Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

Man-Spider: part 2

It was the middle of the night; the sky filled with the brightest of stars, all of Ponyville was in peace and harmony.

All except the four ponies and three humans trying to explain the situation to another human and a Time Lord. "So run that by me again." Rory stated. Rose, Kian & Wiktoria had explained that Adam had turned into a spider-like monster; and he was swinging through the streets. Fluttershy and her daughter were standing there with horrified looks, "We have to help Adam, this isn't him. He's changed." Kian explained, "Don't forget, Minotaur is still out there."

The rangers and ponies of were unable to think of a plan; until Rory once again took charge as the team leader, "Here's the plan. Rose, take Fluttershy, Screwball & Wiktoria; you guys go find Adam. Charlie, you go with Kian and me; were going after Zombra's villain."

Gemstone steps forward and asks, "What about me and Mommy?" Rory lowers himself down to her eye level, "Gemstone, I need you to stay here and look after your mom. She's not going to be able to help in her condition." The fillie nodded her head, agreeing with the Red Ranger. Once everybody and pony understood the plan; they put it into action.
It was dark in the Everfree Forest; Adam had gone there to look for a shelter, most likely a cave or something. The spider creature wandered through the trees; searching for signs of life, until he saw a small rodent scrurrying a cross the grass.

It was a mouse; digging in the dirt and trying to hide, the monster seized the opportunity and shot it with a web shot. The innocent creature was now trapped in the sticky residue; the mouse squeaked in fear as it's capter approached. Adam grabbed the mouse with one of his many claws; he stared down at the little one, before biting into it.

Man-Spider sat on the ground; chewing on the mouse, enjoying its taste. He then began licking his palm and what remained of the rodent. With his little snack finished; the beast got up and carried on walking. Not knowing that he was being followed.

Further back in the forest; Screwball was calling out Adam's name. "Adam, where are you?" the pony cried. She peered around a large; she had found Adam, he was marching towards an opening in the side of the cliff. Screwball watched her mutated friend; she knew that any sudden movement could scare him off.

Screwball was then joined by Fluttershy, Wiktoria and Rose. They all hid behind the tree trunk; observing the poor boy. Fluttershy was the first to speak, "I going to talk to him." As she tried to slip towards Adam, she was stopped by Wiktoria. "No Fluttershy, I know you want to help Adam. But he's not himself, he'll hurt you if he sees you." The Pegasus thought before saying, "He's still my friend, I have to try and reason with him."

Fluttershy ignored the ranger's warnings and marched towards Man-Spider. With fear in her step; she went from marching to tip toeing to the beast, with her quiet, scared voice returning; she said, "Adam, can you hear me?"

Man-Spider swung around; sending Fluttershy to the ground in fear. "Rah!" the beast cried. The terrified Pegasus tried to crawl away from the monster; she looked in all six of his eyes, watching his mouth drip with acid. Rose stepped forward, "Adam! Stop!" she said.

The monster turned his attention away from the scared pony and looked directly at the Pink Ranger. Rose saw no other option; were going to have to fight Adam. The ranger pulled out her morpher; holding it in her right hand, she said, "Magical Source; Harmony Fo......"

But before she could finish; Adam wacked her away with a swing of his second left arm. Rose went crashing into a tree; she rubbed the back of her head, moaning in pain. The ranger got up with rage in her eyes; she muttered, "Sorry Adam, but your gonna get it now."

With her morpher still in her hand; she cried, "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"

Now morphed; Rose charged for the mutated boy, Adam then charged at her. When the two fighters clashed; their battle had begun.
Rory, Kian & Charlie were searching for the loose villain; they found him outside the Ponyville Museum. The rangers saw Minotaur staring at a statue of another minotaur, he was just looking at it. "Hey! Horn-head!" Charlie called out, that got Minotaur's attention.

The villain stepped before the rangers; he looked at his enemies, "I'm surprised your still up to fight me after our last encounter Green Ranger." he commented. Kian pulled out his morpher; then said, "You cheated last time, this time I've got help." Him and the other rangers readied their morphers; then began their morph sequence, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!" the rangers yelled.

With those words; the team instantly morphed. Minotaur readied his battle staff; the rangers drew their magic staffs and Charlie had his Sonic Saber. The rangers and villain charge at each other; Rory made the first move, by striking Minotaur with his sword. The beast stumbled back; Kian swung his axe, striking the villain's chest. Charlie came in for the final strike; the Gold Ranger struck Minotaur hard, severing one of his horns from his head.

"No!" the villain cried. Charlie stumbled back to his friends; they watched Minotaur get back on his feet. "Master, I need more power. Please help me King Zombra." the villain muttered. Zombra was watching them through his rip in reality, "Very well." the false king said.

Suddenly; the sky filled with black clouds, lightning began to strike the ground. One bolt was a direct hit on Minotaur; the electricity surged through his body, until he fell to his knees. Rory approached the villain as the clouds disappeared; only to find...… Minotaur was growing.

Minotaur was growing to the size of Twilight's old library; when the transformation stopped, "Ha! Try and stop me now rangers!" the villain's voice echoed in the streets. The rangers oved back in fear; Kian asked, "What do we do? Without Adam, we can't use the Megazord." Rory was thinking of a plan; Kian was right, their Zords were useless without Adam. But then Charlie stepped forward, "I've got just the thing." Charlie raised his hand above his head; it began to glow gold, "I summon the Ponyville Express!" he chanted.

Suddenly; the town's train came speeding past them, but it wasn't running on tracks. Kian and Rory were puzzled, "What are you doing?" Rory asked. The Ponyville Express began to glow like Charlie's hand; a light energy transformed the train into a gold and blue colour.

"You guys wait here, I'll stop Minotaur." Charlie before boarding the train.

The Red and Green Rangers watched the train race off towards Minotaur; Charlie was somehow driving it, "I haven't tested this yet." Charlie muttered. "But it's now or never. Ponyville Express, Megazord mode!" With those words, the train began to transform.

The two rangers on the ground admired the brand new Megazord; Kian said, "Wow. Now that's cool." Minotaur stared at the Zord; he muttered, "I'm gonna rip you tin can apart." Charlie drove the Zord towards the villain; the both clashed upon impact, Charlie delivered a strong punch to the villains chest.

As Rory and Kian watched the giants fight; Discord approached them from behind, "Hello rangers." he muttered. Green and Red spun around; coming face to face with the purple knight. "What do you want Discord?" Kian asked. Rory continued with, "Haven't you caused enough trouble?" Discord stared at the rangers, "When it comes to Chaos, there's never enough." he replied. The Lord of Chaos drew his sword; pointing it at the rangers, "Fight, or be destroyed." he said.

The rangers knew that inside that armour was their friend; but the had to stop him, the also drew their weapons. When they were all battle ready; the charged for each other. Upon impact; Discord struck Kian with his sword, send the Green Ranger to the ground. Rory used his sword and slashed Discord's shield; but it did nothing, the draconequus cried, "Chaos blast!" The shield's eye opened and a blast of chaotic magic was fired at Adam.

"You rangers are weak, even with the elements. I will take them for myself." Discord approached the rangers, attempting to take their elements. But then; Rory sprung up and struck Discord's hand away with his sword, "Your not getting the elements Discord!" the Red ranger cried. The Lord of Chaos had to think of a new idea; he then looked up to see Minotaur and Charlie's Megazord still fighting, "I know how to destroy a ranger." he muttered.

The chaotic being began to chant a spell, "I summon the Pony of Shadows." A evil portal opened on the ground; from it sprung a giant black stallion. Kian asked, "Isn't that the pony that's supposed to haunt the castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree forest." Rory realised, "Oh yeah, Discord must have taken control of it when he took over that castle."

Discord muttered, "That's not all I did with it."

The dark Megazord's attack sent Charlie's Zord to the ground; he was losing power. Rory and Kian saw the horror that Discord was causing, "What do we do now?!" Kian cried. Charlie called Rory on his morpher, "Rory; you guys need to become the Mystic Titans, you might not be able to form a Megazord but I need help up here." Kian and Rory had to help their friend; so they morphed into the titan modes. "Titan Formation!" they both cried.

"Mystic Minotaur!" Kian cried.

"Mystic Phoenix!" Rory cried.

Now big enough; they both joined the battle against Discord and Minotaur.
Rose was being thrown all over the forest; trying to stop Man-Spider from getting away, she landing on a stump of an old oak tree. The monster marched towards her; with the acid dripping from his jaw, he was licking his lips & staring directly at his prey.

Suddenly; Wiktoria came swooping in, kicking Man-Spider to the side. She was already morphed and helped Rose to her feet, "Took you long enough." Rose complained. Their talk was cut short when Adam got back up; the beast breathed heavily, staring at the two rangers. The girls readied their weapons; waiting for the monster to attack, but something else happened.

Lightning and electricity began attacking Man-Spider; the creature back away, the girls noticed someone step before them. Rose quickly realised who the figure was; it was Dr Sandy, "Daniel." the Pink Ranger cheered. The doctor turned to his friends and said, "Sorry I couldn't get here sooner, that Space Bridge will never stay fixed." Man-Spider was filled with rage; yet he still didn't attack, Fluttershy and Screwball were still just watching from behind the tree.

Daniel then pulled a small device from his pocket; he said, "I haven't used this since before the war, let's hope it still works." After his statement; another device appeared on his prosthetic left arm, "It's Morphing Time."

The Gold Dino Charge Ranger was a incredible display; he cheered, "Power of Tech; Power Ranger Gold!" A large sword was then drawn from his belt; his primary weapon, the Terri-Saber.

With all the rangers ready; Daniel quickly explained the plan, "Girls; we need to tire him out, enough I can get close and inject him with the cure." he said while pulling a large syringe from his belt. The girls nodded and began their attack; Rose started by pushing Adam back with her shield, while Wiktoria struck his chest with her spear. Daniel leaped into the air; his wings began to carry him towards the monster. With one strike filled with lightning and power; Man-Spider was on his knees.

The rangers jumped at the opportunity; Daniel used the syringe and injected the anti-serum into Adam's arm, if Adam were here he say something like, "Pick an arm, any arm."

The serum didn't take long to take effect; but it didn't do what they all expected it to do. Man-Spider was surrounded by a light energy; he began moaning in pain, Fluttershy noticed something in the light. She could see Adam; but also Man-Spider, as if the both existed at the same time.

A flash of light surrounded them; and all was dark, they got a shock when they woke up. Rose got up and saw; Adam, lying there as a human being. He had been reverted back to his human form; the ranger helped the poor boy up, "Adam? Adam are you okay?" Adam coughed a bit before saying, "I....I..I think I need a mint." Adam joked. The other rangers and the ponies got up a wen to see him; the curse was broken, Adam was free.

Unfortunately; their get together was cut short because by the oak tree stump, Man-Spider was coming around. Screwball was the first to notice the monster was still here. "Um, rangers." she muttered. "Were not done here."

The rangers saw what she meant; the spider monster was staring right at them, his eyes filled with more rage then Nightmare Moon. Wiktoria turned to Daniel; confused, "I thought you said the cure was going to get rid of that?" she cried. Daniel looked at the creature; it was all part of his plan, "You see; now that my serum has separated Adam and Man-Spider, we can hit old ugly there with everything we got."

Adam looked at the beast; this creature nearly made him hurt his friends, but no more. "Magical Source; Harmony Force!" Adam cried as he pulled out his morpher. The ranger instantly morphed and drew his magic staff; now ready for battle.

The monster charged at Adam; but the ranger was quick and fired his crossbow, sending beams of lightning at the creature. Rose and Wiktoria blasted long beams of light magic at Man-Spider's chest; the magic was draining him of his strength. Daniel finished the job with the Terri-Saber; in powerful words, he cried, "Terra-Lightning Blitz!" The power slashed the monster; destroying it for good.

Adam watched his inner monster finally be defeated; under his breath, he muttered, "Good riddance."
In the middle of town; there was still a battle of the titans raging on.

Kian was fight Minotaur head on; swings his axe and striking the villain. Charlie drove his Zord towards Discord; the ranger used his most powerful attack, "Furnace Blast!" he cried. The Megazord's chest opened up and fired a heat beam directly at the draconequus. The blast was so powerful; that Discord fell to the ground, Charlie stood over the fallen warrior. "Your not that powerful Discord." But the Lord of Chaos sprung to his feet and delivered a strike to the Zord's chest; the furnace cannon was damaged, meaning Charlie was defenceless.

Rory was trying to help Kian; he leaped onto Minotaur's back and began riding him like an actual bull rider. "Yee ha!" the ranger cried. But the villain grabbed Rory by the arms and threw him at Kian; sending them both to the ground.

Just arriving; Adam, Rose, Wiktoria, Daniel, Fluttershy & Screwball, they saw the Megazord being crumbled by Discord. Adam was the first to speak, "We got to get in there." he cried. The other rangers agreed; but they were stopped by a swarm of Changelings, led by their queen.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Discord must destroy the Gold knight so Minotaur can finish of your friends." Chrysalis explained. Daniel stepped before the bug-like pony, "Good thing they have a spare." he said while drawing his sword. The other rangers wondered what he was doing; then the Gold Ranger said, "Go. I'll take queeny here." The rangers listened to their friend and ran towards the giant's fight; leaving Daniel to defend Screwball and Fluttershy by himself.

As soon as a Changeling flew forward; the battle began. Daniel sliced and struck down anything that came in his path; sending the creatures to the ground, moaning in pain. Their queen was becoming unhappy, "Get up you fools!" she cried. She turned her head towards the other battle; seeing that Discord was winning, she put her plan into action.

Chrysalis blasted a beam of green energy from her horn; it hit Discord directly in his shields eye, causing his power to deplete. The giant looked to the ground and saw the one behind his pain; in a dark voice he said, "I will crush you hag." Chrysalis laughed at his threat, "You'll have to catch me first." she said before flying away, with her children following her. Discord had no choice but to retreat; he muttered, "You rangers will fall by my sword, but not today."

A portal opened beneath the evil Megazord's feet; before he disappeared, Adam heard Discord say, "Take care of them Adam." Before the Yellow Ranger could respond; the Lord of Chaos was gone. Minotaur was left on his own; Adam and the girls were about to join Rory and Kian, but they stopped. Kian stood up and charged all his power to his axe; he cried, "Element of Honesty, power strike!"

The axe struck Minotaur hard; the villain cried, "You gave me the horn!" He fell to the ground and was destroyed. Daniel, Fluttershy and Screwball cheered as they saw the big monster was no more. The rangers were proud of their victory; but Adam could shake the feeling of what Discord said.
Back at the Castle; Fluttershy and Adam were sitting on a bench in the garden, just throwing bird seed around the grass. Watching as birds came swooping in for their food; although Adam wasn't in the mood for feeding animals.

The Pegasus mare looked at her human friend and said, "What's wrong Adam? You should be happy, Man-Spider is gone." The boy turned to her, "I just really want you to be happy; and you won't be truly happy until Discord is returned to normal." he explained. Fluttershy was concerned for the boy; she wanted to help anyway she could. The mare decided to go back inside, "You coming for dinner?" Adam shook his head before saying, "I'll be there in a minute."

Fluttershy flew inside; before she was completely out of site, Adam whispered something under his breath. Fluttershy didn't hear what he said; but he didn't really want her to hear it. He said, "I love you; Fluttershy."