WMLP & WEQG Encyclopedia.

by Neutral Boy

Prologue: A book to keep.

Hi there, the names Roy. I'm a high school student. Single, lonely, bullied, scolded, etc.

You may be wondering or asking me why I'm outside instead of school at noon.

Well earlier, I've had some tough time at school so I don't want to talk about it right now.

So I'm currently inside Walmart to buying some groceries for sale and other things.

"Hmmmm hm hmmmmm hmmmm hm hmmmmmm~."

I'm actually humming my favorite songs if you don't know.

Suddenly I notice a shiny object in the kids section.

Curious, I walk forward and stumble upon a strange book in the pile of plushy animals.

"What's this book doing here?"

I picked up the book and examine it. Turns out there was no title, no authors name, and not even a single word or letter on every pages. The only thing that's on the front is a drawing of an ink of heart on top with a pot on the bottom, weird.

Could be a top secret weapon or a failed experiment? Nah, it couldn't be.

So I asked around if anyone knows this book or who it belonged to.

The results; Every customer, employee, janitor, and manager has never seen this book.

I guess it's finders keepers for me, awesome.

After paying the groceries at the check out line, I walk out of Walmart with my things along with this strange book up to my car.

Putting my things inside my car, I turn on the ignition and drove off.

Maybe I can look online and see if there's more details about this weird book.

Damn, well at least no tags. So I looked online a few minutes ago on my computer and there wasn't any matching picture of the book. I even tried to take a picture of it to paste it on the search part in google, but still no results found.

Sighing to myself, I slump down from the chair and got back up to go make some chicken noddle soup & crunchy goldfish while putting the book on the table.

After making myself a good meal, I turn to find a paper inserted on refrigerator.

"Dear son, we'll be out of town for a week. Something came up and we had to go fix up some problems at our parent's house and go visit his brother's place.

Love, Mom & Dad.

P.S. Don't stay up too late and make sure to do your homework on time."

Grumbling, I take the paper off the fridge and put it into the garbage. I relax on my couch with some noddle soup & goldfish then turn on the wide screen TV to watch my favorite recordings.

"Whooo! Aw yeah, take that sucker! No one can defeat the mighty team in the galaxy!"

'Ring!' 'Ring!'

The phone suddenly ringed so I paused the TV to get up and walk over to the phone.

I picked up the phone and answer it.


My calming body frozen when I heard the principal was talking on the other side of the phone and he doesn't seem very happy of me skipping school.

"H-Hey there principal, how you doing? . . . W-Well I mean there a good exp. . . . . no-no everything's fine. What, b-but you can't do that! They'll kill me for sure if I show up on school grounds! Yeah, yeah, okay I'll come to the office tomorrow. Bye."

After hanging up the phone, I growl in anger and put my face into the couch pillow. Muffling my yelling in process before covering my face in a blanket.

"What am I gonna do? I can't go back there. Not after of what happen last time."

I really don't know on what am I going to do this Monday. It's like the whole is laughing at me and want me to suffer more when those guys are probably waiting for me with another brawling fight.

I wish there's another way to avoid all of this.

Some minutes later with nothing else to do, I get off the couch to go look at the book still laying on the table. I picked up the book and open it, but for some reason I found the first page that spells something out.

'Enter your name.'

This book I guess needs a new author's name? Well if the previous owner isn't around, then maybe I could try to put mine on here. Okay, I put my name in the book with a pencil.

'Enter your password.'

Password? I'm not sure on what kind of password I could use. Though I never gotten good of making a good one. So I decided to write one and voila.


After writing both my name and password, a flash of light blinded my eyes and I accidentally dropped the book before I felt everything turn to darkness.

Some hours later, I have woken up and couldn't remember on what just happened.

I spot the book on the floor and I picked it up before putting it on the table.

Oh yeah, I better go check the mail to see if my dad's order arrive. I walk out of the house to go check on the mailbox. I open it up to see two small packages. One for my dad and the other one probably for something extra he got for free.

Nothing else, I close the mailbox up and go back into the house & close the door behind me.

I put both the packages in my parents room and decide to go turn on computer if I have any notifications on my games list to play. While being busy on it, I didn't notice something flashing behind me.

Eventually when it's getting close to night at around 9, I turn my computer off and go brush up my teeth before taking a good shower. While washing myself up, I was imagining on what it's like on having a cute girl, talking to each other, asking her out on a good date, accidentally get drunk one night, kicking up a notch with some shower se-

Shaking my head no repeatedly, I slap my cheeks a couple of times and felt my face hint of some red in embarrassment. Why did I suddenly think of a dirty thought scene like this?

Damn, I better remind myself to cut down of watching too many rated r films.

So after calming myself down from thinking dirty thoughts and done taking a shower, I wash off with a clean towel and also clean out my ears. I turn off the light in the bathroom and go put on some pajama clothes on.

I also turn on my TV to put on some calming music channel, a great way for it in case you might have been nervous, angry, stress, sadness, you name it.

I pick up the book again off the table and go relax on the couch. I open up the book to see nothing has changed, only for my name in the book.

Humming, I felt really tired and decide to turn off the TV. I put the blanket over me with the book on top of my chest, unaware of a small different light glowing inside the book.

The next morning at around 7, I wake with a loud yawn and stretch my arms up high then scratching my whole back.

After that, I got off the couch and go make some breakfast. Before making some, I pause to turn my head right to see a quill, sealed ink, and a folded old paper on the table with a label saying it's from a place called Equestria.

Not sure of what it is, I walk over to the table and open up the letter.

"Dear Mr. Roy, I hope that you get filled up with some good nutritional meals and be sure to have everything cleaned up while make a proper visit with you.

XoXoXo, from F.

P.S. Oh I almost forgot, I also have a resume to a good special academy if you are interested. I called your parents and they were okay with it. Anyway, looking forward to meeting you. Tata~!"

". . . What?"