out of the sled.
"Swoon! Now you're making us feel old!" Fond said while pretending to sound offended. The rest of the group laughed while Swoon blushed while laughing nervously. After a few more rides on the sled, the group decided to do some other activities with the snow. The first thing Feather and the mares did was making snow sculptures. More like attempting to make snow sculptures as it was hard for the mares to make certain shapes with snow.
"Hey girls!" Feather said to catch their attention. "Check out my sculpture!" Feather presented an exact replica of himself but it is made out of snow. It was almost as if it was made by a professional artist.
"Whoa!" Fond said as she circled around the snowy Feather Bangs. "It looks so life-like!"
"Two Feather Bangs?!" Swoon said while fanning herself with her hoof. "Some pony pinch me!" Swoon then felt a sudden pain as Dear pinched Swoon's cheek.
"Ow!" Swoon whined as she glared at Dear. "What was that for!?"
"You asked. Not me." Dear said innocently. After Feather and the mares completed their snow sculptures, they started a competition for whoever can make the most snow angels. They started to move their hooves up and down on the snow as fast as to make instant snow angels. When all of them were tired from making snow angels, they stopped to look at their results.
"Hooray! I made the most!" Fond cheered in triumph.
"No fair!" Swoon whined. "You have those wings that helped you make more snow angels!"
"I can't help it if I was born this way." Fond shrugged before she was suddenly hit by a snowball.
"Hey, who threw that!?" Fond demanded when she looked around.
"My bad!" A stallion said from the distant. "My friends and I were having a snowball fight and one of the snowballs accidentally hit you!" When the stallion left, an idea popped into Feather and his marefriends' thoughts.
"You girls thinking what I'm thinking?" Feather asked with a grin.
"Heck yeah!" Dear cried.
"Snowball fight!" Feather and the mares cried as they rushed towards where the stallion and his friends were. Feather and his marefriends formed a small army as they began throwing snowballs at the enemy's snow fort. It was difficult to tell who was winning as both of the teams' snow forts were heavily damaged and everypony was getting tired from all of that throwing. Unfortunately, the enemy team surrendered because one of them had an errand to do and the enemy team left.
"Yes!" Swoon said as she hopped with joy. "We won!"
"But the enemies just surrendered. I don't think that counts." Fond said.
"When war is involved, any victory counts." Swoon said in a serious tone similar to a soldier. Feather and the other mares couldn't help but burst out laughing from Swoon's attempt to sound scary. Swoon just huffed as she turned and pretended to trot away.
"We should probably call it a day." Fond said as she noticed the sun setting. "We don't want to catch a cold from being out in the cold too much." Everypony agreed as they made their way back to the hotel.

Nighttime came and most of the ponies were asleep for the next day. Feather and his marefriends were all snuggled up together on their large bed while trying to go to sleep. Although Feather and the mares did many snow-based activities throughout the day, they still had enough energy to make some love before bed. It felt nice to be close together with his mares.
"Hmm, it feels so nice to be all huddled up together like this." Swoon said as she moved a bit.
"That's one benefit of all of us being together, we can get more warmth that way." Dear teased.
"Whether it's for warmths or not, I'm glad to be with you girls." Feather said as he gave each of them a kiss before they all went to sleep for the night.