Aurora: The End of Beginnings.

by WinterLune

Chapter 3 - Knowledge, Magic, and Muffins

Aurora: The End of Beginnings.
Chapter 3
Knowledge, Magic, and Muffins

Being alone in a library wasn’t that bad, I had books on just about anything I would ever want to learn about; books on winged ponies, which I was now calling a pegasus after reading one of them, as well as ones on unicorns, alicorns, something called magic, and a ton of other things I would have to look up in the dictionary, “Where did I put that book anyway?” I wondered. I didn’t want to go loosing anything; I’ve already lost enough as is.

Thankfully it didn’t take very long to find the book I needed, turned out to be right where I left it. In the box fort, along with my bag of paper and pencils; I picked up both figuring if I had paper I best make some use of it in doing some research.

I started with the book on pegasi, being that I was one myself could prove some insight about what I could do, if anything it would help to learn as much as I could before Twilight and Fluttershy got back with the “Girls”, “Could be more ponies I guess.” I figured, of course what else could it be, the only two things I’ve seen that could talk where ponies and Spike, and since I’ve only seen one of Spike and tons of ponies it was my best option. Anyways back to the book.

The book as helpful, I’d give it that much. Pegasi could control the weather, could fly at great speeds using their powerful wings, as well as walk on clouds; I looked at my own wings and tried to move them, I only managed a twinge of movement. “Guess I should work on that later.” I had more books to read after all.

The book on unicorns was interesting, it also explained my “unwanted tail pulling/being held up by it endeavor”. Simply put magic could be used for just about everything. From teleporting to levitating objects it was truly something I wanted to try; of course I hadn’t read the part that only unicorns and alicorns could use magic.

I flipped though the book on magic, confusing or not I did find a spell that I thought I could manage. Levitation, much like what Twilight did before it simply allows the user to made objects float. The book said something about imagining the said object being held up by something like an orb around the object, thus holding it in place for you to do that you want with it; I stared with one of my pencils, imaging it being held up by an invisible claw. My right eye felt a little odd for some reason, not a bad odd just odd as in odd. To my delight the pencil did move a little, thought not very much it was a success on my part.

I had to blink a few times after my short attempt at magic; my right eye was bugging me to no end, though I figured that was because my mane was getting into it. I made a mental note to get my mane trimmed and went back to the book I had been reading before.

Just think about the shock I had when I saw the part where only unicorns and alicorns could use magic, it made no sense, I had just used magic myself only a few moments ago and now the book is saying I shouldn’t be able to? This was confusing to me but I didn’t feel like thinking about it, I had enough on the table already. It’s not like it’s the end of the world for one exception, right?

Of course it didn’t help that the growling of my stomach jutted the thought from my head; “Where did Twilight say the kitchen was again?” I didn’t remember where, but I figured looking around wouldn’t hurt either. Thankfully it didn’t take long, ironically it was just around the corner from the table I was sitting at; Twilights kitchen was fairly small, with only a refrigerator, an oven, a few cabinets, a table in the middle with more pillows around it, as well as a few windows, a garbage can, and a door to the outside.

My best bet was the refrigerator; I opened it and found mostly leaf greens and other commodities as well as some dressings, the oddest thing I found was a green round thing on a stick. I grabbed a bowl from one of the cabinets and made a quick salad, also taking whatever that green thing on a stick was.

At least I wasn’t hungry any more, but the thing on the stick was still left over; it had a plastic wrapping around it with the works “Apple Lollipop” as well as having a label under it that said “S-C Corner”. Without question I took the wrapping off and stuck it in my mouth. It tasted of apples and sugar, both complimenting each other perfectly. I had no idea long that taste would last but I wanted it to last as long as possible.

In the mean time I located a sink and washed up, I also found a pair of scissors in a cabinet and did my best to trim the hair in my face back, “Least now I can see out of both eyes” I remarked before hearing a knock on the nearby door; I looked outside the window to see a pegasus with a bag outside the door. I tossed my finished lollipop into the garbage and opened it for them.

The other pony was a gray color with a blond mane and tail as well as bubbles on her flank, the interesting thing was her eyes as they were both looking in different directions; I couldn’t help but stare, to my surprise she was doing the exact same thing. I think. It was kind of hard to tell with them looking like that.

“Your staring you know.” She remarked.

“Well, so are you.” I added; she blinked after I said that.

In fact she blinked a lot. Maybe because my eyes were different colors; I had no idea, I was every bit as confused as she was. I blinked back, she blinked in return. I was interested to know who this pony was, everything about her eyes just made me feel like hugging her for some reason.

“Um…..would you like to come inside?” I offered; she nodded.

She followed me into the library area and we both sat at the table; she reached into her bag and pulled out a bag of muffins as well as a box and set them on the table.

“So,” I started, “What’s your name?” The other pony reached into the bag and took a muffin out of it, “Derpy Hooves.” She passed the muffin to me as if asking me my own name, so I replied. “Aurora,” I then ate the muffin she gave me; she smiled and ate one of the muffins in the bag. “I don’t get to talk to other ponies often” she suddenly said in a sad voice, “most would rather poke fun at my eyes, or are too busy with other things to notice me.”

I could understand that, having eyes like that made her different from other ponies. Mine where no different, different colors meant having to deal with being stared at just the same as I just realized, “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, being different is what makes us who we are.” I said.” And no pony has the right to say otherwise.”

She smiled right after I said that and then said, “It’s nice to hear another pony besides Dinky say that.”

“Dinky?” I questioned with a tilted head.

“My daughter.” She added with a nod. “It’s been a good life for the both of us though, with my job at the post office” she took the pack off her back and set it on the floor “I’ve had more than enough bits to take care of ourselves. In fact, I’ve been thinking abou----“Derpy was cut off by the sound of the front door opening from Twilight and Fluttershy returning with four other ponies in tow.

The first pony with them was a white unicorn with a trio of diamonds on her flank as well as a purple main and tail that complemented them perfectly, the second a cyan pegasus with a rainbow colored main and tail as well as having a tri color mark of a cloud and lightning bolt on her flank, the third was Pinkie Pie who was also carrying a box with her, and the fourth was an orange pony with a blond mane and tail with a trio of apples on her flank, she was also wearing a Stetson hat that had a significant amount of ware on it.

“Alright girls” Twilight started, “remember, were dealing with amnesia here so she isn’t going to know much about Equestria or anything right now. So try and keep things simple for now alright?” the other ponies nodded then looked over to me and Derpy sitting at the table.

The cyan pegasus was the first to say anything, “What’s Derpy doing here?” she said with a hint of rudeness in her voice.

“Package.” Derpy replied with a muffin filled mouth while gesturing to the box on the table.

The cyan pony simply nodded while she and the others took seats around the table with us. “Aurora,” Twilight started, “these are the girls. Applejack” she gestured to the orange pony, “Rarity” the white unicorn, “Rainbow Dash” the rude cyan pegasus, ”and since you already know both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, I guess we can get started.” Twilight looked to me for a moment then to the table. “Alright girls what I didn’t tell you all before we got here, from what I know, is that Aurora is also an orphan.” Each pony shared a confused look at Twilight and me.

Rarity was the first to say something, “But, Twilight, what does that have to do with us?” the other ponies gave a nod of agreement while Derpy was simply listening with interest.

“As you all know, the Ponyville orphanage isn’t a place a pony would want to be. Amnesia or not.” They all nodded so Twilight continued, “Because amnesia is such a serious thing, as well as what I just said.” Twilight paused to look at every pony including me, though excluding Derpy, “I think it would be best if she stayed with one of us for the time being.” She finished, leaving every pony but Derpy with a surprised face.

Applejack spoke up quickly, “Twi’ you know ah’ can’t feed another mouth, ah’ve already got more than enough trouble keepin’ up with Applebloom alone.” Applejack shook her head, “And not ‘ta mention that Granny Smiths health hasn’t been the greatest these days.” She finished in a sad tone.

“I have the boutique to take care of as is Twilight, as well as Sweetie Bell. And you already know that winter is only two weeks away, I’m going to be swamped with orders to fill.” Rarity said in a light tone.

Pinkie simply added, “I have the Cake twins to look after, it’s not like Mr. and Mrs. Cake can look after them all day being that that have Sugar Cube Corner to run.”

Rainbow Dash seemed to be distracted for some reason then asked, “Twilight, what time is it?”

“Around one PM, why do you ask?”

“One.” Rainbow Dash repeated. She seemed to be trying to remember something.

Derpy spoke up knocking her out of contemplation, “Storm time Dash.”

“Storm……” Rainbow Dash thought for a moment then suddenly got up and rushed to the door and said, “Sorry girls but I gota’ go!” right after that she disappeared out the door and took off to the skies.

Twilight looked confused, she looked to Derpy and asked, “What was that about?”

Derpy reached into her bag and passed Twilight a pamphlet; Twilight looked at it with a stunned look which made Derpy say, “You did know about the early snow storm right?” Twilight shook her head.

Fluttershy suddenly spoke up upon hearing this, “I need to be going soon then.” That comment took every pony for a loop making them all look at her with interest, aside Derpy of course as she was eating another muffin. “I got a letter yesterday from the Fillydelphia Animal Care Center; they need me to come there to help some animals they don’t have the expertise for.”

We all nodded, but I was a little concerned about the outcome of this conversation. They had all been brought here to find a place for me to stay, and now the only pony left is Twilight to whom I’m still not happy with for picking me up by the tail.

“Well, I’d say that leaves me then but I can’t take care of her either.” Twilight killed off the concern I had and replaced it with question. “My parents want me to come home for a few weeks to visit, as well as my brother wanting to see me for some reason.” She was biting her lip the entire time she said that.

“So now what then?” I asked; Derpy was smiling for some reason but I didn’t notice.

“I don’t know Aurora, it seems like the orphan—“she got cut off by Derpy.

“Twilight, are you forgetting some pony?” she asked out of the blue.

“I don’t think……” Twilight was looking at Derpy for the longest time, “Wait…” she blinked a few times then blurted, “You?”

“Mmmm hm” Derpy smiled, “I’ve been thinking about it for some time now actually.”

I hadn’t been expecting this, but it seemed like a good idea. We both got along rather well for only meeting each other a few hours ago, I nodded at Twilight.

“Derpy you do realize the situation she’s in right?” Derpy nodded, “Well, if you’re both sure about this….” She paused to look back and me and Derpy; we both nodded. “I did talk to the mayor before we got here about custody papers, so I guess all you have to do is sign them.” Twilight shrugged and the rest of the ponies and me got up from our pillows and followed Twilight out the door.

“Hey hold on a second!!” Pinkie suddenly blurted out making every pony stop dead in their tracks, “She forgot to open my present!” with that remark I was quickly given the box she was carrying with her; I looked at Pinkie with a questioning look, “Your supposed to open it silly!” I mentally facehooved myself and opened the box; inside was a small triple decked cake that smelled of chocolate, the chocolate had it; I ate it on instinct.

The cake itself was made of chocolate, marzipan, orange flavoring, and a few other things I would have to ask pinkie about. However, I could tell one main ingredient right off the bat. “Pinkie is there coffee in this?” is what I would have said if Pinkie didn’t cut me off before saying coffee.

“No spoiling the secret ingredient.” She whispered into my ear.

I looked at her for a moment then looked back to where we were walking; I stopped when I saw every pony else had as well. “Pinkie when did we----“Pinkie cut me off.

“Scene change.” She said in a giggle.

“Wha---?” I didn’t have time to finish my sentence since I just noticed Derpy walking out of the building in front of us with another older looking pony.

The elder pony stopped in front of me and said as she passed Derpy some papers, “You have a good life ahead of you Miss Hooves; she’s a good parent, you’re lucky to have her.” I was a little confused, was she calling me Miss Hooves or Derpy? I looked over to the left of me to find Twilight and asked her.

“Aurora, Hooves is your last name how, that’s how it works.” She said, then added, “Because Derpy is adopting you you’re take also taking on her family name, which is Hooves. So now your full name is Aurora Hooves, like my full name is Twilight Sparkle.”

“And my full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie. Talk about a mouth full.” Pinkie added.

It made sense I guess, though I wasn’t thinking about it much being the rest of the ponies went their separate ways, leaving me with Derpy.

“Guess we should head home then.” Derpy told me; I nodded, I was more tired then I realized.

I’m not sure how long it took us to get to Derpy, no, our house. But by the time we got there I was about ready so fall asleep standing up. “Come on, not too much farther now.” Derpy said while opening the door for me, I gladly went inside; it smelled like muffins after all.

I didn’t really fell like doing much else but sleep, so any thoughts about muffins went over my head and hit Derpy; she guided me to the living room. I was thankful she had a sofa, because as soon as I climbed onto it I mumbled something I couldn’t make out and fell into a deep sleep filled with fresh muffins.