Cutie Mark Crusaders back in diapers! Yeah!

by Foal Star

Chapter six: Pet Playdate

The birds sang as Fluttershy cottage was aflutter with activity as Rainbow brought Scootaloo who was sitting in a stroller hugging a Spitfire doll in her hooves. Rainbow Dash herself was wearing a new diaper with little pink hearts printed all over her padding. The blue pegasus was a totally different pony with her new mane style cutting it a bit short and having it curled around her head and wearing a wonderbolt style apron wrapped around her midriff. When she came through the front door she waved a hoof at her friend. “Hey Fluttershy,” she greeted, listening to Scootaloo’s crinkly bottom as they moved to the couch.

“Hey Rainbow Dash, how’s the little foal?” Fluttershy asked, moving over and ruffling the filly’s mane causing Scootaloo to laugh. The yellow pegasus giggled and ruffled her own crinkly bottom with a cute bunnies printed on her padding.  “Oh, I love this new Padded Equestria I hope this chaos magic lasts a while.”

“Good,” Scootaloo cooed, nuzzling to the mare’s hoof. She really liked acting like a foal nice it was actually quite nice and relaxing and whispered, “Yeah, I like being in diapers again…”

“Glad to hear that, good thing you came early you made it just in time for breakfast, Discord made waffles.” Fluttershy smiled leading the group to the dining room. 

As they entered Discord waves his talon sliding plates onto the table. So, how’s being a mother Rainbow?”

Rainbow Dash cheeks flush as she can’t hold back a smile. “I really like it. Can’t wait for a pet play date today I bet Scootaloo will be the number one pet ever!” She lifted Scootaloo into the awaiting highchair bucking her in. Cutting up the waffle into small pieces, Rainbow forked up the pieces to her filly mouth. “Choo choo!”

As Scootaloo ate, Fluttershy nodded happily. “Oh, indeed, always nice to have our playdates. Will the foals be there?”

Discord patted Fluttershy’s head. “Oh, of course, they will. The more the merrier after all,” he said, before snapping his claw and materialized a large pink bow into Rainbow’s mane.

 Fluttershy smirked at Discord. “Don’t think because you made waffles I didn’t forget about the bet you made with Spike, you’re still going to be padded up to mister.”

Discord face turned a beat red as he stammered, “I..I Well...I was hoping that maybe we could um do that some other time?”

Fluttershy laughed,” and have you miss out on the pet playdate? Not a chance I picked out your outfit already.” Fluttershy took out a giant bag with a purple R printed on it and lifted out a large bunny costume for Discord and package of adult-sized diapers with bunnies and carrots printed on the padding.

Discord crossed his claws. “Big Mac is a bunny already. It’s not like we need two.”

“Oh, but bunnies are social creatures and enjoy each other's company I’m sure Bunny Mac will love you as a playmate. Now lay down and let get you all dressed up.”

Discord squeaked in surprise. “Wait! Not in front of Rainbow Dash and Scootlaoo can’t you do it upstairs!”

Fluttershy dawed and cooed, “oh is my little dissy shy? Okay, we’ll get you dressed upstairs.”

She then leads Discord up the stairs with him still pouting as Rainbow Dash turned to Scootaloo. “Why don’t we get you dressed up too.”

Scootaloo nodded as Rainbow placed her down from the highchair and took out a colorful songbird outfit. It had bright blue feathers with a yellow beak. fitting it over her, she buttoned the flap closed. She then pulled the hood over her charge’s head and strapped a small beak into place. “They're all finished. Now, I need to remind you that you're a baby bird that means you're only going to be able to eat birdseed ground up.”

Scootaloo tried to respond but found only little chirps came out as she flapped her wings at her side Rainbow blushed,” oh wow these enchanted suits work fast.” She took out a giant birdcage style stroller made out of a blue foam and inside the cage, there was a bar in the middle of the cage, with tons of little plastic balls and baby toys inside. Rainbow Dash explained, “I can push you around and you can play or nap whenever you want.”

Scooaloo chirped happily as she fluttered over and sat herself into the cage nestling herself onto the swinging bar. Rainbow Dash dawed again and then went about putting a bottle over the cage filled with her milk and cooed, “if you're thirsty you can drink from this ok?”

Scootaloo leaned over and started to suckle from the bottle. Rainbow nodded with satisfaction. “Good looks like everything works. We should get going don’t want to be late.”

“Hold up! We're coming too!” Fluttershy shouted from downstairs. She came down with Discord now in a big pink bunny costume with floppy ears over his head and a big white underbelly around his bottom was a giant diaper bulge with the suit covering the padding with a button flap. He wanted to shout something but only little “meeps” came out.

Fluttershy turned to Discord with a glare. “That was quite rude if you keep this behavior up there’s no carrot cake for you.”

Discord rolled his eyes and he then saw Angel bouncing along who suddenly stopped to stare at Discord before bursting into fits of laughter. All the poor draqquinous could do was cover his face with his pink paws in embarrassment.

Applejack watched with a smirk as her big brother ate from a bowl labeled “Bunny Mac” as Apple Bloom poured some feed it into it. “I wonder when that is gonna wear off?” She watched Bunny Mac shake his diaper bottom as he eats happily.

Apple Bloom giggled. “He funny,” she said, before taking the bottle off the table and suckling upon it cutely. She let out a happy sigh as she did.

Applejack grinned too happy to be so helpful as she checked the checklist. “What do ya know, it’s our annual pet play date.”

“Oooh, we takin Woona?” Apple Bloom asked, watching Woonoa eat her dog food tail wagging.

“Yup and I think you should dress up too,” Applejack said, moving over to the magic bag and pulling out her charge’s costume. Held in her hooves was a red doggie costume with plush paws attached and a cute muzzle mask too. “Just like the book hehe.”

“Eee, cool,” Apple Bloom squealed, dropping her bottle and waddling over her sister and feeling the soft fabric go over her body as Applejack dressed her. The mask hugged her head and even let her tongue hanging out like a dog’s. “Bark!” She wiggled her pawed hooves giving her sister a big hug wagging her tail.

Big Mac hopped over and patted Apple Bloom’s ears as she barked happily at him and licked his face. He giggled hugging the filly close to his chest and nuzzled her. Applejack sighed in relief. “I was scared she was gonna start chasing ya. Good to see you two getting along.”

Reaching into the bag she pulled out two leashes attaching them around her sibling's necks. “Come along you two, time for some fun.” She called Woonoa to follow before the headed out. 

 Sweetie Belle was looking at herself in the mirror wearing a fluffy white kitten suit with a long white fluffy tail coming from her back, she had cat ears strapped around her head, along with a small pink nose strapped around her face with whiskers poking from her cheeks. The filly blushed sed seeing her thick padded back end where her diaper bulge formed and shook it about and gave a cute “mew.”

Rarity who had just finished dressing up her sister clapped her hooves together. “You’re just so adorable Sweetie Belle! I think you’re going to be the best pet! But we're not finished just yet.”

She then put a pink collar around her neck with a little bell, and then attached a purple bow on her head. “There also, now that you’re a cat I have the perfect breakfast.” She took out a saucer of milk and placed it down before Sweetie Belle watching the kitty foal sniff it before lapping at it. Opal watched with a confused look as Rarity waved a hoof. “Oh don’t be jealous Opal, Sweetie Belle will be a kitten for only one day.”

Opel let out a slight hiss before putting her muzzle up all snooty.

Rarity rolled her eyes. “Well darling, we’re going to the park regardless. So no getting into a fight with her. You should be motherly to her.” She watched Opel stare at Sweetie Belle for a second before settling and walking over once Sweetie was done drinking and licks at her fur as if grooming. Rarity snickered a bit again as she could hear her sister purring even.

“Hmm, guess I’d need two carriers possibly.” Rarity said, before hearing her doorbell ring and moved over to the front door to find Button Mash in a bright green baby Yoshi costume with an egg strapped around his bottom, while Diamond Tiara was in a toy poodle costume with big fluffy ears and a poofy white tail. Rarity smiled, ”Oh I'm so happy to see your parents decided to let you dress up for this. Are you two having fun being friends with the foals?”

Diamond jumps some and panted watching Button shoot out his tongue somehow. Sweetie Belle waddled over meowing as she saw the two smiling wide. Upon seeing what Diamond Tiara was dressed as she gave a small hiss while Diamond began to growl. Rarity squeaked, “oh dear, I forgot cats and dogs don’t get along well at first.”

Diamond leaped onto Sweetie causing the two to roll around batting their paws at each other. Thankfully, it was soft fabric so there was no real chance of scratching. Rarity eeped, hurrying over with spray bottle and squirting the two scoldings. “No Bad stop it!”

Upon being startled, the two began to sniff each other. Rarity sighed “okay that's a good sign, now come on you two let's get you to the park were going to be late.”

“Howdy, ya’ll.” Applejack waved seeing her other friends show up. “How are things.” She asked, before blinking when she saw Discord and began to snicker trying not burst into laughter.

Rainbow Dash wasn’t doing much better as she saw him too. “Pfftt, wow what a big bunny, does he have a drum?”

Discord crossed his claws with a pout and looked away while Fluttershy cooed,” oh don’t get all grumpy. They're just happy to see you in your cute bunny costume.”

Big Mac was quite curious of Discord and bounced over sniffing him as Discord instinctively sniffed back and they began to meep in a bunny talk at each other. Mac laughed. “Hah, Karma got you big time.”

Discord pouted grumbling. “W-well I was hoping Fluttershy would forget. I was just having fun.”

Mac laughed again before poking Discord’s nose. “Hehe, tag,” he began to hop away watching Discord gave chase soon later.

Doggie Bloom meanwhile waddled over to Diamond and the two sniff each other diapers like any dogs would. She barked lightly before watching Applejack tosses a ball for the two. She really wanted the ball first as she runs after it and shaking her big diaper about. Diamond Tiara was right behind her as they both snapped at the ball. The two try to bump into each other to slow the other down or grab the tails being like playful puppies.

Sweetie Belle was curious about Scootaloo in her cage and went about batting the foam cage with a paw. The bird inside tweaked flapping its wings being startled.  Rainbow moves over. “Hey, you scaring her.” She scowled. “Will you behave if I let her out?”

Sweetie Belle looked up with her cute kitten eyes and gave a cute “mew”

Rainbow dawed “oh ok, but don’t get into a fight. No eating her!”

Sweetie laughed a bit nodded as the cage was opened and Scootalo fluttered out and plopped onto her padded rump. She was glad her friend could at least hover in her suit. “Meow!” she grinned pawing at Scootaloo.

Scootaloo squawked and fluttered as she ran away on her bird-like hooves all while Sweetie playfully chases after her always just a few steps behind no doubt doing it on purpose.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy watched Discord and Big Mac bouncing around together and they seemed to be getting along. Discord constantly sniffed the ground and pointed to certain points and Big Mac would then come over and paw at it. She watched as carrots would spring outwards The pegasus shook her head. “Chaos magic you never know what can happen?”

Apple Bloom floppy ear flick as she turned to the two big bunnies running around and decided to start barking at the two causing them to squeak and bounce off as the little filly chased after them herding the two bunnies with some help from Winona. A little pen even appeared as the two got boxed in near a tree. 

Diamond Tiara took notice and wanted to join in barking and running at the pen but Apple Bloom already successfully herded the two as she threw her head up in triumph. It didn’t take long for Diamond Tiara to start growling and looking for something else to “herd” and she spotted Button Mash trying to eat fruit off the ground with his new big tongue. She started barking up a storm chasing the baby Yoshi.

Button jumped up and eep waddle away as fast as he could in his costume. He tried shaking her off by going toward Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, hoping they distract Tiara long enough. Sweetie yelps upon seeing Diamond running there way hissing before running away toward her sister for help.

Rarity looked at the chaos. “Shouldn’t we do something?” She asked still brushing Opel just as Sweetie Belle hid behind her sister. Diamond waiting just out of reach in a half pouncing position with her tail wagging ready to play.

“I don’t know, they seem to be doing fine to me.” Applejack said, watching her sister circle the bunny pen. Said pen didn’t have a gate to it.

Rainbow watched group run around. “Scootaloo is the best bird ever.”

Twilight was idly taking notes looking up with a chuckle. “I assume all these costumes were from those Diaper bags? Fascinating.” She then gasped as Button flung out his tongue and snatched the notepad out of her hooves and ate it making a yum sound. “Hey, no give that back!” 

Button made a face as if grunting before a red and white dotted egg appeared behind him.  He beamed and hooved it over with a smile.

“What?” Twilight blinked not understanding.

Applejack peered over tilting her head. “Uh, I think it's inside that egg...somehow.”

The princess took the egg and shook it hearing the contents rattle around. “Oh uh okay’ She squees the shell watching it crack and soon fall open to reveal her notepad.

She took it and scratched her head. “What is going on here?” 

Fluttershy meanwhile had moved over to Apple Bloom approaching the pen. “Now puppy let me take care of the bunnies okay?” She cooed. Apple Bloom barked wagging her tail as she moved away for the opening of the fence to let her inside. She grabbed Discord gently trying to groom him with a brush while Big Mac bounced around and sniffed at them.  “Hehe oh hello Big Bunny,” she teased a bit booping his nose. “Having fun as a bunny?” She asked still brushing. Discord slowly leaning into the grooming. Big Bunny nodded with a blush sitting down to watch

It wasn’t long till the rest of the foals looked at Fluttershy wanting to get groomed like Discord. They all started barking, and meowing padding her with their little paws. She cooed, “alright form a line, I’ll do you one at a time but no fighting.”

This also gave Twilight an opportunity to lie down in the grass and started to write in her notebook. Fluttershy turned to see Twilight gradually writing notes and in that adorable thick diaper around her rump. She looked so relaxed and peaceful like a foal writing in a journal about their day. It made her ponder what she was writing about? 

When Discord had been fully groomed, he happily gave Fluttershy a nuzzle causing her to blush. He was hoping this would make her go easy on him later considering she might keep him like this for a bit longer.

Diamond and Apple Bloom sat next to each other as Fluttershy groomed their costumed coats first. They could feel the process as if it were their own fur. After she finished grooming them all she decided that it was about time they got back to her cottage. “alright, I think we should get going you all need your rest.”

Applejack and Fluttershy then went about attaching leashes to the rest of the ponies and Rainbow Dash put Scootaloo back in her birdcage stroller. They then turned to Twilight who was still writing in her journal in a clearly soaked diaper. Fluttershy dawed,” hey Twilight were leaving now? Would you like a change before we go?’

Twilight squeaked as her face turned bright red. “ thanks I’ll just do that back at my castle.”

She quickly got up and waddled off as fast as she could Rainbow Dash snickered, “reminds me of when I read daring-do. I get so into those books I wear two or three diapers so I can hold off a change.”

Applejack blushed. ”Same with me while I'm out bucking apples or doing my chores. It makes it easier not to worry about that until after all the work’s done.”

Fluttershy snickered. ”You girls are so silly? By the way Discord, what will be tomorrow’s theme?”

Discord snapped a claw poofing out of the bunny suit before talking “oh it’s very simple just a day at daycare. Then they write their reports”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes. “Let me guess you didn’t actually have a plan for the rest of the week.”

Discord squeaked, “w..well! I didn't have time to really think of anything! Beside you, girls have just caused so much chaos all on your own”

Fluttershy cooed, “well, I guess we could just have them remain as “preschoolers” for a few days...but weren't they supposed to learn something from all this?”

Discord scoffed, “of course! They were supposed to learn about foal care obviously. So their final day shall be a test.”

Fluttershy asked, “oh yeah what's the test?”

“ will be them having to take care of the caretakers for a few hours and “I’ll grade them on how well they do.” Discord snapped back.

Fluttershy paused and nodded. “Yeah that sounds like a good idea, but you should get some help from Cheerilee. She can set up a grading rubric for you and even give you some ideas for what you're looking for.”

Discord blushed waving his paw. “Actually...she’s the one who thought of the idea. Also, on a different subject, I have to ask is Twilight doing okay she seemed more foalish than usual?”

Fluttershy asked, “wait...I thought you said the chaos magic you put on my friends would only last a day?”

“She is back to normal! Well...almost it was just ..well in her journal she was just scribbling in it she wasn’t taking any notes.”

Fluttershy groaned, “well I better talk to Spike and see if she’s doing okay ...didn't you say you know a doctor that can help out stuff like this?”

Discord nodded, “yes I do! He kind of helped me learn about the strange chaos magic that affects everypony in Equestria. I’ll ask if he can pay Twilight a visit.”

Fluttershy sighed in relief. “Alright then, we have nothing to worry about…” Both Applejack and Rainbow Dash gave each other worried looks as they were both now concerned about Twilight.