Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

The Introduction


The one thing every being in the universe seeks; but they fail to see what else the universe has to offer. This story is to show that no matter how hopeless the situation seems; one is never without power. My Name is Adam; on my planet, I'm the Green Ranger. I work for the a secret organisation called; the O.S.C, defenders of Earth and any allied planet. The organisation has a secret weapon to help the fight against evil easier; a team of Power Rangers, made up of the best agents.

My best friend; Rory, leads the team as the Red Ranger.

Kian; another one of my friends, helps with the battle strategies as the Blue Ranger.

As I said; I'm the Green Ranger, I'm the team's technical operator. I build our weapons and equipment.

Wiktoria; the team's loyal fourth member, she is the Yellow Ranger.

And finally; there's Rose, she helps us out when we feel down. She is the Pink Ranger.

Me and my team use our powers to defend our home and those who can't defend themselves. But we wouldn't be able to save Earth so many times if it weren't for our friends from another planet. Our Zords; or should I say the Rescue Bots, five sentient robot beings from the planet Cybertron. Each ranger is assigned to a Rescue Bot for mobility and extra fire power. The Rescue Bots our.....

Heatwave; a red fire truck, assigned to assist the Red Ranger.

Chase; the sensible blue police car, assigned to the Blue Ranger.

Boulder; a massive green bulldozer capable of moving three times it's wait, he helps me.

Blades; a nervous yellow helicopter, but when it come to helping the Yellow Ranger; he can get the job done.

Finally there's Arcee; not really a Rescue Bot, but he pink sports car mode can get the Pink Ranger to the emergencies faster.

And that's not all, together, the Rescue Bots can combine into Defensor. An even bigger robot with the power of all five Rescue bots. You've got Boulder and Chase; forming the two legs, joined by Heatwave; who forms the head and torso, that leaves Blades and Arcee forming the arms. They all are a great asset to our team, but if it weren't from the help of our friends at O.S.C HQ; it would be even harder to make every mission a success.

At HQ; we are commanded by the newest director of the organisation, Olessia Jackson. She was originally the medical officer and second in command to the old director, Jack Titley.

Me and Jack go way back; when I first joined the O.S.C, me and Jack were assigned together as partners. After a few missions together we became best friends; I was so proud when was elected the new director of the O.S.C, but his time as the boss was not long.

I still feel like what happened was my fault; we were on a mission to find and capture an escaped criminal, this criminal was one of my old enemies. His name is Kobi Smith; but he calls himself, Venom.

You see; other than being a Power Ranger, I'm also Spiderman. And Jack was the New Goblin; his father was the Green Goblin.
We both chased Venom into an abandoned warehouse; we knew it was a trap, but I wasn't going to let him get away this time. As we entered the building; the door slammed behind us, Venom crawled from his hiding place to greet us.

"Hello there heroes, welcome to you crypt." Venom cackled.

"Your going to pay for all the people you've killed Venom." I cried. "This ends now!"

With those words; I leaped at Venom, grabbing hold of him and we both start rolling around the floor punching each other. Jack just watched before jumping into the fight; he pulled Venom off me with his goblin strength and threw him to the back wall. When I got up; we both prepared for another attack from the villain. Venom shot a web line at the ceiling and swung over towards us; Jack thought quickly and pushed me out of the way, but he was kicked towards the other wall. I watched as his unconcise body came a stop, then turned my attention back to Venom.

"Your next Spiderman!" The oozy creature growled.

I simply muttered, "Wrong!"

Venom shot two web nets at my hands; the were strung up as if I were in chains, like what they have in dungeons. The large symbiote beast marched towards me and began slapping me back and forth. With the final slapped; he ripped my mask off, I didn't care since he already knows who I am. I stared at him; waiting for me to end my life, but instead....

"When I'm through with you; I going to find that girl you like, Heather. And tear her apart." Venom said. The creature turned his head; only to find a loose pipe that had been dented into a blade-like shape. "This'll do the job" Venom ripped the pipe from it's place and sharpened it even more with his teeth. I watched him bite down on the steel tube; shaping it into his murder weapon.

Venom approached me with his right-hand grasping the pipe; he lifted it above his head and prepared to strike the finishing blow. Jack began to come around; he noticed Venom and what he was about to do. Venom thrusted the pipe towards me...but....

Jack leaped in front of Venom and....

The pipe impaled Jack; straight through his chest, just missing his heart; but that didn't save him. Venom pulled the steel rod from him and said, "Pathetic." He then threw Jack back to the wall.

I was filled with so much rage; I broke free from Venom's web, tearing the web lines from the ceiling taking chunks of it with me. I began swing them at Venom; using the ceiling chunks as weapons, he managed to dodge my first attacks. In the end; I defeated Venom, but I couldn't save my friend.
My team of Power Rangers helps the Autobots in their fight against the Decepticons; Optimus Prime is a close friend of mine, he and I are members of the Avengers. But our powers will not be enough to save Earth and Equestria from the incoming threat; this crisis might one of the toughest things we've ever faced.....