Twilight’s Heart

by PizzaculousPony

The Gift Part One

"Okay, Okay, Let’s see if I got this straight." Starlight brought her hoof to her muzzle. "You want me, to make an illusion spell with a 360° view of the night sky and movable stars to infuse it into an artifact, for a mare you’re trying to impress."

"Well...When you put it like that it does sound a bit hard to-"

"I can do it, but I’ll need some help"

"Really!? Of course I’ll help! Just tell me what I have to do."

"First, I need you to get a special flower that lives in the Everfree"

She used her magical telekinesis to search and grab a book from the library. She quickly turned to the page were, a small rose-like light blue with a gradient to purple flower with little white spots was drawn.

"They’re said to copy the image of the night sky and so we can-"

"Use it along side a simple illusion spell, to get the night sky almost perfectly copied." Astral cut in with a big smile appearing on his face.

“Exactly. Next, I’ll need you to find..." She lowered another book from the shelves. "A 'Meteorisi' flower, this one’s a little harder to find...It needs some...dishonest acts..."

"Get to point. What do I need to do and where?"

"You really love this mystery mare don’t you?"

"Yes." He said with the most secure voice he could ever produce.

"You need to steal it from the only place where it grows..."

"Steal..."He paused for a moment. "I’ll risk it. Where?"

"The Canterlot Royal Gardens"

There was a deafening silence. Astral was a royal guard, every part of that statement went against his duties. He was willing to steal from a cave, forest, greenhouse...But the Royal Gardens?!...

He stood still for a moment. Then he considered, if it would make Twilight happy, he would do it! Granted, he didn’t know if it would, but he was willing to take the chance just for her.

"W-what part of the garden?" Cold sweat dripped down his face.

"W-wait you’ll actually do it?!..." She sighed. "It’s near the center. According to the book, it’s a white flower with a yellow gradient, and it grows in bulks to up to ten flowers."

"So they wont be hard to spot”

"Yup. It’ll probably be easier during the night, the white should stand out."

He brought his hoof to his chin thoughtfully "You’re right, also I have many comrades in the Lunar guard, they’ll hopefully let me get away but I’m not taking any chances...So...during the guard change when everything is less guarded.”

"Okay, but be careful with that one."

"You might not know, but, my second name IS careful.”

"Right...Well next, you’ll need to get a power source..." She stopped to think. "If you’re doing this for somepony, then you must love them very much." He nodded so she continued. "So we should get a power source that works with love... any ideas?"

Astral hummed, he knew a lot about magical artifacts and ingredients from listening to Twilight rant about them when they were foals but he didn’t remember any that used love to power themselves.

Another second passed, none of them spoke, they were too busy thinking. Then three, four, five seconds passed. Then, Starlight’s face lit up with an idea.

"The Crystal Heart!-"

"Yes, Starlight but I’m not going to steal it to use it to power a spell."

"No you nitwit, the Crystal Heart runs on love, so, if we can find somepony, and I know who, that can find out from what crystal it’s made from, we can use the crystal’s abilities to power the spell."

"Yes that’s a good idea. But it completely ignores the fact that we’re miles away from the Empire! When we get our response, it’ll be Tw- The mystery mare’s birthday!”

"I have an answer to that as well." She turned to the door and peeped her head out."Spike?" She called out to him.

A few moments later, Spike came into the library.

"Yeah Starlight?"

"Could you please send a letter to...Princess Cadence...err no, Sunburst?"

"I’m sorry if it sounds rude, but why not send it by mail?"

"It’s um...Kind of urgent"

"Okay in which case." He pulled out a quill and scroll."Start dictating"

"Dear Sunburst,

My friend wants to make a very special gift to a ‘mystery' mare (I know who it is, he’s very bad at faking).

To complete the gift, we need a magical power source that works on love. We were hoping that you could find out, from what crystal the Crystal Heart is made. Or if Princess Cadence can enchant a crystal to have the same magical properties of a power source for a spell that runs on love.

The gift is kind of urgent since the ‘mystery' mare’s birthday is nearing. I would really appreciate if we could get a response sooner or later (please). Send it through this magic signature.

Your friend, Starlight Glimmer

With that, Spike sent it off.

"Okay so now Astral you get the flowers while I prepare for the spell, if everything goes too well we will have the gift ready for tomorrow, if it goes poorly, we’ll have about five days."

"Okay, thanks so much Starlight I owe you one big time!"

Astral left the library and walked through the corridors to get to his room, leave the more useless parts of his armor and prepare for his little quest. He passed by Twilight’s room on his way and couldn’t help but listen in. She was singing the lullaby that her mother had sung them, before throwing herself onto the bed and continuing. Astral couldn’t help but blush, her voice to him was angelic.She’s just so...perfect. Then, at the sound of claw steps nearing he regained his posture and continued on his way.