Did We Make A Difference?

by DougtheLoremaster

Blazing Dusk

For me it was Rainbow Dash.

The cyan blue pegasus, flipped her rainbow colored mane and laughed. "Well of course. I mean, I am awesome...or rather, was."

The voice, laughed. No, you still are, don't worry. Here let me show you.

Rainbow Dash looked curious and so she hovered in front of the time window, her feathery wings effortlessly keeping her aloft. She began watching just what it was this brony saw in her.
The year was 2013. A 13 year old stood talking with a friend who seemed insistent on something. They just kept pestering the young male. "You need to watch this show."
Though he wasn't thoroughly convinced, the young male decided to hear his friend out; if only to understand the fascination with it. Just what was it about this 'My Little Pony' cartoon that had made his friend so excited? A cartoon couldn't really be that magical...right?
Keeping an open mind the teenager stumbled upon an indiscriminate website and sat down to watch episode one of FIM. It was then he saw her; Rainbow Dash. The initial sighting, didn't quite make an impact. In fact, It wasn't until the bridge scene. Where Rainbow has to choose, that it really struck a chord. The rainbow-maned mare with the wings of an angel connected to the young male on a psychological level. Her cockiness, her loyalty to her friends; it hit close to home.

Loyalty and Trust go hand in-

Rainbow Dash look confused as Starlight and Twilight shared a smirk. "Hand? What's a hand?"

Er- slip of the tongue, I meant to say hoof in hoof. Watching you make a dash for loyalty-

Pinkie snorted and whispered."Ha, Dash for loyalty! I see what you did there!"
Rainbow Dash blinked. "Did you just-"

Absolutely, and I have no regrets. Watching you choose your friends over the shadowbolts, was really endearing.

"Huh. Hey, what's that, you're doing there?"
It was two years later and now the teenager seemed to be designing something.

Ah, in our fandom of your world, many created and began to refer to themselves by what we call a 'ponysona'; an OC (original character). This allowed them to be closer to you, or rather, you could say a part of Equestria itself.

"Sounds awesome! Not as awesome as me, mind you, but still pretty awesome!"
"Oh dah-ling that sounds fantastic, do you dress them in fashion as well?"

Oh yes, many OC wear stylish garb and if you watch you can see mine come to life.

Rainbow Dash watched in awe as the young man began to sketch out what looked to be... "Is that me?"
Snorting, Applejack called out. "Not everything is about you Rainbow!"

She is right. It is, or rather the outline of the body is. You six have what many consider the ideal pony forms. Those forms are usually used in about 90% of all OCs as a base to start with. Mine started with yours Rainbow. After all, gotta be 20% cooler than the rest, right?"

Rainbow continued to watch with fascination as the body of the pony was filled in with a rich black. The mane took on the appearance of a roaring fire complete with flecks of red and yellow. It was alive, it was dangerous. "Isn't that a bit edgy?"
At that moment Rarity responded to her. "Dah-ling, that color combo works so well together, it's bold and daring. Plus in our world that would definitely make an impression. After all aside Nightmare Moon that one time, when have we ever seen a black pony? Let alone one with a fiery mane? I think it looks marvelous dah-ling."

Exactly!Finally somepony gets it! It isn't because it's edgelord-based. Red and black are my favorite colors. Like you said Rarity, in Equestria, it would be something special to see.

"A-are those b-bat wings?"

Yes Fluttershy, they are. I love bats and thought a thestral or batpony would be something truly special.

"Dah-ling that purple couture is truly lovely."
The teen had slowly included a purple bandanna wrapped across the neck. The eyes were shaded in an icy blue.
The hovering pegasus grinned. "It is pretty awesome. But what's happening now?"
The Window of Time had sped up, once more to present day. And an eager adolescent was writing the latest in a series of fanfictions while the show played in the background.

I was never able to focus, being diagnosed with ADHD. Though when your show came on, for half an hour my mind could slow down and I could just be in the moment of Equestria that graced my screen. It was truly wonderful.

The last episode faded from the screen as the young man, smiling, started watching another episode, once more continuing to write.

I learned many things from you ponies, but my favorite lesson would be: We are all different. I became more open and willing to discuss my interest with people. The show helped me understand that different people have different interests. The fact they had those opinions shouldn't bother me, I should be glad they have them and celebrate what makes us unique. For opening my eyes, you helped me make new friends and brighten my world. And for that, you will always matter. You definitely made a difference.