Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

Settling in

Deep in the Everfree Forest; Discord wandered endlessly, he was searching for his "partners".

"Those rangers can not stop the master, he will soon return to plunge this world into internal night."

Before anything else could come into motion; a ring of dark magic transcended around the Lord of Chaos. The strange energy began to pull him beneath the surface; dragging him underground, until he fully disappeared.

When he came around; Discord was in a cave, "Welcome Discord." as was heard from the dark. When light emitted the cave; Discord was surrounded by Changelings, with Zombra sitting on a throne of rocks at the end of the room. Beside her partner was Chrysalis; ordering her children to stand down, Discord approached the two with anger in his step. "You let humans defeat you Zombra!" The Lord of Chaos cried.

Zombra replied with, "That may be; and now I am imprisoned here in the underworld." Discord took in his surroundings; he was actually in the underworld. Chrysalis asked, "So what is your plan to escape Zombra." The King of Monsters marched down from his thrown, "There is no way for me to escape! Especially now this land is guarded by Power Rangers." Zombra yelled. "When the rangers blasted me with their magic, it banished me here. Only their power, can set me free." Discord thought of something,

"You have one of the Elements of Harmony, that's a start." he explained. "We must retrieve the rest." Zombra thought for a while, "Well; they don't call me the king of monsters for nothing." Zombra; using his magic, presented a small coin sack.

Discord and Chrysalis observed the small bag; then turn to Zombra with blank looks on their faces, "What? Are you going to buy the rangers's powers?" Chrysalis joked. Zombra emptied the sack; spilling the contents into the are, they coin like discs hovered in the air in a straight line. Zombra explained, "These are the life cells; which I stole from the library in Canterlot, each one containing a monstrous super-villain." Chrysalis smiled. "So these monsters can steal the power for us?" she asked. Zombra nodded his head; then turned his attention back to the life cells.

"Which one to release? And where to send you?" he thought to himself. Certain cells presented themselves to their master. "Vampire, Medusa or Pirate?" Zombra listed. Until one finally caught his eye, "Of course; the ultimate warrior." The King of Monsters lifted the cell in the air with his magic, then blasted it with his dark magic. "I summon; the Black Knight!"

Just outside the Everfree Forest; a vortex opened, revealing a shadow of a figure. This beast was large; the size of a man, he had black armor, on his belt was a silver sword handle with no blade, his helmet was shaped like a skull & beside him was a hovering motorcycle with the head of a horse. When the figure emerged from the portal; he said, "I have returned Celestia, you will pay for locking me away!"

"Black Knight!" cried a dark voice in the air. The knight looked up; King Zombra's eyes were watching him through an opening in reality. "I command you; steal the Elements of Harmony from the Power Rangers and destroy anything that gets in your way." The Black Knight stared at the one who released him, "Why should I listen to you?! I have my own plans."

Zombra didn't like what he heard; using his horn, he sliced it across Black Knight's life cell. The villain felt it and he fell to his knees in pain; Zombra cried, "I may not be able to threaten to destroy you; but as long as I have your life cell, you will do my bidding." The Black Knight lifted himself off the ground, "Very well, master." he said. Zombra's eyes grew bigger in the sky, "You know your mission, now go!" he commanded. The Black Knight mounting his hover bike and road of towards Ponyville.
Within the town; the Mane 6 were walking through the streets with the rangers, Twilight however had to stay in Canterlot. The rangers were taking in the sites before being stopped by Applejack. "Okay rangers; if your going to be staying on our world, then you need places to live." the cowgirl explained. Fluttershy suggested, "Why don't each of us take a ranger into our home."

Rory stepped up, "You girls down have to do that, we wouldn't want to be a bother." Applejack stepped towards the Red Ranger, "Please; your doing some much for us, let us do something for you." The rangers saw there was no point in arguing with them, so they agreed.

So the ponies and rangers divided themselves; Rory and Kian went to live at Sweet Apple Acres with Applejack and Big Mac, Adam was taken by Fluttershy and her Family, Wiktoria chose to live with Rainbow Dash in their cloud house & finally, Rose went to live with Rarity at her fashion studio. The group split up as they all took their ranger to his or her new home.

At Sweet Apple Acres; Kian and Rory admired the new rooms, Applejack allowed them to stay in the guest rooms. "Rory; check it out, were roommates." Kian yelled as he leaped on his bed. Rory sat on his bed and watched his friend bounce up and down on his. "Kian; first things first, no waking me up in the middle of the night because you've had a nightmare."

At the Castle of Chaos; Adam was playing catch in the back yard with Mothball. He threw the ball at the Changeling and it was quickly shot back at him. "Nice serve Mothy!" Adam cheered. Screwball then emerged from the back door; she was coming to join them. "Screwy." Mothball said as she hopped towards the court.

Up in the sky; Rainbow Dash let Wiktoria into her cloud house, the fact it was made of clouds made very soft and cosy. The blue Pegasus flew beside her human friend, "What do you think?" Wiktoria took in the surrounding, "It's beautiful, thank you again Rainbow." The Blue Ranger and the Wonderbolt embraced each other in a kind hug; even though Rainbow Dash wasn't usually that lovey-dovey type. Prism tugged Wiktoria's leg, "Come on, I'll show you your room."

Meanwhile; at Rarity's studio, Rose was observing her new room. "I hope this will be enough for you darling, I don't know how you humans live." Rarity; you have been so kind, this room is fine. I couldn't ask you to do anything else."

What the rangers didn't know; was that danger was on it's way to Ponyville.
Outside the town; the Black Knight had arrived, ready to attack. "This will get the rangers attention." he muttered. The knight reached for the sword handle on his belt; with it in his hand, he pushed a button on the side and the handle opened up. It revealed a yellow and red sword blade; the knight swiped his sword at a food cart, causing it to explode. The stallion next to inches away from the cart; jumped from the flames, he watched his business go up in smoke.

"Help! Somepony help!" he cried as he fled for his life. The Black Knight marched into the town; causing anypony who saw him to run away screaming. The knight yelled, "Bring me the Power Rangers! And I might spare all your lives!"

When the Black knight reached the town center; the streets cleared in fear, the villain stood there waiting for his enemies to come.
The screaming of the ponies could be heard all the way to Sweet Apple Acres; the noise caught Kian's ears, he ran to find Rory.

The Red Ranger was helping Big Mac buck apples out of the trees; however they were interrupted by Kian sprinting outside. "Rory; there's trouble in town!" he cried. Rory gasped when he heard the news, "Is Zombra back?" Rory asked. Kian didn't know; but they quickly made their way towards Ponyville. On they way; Rory used his morpher to contact the other rangers.

At the Castle of Chaos; Screwball, Mothball and Adam were throwing the ball around the garden. "Adam; heads up!" Screwball yelled as she threw it towards him. Adam quickly reacted and dived for the ball; only to land in the grass, but he got up and brushed himself off. Their game was interrupted when Adam's morpher rang from his pocket; the ranger answer the call, "Rory? What's up?"

"Adam; there's something attacking Ponyville, we need the team." Adam dropped the ball, "Screwball, I gotta go. There's trouble." Adam explained. The pony understood and Adam ran towards the front gate.

In the cloud house; Wiktoria had just got Kian's call, she was on her way to the action. As was Rose after getting of the phone with Rory.

The team met up in the center of town; only to find that the streets were deserted, all but one. The Black Knight stepped forward; observing his foes, "So, you must be the Power Rangers?" the villain asked. Rory stepped forward to confront the knight, "I don't know who you are, you need to pack it up and leave." he ordered. The Black Knight simply laughed and re-ignited his sword. The rangers new what time it was; it's morphing time!

The rangers activated their morphers and all yelled the passwords, "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"

With the team morphed; they were ready to stop the Black Knight, "Let's net the knight guys." Adam joked.

The Black Knight charged at the rangers; swinging his sword in every direction, the rangers did the same with their weapons. Within distance of them; the knight struck Adam and Rose with his mighty blade, sending them to the ground. Wiktoria and Kian leaped into the air attempting to kick the knight's face; however they were stopped in the air by his hand, he sent them flying as he threw towards the buildings. Upon contact with the wooden wall, the rangers fell to the ground in pain. leaving just Rory top battle the villain himself; the Red Ranger readied his weapon, "Magic Staff; Sword Mode." with those words; his staff became the his sword once again.

Rory charged at the knight; waving his sword, striking the Black Knight armour. The knight growled in pain; the strike was powerful, but not enough. "Ha, you'll have to do more than that." the villain said. He picked himself up and struck Rory's chest with his sword, sending Rory to the ground next to his team.

The team was in so much pain; they de-morphed, now they just crawled to each other. The Black Knight stood over his fallen enemies, "I would have expected more of a fight from the mighty Power Rangers. But then I guess I'll take your fighting skills and be on my way." The Black Knight lifted up his face plate; revealing a light green skin colour, no mouth, no noise, just two pupiless eyes on his face.

A green energy began to be drained from the rangers; it was being absorbed into the Black Knight's face, he was stealing their fighting skills.

All seemed lost; until a purple blast shot the knight away from the rangers, the team looked up only to find that Discord was responsible for the save. The Lord of Chaos stepped in front of the wounded rangers; almost as if he was defending them, "You dare call yourself a knight?! You fight without honor!" Discord cried. The Black Knight got up and marched towards his new enemy, "You dare attack me?! You'll regret that!" The Black Knight grasped his sword and clashed it with Discord's.

The two knights began fighting each other; giving the rangers enough time to recover, "Get up rangers, he's distracted." The rangers yell, "Back to Action!" and with those words; they all re-morph. With their weapons, the rangers charge at the two knights.

Discord and the Black Knight were to distracted with each other to notice the rangers, "Why are you helping them, they're our enemies?!" Discord swung his sword at the knight striking him to the ground. "I simply let them recover, it is not honorable to attack enemies who can't fight back." The Lord of Chaos explained. "Now they can fight, they're all yours." Discord back away from his fellow knight; he began chanting a spell, "Bassalichie el fraydo!"

With those words; a portal opened beneath Discord's feet, the vortex dragged the warrior back to the underworld.

With the Chaotic creature gone; the Black Knight turned his attention back to the rangers, the team blasted their magic at him from their staffs. The Knight did his best to block; but he was struck down by the magic, "Uh!" the Black Knight cried. He got back up and readied himself for another attack.

The Black Knight said, "You think you've beaten me? You won't stop me!" With those words; the Black Knight's hover bike zoomed past the rangers, to the knight's side. He mounted his bike and sped off. The rangers tried to chase him; but it was too late, he was gone.
The rangers retreated to their homes; however they kept their guard up, they didn't know when the Black Knight was going to strike again.

Meanwhile; down in the underworld, Discord was in a mood. He was wandering the halls of the cave; he was alone until Chrysalis, "You've got a lot of nerve showing your armored face here after the stunt you pulled." she stated. Discord ignored her and kept walking; but she followed him. The Lord of Chaos entered the main room and was confronted by Zombra, "What did you do?! Because of your honor; the Power Rangers still have their powers." Discord finally spoke, "Your villain fought without honor, he is no knight." Zombra was infuriated with him; so much that he blasted Discord with dark magic.

The warrior was flung towards the back wall; but that wasn't enough to keep him down, Discord got up and fought back. "Chaos Blast!" he yelled, the eye in Discord's shield opened and blasted purple fire at Zombra. The King of Monsters quickly dodged the attack; then fired more magic at Discord. The two of them must have been fighting for at least 20 minutes now; until Chrysalis comes between them, "Boys, boys; fighting will not solve anything." she stated. "We need to be fighting together; not against each other."

Zombra lowered his horn; Discord lowered his sword, the fighting had stopped. "I'll send the Black Knight back to the surface, he'll finish the rangers once and for all." Zombra explained.
At Sugar Cube Corner; the rangers were enjoying ice-cream, but still worried about the Black Knight. Kian was the first to break the silence, "Hey guys; what do you think are Zords are going to be." Everybody looked at him. "Zords Kian, we haven't been on this planet for long, things might work differently here. We might not even get Zords." Wiktoria explained.

Suddenly; the ground started shaking, something was coming. Rose looked outside and saw....

The Black Knight..... but he was huge, the size of a tower. "Rangers face me if you dare!" his voice echoed in the streets. The rangers ran out of the shop to observe the giant villain. "What was that you were saying about Zords Kian?"

The Black Knight noticed his tiny enemies; he began to march towards them, "Found you rangers!" he cried. The rangers ran for it; now being chased for a ten foot tall Black Knight. Before the monster could catch them; the team ducked behind an alley, could they believe they were hiding. "We have to do something. Were Power Rangers." Adam said. Rory disagreed, "Open your eyes Adam, we can't stop that." he said.

While they hid; Kian's morpher rang, he put it on speaker. "Rangers; this is Celestia, you must activate your titan powers. Use them to become the Mystic Titans." With those words; the rangers got a boost of confidence, they ran from the hiding place towards the Black Knight.

"MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!" they all yelled as they morphed into their suits. The rangers were still holding their morphers, "Okay team; let's try this new spell Celestia gave us." Rory ordered. The rangers typed the spell code into the keypad and pushed the centre button; together they all called out, "TITAN FORMATION!"

Each ranger began to grow and change into a creature from the Everfree Forest....

"Mystic Minotaur!" Kian yelled.

"Mystic Breezie!" Rose yelled.

"Mystic Aquamare!" Wiktoria yelled.

"Mystic Griffon!" Adam yelled.

"Mystic Phoenix!" Rory yelled.

The rangers were now giant mythological beings, "This is awesome!" Adam yelled. All of a sudden; they could hear Celestia in their minds, "Rangers, the time has come. Form the Titan Megazord to defeat the Black Knight." The five Titans stepped forward; confronting the Black Knight. "What?! How have you done this?!" the villain yelled.

Rory asked his team, "You guys ready?" However; only Rose replied, "You know we are."

The mighty Megazord stood before the Black Knight; Rory said, "Alright rangers, let's turn this suit of armour into scrap metal." The Megazord summoned a giant sword; wielding it in the Zord's right hand. All the rangers yelled, "Titan Megazord; take flight." With those words; the Megazord sprouted Griffon wings, sending it off the ground.

When it got high enough; the sword began to glow, "Whoa, can you feel the power?" Adam asked. The rangers guided the Megazord through the air. All the rangers chanted,

"Spirit of the ancient Titans!" Suddenly; they were surrounded by the ghost of mythological creatures. "Titans Attack!"

With those words from the rangers; the spirit charged at the Black Knight, striking him left and right. Finally; the rangers finished him of with a final slash from their sword, it struck the villain's armour strongly. "Nooo!" The knight yelled. "The great Black Knight has fallen, but my master will return." With those final words; the Black Knight fell forward hitting the ground hard before exploding out of existence. When the smoke cleared; the Black Knight was no more.

Zombra saw the whole thing through his magic vision, "Uh! Why must I have such disgraceful minions? But it doesn't matter; I will send more villains, even stronger than the Black Knight. As soon as my strength returns."
The Mane 6 took the rangers to Sweet Apple Acres to celebrate; they now have a Megazord, so now the fight will be easier to win. Adam stood up from the table, "Ladies and gentlemen and Ponies, I'd like to propose a toast to my team, to the my friends and to Discord. I wish he could be here; I know that wasn't him that saved us from the Black Knight, but it felt like he was still protecting us. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow; but some day, we will get Discord back."