Keep Calm and Chaos on

by Foal Star

Chapter Five: Chaos in Canterlot

Fluttershy and Discord suddenly teleported outside a copy of Canterlot Palace in a puff of smoke. The palace was an exact replica towering before the two draconequuses which stood before them. Fluttershy was now feeling a bit uncomfortable about this and asked, "so we're going to mess around with princess Celestia and Luna now?"

Discord gave Fluttershy a smirk as he anticipated this potion of his test for awhile as he explained to the female draconequus. "Yes, that's exactly what we're going to do. But, were going to do it in a controlled environment and make sure you don't lose control."

Fluttershy giggled as she thought about all the fun things she can turn the princesses into. She couldn't help but respond with a smile on her face. "Alright, well, should we get some practice with some other ponies first? I rather not mess up this opportunity to have fun with the princesses."

"Sure, why not!?" Discord exclaimed with a big smile on his face as he hoped Fluttershy would say that.

They both turned their attention to face Prince Blueblood who was walking down the courtyard with his pompous demeanour with his snout in the air. Discord tapped a claw to his chin pondering about what they should do, and then he explained, "So how about we play a game I'll say a subject, and you have to transform said pony within those parameters."

"Sure that sounds like a fun idea so...what should I do first?" Fluttershy whispered to herself as she watched the pompous stallion walk through the courtyard. She had so many ideas of embarrassing transformations running through her mind she never and her friends never forgave him for how he treated Rarity at the Grand Galloping Gala all those years ago.

Discord snapped a claw freezing Blueblood in his tracks as he exclaimed, "How about you turn him into an inanimate object!"

The former pegasus turned around with smirk watching Blueblood quiver and shouting at them to stop. That strange gleam appeared in Fluttershy eyes again as she whispered, "alright…"

Fluttershy thought about what she should do to Blueblood who was now pleading for his life and and then an idea suddenly popped in her head. The female draconequus suddenly snapped a claw and the fake Blueblood was stunned as his entire body slowly transformed into stone. It started with his hooves crystallizing in a stone substance as his body straightened out and was postured into a prancing position. Blueblood screamed for help but soon his whole head was now stone with water sporting out of his mouth. His fancy clothes disappeared and replaced with a toga. pond filled with lily pads, frogs, and ducks swimming about emerged around him. Discord nodded and explained, "well, I guess that works...But I think you can get a little more creative."

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and snapped another claw as his body shortened and slowly turned to that of a foal where his toga turned into a cloth like diaper around his cubby bottom and he seemed to be standing on one back hoof, he spouted out water from his mouth while with his forehooves a small bow, he held a small bow with a heart shaped point on the arrow lodged in the center.

"Well done, you did a great job!" Discord clapped his claws together with a smile on his face. "I never would have imagined you had a thing for the arts."

Fluttershy turned around with her claws on her hips with a smirk on her face as she snapped back. "Well, obviously, I'm not as cultured as Rarity, but I dabble in these sorts of things now and again."

Discord tapped a claw on his chin and asked, "How about you do an animal this time?"

Fluttershy took some thought into what she wanted to turn Blueblood into next; she then extended out a claw, and with a quick snap, Blueblood's stone body fell apart as his body elongated a bit with his legs becoming longer, his tail shortening to a small stub. Blueblood was now a young white coated fawn with blue spots printed all over his backside shaking all over on his cute stilt legs with his tail flagging upwards and looking around whimpering.

"That was awesome! You really got the hang of your chaos magic!" Discord exclaimed as he slapped his knee he sent a stream of chaos magic hitting Blueblood and the pond turning it into an ice skating rink as Blueblood squeaked and cried out as he skidded across the ice on his stilt legs while the frogs and ducks cheered him on.

Fluttershy laughed watching the scene play out as Blueblood skidded off the rink and Discord snapped a claw once again creating a giant pile of snow where the little fawn slammed into it with a loud plop! The fawn squeaked and whined as she sturrgled to get himself out of the snow while shaking his cute butt in the air. Eventually he got out landing on his backside with those big cute eyes and both Fluttershy and Discord were laughing and dawwing at the scene. She turned to face Discord with a shy smile as she was a bit unsure if she really was using her chaos magic well and asked in a nervous tone. "Do you really think so!?"

He nodded clapping his claws. "That was amazing! You were able to use your chaos magic so well and kept it from running out of control, and you were quite creative."

Fluttershy was so excited and flew straight over and slammed Discord with a hug and wrapping her arms around the draconequus and nuzzled him. "Thank you so much for all of this! I wouldn't have been able to get this far if it weren't for you."

Discord face turned a beat red seeing Fluttershy snuggling him, and he was quite nervous slowly wrapped his arms around her as well, blushed and asked," you still want to mess with the fake Celestia and Luna? I mean, there really isn't a reason now seeing your good to go back to the real Equestria."

Fluttershy snaked her head over to Discord until their snouts touched as she snickered, "I wouldn't want to miss such an opportunity now, would I?"

They entered the castle, and they merely made their way to the throne as Princess Celestia grew angry at them as she lit her horn, but Discord suddenly froze he in place, and he yawned, "that was too easy, now Fluttershy I think I think I'm burning up a little. I think I need some sunscreen."

Fluttershy gave the fake princess an evil smile as magic tendrils wrapped around Celestia, and with a poof Celestia was suddenly transformed into a pink bottle of sunscreen that read "Sun Butt Cream." in big poofy letters with a picture of Celestia on the bottle wearing a bikini with a puppy pulling her bikini bottom back. Discord laughed, taking the bottle and pouring a glop of the white sunscreen into his claw and smeared it on his nose. "Oh, it even smells like her how about you put some on." He threw the bottle at Fluttershy who caught it and gave it an odd look. She began smearing the white creamy substance over her body and it smelt like a summer breeze with a hint of seawater.

"Y...Yeah, it actually does." Fluttershy responded with a surprised expression on her face as she was quite amazed at her handiwork. It was as if she didn't need to even think about what to do, and she still had full control of her chaos magic.

Discord turned around with a smile at Fluttershy being quite proud with her. He wanted to see what else she can do and asked, "Can you turn her into a pool toy?"

Fluttershy took her claws and cracked them sending a jolt of magic and turning the bottle of sunscreen into a big rubber sized version of Celestia filled with air making her loong graceful mane now a rubber mesh material, there was even a small rubber ring to blow air into placed on her plot. Discord took it as he snapped a claw and turning the middle of the castle into a giant ground pool and threw himself into pool causing a giant explosion of water erupted from within. Discord laughed maniacally splashing about as he exclaimed "Come on, Fluttershy, and join me. The water is great!"

Fluttershy squeaked, she jumped and did a cannonball into the water and giggled, "I think I need my own pool toy."

Just then, the fake Luna walked in with a surprised look on her face as she asked, "who dares place a pool in the middle of our palace!"

Fluttershy took a claw and snapped it, turning the princess of the night started to morph, turning into a spherical shape with dark blue and violet stripes with a picture of Luna's cutie mark printed on it. Discord who was now doing a backstroke chuckled, "Well done, my young apprentice, you're magic has greatly improved."

Fluttershy gave Discord a smirk as she took the ball and smacked it with a claw sending it Discord who simply materialized a bat which it hit right back at Fluttershy. They laughed and played a game of water polo smacking the rubber ball back and forth. It wasn't long until the two got bored, and they both got out of the pool. Both draconequuss also turned Celestia and Luna into towels and laying them down and lying on top of the sheets. It didn't take long for them lying on their towels, and Discord was quite nervous as he asked, " wanted to ask you something for a while...but I've been too nervous to say it."

Fluttershy turned to face him with a look of uncertainty and asked in a questioning tone. "What is it?"

Discord who was still quite nervous gulped as he continued, "I know my mother turned you into a draconequus and that we have...we...have been together for over a year...I just wanted to ask"

He groaned smacking a claw to his face then rolled around and grumbled irritably."Forget it."

Fluttershy blushed as she had a feeling what Discord wanted to say, and she was feeling braver and whispered into his ear, "I love you."

The lord of chaos's face turned a bright red with him quivering, turning to face Fluttershy once again and squeaked, "wait, are you serious!"

Fluttershy gave a small nod as she nuzzled into Discord and cooed, "yes, I do mean so. I love who is crazy and powerful you are, but underneath that facade, I know your just a big softie."

He was still quite tuned as he asked," so...does that mean we...we...l…"

Fluttershy snickered," you mean you wanna start dating? Sure, I wouldn't mind that at all."

She kissed Discord on the lips. He stood there holding onto the kiss as his face went from red to pink making him panic as they held the embrace for awhile. Discord pulled out and being unsure and nervous with a bunch of feelings rushing through him he asked, "so? I guess we should head back to the real Equestria your friends probably wanna get back to being ponies, and I'm sure Angel is tired being a cute maid."

"Actually I have other plans." Fluttershy whispered as her eyes now had a green glow in them.

Discord was confused and now a bit concerned seeing Fluttershy's change in tone and he asked," what do you mean other plans?"

Fluttershy smirked as she crossed her claws over chest and replied in an overly confident tone. "What if I told you that we were never in that fake Equestria you made and really are in the real Canterlot?"

Discord felt like Fluttershy had to be just teasing him as he crossed his arms and scoffed, "trust me, this is the fake Canterlot? I mean, if this were the real Canterlot, wouldn't every guard in the castle be on us by now?"

Just then a bunch of guards burst through the doors and they all began charging the two dracquinouses. Fluttershy laughed maniacally as pink tendrils of magic wrapped around the guards. One by one they were transformed some were turned into cute mares, with their manes growing out and their armor turning into play colt bunny costumes with their tails turning into big cotton balls. While others were turned into cute little bunnies wielding carrot-shaped spear that they began to nibble on them. Discord was heaving in anger as he realized that this was the real Canterlot and turned to the female dracquinous and shouted, "Fluttershy! You have to stop this! You're going to get yourself turned to stone please you need to snap out of it!"

The female draconequus turned around to face Discord and gave him a cold glare seeing how hypocritical he was and scoffed," As if your one to talk?If you had the chance you would use your chaos magic for your own ends, this is what you wanted, right? To rule Equestria and make it your chaotic playground?"

Discord was stunned as if this was a few years ago he would say yes in a heartbeat. But this, this wasn't the Fluttershy he knew and loved. She was corrupted by the chaos magic flowing through her and he knew deep down this was wrong as he shouted," no! If you don't stand down and turn all these ponies back to normal, you'll leave me no choice, I'll have to stop you!"

Fluttershy growled as the chaos magic filled the castle, slowly turning it into a big white painted barn filled with hay and pens. The Celestia towel suddenly poofed with magic as she was transformed into a white-coated pig in a pen labeled "Cake Pig," and she had trough filled with cake. She squealed and began snacking on it shaking ehr cute twirly tail as she did so. While Luna was suddenly transformed growing bigger and fatter with her body now covered in dark blue and purple spots all over her body. She mooed as giant dark blue udders grew under her belly and over her pen a sign stood over reading "Moon Cheese". Luna turned her attention to her trough giant rolls of cheddar cheese shaped into giant crater filled moons and began snacking on them. Before Discord could do anything he squeaked as he gree smaller. His body puffed up in a brown fur and his horns grew smaller turning into little nubs. Soon he was on all fours and he knew that he was now a baby goat. He peered up at Fluttershy towering over him. The baby goat quivered as the female dracquinous smirking down at him. "Your right, I know how to use my chaos magic, and I really love it; in fact, I know you're going to try to stop me. I want to turn the real Equestria into a land perfect for cute animals. Until you decide to agree with me, you'll be one too." The goat bawwed and pawed at fence bleating out for help as Fluttershy snapped a claw opening a portal and disappeared.