Grownups Don't Know Everything

by Melody Song

Older Ponies Lecture

Twilight was staring down at the glass container which had held the strange mystical flower. She let out a sigh and turned to face the three little fillies slumped down in the seat opposite. One was a little orange Pegasus filly with a messy purple mane and purple eyes. Her small wings hung limply at her sides as she hung her head in embarrassment. The second was a cute little white unicorn filly with a swirly purple and pink mane and green eyes, who was flopped back on the seat with sorrow. The third and final filly was yellow with a red mane and orange-red eyes. The pink bow fastened to her mane drooped, showing her emotions as she gazed blankly out the train window.

"I hope you all realize what you did was wrong." Twilight began, and they looked over at her, nodding

"Promise us that you'll never do it again." Fluttershy said sternly, she was seated beside Twilight

"We promise." Scootaloo was the first to reply

"Yeah, we ain't ever gonna do that again." Apple Bloom agreed

"Uh-huh, we know it was wrong." Sweetie added

"Good." Twilight said, as the train pulled into the Ponyville station. Apple Bloom looked out the window again and gasped, making the others turn to see as well. They gazed in horror at the sight before them.

Applejack was pacing on the station platform, a worried look on her face. Rainbow Dash, still in her Wonderbolt uniform, was standing nearby, looking very annoyed. Rarity was next to her, muttering under her breath.

"Wh-what're they doin' here?" Apple Bloom asked

"I'm sorry girls, but Applejack is your legal guardian Apple Bloom, Rarity is watching you while your parents are away Sweetie, and your Aunts put Rainbow in charge of you while they're showing their house to potential buyers Scootaloo. They need to punish you the way they feel fit, it's not up to me. Go on, they're waiting." Twilight said, shepherding them off the train

The Cutie Mark Crusaders stepped off the train and onto the platform. Their sisters spotted them almost immediately, running over. Applejack held Apple Bloom in her forelegs.

"We were so worried 'bout ya when Granny couldn't find ya." she exclaimed

"Oh Sweetie, I'm so happy you're okay!" Rarity cried, then glared at her "Run off like that again and I'll kill you." she snarled, and Sweetie gulped

"Rainbow Dash?" Scootaloo asked timidly, for Rainbow was looking away

"I had to leave the other 'bolts to come get you." Rainbow said sharply. "They're busting storm clouds by themselves right now." she muttered

"I'm sorry Rainbow, I didn't mean for you to have to leave. Spitfire's probably really mad at you, isn't she? I am so sorry." Scootaloo sobbed, and Rainbow turned

"You should be sis, you really scared me. But you're okay, and that's what matters." She said, pulling Scootaloo in for a hug. Twilight and Fluttershy left the three to lecture their sisters.

"Now, we just want to make sure ya'll understand that when we tell ya not to do something, not to do the opposite of what we say." Applejack began

"Actually, we kind of ran off because there was a magic flower, and we didn't know it was going to grant wishes, and we kinda wished we were adults so that we'd know everything and you wouldn't boss us around." Sweetie blurted out

"Girls, you don't just automatically know everything when you grow older." Rarity said, shocked

"Rarity's right, ya learn things through experience, not o'er night." Applejack agreed

"Yeah. Ponies need time to grow up and learn things as they get older. Do you think I got this awesome once I turned eighteen?" Rainbow asked, expanding her wings.

"Besides, even adults don't always get things right." Rarity added

"Guess we were pretty silly, huh?" Scootaloo asked sheepishly

"We really didn't mean to cause any trouble, we just wanted to go to the festival so badly." Sweetie added

"Will ya ever forgive us?" Apple Bloom asked

"Of course we will, you didn't know any better, we should have explained better when we told you you would understand when you got older." Rarity soothed

"And you're our sisters, we don't hate you. Just don't run off like that without telling us where you're going. You may have looked like adults but you were still kids." Rainbow said

"Thank you!" all three cried out

"I guess all's well that ends well." Applejack sighed, then turned stern "But that don't mean yer gettin' away with this. Whoo-ee, the barn's gonna be the cleanest it's ever been when you get finished Apple Bloom." she laughed

"I guess I deserve it." Apple Bloom sighed

"And since you want to be grown up so bad Sweetie, you're going to be doing the laundry, cleaning the floor, and taking out the trash. Since you love planning things out so much; like unchaperoned trips to Appleloosa; you'll also be helping me with my business plans." Rarity said

"Do I get to cook?" Sweetie Belle asked

"Absolutely not, I want to be able to eat without tasting sulfur." Rarity snapped, taking her by the hoof

"You're going to polish and dust all of my trophies, clean my flight goggles and uniform, then you'll clean my room and the guest room you're staying in." Rainbow said

"And ya can only hang out together if it's a emergency with one o' yer clients. Otherwise ya can't hang out fer two weeks." Applejack added

"Alright, we deserve that." Sweetie said. Rainbow picked Scootaloo up and prepared to take off. Applejack led Apple Bloom home

"An yer goin ter muck out the pigsty, feed the chickens, and water the plants..." Applejack was saying

"The first thing you're doing is washing my latest designs before I ship them to Coco and Sassy." Rarity told Sweetie Belle

"Bye guys." Sweetie sighed

"Bye then" Apple Bloom called in disappointment .As Rainbow rose into the air Scootaloo waved to her friends

"See you in two weeks." Scootaloo murmured.