Twilight’s Heart

by PizzaculousPony

A Royal Party

In one of Canterlot’s towers, ten mares prepared for one of the biggest nights of the year. Rarity made some last-minute arrangements to the dress Twilight was wearing. Twilight wore a light purple gown with an extra pink cloth that split the gown into two, she wore her mane in a bun similar to her crystal form, she also wore her crown and hoof wear.

"Are you sure about this Celestia?" Twilight asked, anxiety was obvious in her voice.

"Don’t worry Twilight." Celestia responded with a comforting tone. "I’ll distract the nobles so you can enjoy your party with your friends."

"Y-Yes but what about you? I don’t want does childish nobles to ruin the party for you."

"Oh, trust me, I have my ways to amuse myself with them."

"Relaaaax Twilight." Pinkie cut in the silence of the conversation. "C’mon practically all of Equestria is attending the party."

"Although I wouldn’t frase it that way... She’s right darling, you should enjoy your birthday party."

"I-I guess your right." Twilight sighed in defeat.

"So...Are you girls ready? Sorry I just can’t wait!" Cadence was ready at any moment to open the door and gallop out.

"Yes, the dresses are ready but, I must go check if the boys are ready and managed to get into their suits." Rarity walked over to the door. "I’ll be back when they’re ready."

"UGH c’mon why do we have to wait for them?! I heard they were serving cider!" Rainbow’s mouth started watering just thinking about it.

"Well, I believe she is right Rainbow Dash, better see if they need help so we all make our entrance together."

"Thank you princess" Rarity then exited the room.


Rarity opened the door to the room the boys were occupying to get ready. What she saw almost made her heart stop. Spike was struggling to get into his small tuxedo, Shining Armor was struggling to get his badge into place, Discord was wearing a monstrosity instead of the suit Rarity made him, Astral was wearing his sword, Big Mac was the only one that had gotten into his suit but was confused trying to help Spike.

"Sweet Celestia what are you doing?!"

Rarity quickly got to work, her horn flaring into action, she first solved the easiest problems, she fixed the badge that Shining insisted he wear and took off Astral’s sword.

"H-Hey!" Astral protested but Rarity ignored him

"Now Spikey, you just need to find the holes for the head and arms then you can fit in your spikes." She lifted Spike’s tuxedo and helped him.

"Now, Discord what in Celestia’s name is that?!"

"You don’t like it? I made it myself. I believe that the colors match pretty well." He said while he adjusted the ridiculously big bow tie.

"Wha-No!...I mean, Discord... If you want to learn to design I’ll gladly teach you, but right now I’ll really appreciate that you put on the suit I made you...Please." That last part came off as more of a plea than a question.

"Fiiiine" Discord snapped his finger and got into his suit.

"Okay...I’ll go tell the girls. Discord, Astral and Big Mac you boys go ahead and wait for us in the main hall. Shining Armor, you follow me to the girl’s room to make your entrance along side Princess Cadence."


Astral waited, he was seated in the round table reserved for the princesses and their friends. The hall was filed with nobles all impatient to meet with the princesses. The hall was adorned with lavender ribbons and the most beautiful flowers. Astral also noticed an increase in the guards and patrols.

For a while he sat there, thinking about when he should give Twilight her gift. He knew Spike and Starlight had an idea of who was his ‘mystery' mare was but he didn’t want to confirm their theory. He also needed to avoid Luna and Cadence, the last one was going to be harder than he thought, he knew how close Cadence and Twilight were.

All of the sudden, the trumpets sounded and a stallion spoke from the bottom of the grand staircase.

"Please welcome, our heroines who have fought for Equestria numerous times!"

Six mares came out, Starlight was also included. They all sported beautiful dresses. They went down the stairs and they were seated on the same table as Astral. They were stopped only by a few nobles but other than that, they were seated rather quickly.

Then the trumpets started again, this time they sang the royal welcome. Everyone looked towards the stairs waiting for the princesses to make their entrance.

"Please welcome, their royal highnesses, the Princesses of Equestria"

The ball room fell silent as the princesses and Shining Armor walked down the stairs. Immediately they were bombarded by nobles trying to get on their good side. Princess Celestia was moving them away from the staircase as much as possible so Twilight could pass.

The trumpets then sounded the royal welcome again. This time Astral did look up.

"Everypony please welcome, her royal highness, Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria."

The crowd erupted in a multitude of cheers, various nobles deserted Celestia and made their way over to Twilight. She had a radiant smile.

Astral couldn’t help but blush, he was staring right at Twilight. His heart was in danger of coming out of his chest and his throat was completely dry. He looked away from her to avoid anyone noticing his destress. He looked over at the the table. Five mares were talking and laughing but Starlight, Spike and Luna were looking at him with raised eyebrows and huge smirks.

It took Twilight five minutes to get to the table. I took the joint effort of all of the princesses to get her to the table. When she finally sat down, she was seated between the princesses and Astral, who was trying not to die from his heart skipping multiple beats.

The party went on as planned, the dance floor was opened and the guests started dancing to the medieval music. The princesses and Twilight’s friends were all chatting and laughing together sometimes hinting at Astral’s plan without giving any details. Starlight, Luna and Cadence were giving each other knowing nods and mischievous smiles, which made everyone look at them as if they had grown a second head.

After a while Twilight started getting quieter. Some of the mares went to the dance floor and started dancing.

"U-um excuse me, I need some fresh air." Twilight stood up and walked over to the balcony.

Astral sneaked away from the table. He walked over to where Twilight was with a worried expression.

"Are you okay?"He asked

"I’m fine, I’ll be there in a minute." She looked back in surprise but then continued to look out.

"Twilight, I’ve known you for how long? Eleven years? Don’t try to lie to me. What’s worrying you?"

"Nothing, Astral honest...I’ll be there in a second."

"Twilight you shouldn’t keep it in, tell me.”

"I-I guess I’m just paranoid, Shining told me there was a breaking last week. And I guess I’m just worried for everypony."

"O-Oh! Don’t fear because I am here!" He puffed out his chest in pride and gave a fake powerful laugh."Ha, Ha, Ha!" He then walked over to Twilight and smirked down on her.

"Then I should be even more worried." She rolled her eyes and smiled at him.

"U-Uh what? No! You should feel save!...UGH why are you so difficult?"

"Maybe because I’ve battled a giant centaur and have looked Nightmare Moon in the eyes?"

"Good point... Anyways are you feeling better?"

"If tell you that I am would you go back and enjoy the party?"

"Maybe...Actually no because I won’t believe you."

"Oh great now you make me feel guilty."

They stayed in silence for a few seconds, looking out on the Equestrian landscape. Then Astral had an idea.

"D-Do you...want to dance with me?"

"No!...I-I mean I don’t have problem with you...It’s just know I can’t dance.”

"I can teach you."

"Sure you can but...I don’t want anypony to find out." She looked nervously at the dance floor and gulped.

"Who said we’re going to the dance floor? We’re going over there." He pointed at a small hidden court yard in the gardens. It had a fountain depicting the two sister and it was only illuminated by the moon.

"You sure? How are we going to get past the guests?"

"Are you honestly still doubting me?"

"What do you mea-Aaaah?!"

Astral scooped her up in his arms and glided down to the court yard. Twilight was grabbing onto him for dear life. When they got to the ground she jumped off him.


"I can’t promise anything."

"Astral!" She then started chuckling and soon Astral joined in.

"Okay so...should we get started?"

"S-sure just t-tell me what to do- Woah!"

Astral lifted them both on their back hooves.

"Okay now, don’t freak out but..." He placed one of his hooves on her waist. They both blushed like crazy but they ignored it. "N-Now place your hoof on my shoulder."

She did as he asked and placed her hoof on his shoulders. That brought them closer together. The music was loud enough to reach the empty court yard. Astral then led her hoof and his farther away.

They both moved to the beat of the music it was slow so Twilight was able to keep up. After a while, Twilight started to relax, her movement were more fluid and she stopped looking at her hooves to avoid getting mixed up.

"You know you’re learning faster than I did."

"I have a good teacher...But I think the student bested the teacher" She smiled.

They continued to dance across the court yard teasing each other all the way. Then Astral lifted Twilight up.

"H-Hey! Put me down!"

"Why? You look so cute up there? I think I might never put you down."

"Grr...Put me down or we’re going back to the castle!" Twilight’s blush intensified when she remembered the complement.

"Fine. You’re no fun."

Astral put her down probably a little too fast and she stumbled and fell into his chest with a 'oof'. She looked up at him with an annoyed look.

"You could’ve warned me!"

"I thought you said you had bested me."

Y-Yeah but...Let’s just...continue dancing?"

"Sure thing Princess"

They danced again, this time a bit faster. At one point Twilight rested her head on Astral’s chest. She could feel his muscles through his coat. She was so close that Astral could smell the lavender shampoo she had used on her mane.

Then the music stopped they remained in the same position for a while. They would’ve stayed that way too if it weren’t for the sound of approaching hooves. Both of their ears flicked toward the sound and they went back to four hooves, always blushing light red heartswarming lights.

They acted as if they were just walking around the gardens but none of them said anything. Soon enough a guards pony unicorn came walking in. They both took a moment to process what was happening. Then Astral and Twilight recognized him...

"Sunfire Claw?" Twilight said in a cold and angry tone. She was about to throw him off Canterlot but decided against it since it would make her a murderer.

"Your highness,Astral Shield... you’re being searched for ever since you disappeared from the party."

Twilight and Astral looked at each other in worry. For them timed had seemed to stop, they were too caught up in the moment they forgot about the party entirely.

"How long...were we gone for?"

"Almost half an hour now."

"O-Oh! Then we should be getting back. Let’s go Astry-...Astral."

"The nobles won’t be happy when they hear this." Sunfire grinned in anticipation towards them.

"Why would they be upset that I went on a walk and brought my guard along?" Twilight retorted.

"I’m not talking about that...Your highness." He said with venom dripping from his voice. "I’m talking about your little...moment."

Twilight almost froze, there was no way that he had seen them right? She looked back at Astral who was giving her the same deadpanned look.

"There was no moment." She finally spoke.

When there was no response she continued.

"You shouldn’t invent rumors like those."

"Drop the act, I saw you dancing. I must say, I was waiting for the kiss so I could catch you both red handed." The venom never stopped coming out.

"You shall not speak of this! That’s an order!” She was now about to throw him right into the wall.

Seeing that the conversation led nowhere, she teleported both her and Astral to the balcony. If they didn’t look guilty then, Sunfire had confirmation now. They both looked at each other with terrified faces.

They started walking over to the table.

"Wha-What are we going to do?!" Astral asked in a hushed tone so only Twilight would hear.

"Act as that never happened." She looked over to her friends who had already noticed them.

They sat down in silence like to foals who had just been grounded. Everyone looked at each other with worried glances...Well everyone except Luna and Cadence...they had already pieced most of it together. Celestia was the first to speak.

"Twilight is everything okay? We were really worried."

"Y-yes! Everything is fine we...just went on a walk and well...lost track of time. We’re sorry we didn’t want to worry you guys."

"Oh don’t worry about it!" Pinky dismissed the idea with a hoof. "Nopony found out!"

Twilight and Astral tensed up. How could Pinky know? Then they decided not to push it, if she didn’t know they didn’t want it to look like they did anything.

"A-Anyways...Did any of you dance?" Twilight broke the ice.

"Me and Shining Armor gave it a go, although the nobles didn’t take their eyes off us. So we got uncomfortable and came back." Cadence responded.

"Discord wanted to dance but...I was too shy." Fluttershy added.

"There was this noble asking for you Twi!" Rainbow added. "Apparently there’s a long line of nobles asking to dance with you."

"Not happening! I-I don’t know how to dance." Twilight quickly added. "Besides I don’t like to mingle with the nobles. Heck, when they surrounded me when I got off the stairs it rook all of my energy not to scowl at them."

They all laughed and had a good time at the party. Having Pinky around kept away most of the nobles but some occasionally came to greet them. Astral and Twilight kept looking back worriedly, seeing if they spotted Sunfire anywhere, but they never did.


The party went on for the whole night, throwing off the sleeping schedule of Princess Luna and Celestia. They all retired to their chambers once the guests were gone. The sun was supposed to rise in about an hour after the retired. Astral took this opportunity to give Twilight her gift.

Knock, Knock, Knock

"Twilight you in here?"

"Astry?... Come in!"

Astral went into the room, Twilight was reading a book on her carpet.

"W-What are you reading?"

"A book about ancient myths and legends." Twilight closed her book and placed it on the table with her magic. "Is everything okay? Sunfire didn’t appear... Did he?"

"No...that’s a relief. I came to give you my birthday present!" He lifted his wing to reveal a little box.

"Astral...You really shouldn’t have!"

She opened the box. Her heart skipped a beat at what she saw, a wooden pin with lines and swirls like the ones she had seen in old runes, inside was a beautiful crystal, shaped like her cutie mark.

"W-Wow Astral...I-I don’t know what to say...This is-Thank you!" Her eyes lit up with wonder and happiness.

"That’s not all! Use an activation spell on it." He smiled at her and he was also blushing.

Twilight used it and in a blink of an eye, a dark blue transparent dome formed around them. Astral sat down next to her. Twilight looked at it with confusion but when she saw the stars on the floor and realized what it was, she gave Astral her biggest and more radiant smiles.

"I was thinking we know...complete it together?...What do you think?"

Twilight then jumped Astral and gave him a big hug.

"I LOVE it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

"It’s no problem at all I-"

Twilight then gave him a kiss on the cheek, when noticed what she had done she blushed furiously.


"Remember what you once told me?"


"Don’t.You.Dare.Apologize" He looked right into her eyes and pointed his hoof on her chest.

The distance between their lips began to close. The candle started going out as the both closed their eyes and kissed.