Sonic EGX (Book 1)

by Will of Radiance

Episode 2 - Chaos Stranding (Part 1)

Location: Canterlot City

The sound of the last bell rang throughout Canterlot High School. Students filed out of the class rooms, eager to get back home from their busy day. Among them Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, and Rarity walked together, sharing any interesting moments from their day. 

“I forgot half of my art supplies for my art class today, so I had to improvise in order to complete my daily drawing.” Rarity elaborated. 

“So, what did you use instead?” Sunset asked. 

“Oh, I had to use my little sister’s old crayons.” Rarity pouted. Twilight and Sunset still held interest. 

“Well, how did it turn out?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah, I bet it was still worth an A+!” Spike said from within Twilight’s backpack. Rarity was silent for a moment. Then she finally sighed in defeat.

“It was only worth a C.” She slumped forward in disappointment. Twilight and Sunset looked at each other, wanting to say something.

“Well… least it’s a passing grade.” Sunset continued, trying to cheer her up.

“Yeah, that has to count for something.” Twilight added, putting her hand on Rarity’s shoulder

“I suppose so, but there goes my chance at a perfect grade.” Rarity continued to sulk. They exited through the school’s front entrance to the outside. 

Twilight looked briefly at the mirror in front of the school entrance. She felt a little bit of anxiety enter her heart, for anything could happen in the month that she had left. However she pushed the thought out of her head. She still was with her friends after all. Her feeling of dread eventually left her stomach as she walked back home with her friends. 

The sun began to set, casting a scarlet hue among the clouds and the tops of the trees. The three continued to chat as they took a shortcut through a part of Everfree forest. Twilight looked up at the sky and saw that the stars had begun to come out already. She awed at how they all sparkled in the twilight sky, just like her name.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Sunset joined in on her stargazing. Twilight sighed, wondering how to answer her question. 

“These stars look so familiar….” Twilight began. “but…..they feel so different.” She finished. Sunset picked up on her still lingering homesickness.   

“You still not getting used to this?” Sunset asked.

Twilight looked at her human hand and tried opening and closing it a few times. She felt her fingers hesitate and lightly twitch at different intervals. No matter how she looked at it, she still saw her hand as a pony hoof.
“Sigh…..I don’t know……” Twilight played with the hem of her skirt nervously, struggling to come up with an answer. “Did you have trouble adjusting to this world Sunset?” She turned to Sunset.

Sunset thought for a few seconds. She chuckled a little when she remembered the first time she came across this world. She remembered struggling to get used to her human muscles, and stumbling all over the place, as well as learning things about the human world..

“Heh, I felt exactly the same as you did….” Sunset answered. 

“Really?” Twilight replied. Sunset nodded back

“Yeah, lost and out of place…….I 100% know the feeling .” Sunset put a reassuring hand on Twilight’s shoulder. Twilight smiled, endeared that her friend was able to relate to her so much. 

“But, no matter what Twilight…” Rarity put her hand on her other shoulder. “...we’ll be there 100% of the way darling.” 

Twilight sighed, overwhelmed by the kindness her friends have shown her. 

“Oh….thank you guys.” Twilight wrapped her arms around her friends in a group hug, with them returning the embrace. 

“Hey don’t forget about me!” Spike popped out of Twilight’s bag, and hopped on Twilight’s head. Twilight giggled a little at Spike’s comment. 

“Heh, don’t worry Spike, we won’t forget you.” Twilight held him in her hands. Spike smiled, and replied by licking her face. 
The group shared a friendly laugh at Twilight and Spike’s exchange. Twilight placed Spike back in her bag. 
“Okay, let’s get going girls, it’s getting dark already.” Twilight said cheerfully, filled with hope the future. Her friends nodded in agreement, and they proceeded to continue walking back home. Twilight took one last look at the stars before walking off with her friends. 

However as they walked through everfree forest, Twilight’s magic sense kicked in, alerting her to something in the sky above her.
“Huh?” Twilight stopped in her tracks and looked up into the sky through a hole in the treeline. She saw a bright yellow flying object slowly streaking across the sky. 

“Twilight? What is it no-?” Rarity was interrupted when she and Sunset also saw the flying yellow object. It’s yellow glow slowly began to engulf the trees around them, and cast a bright yellow light through the treeline. 

“What is that?” Sunset asked, all of them curious and cautious of the mysterious phenomenon happening before their eyes. As the object got closer, Twilight’s magic sense cringed, for the energy, it was emitting was not Equestrian Magic, but some sort of otherworldly energy. Twilight’s eyes remained fixed on the flying object, however she gasped in horror when she realized that the object was heading straight for them. 

“Girls run!” Twilight yelled to her friends. 

“What?” Sunset asked, confused as to what is going on. 

“No time just run!!” Twilight repeated, she turned in the other direction and began running. The object streaked towards the three girls at a blinding speed until finally, it impacted the ground behind them, creating a large shockwave shaking the ground beneath them.
Rarity gasped when she saw the object strike the ground behind them and saw the shockwave was about to impact them. 

“Watch out!” Rarity yelled to her friends. The three girls were swept off their feet and blasted backwards into the air. 

“AHHHH!!” The three girls screamed in fear as they were thrown backward. Twilight braced herself for when she impacted the ground. However, the impact never came. 

“Twilight!” Sunset and Rarity called to her. Twilight opened her eyes and saw that she, along with Sunset and Rarity were floating in the air, surrounded by a yellow sphere of ethereal energy. 

“Girls…..wh-what happened!?” Twilight asked. 

“I…..have no idea-OH!” Rarity blushed when she noticed the front of her skirt was lifted up, and immediately pushed it down. 

“What is this energy?” Sunset asked, looking around her. 

“It….must have stopped our fall-AH!” Twilight speculated but was interrupted when the energy around them dissipated and they dropped to the ground. They landed on the ground, unhurt but still frightened.  

Pant pant Are you all okay?” Twilight asked her friends, getting up and patting the dust off her clothes.

“I’m fine, how about you Rarity?” Sunset turned to Rarity.

“Oow. I guess so.” Rarity said, rubbing her bottom, which ached from landing on the ground. Sunset helped Rarity up on her feet.

“Y-you alright Sunset darling?” Rarity asked Sunset, still shaken by what just happened. 

“I’m fine. Don’t worry alright” Sunset replied, giving Rarity a confident yet reassuring smile. Rarity smiled back at Sunset.

“Hey what’s going on!?” Spike popped out of Twilight’s backpack. 

“That’s exactly it Spike, we have no idea.” Twilight replied. She then noticed the yellow glowing object behind her, casting a golden glow against the trees around it. Twilight and Spike turned to see a small crater at the impact site. 

“What is that Twilight?” Spike asked, partially retreating into Twilight’s backpack. Sunset and Rarity also took notice, walking up beside Twilight. While Twilight’s magic sense was still hemorrhaging from the energy that the object emitted, her curiosity still egged her on to investigate.

Twilight began walking towards the impact site. However she was stopped by Sunset, who grabbed her shoulder. 

“Twilight! We don’t know what that thing is. What if it’s something dangerous.” Sunset warned her. While Twilight was heartfelt by her friend’s concern, something inside her still urged her to investigate.

“Thanks Sunset, but we can’t just leave this alone. Also, think about what would happen if this world found this thing” Twilight explained, alluding to the fact that both herself and Sunset were both not actual humans, but Ponies from another dimension. Sunset took a moment to process what Twilight said. 

“You do have a point, but still, we should approach this cautiously.” Sunset replied. Twilight nodded in agreement with her. 

“What do you think Rarity?” Twilight asked her. 

“Um…..” Rarity twiddled her thumbs nervously. She didn’t want to leave her friends, however, she was also afraid of whatever just stranded on their planet. However she eventually worked up the courage, and decided to join them.

“Alright, let’s go.” Rarity nodded to her friends.

“Right!” Twilight said confidently.

The three girls walked towards the crash site, where the object was still glowing like a star. Not only that, but the closer Twilight got, the more her magical senses cringed. Twilight and her friends walked up to the rim of the crater. As they looked down at the glowing meteorite, they all shielded their eyes from the object’s intense light. 

“Ah! What is that Twilight?!” Sunset’s eyes hurt from looking at the object. Twilight struggled to come up with an answer, for her magic senses were now screaming that she was so close. She could feel the object’s energy overwhelm her own magic energy, so much that it made her body shudder a little

Suddenly, the object’s glow started to slowly dissipate. After a few seconds the light died down enough that they were able to look at it. The girls were finally able to lay their eyes on the mysterious object.

“Oh my…..” Rarity was at a loss for words. “Is that a……?” Rarity could make out the shape of the object. Twilight leaned in closer to get a better look despite her magic sense still aching. 

“I think it looks like-AHH!!” The ground beneath her gave way and she slid down the edge of the crater. 

“Twilight!” Sunset and Rarity yelled as they both reached their hands out as Twilight slide down the edge of the crater. 

“Ah! Whooa! Ooof!!” Twilight tumbled down the side of the crater until she eventually hit the bottom. 

“Oww…” Twilight’s right side and arm hurt from the fall. Her backpack fell off her shoulders during her fall,where a disoriented and confused Spike popped out of the backpack. 

“Whooooa.” Spike stumbled out of Twilight’s backpack, dizzed from rolling around in the pack during the fall. Spike shook his head to get out of his stupor. 

“Twilight! You alright!?” Rarity called from the rim of the crater. Twilight sat herself up, her side and holding her hurt arm close to her body. 

Pant I’m alright!” Twilight called up to them. 

“Twilight!” Sunset slid down the side of the crater to go and help her. 

“That was nasty fall, you sure you’re alright?” Sunset worriedly asked, helping her friend/mentor up. 

Pant I’m fine, Thanks Sunset.” Twilight smiled at her, dusting herself off. They both looked back at the glowing object. Twilight and Sunset’s magic senses were still trembling from the sheer energy that the thing was giving off. They both slowly made their way towards the object. Once they were close enough, they were finally able to get a glimpse of what it looked like up close. 

“It’s an…...emerald?” Twilight said, her mind searching for any possible explanation to what it was, but she came up with nothing. 

“What’s an emerald doing in outer space?” Sunset promptly asked, also wondering what in the world this object was. 

“Wait! It…. it’s an Emerald!? I want to see!” Rarity called from the edge of the crater, her caution completely dissipated when she heard two say ‘emerald’. 

“Just stay there Rarity! We’ll be right up!” Sunset called back to her.

Twilight knelt down to look at it, it’s searing energy wearing off enough for her to get close. She slowly reached her hand to grab it. But the instant her fingers touched the surface of the emerald, she was hit with a sharp stinging pain as the emerald let out a small burst of energy.

“AH!!” Twilight jerked her hand back in response. 

“You alright?” Sunset asked.

“It must be our conflicting energies.” Twilight theorized. “Our magic isn’t compatible with this thing?” Sunset thought for a moment on how to handle the emerald.

“Well in that case…” Sunset took off her black biker coat. She hesitated for a second, wondering if her idea would work, before grasping the emerald with her coat. The light the emerald gave off immediately went out, causing the forest to go dark once again. Sunset sighed, relieved that her idea of grabbing the emerald with her coat worked. 

“Sunset, is it-?” Twilight asked, worried that the emerald might have hurt her. 

“I’m fine Twilight.” Sunset confirmed to her. “Let’s get out of this crater first.” 

Twilight nodded in agreement, and they proceeded to climb back up the side of the crater. Twilight had some trouble climbing back up, but Sunset was there to help her. The two girls eventually got up the side of the crater, where Rarity immediately pestered them for a look at the emerald.

“Can I see it!? Can I see it!? Please?!” Rarity hopped around them excitedly to see the emerald. 

“Just a moment Rarity.” Sunset told her. Sunset carefully unfolded her jacket which contained the emerald inside. Once again, the emerald’s glow lit up the forest around them  in it’s brilliant yellow light. 

“My…….word…….i-it’s gorgeous” Rarity was at a loss for words. She was completely taken aback by the emeralds gorgeous glow. Twilight and Sunset were also mesmerized by the emerald’s beauty. However Twilight remembered that it just crashed landed on their world a few minutes ago. 

“What should we do with it Twilight?” Sunset asked her. The three girls stared at each other, unsure of what to say, or what course of action they should take. 

“Let’s get home girls…” Twilight covered the emerald back up, taking it in her hands. “....we speak of this to nobody else.” 

“But what about Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie, and Fluttershy?” Rarity asked, wondering why she didn’t mention the others. 

“We’ll inform the others tomorrow in secret, to be sure nobody else besides us knows about this.” Twilight explained. 

“Wait, do you think this has to do with that dream of yours?” Sunset asked. Twilight gasped as she just remembered her dream that she had about two days ago. She tried to think of some connection between her dream and this emerald. But she was interrupted when she heard police sirens approaching. 

“We’ll discuss this later, we need get home quick!” Twilight replied. The others nodded in agreement, and they both scrambled to get away from the scene before the police arrived. While Twilight knew that the emerald that she carried was certainly of another world, she had no idea that this was just the beginning of a conflict that would span the entire universe. 

Next Day Morning

“Oh maaaan….!”  Sonic groaned as he lay on the ground.  He felt like his entire body had been mangled and twisted all out of shape, and then improperly twisted back into it’s original form. On top of that he felt heavier and bigger than usual. 
“Oh god, what happened last night?” Sonic tried to recall what happened before he passed out. He rubbed his heavy eyes, but as his hands pressed against his eyelids, he noted that his hands felt smaller and they didn’t feel like they had gloves on. 

However before he could question that, he finally remembered what happened before he passed out. 
“Silver, Shadow! Where are you!?” Sonic called out, still rubbing his eyes. He sensed the presence of another person lying next to him. 

"Ugh…..Sonic….is that you?” He heard Silver call out to him. Sonic finally managed to open his eyes a little, and he managed to get a hazy view of the environment around him. From what he could make out, they were in the middle of a forest, however he could hear the faint sound of cars in the distance, which meant that there was civilization nearby.

Sigh...yeah I’m here Silver.” Sonic confirmed to him. He rubbed his eyes again, and he was able to fully open them, and see the area around him clearly.
“How about you..? You doin’ alri-” Sonic turned around to face Silver, but he double-taked when he saw that Silver did not look like his usual self.

He didn’t look like a hedgehog, but more like a human. He had pale turquoise skin with two black markings on his face. He still had his white hair and yellow eyes, however he was wearing a dark grey jacket with his circular marking on it, with fur lining the collar, as well as beige pants and his usual boots. 

“What the-!? Silver! What happened to you?!” Sonic said to him, caught off guard by Silver’s new appearance. Silver opened eyes, and double taked as well when he looked at Sonic. 

“Wha-What happened to you Sonic!?” Silver replied. 

“Wh-What are you talking ab-” Sonic lifted his hands up and saw that his hands had no gloves, and were Yellow in color. 

“What the hell!! I-I-what’s going on!?” Sonic stood up, but then immediately stumbled backwards and fell on his butt. 

“Ow!” He got on his hands and knees, and then saw his reflection in a puddle of water. His hedgehog like form was replaced with a blue humanoid form. He had Yellow colored skin, and jet blue spiky shoulder length hair which was reminiscent of his blue quills. He also was wearing a white T-Shirt, with a black sleeveless vest, and a pair of jeans with rips in them.

“WHAT THE HE-!” Sonic was almost about to freak out, however steadied himself and took deep breaths to calm himself down. 

“Sonic! Where are we? Why are we humans!?” Silver too was also exasperated at their current situation. Sonic tried to come up with an answer. But so much had happened in the last few hours that he felt overwhelmed just thinking about it. 

“I have no idea Silver.” Sonic replied, looking at his human hand, poking it in various places to test if it’s senses were working. While it wasn’t too dissimilar from his original hands, they still felt like a new pair of gloves to him. He tried standing up, but again he found it difficult to balance.

“Wha-Whoa! WhoA!! OW!” Sonic fell back down on his human behind. Silver, amused by Sonic’s pratfall, suppressed a small chuckle.

You alright?” Silver asked. 

“Ugh! Yeah….but damnit this body feels weird. Being five foot ten isn’t easy.” Sonic rubbed his bottom. Silver tried standing up as well, but then immediately fell back down like Sonic. 

“Ow!… the way where's Shadow and your other friends?” Silver asked. Sonic looked around to see if there were any signs of familiar faces, but to no avail. 

“Don’t know, but I don’t think Shadow would be far off, we should go look for him.” Sonic pondered, managing to stand up on his feet, still struggling to balance. He briefly listened to the vehicles in the distance to get a bead on which direction they should head. 

“Sounds like there’s a town over there.” Sonic pointed to their left.
“Lets see if we can ask around to see where we are.” Sonic helped Silver up on his feet. He too had difficulty balancing in his new form but was able to right himself.

The two made their way through the trees and bushes towards the sound of civilization nearby. While they journeyed, Sonic thought about the fight they had with that mysterious black warrior. What the warrior had to say certainly troubled him, but what troubled him even more was the fact that the warrior fought just like him. 

Who the hell was that guy?” Sonic held his head in confusion and weariness.
What was he doing to the towns people? Who was he working for? I pretty sure I’ve never seen him before, but why did he feel so familiar…….he was another me!”  He stopped in his tracks as more and more questions began to cloud his mind. However before he was about to give in to anguish, he felt a hand grip his shoulder, snapping him back to reality.

“Sonic, you alright?” Silver asked him. Sonic realized he was making Silver worry. He smiled, glad that he had someone watching his back. 

“I’m fine, just…...a bit overwhelmed right now.” Sonic replied. “Let’s just try and get to that town alright.” The two began moving forward again. While they walked, Silver decided to hang back a little to take in his surrounding. Since he had lived in an apocalyptic wasteland for most of his life, he couldn’t help but be mesmerised by an place so full of life. 

“Wow, this place is beautiful.” Silver said, gazing at the lush greenery around him. 

“Heh, you’re not wrong.” Sonic noted. They made their way through some bushes, and on the other side they managed to see some buildings through the trees.

“Hey! I see some buildings over there!” Sonic pointed to the buildings in the distance.
“Let’s get over there quick!” 

“Right!” Silver agreed with him. The two quickened their pace. 

But Silver suddenly stopped when he heard something rustling in the bushes behind him. 

“Huh? What was that?” Silver said nervously. 

“What was what?” Sonic asked.

“I thought I heard something” Silver slowly moved towards the source of the rustling. Sonic decided to stay close behind him just in case.

“Uhh...hey Shadow is that you!?” Silver called into the bushes. The rustling continued for a few seconds, until it suddenly stopped and a menacing growl came from the bushes. This caused Silver to back away in fear. 

“Um...Silver I think we should-” Sonic tried to tell him that they should continue on, but he was interrupted when a large creature leaped out of the bushes and over their heads. 

“WHAA! What the-!!” The two ducked under the large creature. 

“Sonic! What was that!?” Silver said confusedly. Sonic looked behind them.

“Uh…...Silver…” Sonic said in fear of what he just saw. Silver turned around, and he had the exact same face as Sonic. 

The creature was a wolf-like creature with glowing green eyes. However, in place of fur, it instead was covered in a wood like epidermis, which made it all the more menacing to them. The creature slowly advanced on them

“Sonic….W-What do we do!?” Silver said, taking cover behind Sonic. 

“Heh..I know what we gonna do…” Sonic cracked his knuckles, ready to fight.
“...were gonna beat the crap out of it!” Sonic assumed his fighting stance. The creature only proceeded to snarl at him more. 

“Alright! Let’s do thi-WHAA-OOOF!!” Sonic tried charging towards the creature but ended up falling flat on his face. Silver suppressed another chuckle. 

“Oww!” What the-?” Sonic said, confused as to why he didn’t speed towards the creature. However at that moment he realised something. 

“Don’t tell me! Are our powers-” Sonic came to the realization that his powers were gone. Silver, having heard Sonic’s revelation, Silver tried lifting a boulder using his psychokinesis, but no matter how hard he focused, the rock wouldn’t budge. 

“Oh no…’re right!” Silver also realized that his powers were gone. But their despair was cut short when the wolf-like creature, charged towards them. 

“Oh geez move it!” The two scrambled to evade the creature’s attack. The creature turned to face them once again, preparing to pounce on them. 

“There’s no  way we're beating that thing without our powers, RUN!!” The two proceed to run towards the buildings in the distance with the creature trailing behind them. While Sonic ran, he expected that the harder he pushed his legs, the faster he went. But no matter how hard he pushed his legs, he remained at the same speed.

Pant Pant Dammit!! This is so awkward, running at this speed!!” Sonic commented, scrambling through the bushes, whacking branches out of the way. 

“We need to find Shadow quick!” Silver added, thinking that perhaps he wasn’t as unlucky as them, and still retained his powers. He looked back to see the creature hot on their tail.

“This way!” Sonic bolted to his left, catching Silver off guard. 

“Ach! Hey wait!!” Silver slipped as he tried switching directions. The two came to another small clearing. Then Sonic noticed some climbable trees.

“Climb the trees, quick” Sonic told Silver. 

“Are you sure-” Silver was cut off when he heard the sound of the creature coming their way. The two of them climbed a tree to try and hide from the creature. Once they were a suitable distance off the ground, they looked around for any sign of the creature. 

“I think he’s gone.” Sonic told him, his eyes darting around for any sign of the creature. 

“Are you sure?” Silver replied. The two waited for a few seconds for any sounds. But all they heard was the trees and the birds in the background.

Sigh, I think so…” Sonic said, relieved that they had escaped their adversary. “Let’s go and look for Sha- WAH!” 

Sonic was interrupted we he felt himself being pulled down by the leg. They both looked down to see the creature from before pulling at his leg, snarling viciously at them. .

“Are you kidding me!?” Sonic exclaimed. He lost his grip on the branch he was hanging from and tumbled over the creature and landed behind it on the ground.

“Ooff!!” Sonic didn’t have time to lick his wounds, for the creature was already up in his face.

“Grr...screw off!” In an act of desperation, Sonic kicked the creature in the face, causing it to reel back. 

“Sonic, run!” Silver shouted. However he didn’t notice that the branch he was hanging onto was breaking. Sonic, still on the ground, backed up from the approaching creature, but then found his back against a tree. 

“Grr….this isn’t good!” Sonic didn’t have many options. He looked around for a way to escape, but the creature would get him before he could escape. Then the creature pounced on him. Sonic braced himself for the incoming attack. 

But just before the creature got to him, from out of nowhere a foot drove itself into it’s face, throwing it to the side. 
Sonic stood befuddled at what happened just now. But then he noticed a tall black figure standing in front of him, facing the creature. 
“Who’re-?” Sonic cut off when he saw the creature lunge towards the person. However the figure’s arm suddenly jotted out and grabbed the creature by the head, then proceeded to slam it into the ground, with enough force to damage the ground beneath it.

“Buzz off!!” The figure then sent the creature flying into a tree trunk with a devastating kick.  The creature whimpered in fear, and went into the bushes with it’s tail between it’s legs. 

Sonic and Silver looked at the mysterious newcomer, wondering who it could be. After looking for a few seconds, Sonic realized who the person was.

“Sh-Shadow? Is that you?” Sonic asked cautiously. The figure slowly stepped out of the shadows to reveal a tall orange-skinned boy with swept back black hair with red highlights. He wore an open grey jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. He also wore black pants with his Shadow's trademark hover shoes. 

“Hmph! Who else would it be faker?” Shadow replied in his usual aloof and somewhat cold demeanor. 

“Where were you?” Silver asked, still hanging from a tree branch. 

“I was somewhere else. I only managed to find you because of all the ruckus you guys made.” Shadow explained. 

“Well it’s not our fault, we couldn’t fight it off because our powers are gone.” Sonic picked himself up, and dusted himself off. 

“Well, you’re right. It appears our powers are not compatible with these bodies.” Shadow commented, tensing his muscles a little, still trying to get a feel for his new body. 

“So….what are we gonna do without the-WHAA! OW!!” Silver’s branch snapped and he felt to the ground with a thud. Shadow walked over to him.

“Best course of action would be to find civilization” Shadow helped Silver back on his feet. 

“Sigh Thanks.” Silver thanked Shadow for helping him up. 

“Yeah, we had the same idea.” Sonic agreed with him.  But then Silver remembered something important. 

“Wait! What about the chaos emeralds!?”  Silver blurted out worryingly. 

“Huh-? Oh right! ” Sonic searched the pockets on his clothes which were conveniently on him when he came here. To his shock he didn't find any.
"Shoot! I don't have any of them! What about you guys?" Sonic asked Silver and Shadow.

Shadow and Silver also searched the pockets on their clothes for the chaos emeralds.
Shadow came up with nothing.

"This isn't looking good" Shadow said disappointedly.

"Oh! Hey guys! Look!" Silver brought his hand out of his pocket with the Cyan Chaos emerald.

The three breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well I guess one is better than nothing." Sonic remarked.

"Yeah, but the other six must be scattered in this world." Shadow speculated.

“Then we need to find them fast, before they fall into the wrong hands!” Silver said diligently. 

“I agree, wouldn’t want somebody activating chaos control by accident, and making things even worse.” Sonic added his two cents. Shadow gave the two a small smile, in response to their agreement.

“In any case, let’s head for those buildings over there.” Shadow pointed towards a few buildings in between the trees. 
"Silver you hang onto that emerald." Shadow entrusted the emerald to Silver.

"Uh...Right!" Silver put the emerald into the pocket of his jacket.

“Right!” Sonic and Silver quickly agreed with Shadow. The three proceeded to make their way through the forest, moving through the bushes and in between the trees. While they made their way forward, Sonic decided to consult Shadow about the recent events that happened.

“Say Shadow. What do you thinking happened to the mysterious guy that we fought back on our world?” Sonic asked.

“Hmmm….” Shadow took a few minutes to think. 

“What if he got transported here too?” Silver said nervously, uneager to face that warrior again, still feeling a little pain from the places he hit him.

“If he were here, then he would probably be already causing trouble.” Shadow replied.

“Why do you say that?” Sonic asked. 

“Remember, he was the first to fly into that portal, and wormholes have weird effects on time, so it’s possible that he’s been here for months, maybe even years.” Shadow explained. They continued to make their way towards the buildings. They were now close enough that they could somewhat make out what it is. 

“The town is just ahead, lets go.” Shadow told the other two. They finally got out of the forest, and looked at the civilization before them. They were in front of what looked like a school, for it had a track and a field. One thing they also noticed is that the civilians all were humanoids with colored skin, just like them. 

“Huh...looks peaceful enough. I mean nobody looks to be in danger.” Silver noted.
“Come to think of it, this place is actually kinda pretty.” 

“Looks can be deceiving kid, so don’t let your guard down.” Shadow replied less optimistically. Shadow proceeded to go ahead. 

“Geez what a downer..” Silver muttered under his breath.

“Come on lets go!” Sonic called to Silver. They crossed the street, and walked over to the side of the building.

“It….looks like a school.” Silver pointed out. 

“How do you know that?” Sonic asked. Silver pointed to the track and field to their right. They both looked over to see if anyone was there. They saw nobody on the field at the moment. 

“Hm...nobody’s there.” Silver commented. 

“Well it does look like it’s pretty early in the morning.” Shadow replied. Silver then noticed that it was rather cold. 

“Brrr! It’s cold, can we go inside?” Silver asked, shivering a little from the cold. 

“Alright, but don’t cause any trouble alright?” Shadow told him. Silver nodded in response. They find a maintenance door which lead inside. They walked down a rather dimly lit corridor. 

“Geez it’s dark….I can’t see.” Sonic complained. 

“There’s another door up ahead.” Shadow pointed to a door at the end of the corridor, with light on the other side of it. They go through the door and exit the hallway. They find themselves in a hallway lined with green lockers. It was adorned with green patterns on the walls. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver look around for any sign of a person. 

“ one's here.” Sonic shrugged his shoulders. But Shadow thought otherwise.

“I wouldn’t be too sure.” He replied.


The sound of a school bell rang, surprising the three. 

“GAH! What the-!?” The two were caught off guard by the sudden loud noise. Then dozens of students began flooding out of the classrooms.

“Whoa! Big crowd!” Sonic exclaimed as the crowd of students pushed against him. “Hey, watch where you’re goin’!” A student jeered at him. 

“Eh-excuse me. Sorry. Ow!” Silver had a hard time staying with Sonic and Shadow as the crowd pushed and elbowed him from all sides.

“Grr! Stay together!” Shadow called to them amidst the crowd. 

A few minutes later, the three managed to get out of the crowd, and were catching their breath in a corner. The crowd had calmed down enough so that it was possible to walk through the hall unhindered. 

Pant Okay pant...we are definitely in a school.” Sonic said in between breaths, tired from all the pushing he had to do.

“Oww. Did not expect that coming.” Silver’s side ached from someone elbowing him hard in the side. 

“Get a grip you two..” Shadow chastised them both. The two managed to get their energy back shortly. 

“Okay, what’s our next move?” Sonic asked Shadow. 

“Our first priority is finding the rest of the chaos emeralds.” Shadow looked around for any signs of suspicious characters. “We should search this place. There’s a chance that one of the students here got their hands on a chaos emeralds.” 

“Can’t you just sense where they are, Shadow?” Sonic asked.

“Yeah, you do have more experience in chaos energy than both of us after all.” Silver added. Shadow took note of their observations, and checked if any of his senses were acting up. But he felt nothing of the sort. He deduced that his chaos energy senses were still disabled. 

“ powers must still be adapting to this body.” Shadow told them.
“We’ll need to be more vigilant in our search.” 

“Aww..” Sonic and Silver let out a sigh of disappointment now that their search was going to be longer than they thought. But they both sucked it up, and were willing to move forward.

“Alright let’s go.” Sonic said. Shadow and Silver nodded in agreement. 

The three of them went off to search the school, still confused as to where they were. While they had no idea of what was to come, they couldn’t just stand back while the safety of not just their world, but also this world was at stake. 

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie had just got out of their last class, and were strolling along to their last class. 

“Yeesh….that class just wouldn’t end!” Rainbow Dash complained, stretching her back from sitting for over two hours. She seriously didn’t like history class.

“Really Dashie? Things just passed by in a flash for me!” Pinkie said in her typical cheerful/ditzy voice. For Pinkie, her wild imagination caused time for her to move faster than normally. 

“Hmm...I wonder why.” Applejack said sarcastically, alluding to how Pinkie was always off in her own world. Sometimes they wonder how Pinkie is able to keep and smile even when things were feelings down. They continued chatting about their day while they walked to their class.

However they immediately stopped talking when they noticed a Green haired boy, wearing shades, wearing a dark leather coat about to pass them. They all looked at him nervously. However as they passed by him, he immediately stopped and glared at them. They all gasped in fear as his gaze pierced their soul. He just stood there silently for a few seconds. The three girls were to scared to say anything to him. But then a few seconds later, he stopped glaring at them and continued on his way. 

“Piss off you bunch a…..” He bitterly said under his breath as he walked down the corridor. The other students looked at him as he walked by them. The three girls took a moment to catch their breath. 

“Holy….crap! That was tense!” Rainbow Dash’s heart was pounding in her chest. While she hadn’t had to deal with Scrooge personally, she still made it clear to avoid him most of the time. 

“You tell me. I thought he was gonna strangle us to death er somethin’.” Applejack wiped some sweat off her forehead. Pinkie on the other hand, didn’t seem phased at all. 

“I don’t know about you, but I think he looks funny when he’s mad!” Pinkie said cheerfully. Dash and Applejack gave each other an annoyed look in response to Pinkie’s comment. They brush it off and they continued on their way towards their next class. 

“Seriously what is it with that guy? I haven’t seen anybody like that at CHS before.” Applejack noted, the person’s gaze still burned into her head. 

“What was his name again?” Rainbow Dash tried remembering his name, but came up empty. 

“Umm..was it...Sebastian? Shawn? Shane? Seymour?...” Pinkie began listing off names beginning with S. Then the name finally came into Dash’s head.

“Scrooge! Scrooge was his name!” Dash stated as the name finally came into her head..
“I swear….that guy has issues.” 

“I don’t know about that. Maybe he’s just misunderstood.” Applejack tried being sympathetic to Scrooge. 

“But that guy has been suspended four times already! I’m surprised principal Celestia hasn’t expelled him!” Rainbow Dash stated fiercely, getting angrier the more she thought about it.
“..And that’s not even mentioning those he beats up!” 

“We know Dash! But getting angry about it won’t solve anything.” Applejack tried calming Dash down. While she understood where she was coming from, she didn’t want her to get too heated over this. Rainbow Dash took a deep breath, and managed to calm herself down, though thinking about Scrooge still irritated her. 

Sigh I know….sorry.” Dash apologized to the others for her behavior. While she was still aggravated, she understood where her friend was coming from.  Applejack smiled at her, and patted her on the back. 

“Anyhoo, you guys remember Twilight tellin’ us to meet after school or somethin’?” Applejack asked. She remembered getting a text from Twilight for all of them to meet after school.

“Oh yeah! Twilight said she, Rarity, and Sunset found something last night.” Rainbow Dash remembered. She had gotten the text as well. 

“Let’s talk about this more after class alright?” Applejack replied, noting that it was almost time for their next class. The three girls nodded in agreement and they hurried to their next class. 

Meanwhile, in another part of the school, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver were wandering around the school hallways, trying to get a feel for the place, as well as looking for any suspicious activity. They were already getting weird and suspicious looks from the other students. 

“What are we gonna do without our powers? If we face something on par with Eggman in this world, we’ll get creamed for sure!” Silver said nervously, his mind going back to their run in with that wolf like creature. 

“Perhaps, but if we move carefully and avoid any trouble, we should be fine.” Shadow said calmly, assessing their situation and devising a plan in his head.

“Ugh! How long are we gonna be here anyways?” Sonic asked, not looking forward to spending time here.

“As long as we need to find the chaos emeralds, and find a way home.” Shadow responded quickly. Silver felt a little relief that he was with Shadow who knew .

“Heh, nothing phases you, huh, Shadow?” Silver complimented him. Shadow gave him a brief glance, and gave him a small smile.

“Just focus on what's ahead, and we’ll be fine.” Shadow replied confidently. As they walked down the hallway, a question popped into Sonic’s mind.

“There’s one thing I don’t understand.” Sonic said. They stopped to hear Sonic’s question.

“Out of all the places to get transported to, why this place?” Sonic explained his confusion to them. Both Shadow and Silver were stumped by that question. While Shadow had the most experience with Time and Space manipulation, he still couldn’t come up with a clear answer. But they didn’t have time for questions right now.

“That’s a question for another time. For now, don’t cause any trouble.” Shadow anticipated that both Sonic and Silver had a high probability of causing trouble around here.  Sonic became a little irritated that Shadow was alluding to him. 

“You saying that I’m a troublemaker?” Sonic protested. 

“To degree, yes.” Shadow answered nonchalantly.
“I’m just saying if we get caught, our chances of getting home are zero.”

“Yeah, it’s just as Shadow said, we stay out of trouble, we won’t get caug-” 

“Excuse me, are you three new here?” Silver was interrupted by a woman’s voice from behind them. The three turned around to see a tall woman with yellow eyes, white skin, and long pale multicolored hair.

The three stood silent for a few seconds, not knowing what to say. Silver in particular was panicking on the inside, considering that he was the one who spoke too soon.

“Uh, well we- eh…..” Silver studdered as he tried to come up with an answer. But fortunately, Shadow stepped in to answer for him. 

“Yes, we are. Were just a bit lost, that’s all.” Shadow thought quickly and gave his answer. Silver sighed, relieved that Shadow saved him in the nick of time. The woman gave them a sincere smile.

“Well, then let be the first to welcome you three to Canterlot High School.” She said sincerely. 

So that's what this place is called” Shadow thought to himself. 

“My name is Principal Celestia.” She introduced herself. The three were a bit surprised that she was being so sincere to them. It was rather refreshing that they were not met with hostility for once. 

“Uh...heh heh….thanks.” Silver replied, rubbing the back of his head nervously, still a little shaken. 

“I see that you haven’t been properly checked in. If I could take a few minutes of your time, I could sign you all in.” Celestia explained to them. Shadow stepped in again to speak for them. 

“Of course.” Shadow said calmly. 

“Alright then if you all could please follow me to my office.” Celestia showed them the way to her office. The three agreed to her request, and they proceeded to follow her down the corridor. Sonic walked next to Shadow and whispered into his ear. 

“Nice save..” Sonic whispered to him. 

“Just stay calm and no sudden movements.” Shadow responded. 

The three followed Principal Celestia back to their office. As the entered the office, a line of pictures on the wall caught Sonic’s attention. They all had a picture of an orange skinned girl with red and yellow hair. She was in a different dress in each picture, but she looked more arrogant and hostile as the pictures went down.

Heh, her hair kinda looks like bacon.” Sonic snickered a little at his thought. 

“Alright, take a seat you three.” Celestia told them. The three took a seat in front of Celestia’s desk, while Celestia sat at her desk and brought out a folder from one of the drawers. 

“I’m just going ask you a few questions regarding your background and education. It will only take a few minutes, so you’ll be able to get to your classes in time.” Celestia explained. Sonic felt completely unenthusiastic about attending school of all things. Shadow had no strong feelings about school whatsoever. Silver on the other hand was rather interested in how this would turn out.

“So may I start with knowing your last names please.” Celestia asked them politely. The three looked at each other, unsure of how to answer at first. But then Shadow stepped in again.

“Our last name is Genesis,” Shadow answered. Sonic and Silver gave him an odd look, confused as to why he would pick that name of all things.

“Um, your last names are all Genesis?” Celestia raised an eyebrow. Silver stepped in to add onto Shadow’s charade.

“Uh you see, were all brothers.” Silver clarified. 

“I see.” Celestia’s suspicion died down a bit now that she understood why they all had the same name. However, she still found something odd about their last name. 

What an odd last name.”  She thought.

“Alright, may you please tell me your hometown or where you went to school last?” Celestia asked them again. Shadow stepped in for them once again. 

“Were from a small town on the coast called ‘Emerald Town’. It’s a very obscure place, it’s not even on the map.” Shadow explained to her. 

“Okay then....” Celestia took some time to write what he said down. She proceeds to ask them some more questions. Most of them related to their background, medication, and some other miscellaneous things. About twenty minutes passed during that time. 

“Alright, that should be everything I need to know.” Celestia put everything she wrote down into a folder and put it in her desk. She then brought out another folder and passed out a paper to each of them. 

“Those are your schedules for your classes here at CHS” Celestia explained to them. The three each took a look at each of their schedules. 

Sonic’s schedule is that he had history in the morning, algebra at 10:00,  after lunch he had biology, and P.E at 3:00. 

Shadow had Algebra 2 in the morning, Physics at 10:00, History after lunch, and Geography afterwards. 

Silver had history in the morning like Sonic, Algebra at 10:00, Art after lunch, and P.E at 3:00

Celestia put the folder back in her drawer.

“That should be everything. Just make sure you get to your classes on time, study hard, and maybe make some friends.” Celestia said optimistically. The three got up from their seats and prepared to leave. 

“Thanks a lot Ms. Celestia.” Silver said politely. The three got up and exited Celestia’s office. However, just as Shadow was about to leave, he turned to thank her.

“Thank you.” He said before exiting the room. 

After they left, Celestia sat back in her chair.

“It’s been forever since I felt those senses go off.” Celestia rubbed her face wearly.  Something about the three perplexed her. Although she hasn’t used her magic in centuries, her magic senses sensed an extremely familiar energy from them that she hadn’t felt for nearly a millennium. 

“I felt it the second I approached those three. Don’t tell me… it…..” Celestia’s eyes dilated when she realized that it might be something she swore to never speak about. But then she considered that her senses might be overreacting again. 

“....No! no, it’s not possible! I must be overthinking things.” She pushed the thought out of her head. She had a ton of paperwork to do, and she was not looking forward to it. 

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver walked down the hallway, looking at their schedules. Sonic was not enthusiastic about attending school at all. In fact it made him loath being in this school even more.

“Awwww geeezzz! Do I seriously have to attend school?” Sonic complained, really not liking the situation he was in. 

“Deal with it faker, it’s not like we're enjoying this either.” Shadow countered back. 

“I don’t know….I’m actually kind of interesting in this.” Silver said. 

“Pssh!.....I’m the fastest thing alive Silver. I don’t do school.” Sonic retorted arrogantly. 

“Alright that’s enough! For now we just play along and don’t get into trouble okay?” Shadow firmly told them. 

“Okay okay fine.” Sonic said irritably. 

“We’ll meet at Lunch, got it?” Shadow told them. The two nodded in agreement. Then they all went off to go their separate classes. Sonic walked alongside Silver with a irritated look on his face. Silver looked at Sonic, wondering why he was being so bitter about this. 

“Why are you so upset about this?” Silver asked him. Sonic took a few seconds to calm down. 

Sigh I’m sorry. Just not having my powers and everything just really ticks me off.” Sonic explained.
“Plus this new form is just weird.” He was still adjusting to his new body. Silver understood where he was coming from. He too was still adjusting to his new body, and not having his powers made him nervous. However he remembered Shadow’s words.

“I know what you mean, but we can’t just charge in head first like we used to do. We gotta do this carefully, otherwise our chances of getting home are gone.” Silver explained, a hint of optimism in his voice. Sonic looked at Silver, surprised by his optimism. For some reason, he felt a brotherly connection to him now. He couldn’t help but smile and laugh.

“Thanks bro!” Sonic put his arm around him and offered him a fist bump. 

“B-bro?” Silver was taken aback by Sonic’s sudden sincerity. He never thought Sonic would call him bro of all thing.

Bro? As in….brother….?” Silver thought. While he didn’t know what to think, he was endeared by Sonic’s brotherly affection, and gave Sonic a heartfelt smile.

“Heh! Yeah!” Silver happily returned the fist bump. Part of him couldn’t believe that a time, they were bitter enemies. Now here they are, Sonic treating him like a little brother. They continued walking to their next class. 

Meanwhile, while Shadow was walking to his next class. He overheard Sonic and Silver’s conversation. Mixed feelings began going through his head. His mind went back to his memories of Maria and all the wonderful times they had together. The memories caused a small smile to form on his face. But then a gunshot sounded in his head, shattering those memories, causing him to stop and hold his head in anguish. 

“Ghh! Ah!” Shadow literally felt the pain as the memories flooded back in. However he couldn’t allow himself to give into despair. He took deep breaths as he brought himself back to his original composure. After he finally calmed himself down, he continued onward to his next class. But the memories kept wanting to crawl back into his head.

It’s just a memory…’s just a memory…..”