Long Live The Empress

by morion87

Pest Control part two

Nothing happened for a second after Cosmos's hoof touched the floor of the Throne Room. Chrysalis even began to think this whole thing was nothing but a charade.

And then the screaming started.

It was not the sound of regular pain. Chrysalis knew every kind of pain and the sound every being made while suffering through it. She even knew what changeling pain sounded like. More than once she had dispensed it herself when in a particularly bad mood.

But this went beyond that. This was a soul screaming in terror as its very essence was destroyed and unmade in every sense of the word. Thousands of them.

The whole hive was screaming. Chrysalis could only watch as those changelings in the room with them began to dissolve away into nothing. Even after their heads were gone, they kept screaming, until there was nothing left.

Soon even the hive structure itself began to dissolve away. First to go was the Magic Suppressing Throne. Cosmos was able to catch the girls' cocoons as the roof was dissolved away and held them in her magic.

And Chrysalis felt each and every death of the hive. Not even the newborn nymphs or the eggs in the Hatcheries were spared, though by some miracle of her mother, those at least were quick and none of them felt any pain.

She glared at Cosmos, even as the hive dissolved around them. "What have you done? You monster."

Cosmos laughed. "You're calling me a monster? That's rich coming from you Chrysalis. I have nothing against your kind. But you brought this on yourself."

Chrysalis didn't buy it. "If this is about the wedding-"

Cosmos shook her head. "This has nothing to do with the wedding. Not anymore. Cadance and Shining made a mess of everything long before you took Cadance's place. I'm not even mad about what you did to my brother. He was always an idiot in a lot of ways. You just proved it."

Chrysalis could feel the truth behind that statement. But it was still a shock to hear it from Twilight Sparkle all the same. "Then what is this about? What's the point?"

Cosmos frowned. "The point? Changelings have been feeding on love from Equestria and Equus as a whole for thousands of years. I didn't even plan on blowing the Masquerade wide open with Blackthorn as I did. But then you had to change all that, to throw it all away."

"My children were starving. I had to feed them some way," Chrysalis snarled. "The love we were getting before wasn't enough. I didn't even plan on taking that pink pastel filly's place. But a wedding was a perfect chance to feed the whole hive for a long time."

Cosmos's expression softened. "Did it ever occur to you that there was another way? I know a way for all changelings to get love, without stealing it from other races. I was even going to share it with your mother and her spouse."

Chrysalis laughed. "I don't believe you. Why would you ever care about us? Even if I did believe you, I hate my mother and all my sisters. I would never take anything from them."

Cosmos nodded. "And that Chrysalis is why you have lost everything. All of this could have been avoided, your hive would have lived. But you threw it all away."

By this time, the screaming had ended. Both of them knew why that was. There was no other changeling left now but the queen. The hive itself was now nothing but a small stump barely a hundred feet off the ground.

Chrysalis looked around as the group finally reached the ground as the last of the hive was dissolved away. To her surprise, however, once the last piece of changeling made form was gone, nothing else was touched.

Cosmos saw her look and rolled her eyes. "Give me some credit. I came here for the girls and to teach your race a lesson. I won't touch the rest of Equus with that kind of power."

The ex-queen gave her a sharp look. "Then what do you plan to do with me? I won't go easily Sparkle. And I refuse to be taken alive. Not now. Not ever."

Cosmos smiled as she gently settled the girls' cocoons off to the side. None of them even so much as stirred at the slight jostling they received. "That is all I needed to hear from you Chrysalis. Because now you deal with me with no advantage."

Closing her eyes, Cosmos spread her wings. Immediately, the sky clouded over and the area black as night. In fact, this was a blackness that was not normal. The shadows were drawn to Cosmos, coiling around her and enveloping her in darkness.

Soon Chrysalis couldn't even see five feet in front of her. She laughed. "You're going to have to do better than that Sparkle. A little blackness doesn't scare me."

"It will," came a voice. It sounded like Cosmos. But dark, dangerous, and sibilant as a serpent. "You're in my world now Chrysalis. Here, I make all the rules."

The voice came from every direction. A million voices speaking as one, each and every one of them like nails on a chalkboard, the sound of ten thousand damned souls in Tartarus. It made Chrysalis's ears bleed just to listen to them.

From out of the darkness, a shape emerged. It shouldn't have been possible to see it in this darkness, yet it glowed with an unlight. It was impossible to describe in any sane terms. Just looking at it made Chrysalis's eyes burn. When it spoke, it spoke with the voice of the End Times, the Destroyer, the Unmaker of all things.

"Welcome, to my nightmare."

The shape pounced on her, and Queen Chrysalis knew no more.


Several days had passed since Cosmos had gone off in search of her Exarchs, and her Ponyville friends were getting worried. No one had heard a thing from her since her departure.

While the Rainbooms were still relatively new to much of what it meant to be a pony and Equestria as a whole, even they felt the same for Cosmos. And they had known her the shortest time.

Spike had gone to stay with Rarity until she came back, so no one worried about that at least. Princess Celestia had joined them this day at Sugarcube Corner, and all could see she felt the same as everyone.

So when a scroll suddenly materialized out of nowhere in front of her, all were interested.

"Is it from Cosmos?" Fluttershy asked.

"Is she alright?" Spike asked.

Celestia shook her head. "It is not from Cosmos. It's from Empress Blackrose."

Everyone shared a shocked look. All of them knew by now that name and who she was. But how on Equestria had she been able to do this?

"What does she say?" Applejack asked.

Celestia read the letter, her eyes growing bigger with each word. "She wants to meet with me, Luna, Cadance, and Cosmos to discuss..." she paused as if she couldn't believe what she was reading.

"What? Come on, don't leave us hanging," Rainbow complained.

Celestia's ears fell as she looked up. "Her unconditional surrender and peace terms with Equestria. And I quote "One hive put to the sword is more than enough. No more."