Drabble Kaboom!

by Alex Warlorn

Sci-Twi Reacts to Modern World War 2 Shooters EPILOGUE

Twilight with her heart going again and having gone through a doctor's appointment, now at home and having calmed down, adjusted her glasses. "Maybe we should call them Not-zis instead, it sounds slightly more subtle."

Rarity shook her head. "Twilight, darling, this game is dumb as a ton of bricks. It does not do subtle." She did a effectively invisible ninja flap of Fluttershy's hand when she tried to reach for the 'darling' jar.

Applejack said, "At least there are plenty of male soldiers as well so the young colts can learn that they can also kick flank and being awesome is not exclusive to mares."

Everyone looked at her.

"Uh... I mean, MEN and BOYS!"

"How long?" Rarity asked flatly.

Extra-reality Applejack said awkwardly, "Well... Pinkie Pie was doing it, so me and your AJ though we'd try it out."

Rainbow Dash whistled at her planning to do the same with pony RD too.

Pinkie Pie asked, "It is a game, shouldn't it be fun first and foremost?"

Fluttershy said, "But it is loosely based on true events, it should at least acknowledge that war is not fun but a soulcrushing grind that slowly destroys everything that is good within us."

Rainbow Dash made a face. "Who would want to play such a bleak game?"

Fluttershy answered, "A lot of people actually, I could name a few very successful ones. Of course I wouldn't want ALL games to be like them. It is like with movies or books, variety allows everyone to find what they like."

Pinkie Pie asked, "So if somebody wants to fight Not-zis as a Christmas Tree?"

Fluttershy said, "Then this is their game. Fair enough."

By ItsFromPeople with edits by me.