Twilight’s Heart

by PizzaculousPony


Light came in through the window as the morning sun graced Equestria. Twilight who was having a rather pleasant dream turned away, trying to stay in Luna’s domain. After a bit of unconscious struggling she finally started returning to the real world. Twilight’s seances slowly started to come to her. She felt something touching and tickling her ears.

Wind? Why is there a wind inside my bedroom? Did I leave the window open?

Twilight’s eyes slowly opened, she was in her room, no surprise there and the window was close so why was there wind? She then felt something move in the bed next to her.

Spike? Why are you- "AH!"

Her heart stopped for a moment, she looked over her shoulder to see Astral sleeping next to her. Her first reaction was to get out of bed but her hoof got stuck on the sheets and she fell to the ground with a 'thump'.

Astral at the sudden scream quickly woke up and jolted out of bed.

"Wha? Is everything ok?!...Where am I?"

Twilight emerged from the other side of the bed, during the confusion, a pillow fell on her face, impaled by her horn. She was looking utterly confused and terrified.

It took sole moments for Astral’s brain to catch up. There was a mare...Twilight on the other side of the bed from which he just got off... looking at him with a look of terror... He didn’t have time to think.

Knock, Knock, Knock

Both of them looked at each other with terror. Twilight took the initiative and pointed at him then at her. The meaning of the gesture was clear to him, Astral nodded 'no' slowly. They both seemed to relax.

Knock, Knock, Knock

"Twilight, are you alright? I heard screaming" Cadence’s voice asked from behind the door.

It took Twilight a few double takes before answering. "Y-Yes I’m fine...just... a nightmare."

She motioned at Astral and to a nearby window as she quietly opened it with magic. Astral nodded in understanding before he started tip-hoofing to the windows.

"Twilight..." Cadence’s voice sounded again. "Is everything ok? I’m coming in."

Twilight looked at Astral in the eyes and moved her mouth in a way that said 'sorry' without any sound coming out. Then before he could react she pushed him with her magic out the window.

Cadence entered just as Twilight closed the window. She looked around for a moment before setting her sight onto Twilight who was visibly nervous for almost being caught.

"Um Twilight...Did something happen?"

Twilight was petrified. Did she know? "W-What do you mean?"

Cadence used her magic to close the door and started fixing her bed. She also lifted the pillow off of Twilight’s horn.

"What I mean is that this bed was way too messy for you to only have had a nightmare."

Twilight almost sighed in relieve but she stopped herself. "Nothing happened Cadence, it was just a nightmare."

"Really? A third voice spoke from behind the door, that caused the two alicorns to stare for a moment. The door opened to reveal Princess Luna. "Want to try again?"

Cadence looked back at Twilight who was glaring at Luna, then back to Luna who had a huge smirk on her face. Cadence then looked back at Twilight.

"Don’t lie, tell us what’s wrong." The tone was gentle but also commanding.

Twilight had to get an answer out and fast. She turned towards the window Astral used to escape, that gave her an idea. "The sunlight slowly woke me up and when I finally did, the sun’s rays hit my eyes and blinded me for a second."

Luna smirk receded, clearly it wasn’t the answer she was looking for for. Cadence on the other hand was a bit confused.

"How could the sunlight blind you if none of the windows face towards the bed?" Cadence asked lifting an eyebrow, Luna also lifted an eyebrow...Somehow, Twilight thought, Somehow she knew.

"You see...I-It reflected off of that!" She pointed at the gift Astral gave her.

Luna and Cadence looked over to where she pointed at. They both had shocked expressions in realization. If they didn’t know... They now had to know.

Cadence walked up to it and examined it, she lifted it up in her magic. "What is this?"

"I-I got it...Yesterday as a gift..." Twilight was now sweating buckets. She watched as Cadence lifted it and prepared the activation spell.

The room was encased in a dark blue dome. The stars that had been on the floor were now all up on the sky. Twilight couldn’t help but smile at her’s and Astral’s handy-work. She looked over to see the amazed looks on Cadence’s and Luna’s faces, Luna’s had a tinge of pride in it.

"Some gift!" Cadence complemented.

"Thanks." Twilight giggled a little which made Cadence look at her with a teasing smile.

"Did some stallion possibly capture the heart of Princess Twilight Sparkle?" She leaned closer.

Luna followed suit also with a teasing smile. "Yes...Where were you that half an hour you went missing?"

"I-I-I said, I went for a walk...In the gardens!" Twilight’s face lit up with a strong blush.

"You didn’t answer my question...” Cadence continued.

"I-I... What?...No! Of course not..."

"Are you really trying to lie to the alicorn of love?"


"Aw...Twilight has a crush! Tell us, who is it?" Luna cut in.

"N-Nopony." Twilight’s voice came as a squeek.

"Is it... Shadow Quill? Golden Heart? Moonbeam Light? Dream Voyage?-" Cadence started listing off the stallions who had presented themselves to Twilight.

"No! None of them...As a matter of fact, nopony. Now if you would excuse me, I’m going to... Take a shower." She huffed and turned towards her bathroom and opened the door desperate to get away.

"Astral Shield?" Cadence asked as a last desperate guess.

Twilight froze for a moment but then continued. “N-No." then she slammed the door.

Finally inside she created a sound barrier around the bathroom. She opened the small window that let light into the bathroom and looked out to find Astral. She found him hiding just bellow the window sill, crouched down so nobody saw him. She motioned to get his attention and teleported him in.

"What were you THINKING?!" She screamed at him.

He flinched a bit but then he brought his wings to his mouth. "Shh...they’ll hear you!"

"Sound barrier." She motioned at the the slight aura radiating from the walls. "Now tell me...Why were you in MY bed." She blushed at the reminder.

"Well...If I remember correctly, we fell asleep while we completed the sky." He responded, a slight blush came onto his face.

"So...We didn’t?"

"NO! No no no I’m not that kind of stallion." He quickly responded his blush only intensified.

Twilight sighed in relief. She then went over and prepared a bath with her magic.

"Somepony will likely go to your room to wake you up and I don’t want them to find your room empty." She lit her horn once more to teleport him back.

"No please spare me, I hate teleporting, it makes me sick..."

"You’ll get used to it dating me." She moved closer.

" accept defeat at my hooves?" He cleaned his hoof in his fur and pretended to admire it.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Maybe..." she leaned into him giving him a light kiss, which he returned, then she teleported him into his room.

She dispelled the sound barrier and went into her now ready bath. She relaxed her body as the warm water touched her. She still couldn’t believe she was dating someone and blushed at the thought.

She suddenly heard the door shoot open. She jumped at the loud sound. She turned around to see Cadence, looking right at her with a mad expression.

"W-What is this? Don’t you know the meaning of Privacy?!" Twilight tried. She looked over to the door and saw it was about to fall of it’s bearing. "A-Are you MAD?! What did you do to my door!"

"Twilight Sparkle..." Cadence said between mad pants. "Explain...This...Now!" Cadence lifted with her magic a suit, Astral’s suit.


" see..." Twilight trailed off trying to find an explanation. "He was...going to give it to Rarity...But he couldn’t find her...So he told me to give it to her!" She tried.

Cadence’s rage seemed to lessen, she was no longer panting, now she looked more confused. Cadence then sighed in relief.

"Oh good, I cant believe I actually thought that you had..."

"CADENCE! Shut up! I don’t need to think about that!"

"But it’s something normal-"

"Stop!" Twilight used her magic to grab her muzzle and close it she got little resistance. "Can I now continue to take my bath in peace?...And can you stop going through my stuff?!"

"O-Oh yes, sorry." Cadence then closed the door with a lot of care so not to worsen it’s state.

Twilight was left there alone. She pondered for a while, she would need to lie a lot, she hated lying especially to her friends and family... But did she really have a choice? She washed her mane. If she were to tell Celestia, she probably wouldn’t be mad, and she sure wouldn’t tell the nobles. Her friends on the other hand, she knew Applejack could keep a secret, Rarity would probably end up revealing it somehow although it was unlikely, Rainbow Dash would reveal it giving how reckless she was, Fluttershy wouldn’t but it would tear her up and Pinky... She would probably yell it before she could tell her to keep it a secret.

She stayed in the bath for a bit longer. She knew she could always count on Celestia since she was the mother of poker faces. But she decided to ask Astral first.

She got out of her bath and got ready for breakfast, her stomach grumbled for not having eaten since the party’s start. She dried her mane and coat. She looked over to see her regalia again on her counter. She had started liking the things and decided to try and wear them for the day. She fixed on her hoof-wear, little chest plate thing and crown. She opened the door to her room and walked out.

She made her way over to the dining table, she ran into Astral at the entrance and went in first. Inside were the other princesses and her friends and she could tell once again that she’ll need to lie a lot. She sat down next to Celestia and Luna and started eating, all the while making up excuses in her mind.