Grownups Don't Know Everything

by Melody Song

Rarity and Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle trotted along beside Rarity, who had begun to lecture her once they got nearer to Rarity's house, which was also a boutique

"...and besides that, you know better than to go rushing off without telling ponies where you're going. Just because you think you're grown, it doesn't mean you know what to do in any circumstance..." Rarity's voice faded into the background as Sweetie thought about something she had only just remembered.

"This is so unfair! I know she wouldn't have said this after the Sapphire Shores incident." Sweetie thought angrily

"You've let me before!" she blurted out, and Rarity stared at her

"What in Equestria are you talking about?" Rarity asked in confusion

"When I was trying to warn you I sabotaged your outfit for Sapphire Shores. We went on the train by ourselves to stop you from revealing the headdress, remember? You didn't say anything then." Sweetie reminded her

"What?! I thought you had permission from mother and father!" Rarity cried

"Oh. Oops." Sweetie said, covering her mouth

"Honestly Sweetie, I expected better of you." Rarity said. She pulled Sweetie Belle the rest of the way home. The two sisters went inside the house and Rarity levitated some dresses to her

"Start working." Rarity instructed, dropping them by Sweetie and heading for her room "I have to finish that suit for Fancy Pants." she added before leaving.

Sweetie sighed

"I forced her to leave her work to come get me. Okay, now I do feel a little guilty." Sweetie thought

Sweetie began dragging them into the washroom, having to carry most of them with her hooves because she couldn't levitate them all. Though she regretted asking to be an adult, she did miss how much better she had been at magic. She had been able to lift up a full-grown Scootaloo and snap vines off of Apple Bloom!

A while later Rarity trotted in with the golden suit she had crafted for Fancy Pants, complete with top hat and golden rimmed monocle, which was obviously Fancy's trademark style. Rarity began to hoof wash it, carefully rubbing soap into the gold fabric, then folded it neatly, placing it in a box.

"How's it going Sweetie?" Rarity asked conversationally, and Sweetie put the brush she was using to scrub the fabrics to the side.

"Great. I just don't get why you guys are punishing us, if you learned from experience didn't you learn not to do this to, in which case shouldn't you remember being punished too? And know better than to punish us like you were?" Sweetie responded

"Well, actually yes, I was punished for something similar once. But what's important is that you three understand what the consequences will be if you try the same thing." Rarity replied

"Wait, really? When were you punished for something? I thought you were a perfect daughter." Sweetie asked

"It was before you were old enough to remember." Rarity explained, getting up and heading over to the door, where she put the package out on her doorstep for Gabby to find and take to the Post Office, which would deliver it to Fancy Pants. Sweetie followed her sister, curious about what exactly her sister had done.

"What did you do?" Sweetie pressed

"I wanted to go to Canterlot with Applejack's family, they were going on an apple delivery and leaving Apple Bloom with Scootaloo's parents. I was so excited when Applejack asked if I'd like to come, how could I refuse! I would finally get to see Canterlot, the place of royalty! But when I asked mother and father they said I couldn't because I was too young. They thought Granny Smith might not be capable of watching three young ones, even though Big Mac didn't need much supervision. I was so upset, I wanted to spend time with my best friend. So, I snuck out the night before. I left a note saying where I'd gone and told Granny Smith my parents changed their mind and also agreed to let me sleep over." Rarity said

"You lied to Granny Smith?" Sweetie Belle asked

"Yes. But I didn't even get to go. I was hoping that you would be up half the night and they would sleep in because they were taking care of you. But they found the note and came after me. We were packing the wagon. They dragged me back home and lectured me. I was so embarrassed, but they explained it to me. They said I was in big trouble because I could have gotten hurt if Granny Smith had lost track of me, or I could have caused trouble, or something worse. I understood, but they still punished me. I had to clean up after you, wash the clothes, and do all the chores." Rarity explained

"So then...if you learned your lesson, and you know I learned my lesson, then why are you punishing me? Especially if you know how embarrassing and upsetting it is to be punished?" Sweetie asked

"Because it's the only way to make it sink in. I know how it feels, yes, but if I never punished you because I didn't want you to feel that embarrassment, then you wouldn't listen to me. It's the punishment that builds the experience that builds your knowledge, so you never do that again." Rarity said

"Oh. I guess that makes sense." Sweetie sighed, then looked up, a sly smile spreading on her face

"What's going on in your head little sister?" Rarity asked, standing

"How long did you have to do all those chores?" Sweetie Belle asked, and Rarity snickered

"A month, and I still hate taking out the trash." Rarity answered, and Sweetie laughed

"Is that why you hate getting dirty?!" she asked

"Well, yes." Rarity confessed, then glared at her "But you're not supposed to be having fun, you're being punished!" she exclaimed

"Oh yeah." Sweetie sighed "I hope Scootaloo and Apple Bloom are doing better than I am."