Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

Birthday Bash

It was a fine morning in the Chaotic Castle; Celestia had just risen the sun, Adam was walking up. When the Yellow Ranger got out of bed; he walked towards his mirror, "Morning Birthday boy." he said to the glass. Adam made himself look presentable before heading downstairs; something was waiting for him.

Adam entered the living room; but there was no one there, it was like a ghost town. The boy didn't know what to do, "Fluttershy? Screwball? Mothball? Where is everybody?" he asked.

Before anything else could happen; Screwball and her family appeared in front of him with a flash, sending Adam to the floor in shock. "Happy Birthday!" the yelled. Adam was still on the floor panting; but he was helped up by Mothball, "You okay Adam?" the Changeling asked. When the boy was on his feet; he answered, "Yeah, you guys just took me by surprise."

Fluttershy approached Adam with a present; he cried a little when he saw it, "We all picked this one out." she said. Adam took the box and unwrapped it; inside was a picture frame, inside the frame was a picture of Fluttershy and her family. Even Discord was there; in the corner of the frame was some writing, it read "Happy Birthday Adam and thank you for protecting us. Love Fluttershy, Screwball, Mothball & Zany." Adam couldn't help but cry as they all embraced in a group hug; Screwball remembered something, "Okay Adam, you need to go to the park. Rose is waiting for you there." she explained. Adam followed the purple pony's orders and left for the park.

Once he was gone; the ponies and Changeling got everyone out of hiding, Rory, Kian and Wiktoria were hiding in the broom closet. "Okay, Rose is distracting him for the day. We have to get all the stuff to Sugar Cube Corner." Rory explained. So they all grabbed the party supplies and made for Pinkie's work place.
Adam soon arrived at the park; Rose was waiting for him on a park bench, when she saw him coming she greeted him with a gentle wave. "Happy Birthday Adam." she said with delight. Adam replied, "Thanks Rose, so I hear your supposed to be distracting me." A cold chill went up Rose's spine; she said, "What? No. It's just two friends out on one of their Birthdays." Adam knew she was up to something; but decided to play along, just to see what the outcome was.

They began their day with a walk through the meadows of the park; just taking in the views, when suddenly....

Changelings sprung from the trees; surrounding the rangers, something bigger emerged from the swarm. "Oh joy. I've found myself two adorable Power Rangers. Once my mouth watering work is done, all you want to do is have fun, fun, fun. HAHAHAHAHA!" the red and white suited villain laughed. Adam noticed something about the villain; he had a red and white cane; that looked like a lollipop, a red and white striped tuxedo, he was a little over weight and he and a marshmallow spiral hat on his head.

The rangers knew this guy was a threat; Adam asked, "Who are you?" The villain skipped around them with a smile on his face, "Call me Candy Cane." he said. The rangers stared at the candy themed villain; I thinks it's morphing time.

"Ready Rose?" Adam asked. Rose replied, "Ready." Then; pulling out their morphers, they both yelled, "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"

Now morphed; the Yellow and Pink Ranger were ready for battle. The drew their magic staffs from their belts; and they morphed into the weapons.

Candy Cane simple laughed, "Now the fun begins." he said.
1 hour earlier...…….

Down in the underworld; Zombra was pacing back and forth, Chrysalis walked in on her partner. "What are you doing Zombra?" she asked. The King of Monsters answered with, "Planning." Then; the Changeling queen remembered what she was going to say. "Zombra, there's news about the rangers. Today is the Yellow Rangers Birthday, the perfect time to strike." she explained. Zombra thought for a minute.

"Brilliant Chrysalis. I have just the villain for this job." the shadow pony said as he approached the life cells. Zombra found the one he was looking for; he hovered it into the air, then blasted it with his dark magic. "I summon; Candy Cane."

In the centre of town; a purple light flashed outside an old candy shop, the purple light then generated the candy themed villain. When the striped suit villain realised he was free; a evil smile grew on his face, "Well, well, well; the candy man is back. And he wants to go see his old friend Pinkie Pie." Before Cane could do anything else; Zombra eyes appeared in the sky, "Candy Cane, your orders are to destroy the Yellow Ranger's Birthday. And then steal his Element." The King of Monsters ordered.

Candy Cane was a little scared of his shadow pony master, "Of course my master, no human or pony can resist my sugary treats." he said.

When Zombra's eyes disappeared from the sky; Cane entered his candy shop, no one had been in there for years. The villain flipped the power switch; restoring power to the machines, "Now a plan is forming in my head, soon those Power Rangers will feel dread." Cane sang. "I hope this isn't to extreme, I think I have myself a scheme. The candy will make them zip and zoom, the Yellow Ranger will meet his doom. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
Not far from the park; the other rangers and the ponies were setting up Adam's party at Sugar Cube Corner. Screwball was in the kitchen with Applejack baking the food, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flew up to hang the banner and Pinkie Pie was just blasting decorations up with her party cannon. All the kids were writing cards and wrapping presents at the tables; while the babies were just playing with each other. "Hurry up everybody and pony." Kian said. "We don't know how long Rose can keep Adam distracted."

As all was going well; Rory's morpher rang, he answered it quickly. Celestia was on the line; Rory put it on speaker, "Rangers, there's trouble at the park. Adam and Rose got ambushed by Changelings and a new villain." the princess explained. The rangers were needed, "Guys keep setting up." Rory said. "We'll be back." After those words; Rory, Kian and Wiktoria ran from the shop, morphing into their rangers suit. "Magical Source; Harmony Force!" they cried as they leaped through the air.

Now morphed; the sped towards the park.
Back over at the fight; Adam and Rose already started battling the Changeling swarm, while Candy Cane watched from a far.

Finally; the other rangers arrived at the battle, "Adam! Rose!" Kian cried. Unfortunately; Kian distracted Adam and Rose, they were hit with a Changeling blast. It was so powerful; it sent them flying into the rest of the team. Candy Cane skipped forward to greet the other rangers, "Well; looks like we have more rangers joining our little party." The rangers ignored his comment and readied their weapons, "I don't know what your planning; but if you've learned anything from the Black Knight, it won't work." Kian explained.

The Power Rangers struck their battle poses; but Cane didn't order a attack, "Oh I think that's enough playing for now, just pass on a message to Pinkie Pie for me." Cane said. "I'll meet her in my old candy shop and if she doesn't show up...… her fillies get it." Adam shot up in rage, "Attacking my team is one thing, but no one threatens the Tri-Pies!" he cried. Adam's magic staff converted to it's crossbow mode; he began firing at Candy Cane, blasting him back towards the trees. As for the rest of the Changelings; the buzzed away in fear of getting shot, leaving Cane to fend for himself.

The villain got to his feet and said, "Have her meet me at my shop, and no funny business." Cane ordered. Then the spiral lollipop on his cane began to spin; Candy Cane was lifted into the air, flying away. The rangers watched as their enemy escaped; Rory was the first to speak, "We can't let Pinkie go to that maniac, he'll destroy her." Rose turned to her team and asked, "Why does he want Pinkie Pie anyway?" But none of the rangers knew, so they de-morphed and left.

Adam was told to go back to the Castle of Chaos; Fluttershy was waiting for him there, everyone else went back to Sugar Cube Corner. When Adam arrived; Fluttershy was in her garden, the boy greeted her with a kind wave. They both spent most of the afternoon feeding and playing with the animals; until Adam stepped inside for a drink. While he was gone; Fluttershy started to sing to her animals.

"Each day when the sun rises, I hurry from my sleep. Coming here to greet you with my song." she sang. Totally unaware that Discord was wandering the woods next the castle. He was close enough; he could hear the Pegasus singing, "What is that beautiful sound?" he asked. The purple knight approached the castle he once called home; he found Fluttershy singing in the garden he made for her, when he had her imprisoned. Discord slowly approached the mare without being spotted; he stared at the yellow pony for a while, "Why does that Pegasus look so familiar? And why is she so.....beautiful?" he asked himself.

Discord came out of hiding; and approached Fluttershy, "Hello miss." he quietly said. Fluttershy turned and said, "Hello, how can I hel……" before she could finished, she gasped at the site of her husband encased in the evil armour.

"Di...Discord?" she said with a scared voice. She backed away from him ever so slightly; but he didn't not harm her, he just stood there. "Why do you look so familiar, Element Barer?" the draconequus asked. Fluttershy felt less afraid of him, "Do you know who I am?" she asked. But Discord simply shook his head; Fluttershy's eyes started to fill with tears, "I'm your wife Discord; we've raised two beautiful children, we have such wonderful friends. Please Discord; come back to me, I love you." With those words; she wrapped her hooves around the purple knight, trying to convince him that what she was saying was true. Discord didn't move for a minute; until....

"No!" he cried and pulled Fluttershy off him. "I am the Lord of Chaos, you are a friend of the rangers. A friend of my enemy, is my enemy." The knight grasped his sword and raised it above his head; attempting to strike her down. "Discord, no please!" she cried. But it was to late; he swung his sword at her but.....

It was quickly blocked by Adam; he was already morphed and blocking Discord's attack with his magic staff. "Leave her alone!" Adam said angrily. The ranger lifted the sword away and struck the knight with his staff; causing him to move back in pain. Discord stared at the Yellow Ranger; then placed his sword back into his shield, "Your lucky I don't destroy you now, but we will settle this once and for all." Discord explained. Adam removed his helmet to get a better hearing of what he was saying.

"What did you have in mind?" the ranger asked. Discord thought for a minute; then it came to him, "Tonight; seven o'clock, we fight to the finish. No magic, no team, just me and you battling for victory; loser is destroyed." Adam was concerned about the proposal; but it seemed like a fair wager, "Deal." the ranger replied.

With the agreement settled; Discord turned his back on the pair, marching his way back into the forest. Fluttershy couldn't help but cry; she hugged onto Adam, "Please Adam, don't destroy him." she mumbled. Adam lowered himself to her level, "No, I won't destroy him. I promised you I'd get him back, so that's what I'll do." the ranger explained.
At Sugar Cube Corner; the other rangers had to decide what to do about Candy Cane. They were joined at their table by Pinkie Pie; who had already been told about the villain who wanted her for some reason. Rose asked, "Pinkie, who is this guy and what does he want with you?" The pink earth pony tried to remember that name, "Candy Cane, why does that name sound so familiar?"

Her and the rangers sat there thinking; until the name finally sprung to Pinkie's mind....

"Candy Cane! I remember now; he owned a candy shop in Ponyville, but it was shut down when Sugar Cube Corner was opened. The Princess's found out he was stealing recipes from and evil, enchanted book in the Canterlot library." the pink pony explained. Applejack interjected the story, "I remember the story; the book also gave him candy powers. So as punishment; Celestia locked him away in a life cell." the cowgirl said.

Kian realised something, "And he wants revenge on Sugar Cube Corner, and wants you because you run it now." he said. Everyone understood the situation; now they just needed to find Cane and stop him.

Pinkie Pie had a plan, "Everypony, stay here and finish setting up. Me and the rangers are going to stop Candy Cane." The rangers called Adam and told him to meet them at Cane's candy shop.
Upon arrival at the shop; the rangers were already morphed, and Pinkie was hiding behind Rose's legs. Rory broke the silence with a yell, "Candy Cane; she's right here, come and get her!"

With that; a flash of pink light appeared in front of them, "I see you brought me my business rival, shame I still have to destroy you." A voice said. Suddenly; the ranger were blasted out of the shop and into the streets, when they got up they saw Candy Cane; holding Pinkie Pie to his chest. Adam yelled, "Let her go Cane!" But the candy themed villain just laughed, "Ha! You rangers are such push overs." he said.

Adam readied his crossbow; but was stopped by Wiktoria, "No Adam, you could hit Pinkie." she said. Cane flipped his cane over and pointed the end at the rangers, "You've interfered for the last time rangers, my gobstopper cannon will see to that." the villain explained. With those words; he fired exploding gobstoppers from his cane; at the rangers, one by one the rangers were shot down by the deadly candy.

Cane turned his attention to his pony hostage, "Your turn Miss Pie." Pinkie began to cry a little; until a strange noise was heard, something unlike anyone had every heard.

When the noise go louder; Adam recognised the sound, "That noise; could it be?" he asked.

The blue police box appeared right in front of the rangers; without warning, a man stepped out of it. "Hello Adam, I miss something." The man turned to the ranger as if he knew them, "Charlie, what are you doing here?" Rory asked. Charlie; also known as the Doctor, explained himself. "Celestia gave me a ring, and also gave me something to help you in the fight." Charlie reached into his jacket pocket pulling out his screwdriver, he turned to the villain a beamed some sonic energy at his arm.

Cane felt his arm tingling and let go of Pinkie, she ran towards the ranger where it was safe. Charlie stepped forward towards the villain, "Who are you?!" Cane yelled. Charlie simply said, "I'm the Doctor. And I brought this." Charlie reached into his pocket and pulled out...… a morpher.

"Solar Sound Morpher!" Charlie yelled. "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"

Everyone was amazed at the new ranger; Charlie yelled, "Power of the Sun; Celestia's Knight!"

Zombra was watching the whole thing from his lair; he cried, "No! Not another one!"

Cane was in even more angary, "No told me there were six Power Rangers!" Charlie was hold his sonic screwdriver; it glowed at first before Charlie said, "Solar Sonic Saber!" With those words; his screwdriver transformed into a large knight's sword, made entirely out of gold. Charlie struck a battle pose; Candy Cane readied for battle, then they both charged at each other.

The other rangers and Pinkie watched the knight and the villain battle; Charlie managed to strike Cane sometimes, but it wasn't enough. The villain blasted Charlie back to the team; he quickly got up though, "Charlie; how are you a ranger?" Rose asked. Charlie answered, "I'll explain later; right now, I've soften him up. Combine your weapons and take him down." The team looked at him with confused looks under their masks; what did he mean. The Power Rangers drew their magic staffs and place them together; suddenly, the crystals in the centre of the staffs began to glow.

The staffs hovered above the rangers; they began to lock together, forming a large sword.

The weapon fell into the rangers' hands; Kian broke the silence, "This thing is awesome!" he yelled. Cane felt a little scared; Rory called out, "Celestial Sword; Final Strike!" All the ranger grabbed a part of the handle; raising it above their heads, "Uh oh!" Candy Cane said.

The rangers brought the saber down; slashing Candy Cane with a powerful strike, when the energy faded; Cane began to spark. "Uh!" he muttered before falling forward; with a final explosion, Candy Cane was no more.
That night; Adam was on his own, "Well this has been a smashing day." he said. The boy was wandering through the streets of Ponyville; until he ran into Sugar Cube Corner, "When life gets you down, stack it back up with ice-cream." he commented.

Adam opened the front door; the room was pitch dark, it was almost spooky. He began to walk inside; there was no sign of any life or movement, "Hello? Pinkie? Just popping in for a snack."

Without warning; all the lights came on and Adam's friends jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!" Adam once again fell to the floor in shock; Rory walked over to help him up. When he was back on his feet; he walked over to the group of ponies, humans, a Changeling & a dragon, "You guys are amazing, you did all this for me?" Fluttershy approached the Yellow Ranger, "You said that our world is precious to you, this is our way of saying thank you." Adam embraced the Pegasus in a warm hug; they were soon joined by the rest of the group, all cuddling together. When they broke apart; Pinkie Pie yelled, "Lets party!"

And so they did; there were party games, Applejack had brought apple tarts and apple cider, Pinkie had made a cake shaped like Adam's Spiderman emblem & Adam was at the present table. Everybody and pony was handing him wrapped boxes; Rainbow Dash got him a Daring Doo book, Rarity had given him some human stile clothes, Rory got the boy a new O.S.C communicator, the presents kept coming.

The party lasted about two hours; whilst having fun, Adam completely forgot what he had to do. He approached Fluttershy; she was sitting with Zany, watching Screwball and Mothball on the dance floor. "Fluttershy?" he said. "I going to meet him." A worried look then sprung onto the mare's face, "Please, don't hurt him." she insisted.

When everybody and pony went home; Adam knew it was time, so he ran for the forest.
Deep within the Everfree Forest; the Lord of Chaos was waiting for his opponent.

Adam found Discord sitting on a rock in the centre of the forest; the knight stood up, approaching the ranger. "Are you ready to settle this?" he asked. Adam pulled out his morpher; holding it to his chest, "Magical source; harmony force." he said slightly; he then instantly morphed.

"We end this now!" Adam cried.

Bothe the warriors drew their weapons; they were both ready to fight, they charged at each other. They say a loud thunder was heard when their weapons clashed together....