Did We Make A Difference?

by DougtheLoremaster

Leo Ortega

As the lights dim on the former tale, A new spotlight shines through the window and the voice surrounding them fades and changes once more.

You mattered to me too!

Fluttershy asked the voice nervously, yet curious in tone. "Who are you?"

I am another brony whom you inspired.

This seemed to make Fluttershy look so happy. "R-really? Share your story with us! I-I mean...if you-you don't mind, that is."

I would be delighted.

The man in the time window was a young adolescent of the age of 19, and the year was 2010. Sitting at his computer, browsing Henshin Justice, when he spotted something peculiar. One of the post makers had a strange cyan blue, rainbow colored mane pony avatar. "what's this?"
He contemplated investigating further but the stigma of the time weighed heavily on his mind so he left it for time being. Time passed and he found himself once more staring at the strange pony, this time on a internet banner as it mocked him. The year was now 2011. Clicking on the banner, the man found himself watching Episode One of FIM on Youtube. As he sat fascinated by the many colors, he was slowly introduced to six ponies who encompassed the many elements of what he would soon learn to be friendship.
"So t-that how y-you came to know us?"

It is, but what comes after is even more interesting. Observe.

The man was writing fan fictions on a site he had encountered. Tales of the various genres including one of the first tales regarding a fan favorite known as Screwball; simply titled "Screwball". The smile on his face indicated the love in his heart as he used the character he wrote about to explore and learn more of the ponies and their lessons.
"Oh h-how wonderful!"

Out of the lovely mane 6, you Fluttershy were most inspirational in your message.

"Really? W-what did I do?"
As the other five heard this they rushed in and gave her a rewarding hug.
"Dah-ling you were fabulous, don't sell yourself so short."
"Way ta go Sugarcube, Ah knew ya had it in ya."
"So mister awesome voice, what'd she do?"

You really want to know, Rainbow Dash? Just watch.

The man watched as on the screen of his T.V., Fluttershy's motherly manner with the animals filled him with warmth. Her gentle and kind mannerisms gave him inspiration and hope.
He smiled. As time went on, he became just like her, and as she grew within the seasons, he did as well. His shell slowly fell away, and he was able to associate and talk to others without a care or fear. "And for that, I thank you, Fluttershy. You ponies gave me a new appreciation for those around me. You mattered. And to me, you always will."