A shooting nightmare

by The Psychopath

Toy paradise

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After that, ahem, "painful" incident, Mathews went to work on fixing his house. He hated physical work despite going to the gym every Sunday. His excuse for this was "Workin' out is helping the bodeh, not doin' phys' work." It was very bad and everyone mocked him for it. For now, however, he was forced to fix everything, and Crescent was going to help.

The poor little filly looked frustrated and had little orbs forming on the corner of her eyes as she rubbed her pained rear. As Mathews called to her, she looked up angrily, staying on her spot in the middle of the living room. Mathews, on the other hand, was cleaning up the flour mess in the kitchen.

"Hey. This is your mess. You help me clean. I know you're smart enough."

Crescent snuffed and crossed her forelegs as she began to pout.

"You deserved it, and you know that full well."

She didn't change her position.

"Fine." Mathews gave a smirk and bent over as he fumbled through one of his grocery bags in the kitchen. This caught Crescent's attention, and her eyes grew wide while a speck of drool dripped from her mouth."I guess you won't be getting this delicious, cinnamon covered, crispy golden crust covered apple pie. It's fresh from the baker, so it's still warm."

Despite what she really wanted to do, the filly's mind was set on getting a piece of that apple pie, and her eyes sparkled as she saw the delicious golden treat.

"I knew that'd get your attention. Start cleaning the living room, and we'll see about your compensation." he said firmly.

Crescent rubbed her rear again, but at least she was going to get something tasty if she cleaned up her messes. What if she-

"Oh, and next time you make another mess like this, well, you'll see what happens."

The filly clenched her teeth in horror. She better start cleaning right away and make sure she doesn't suffer the affront from before. Meanwhile, Mathews was getting some flour off of the washing machine with a wet towel, and he was getting fed-up already.

"Oh, come on. How did she even get some in here? Hrngh! Gotcha!" the man heard some tiny clip-clopping and looked down. It was Crescent, and she had a big smile. It was almost like she was wagging her tail like a dog."Cleaned the mess already, eh? Let's see that."

Fore passed the filly and went to look at the living room. Everything was fixed. There wasn't even a hole in the couch. It was like the tornado that came, partied hard, and left, had never come at all. The man scratched his head in confusion.

"How did you even do that?"

Mathews walked back to the kitchen, only to see that it was cleaned, and that Crescent was showing her biggest smile yet. The human just stared at her and observed the surroundings very slowly. The floor was cleaned, the trash that was made was already in the trash can, and even the dishes had been cleaned. Fore's eyes were as wide as could be as he stared back down at the filly who had now put her forelegs against his leg in order to get closer to his face with her big smile. It was like she was saying:

"Can I have my pie now? Huh? Huh?"

Could she use magic? After all, she did have a horn, and she was equidae in appearance. Perhaps she was a type of winged unicorn.

"Okay. Hold on. I don't know how you did it, but you fixed up everything. I'll get you your pie."

Crescent began to drool as she looked at the man open the box where the pastry was. The enamoring odor filled her nostrils with a punch, and she started to bounce around nervously and with much excitement. Finally, she had her pie, on a simple plate that was set down on the floor. Mathews had his own piece and started to eat his piece with a fork. He had to be a gentleman, after all. The little filly sniffed the pie one more time, and took a bite, just to be sure that the flavor matched the smell. It didn't. It surpassed it. She gave out a loud "Mmmmm" and started to eat her prize.

"Heheh. I knew you'd like it. It's from Chantelle. Her bakery is the best in town. She even won the regional baker contest ten times in a row!"

As Mathews continued to rant, he saw that the little equidae was smiling with each bite, and this gave him a smile of his own. She was cute and cuddly when she ate as she smiled. Her "wittle" cheeks were full of food and her drooling was also cu-scratch that. The drooling was gross. Fore stuck out his tongue. Even if she looked like a mini horse, or rather, a pony, she still had obvious intelligence, so he'd need to teach her table manners. Her face was covered in crumbs and pieces of the apple jelly.

"Lookit you. Yer all nasty. We'll have to clean that up."

Crescent looked at Mathews with a wide face of confusion, although she seemed satisfied enough with her treat. Fore was wetting a small towel, which he then used to wash the little filly's face. She protested with spitting sounds and waving her forelegs around wildly, but it was too late. Her face was cleaned, and her fur was spruced up as a result. She looked up at the giant with an angry face.

"What? Your face was all dirty. You don't want to become all sticky, do you? Hmm. Your toys and stuff are still in the bag. Tell you what. You go play outside for a bit, and you can come in when I call you."

The filly nodded. She was inside for too long, and she needed to find a way to escape when she could sustain herself. She followed the giant back to the living room and left through the windoors into the grassy yard. The hole was still there, and so was the debris. The windoors were left open, so the filly could return inside the house at any given time. The grassy greens were a delight beneath her hooves, and the fresh air was much better to breathe in than the stale and stuffy oxygen of the house. Each step was a welcome comfort. However, the only problem the little filly was having here was with the sun. Why wasn't it still night? She wanted night eternal, not an alternating day and night cycle. Just to be able to feel the power of moonlight once more upon her skin would be the epitome of pleasure. However, for now, she would have to deal with the sun's searing heat.

It was, somewhat, slightly better than the artificial light created throughout the building, and there were many a thing that brought the young filly's attention. One of which was a simple butterfly. Crescent walked up to it and started to make gestures that could be suggesting:

"I am the ruler of the night! Submit to me at once, and you might just live as a slave for me." she said as she grinned and pointed a foreleg towards the insect that fluttered on the lone flower.

Clearly, her mind was a mess with what had been going on, but she didn't pay any attention to it. Instead of the insect 'bowing down' to its supreme ruler, it flew up in the air, then landed gently on Crescent's nose. The pollen it had on it started to tickle the filly's nose, and finally, she sneezed, making an adorable little squeaking sound as she fell down and looked dazed for a bit. She sniffed, then got up and started to angrily chase the colorful bug, occasionally face-planting and almost catching the insect. After a few hours, Mathews came back and called Crescent, but he was stuck in place as he watched the tiny filly constantly jump up and try to catch the butterfly that hadn't flown away already for some reason.

"Riiiiight. I'm just going to go pick her up while I'm talking to myself now." he said as he walked towards the filly that was about to pounce on the butterfly that had gently placed itself on a blade of grass.

As Crescent jumped at it, she was caught by Mathews, who lifted her up to his shoulder.

"There we go. Now to show you your room. It's a work in progress."

The windoors were closed, and the angry filly shook her hoof at the butterfly that was flying against them. Finally, after a short moment of walking, Crescent heard a door open, and was turned around to face the room. It wasn't pretty, but it had a small portion of the walls painted in a bright pink. There were giant teddy bears and stuffed animals placed into a large pile in one corner, and there was a small bed all ready for the filly. It just lacked sheets, pillows, and the necessary. There were a few more toys placed here and there on unpainted shelves, but only the stuffed animals interested her. As she was placed gently on the floor; her eyes widened as she galloped and jumped into the pile. She quickly disappeared into it, only to pop up at different angles while revealing her muzzle and eyes and stared at Mathews before "teleporting" again.

"Ha! I KNEW you'd like those. They're made for playing, but, seeing your size, I guess you could make yourself a small fort. When I'm done with this room, you'll be able to sleep in it. Until then, you'll still sleep on my bed. Have fun. I'll be in the living room if you need me." Mathews turned around for a second, before spinning back around."Oh yeah! I'll start teaching you how to talk first thing tomorrow." he said before leaving the room.

Crescent had the front of her body on a golden teddy bear, letting her little legs leak over the artificial fur as she watched the giant walk away. Then, she squinted with suspicion, looked from side to side, and slowly sunk back into the sea of stuffed animals with her suspicious look.