Cutie Mark Crusaders back in diapers! Yeah!

by Foal Star

Chapter Five: Preschool with Discord

Twilight beamed ear to ear as she stared at the prepared classroom before her. “Okay Spike, let’s go over our checklist again.” Watching Spike raise his quell she continued. “Extra blankets and pillows for nap time?”


“Cheese and other assorted snacks for snack time?”

“Yup,” Spike check the box double-checking the cupboard.

“Let’s not forget plenty of spare diapers.” Twilight sang feeling giddy.

“Check,” Spike said opening the chest with the supplies inside. “I mean it isn’t like we don’t have diapers everywhere we turn.” His own diaper was crinkling as he waddles back to Twilight.

Twilight blushed a little before floating the papers off her desk.”And simple yet education lesson plan...check!”

“Hey if you can manage to teach Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, you can teach anyone Twilight.”

Twilight shuffled her notes for a second. “Oh I'm not worried, I  just never cared for foals before. You know easily distracted and all.”

“Not to mention random Chaos magic.” Spike retorted rolling his eyes. “You know something is bound to happen.”

Twilight fluttered her wings. “Oh right, forgot about that.”

“Well, we better make finish this checklist.” 

Rarity hummed a soft tune as she stroked the brush through Sweetie’s mane getting any pesky knots. “Oh, I bet you just can't wait to go to preschool.” She sang feeling her charge worm a bit rustling about. 

Sweetie cooed nodding eagerly patting her pampered behind. “Yay wanna show plushie for show and tell.”

“Oh? Which one Sweetie?” Rarity asked grabbing a few ribbons to get bows in her sister’s mane.

Sweetie Belle pondered tapping a hoof to her chin. “I’m not sure...what if I took the one that looks like Celestia?” She picked up a Celestia plush wearing a thick diaper. 

Rarity was a bit surprised upon seeing the plushie. “Huh? I don’t remember buying that one? Did Discord put that there if so I would be careful with it.”

Sweetie Belle hugged it. “Oh but it’s so cute! She even says cool stuff watch!” She pressed it making the plushie say “I’m princess Sun Butt and I love diapees.”

Rarity chuckled as she went about tying bows in her sister’s mane and shrugged, “Alright darling it is your show and tell.”  After the bows were in place she slipped a sweet yellow T-shirt onto the filly. “Okay let’s get going.” She popped the pacifier into Sweetie's mouth and lead her out having the diaper bag ready.

Scootaloo giggled as she digs through the toy box for the perfect thing to bring for the show and tell wiggling her diaper about like a flag. “Gotta be perfect.”

“Whatever you pick will be the best I’m sure,” Rainbow said smiling watching toys fly out while the filly dug deeper. “Maybe you want a turtle plush?”

Scootaloo nodded as she stuck out her hooves. “I want the turtle plushie please!”

“The Best turtle plush ever. Tank!” Rainbow held out the large plush to her foal grinning even more.

Scootaloo squealed and grasped it quickly snuggling it close. “Dat best eva.” She bounced around with joy before hugging Rainbow.

“Oh, you ready to learn?” Rainbow asked double checkin the bag for everything.

“Do I have ta? I wanna stay with you.”

Rainbow snickered patting Scootaloo’s head. “Oh come now, don’t you want to hang with your friends?”

Scootaloo nuzzles into Rainbow’s chest fluff. “But mommy is more fun.”

“Come now little one, you need to be the best student ever.” Rainbow retorted

Scootaloo blushed. “I’m the worst student ever I always slept during Cheerilee’s classes.”

Rainbow Dash cooed trying to tickle her filly, “Oh stop, you’re a great student. Remember the project you did on me that was amazing! You got a B remember!”

“Yes, hehe had your diapee in it.” Scootaloo giggled.

“Yeah, that was weird. Point is you’re awesome just like me.”

The big foal began to laugh as Rainbow’s wing tickles her tummy. “Hehe okay mama I’ll go” She kicked around a bit more as the tickling continued. “No, stop hehe!”

Rainbow finished off with a quick raspberry before scooping Scootaloo up. “Oh but you need a nice dress first.”

“No wanna be pretty. Too girly.”

Rainbow didn’t seem to listen as she reached into the diaper bag pulling out a floofy salmon pink dress with a tutu like skirt. She also had matching booties.

Scootaloo tried to waddle away squeaking in fright. “No!”

“Hey come back.” Rainbow frowned chasing after the surprisingly fast filly around her house. Getting cross after a few rooms she shouted, “Scootaloo get your padded butt back here on the count of!”

Scootaloo whined and threw a tantrum. “No, I no wanna! No pink!” 

Rainbow continued, “two…”

Scootaloo was now scared not wanting to see what would happen if Rainbow Dash said three. She slowly waddled over-ear flat as Rainbow went about putting the dress over the filly. “There now that wasn’t so hard was it?”

The Scootaloo shook her head. “Sowie mama.”

Rainbow showing forgiveness gave a kiss to the filly forehead. “Okay let’s get you to preschool” Making sure Scootalo had the plush turtle before they head out the door together.

Granny Smith held out a green polka dot dress with bows. “Ah, you should dress the youngin in this.”

Applejack peered over rubbing her chin. “You sure, that looks really old?”

“Nothin wrong with old fashioned. Just like this here bonnet.” Granny said showing off the matching yellow bonnet with white frills. “Reminds me of my foal pictures.”

Big Mac chuckled and had to hold a hoof to his mouth to keep himself from bursting into fits of laughter.

Applejack rolled her eyes. “I’m not gonna dress her up like she from fifty years ago.”

Granny laughed. “Hehe, well at least you let me put her in a cloth diaper.” She said moving next to Apple Bloom and gave said diaper a few pats. With the extra inserts, it made the diaper very bulky.

“Granna silly,” Apple Bloom lisped nuzzling into her granny.

“Darn tootin I am.” Granny beamed. “What you want to dress up in?”

“Can I be a bunny?” 

“Hehe, it ain’t Zap Apple harvest silly.” Granny ruffles the filly’s mane. “Pick something else.”

Big Mac rolled his eyes, “just because it ain’t Zap Apple season doesn’t mean she can’t wear her bunny costume.”

Applejack chuckled, “I think you would look really cute in a bunny costume Big Mac.”

“Eenope, I did my part for Zap Apple harvest.” he rolled his eyes.

“I wanna be bunny!” the foal cheered bouncing on her bottom.

“Okay youngin, you can be a bunny.” Granny moves to the magic bag soon enough pulling out the blue bunny onesie with a cute fluffy tail part. She proceeds to help slip the filly into it Apple Bloom giggling cheerfully. 

Applejack gasped watching as a giant bunny costume flew out from the bag and started dressing Big Mac in it. He squeaked as it buttoned around his giant padded tush. He shouted, “Discord!”

Applejack chuckled, “well Apple Bloom needs to bring somthin’ for show and tell why not you?”

Big Mac growled, “Twilight said somthin’ not somepony it ain't family appreciation day.”

“But you just acute bunny wabbit.” Applejack teased booping his nose. “Bunnies don’t talk.” 

Apple Bloom watched clapping her hooves. “Bunny bunny!”

“See, she agrees,” Granny added also trying to hide a snicker.

Big Mac tried to retort but only found only squeaks came out and he put a hoof to his mouth. Applejack snickered, “Oh Discord that was funny.”

Big Mac grumbled as he was lead by the hoof by Apple Bloom. “Come on big bunny! I’m gonna show ya to the whole class!”

Applejack smiled taking the bag with her as she and the two exist heading the castle.

Spike hearing the knock at the front door opens them seeing the first big foals to arrive. Cheerilee waved having picked up Diamond Tiara since her mom had been busy.

Button Mash was being escorted by his mom as she dressed him up in embarrassing Luigi overalls. “Now Buton you better be on your best behavior and not give your new teacher any trouble.”

Button pouted. “But mooom! this outfit embarrassing.”

Spike hides a snicker behind his claw. “I think it’s kind of cute.”

“Looks okay to me.” Diamond replied swishing her silky dress looking like a princess.

Button Mash grumbled as he waddled inside not wanting to talk about it. 

Spike watched him take a seat before looking at Diamond. “And is the little filly ready to learn?”

“That’s princess Tiara.” Diamond played posing regally.

The drake chuckled. “Oh? Why of course your highness, come on in.”

As the rich filly passed him, he saw Crusaders and their guardians walking up the path to the castle. Being surprised to see bunny Mac following after Apple Bloom. “uh...what’s up with Big Mac?” Spike asked.

Big Mac tried to tell Spike that Discord did this to him but only cute squeaks came out. Apple Bloom giggled and responded, “Bunny my show and tell, isn’t he cute!”

Spike scratched his head as he was quite confused. “uh...I’m not sure did he really want this? Or did Discord force him?”

Big Mac stomped about in agitation but Apple Bloom lead him off. “Stop fussing Bunny Mac or no carrots for you.”

Big Mac suddenly stopped throwing a tantrum for some reason as the threat seemed to work. Twilight was surprised too when they all came in. “Huh, I thought they’d all bring toys, not other ponies.”

Spike shrugged. “Yeah, I don’t understand it either.”

Twilight took a breath and let everyone get seated. “Hello class, who’s ready to learn their shapes and ABC’s?”

The class begrudgingly said “yeah,” as most of the foals were well in the third and fourth grade. 

Twilight blushed, “okay well I know you're all well not really preschoolers but there has been an enchantment set by Discord making you forget things so if you’re struggling with a lesson please don’t be embarrassed okay?”

“Yes miss Twilight,” they all chanted looking all so adorable

“Great.” Twilight beamed watching Spike sit down with the guitar.”Now does anypony know what comes after C?”

“Hehe D for diapee.” Apple Bloom blurted clapping her paw booties together.

Scootaloo scratched her head and mumbled, “I thought it was R for Rainbow Dashie?”

“Nu-uh it’s M for Mario.” Button Mash retorted sticking his tongue out.

“You both wrong it’s uh..uh…” Diamond tapped her chin.

Twilight smiled giving the filly a second to think before she replied. “Oh Apple Bloom was right, it is D.”

Diamond Tiara shouted, “I knew that and D is the first letter in my name!”

Sweetie Belle whined. “Nah uh, she lying she didn’t know.”

“Yeah huh!” Diamond retorted.


“Yeah huh!”

“Now girls, no need to fight,” Twilight parented. “That’s why you are here to learn.”

“Are there Video Games,” Button asked, raising his hoof. 

Twilight snickered behind a hoof. “Oh, you are all too young for those. But don’t you worry, we’ll have fun colouring books for you later.”

The fillies cheer while Button gave a cute pout. “That’s not fair.” The colt crossed his hooves. 

Spike waved at them as he strummed the guitar. “Well, how about we learning by singing our ABC’s?” With a round of applause, they began there lesson.

After the singing was done, Twilight moved over to the board drawing basic shapes. “Now after this lesson, you can show off your show and tells.”

“Oh can show off Bunny Mac.” Apple Bloom cheered, even as Mac made a few squeaks. He wanted to go, but wouldn't disappoint Apple Bloom plus being seen in this outfit more would just be even more humiliating. It wasn’t like he could take it off yet.

Twilight let out an aww as she drew a triangle upon the board pointing her hoof at it. “Alright, whoever can guess what this shape gets to go first.”

The foals all cheer before Scootaloo put her hoof up “Oh, oh, I know it’s a circle!”

“No, it’s not, it’s a Square!” Diamond Tiara protested.



The two started shouting and fighting at each other Twilight soon getting stern. “Hey! You stop that right now!” She said using her stern voice.

The two foals stopped their fighting sitting back down with grumbles. Twilight sighed, “ok well it's a triangle, and clearly this class is going to need some practice learning shapes.” Lighting her horn she gives each foal a box with various different shaped holes with blocks. The foals tried to fit the shapes into the holes as Twilight walked around asking questions and assisting the foals. 

Button Mash was struggling the most as he was trying to shove a square into a circle hole. He whined kicking about in his padding and pouted. “I can’t do this! It’s too hard!”

Twilight came over sitting down next to him. “Don’t feel bad you’ll get it.” She comforted. She picks up each, making sure he is paying attention before placing each shapes into each appropriate hole. “See, just like this.”    

Button blushed. “O-ooh that how they fit.”

“Don’t worry you’ll get it eventually.” Twilight comforts before moving over to Apple Bloom. “And how’s the little farm filly?”

Apple Bloom smiled looking up. “Good.” She slotted the triangle into its proper slot happily. “When Show and Tell?”

“Right after this exercise, don’t you freit,” Twilight said, giving the cute fluff ball tail a squeeze. 

Apple Bloom wiggled her bottom looking over at Bunny Mac. “hehe Bunny need another carrot.” She pointed giggling.

Big Mac blushed under his costume squeaking some as he tried to talk again. Frankly just sitting around was making him oddly want to hop around. His legs began to twitch after a  few seconds before springing up into the air landing on his diaper bottom with a crinkle. A laugh escapes his mouth as he did another and another before starting to hop around the room. 

Spike eeped chasing after Mac as the foals all watch and laugh. “Wow Big Mac, what are you doing.”

Bunny Mac giggled as he kept on hopping around the large room feeling joyful. It wasn’t long until Apple Bloom joined the game bouncing around behind her brother  “weeee!”

Twilight meeped chasing after the two wings fluttering. “Hey stop that.” She watched the two bound over the plastic chairs and table both bunnies giggling. The rest of the foals watch the amusing sight.

“Hehe, hippie hoppity.” Sweetie clapped her hooves trying to join in but only managing to trip over her hind hooves and fall on her rump.

Scootaloo also wanted to skip over with her big diaper waving about as she squealed as she plopped down on her padded rump giggling as Twilight squeaked as more foals began prancing about following after the group like a parade. It didn’t take long for things to start being knocked over thankfully nothing spilling. 

The fun continued onward for a while as both Spike and Twilight chased them around.  The dragon was quickly able to grab a carrot and make Mac stop in his tracks.           

Twilight stomped a hoof, “okay that’s enough! I think it’s time for everypony to go play outside!”

The foals cheered as Spike squealed waddling over to Twilight. “But we don’t have a playground?”

The princess shrugged, “who cares they can run around outside and get their energy out.”

The two lead the foals outside and they were quite surprised  to see a giant playground with a ball pit, giants looping slides, a bunch of swings, and pit, everything was painted a purple color and  there was a sign overhead “Twilight’s Play Palace” The foals all squealed and started jumping on the swings, and into the ball pit. Twilight shook her head. “Ugh, Discord with his chaos magic it’s never going to end.”

Spike blushed seeing the foals all playing and enjoying themselves. “Well it looks like their enjoying themselves.” he twitched his claws.

"Can I go play?’                                                             

Twilight giggled, “sure, why not? But also try to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble.”

Spike squealed as he waddled after them. Discord poofed behind Twilight with a smile. “So you like what I did with your courtyard?”

Twilight shook her head. “well, it's fine but it's kind of embarrassing what you named it.”

Discord patted her diapered rump. “Come on, everypony wears diapers now I doubt a playground name after you is nowhere near as embarrassing as that.”

“Still,” Twilight pouted before being nudged forward.

“Go on, go and play.” He parented pushing more on her padded behind.

She blushed and started to scrape her hooves into the dirt as she cried out, “but I'm the teacher!”

Discord smirked, “not anymore you're now a student!” 

Twilight squealed as she felt Discord’s magic go over her.  She became excited seeing the fun playground for her and waddling toward it with a giggle.

Mac bounced over to Discord with a pout as the group played. He squeaked waving his pawed hooves. Discord snickered. “Oh, what is it big bunny?” He teased. 

Big Mac pointed to his mouth then his belly and Discord cooed, “oh you're hungry? Luckily Fluttershy taught me all about feeding hungry baby bunnies.’ Taking out a bottle filled with carrot juice, he plopped it into his mouth and watched him suckle it down with a cute suckling noise.

“Good bunny,” He cooed patting the diaper before scooping Mac up and cradling him.

Meanwhile, Spike was playing tag with the crusaders laughing with joy as he ran around the tire swing to tag them. “I’m going to get you.”

Discord couldn’t help but daww seeing Spike sticking his arms out and tail up to keep himself balance looking like an airplane. “Oh looks like Spike is trying to still learn to walk in his diapers.”

Discord decided to snap a claw and he poofed another thick diaper around Spike’s rump making his diaper waddle, even more, clumsier and adorable. He turned to Scootaloo next who was now getting onto a pink tricycle. Making the wheels bigger, the filly just giggled trying to push on the pedals sticking her tongue out. “Go on, you can do it.”

Scootaloo grunts pushing harder and started to make it move forward cooing as her diaper rustled beneath her.

Button Mash snuck off from the playground to play his game colt, noticing Discord snickered as he turned the game colt into something more foalish with bigger buttons and flashing lights with a giant cartridge labeled “Foal Land” as it taught him rudimentary school stuff like “ABCs” shapes, etc... 

He then turned his attention to Diamond Tiara who was playing with Twilight as they were dressed up in silly princess costumes and having a foal style tea party. He couldn't help but snap a claw having more cakes and pastries appear with foal style pink sippy cups, and a pink teapot with twilight’s face on it.  Twilight giggled pouring out chocolate milk int the teacup before taking a sip.

Diamond clapped. “Yay chocolate!” She takes up a slice of the cake smashing into her cheeks as she eats it. 

Twilight giggled, “want more chocolate!?” she then took the teapot while kicking about as she dumped the chocolate milk into her sippy cup spilling it all over the table. Discord squeaked, “oh Twilight! That's not how you do that!”

Twilight eeped and then giggled pulling her diaper back before pouring the content the pot into her padding finding it amusing. “I think I might have regressed her mind too much.”

Spike scoffed, “ya think! She’s acting younger than the other foals!”

Discord shrugged, “sorry I’m getting used to this I've only used that spell on Celestia and Luna before.”

“What? You can’t control your own magic?” Spike crossed his claws.

Discord snapped, “of course I can! I just didn’t realize it would regress her mind this much.”

Spike rolled his eyes. “Well let’s give them a few more minutes before we take them inside."
he said being the most mature. “Also since Twilight is now a foal technically you’re going to have to continue teaching the preschoolers.”

“Well alright, double butt. Whatever you say.” Discord teased. “also...I’m not too big on the teaching thing, how about we just bring the foals back to their parents.”

Spike scoffed, “I knew it, you couldn’t do it.”

Discord's face grew red as he shouted, “fine! I’ll do it, but if I can teach these foals their ABCs and shapes and colors, I want you to act as a baby dragon tomorrow.”

Spike smirked, “Is that a bet I hear? Sure, but if you can’t teach these foals anything by the end of the day you have to wear a diaper tomorrow and act as Fluttershy’s foal. She already told me how much she would love to put you in a diaper.”

He groaned, “ugh….fine, but you watch I’m going to be the best teacher they’ve ever had.”  uses his magic he floats the group over to him. “Come on time to go inside.

Spike chuckled “Oh but Twilight needs a change first don’t forget that.”

Discord rolled his eyes. “Well, why can’t you do it? You’re the assistant.” He said, giving Spike padding a light swat that was barely felt by the drake.

Spike shrugged as he took Twilight by the hoof. “Come on time for a change.” 

“Nah uh dun wanna! Spikey I wanna keep playing!”

Spike cooed, “but if you don’t get a change then you can’t read your big storybook.”

Twilight gasped, “my stowie book! I wanna read it!”  she ran into the castle with her thick diaper shaking about adorably. Spike smirked. “thats how it's done.” He then waddled after Twilight.

Discord watched them go smiling as he looks at the foals. “Well, how about we work on colours?” He cooed lining the group down in front of the board on some pillows. “So Apple Bloom, do you know what colour your coat is?”

“Uh red I tink?” the little filly responded.

Discord shook his head “no it’s yellow wike Big Mac’s coat is red.”

“Ya mean bunny mac? He white!” She points to said bunny, mac napping curled up in a ball.

Discord slammed a claw to his face. “No! He’s really a pony with a red coat that's just an enchanted bunny costume.”

Apple Bloom scratched her head. “Ya sure? He wook fluffy to me.”

“Yeah, bunnie not red.” Diamond remarked.

Discord groaned snapping his claw as the bunny sut turned a shade of red. “See red.”

Apple Bloom blinked. “But thewe’s no such ting a wed bunny?”

Spike watched as he was sitting with Twilight with big storybook snickering. “Looks like Discord doesn't know anything about teaching foals.”

Twilight giggled, “yeah he siwwy, bunnies are purple like me!”

Discord watched as a pink bunny popped it head out form a top hat nearby sniffing around. 

He blinked watching it bounced out with a small drum and beat a short beat on it.

“Oooh, wook Spike.” Twilight pointed with glee.

Spike chuckled watching the random bunny. “Hehe, random chaos magic I take it. Or is that Angel in painted fur?” He smirked. “You only got an hour to make them learn before the parents show up Discord.”

Discord tapped a claw to his chin with a smirk he snapped a claw as each foal got a textbook called “Discord’s book of knowledge for Preschoolers” Spike eyed him having a feeling Discord was going to cheat. “You know they can’t read right?”

Discord shrugged, “they don’t need too there are no words in these books.” as the foals opened them seeing pages full of letters shapes and colors. Their eyes lit up as the information from the pages entered the foals' minds. Button Mas began getting the toy shapes and shoving them into the holes of their toys. Sweetie Belle began singing her  ABCs, Scootaloo was mixing hoof paint together and naming the colors correctly, Discord crossed his claws across his chest. “How’s that Spike,”

Spike scoffed,” you obviously cheated bet’ is null and vo- ababbab.”

Discord smirked,” what was that!? I couldn’t understand you I think you forgot how to talk.”

Twilight giggled clapping her hooves.” yay Spikey a baby like me!”

Spike pouted with a glare as he grabs some crayons to write a message down for Fluttershy.

It wasn’t long until the motherly mares came to pick up their charges.  Rainbow cooing at Scootaloo. “Did Scooty have fun today? I bet she the smartest ever.”

Discord took out a hoof. “See for yourself.”

Scootaloo was mixing paint with her hooves and babbled, “wook made a rainbow wike mam’s mane, red, green, blue, orange, violet, yellow, and indigo.”

Rainbow Dash squealed hugging the little pegasus. “Oh your just so smart! Thanks, Discord!”

Rarity patted her sister diaper noticing the crumbs still on Sweetie’s cheeks. “Did you eat some sweets?”

“Uh-huh, I know my ABCs too.” she cheered singing it out to her sister with glee.

Rarity clapped. “Oh, excellent darling.” She hugged her sister.

Applejack was the most concerned as she asked, “ did they learn so fast exactly?”

Spike babbled waving his claw some as Discord stepped in front of him. “Oh, I’m just that good.”

The farm mare narrowed her eyes suspecting something was up. “And why is Spike babbling like a hatchling?”

“He lost a bet fair and square.” Discord liked trying to trick the element of honesty herself.

Applejack turned to Apple Bloom who was now doing basic math “one plus one is two, two plus two is four.” She approached her sister. “Hey, how did you get so good at math?”

Apple Bloom picked up her enchanted textbook. “Tis taught me!”

Applejack shook her head and sighed, “oh really, it seems like Discord took the easy way and used his chaos magic instead of actually teachin ya. Where’s Twilight?”

Apple Bloom pointed a hoof to Twilight who was tearing pages from her storybook and babbling, “wook I making my own stowie book!”

Discord gulped, “Uh, of course not, That be cheating.” He tried to debate. “Why would I cheat when I‘m so good?”

Spike waddled over still babbling hoofing the letter to Applejack before Discord could take it.

“And what’s this?” Applejack stared at the note written in crayon.

Discord gulped as she read it out loud “Discord regressed Twilight’s mind for fun but it went too far making her mind to that of a two-year-old foal. Then he decided to take over the preschool and we had a bet he would have to teach the foals before they were picked up or be put in diapers the next day. He then cheated using enchanted textbooks.”

Applejack glared at Discord who shrugged, “hey he never said I couldn't use my magic so I technically won still.”

“Takin shortcuts isn’t winnin at all.” She scolded keeping her stern gaze on Discord. “Don't’ make me tell Fluttershy.’

He gasped. “You wouldn’t!”

Applejack stuck the letter in her diaper. “I’ll take it over to her right now and make sure she gets the most poofiest and most embarrassing diapers she can find.” She then took Apple Bloom by the hoof and waddled off as Rainbow Dash snickered,” sucks for you Discord I can’t wait to see you in diapers!” She took Scootlaoo onto her back and flew off.

Spike glares making sure Discord didn’t do anything to Applejack as the farm mare and filly walk away. He babbled at him still pouting.

“Ugh, you’re a pain.” Discord said putting a big pacifier into the dragon's mouth chucking a bit at watching Spike paw at it.

Rarity cooed, “well darling, if you do need diapers  I can provide some for you and get your measurements.”

Discord scoffed, “sorry Rarity I won’t be needing your services. I’ll just talk it over with Fluttershy I’m sure she won’t put me in diapers.”

She shrugged, “well there open if you need them. At least give Spike his voice back.” she then took Button Mash, Diamond Tiara, and Sweetie Belle into the giant stroller and strolled off. 

Discord scoffed snapping claw making Spike be able to speak normally.  Spike huffed . ”so now you got me back to normal? How about you do the same for Twilight.”

He gulped, “ there is an issue with that…”

“What do you mean issue, just snap those fingers of your. How hard could that be?” Spike lisped passed the pacifier. “Does it at least wear off?”

Discord nodded, “yeah it does, I used this spell on Celestia and Luna before and it only lasts twenty-four hours.”

Spike sighed. ”Fine, whatever,” he took Twilight by the hoof. “I guess I'll just have to care for her.”

Discord brushed a claw down his back. “This day definitely didn’t turn out as I thought it would.”