Cutie Mark Crusaders back in diapers! Yeah!

by Foal Star

Chapter Four: Preping for Preschool

Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack couldn’t stop blushing as they took their charges along with Button and Diamond Tiara right behind them. None of them felt like saying anything knowing anyone who heard would just hear babbles. Regardless they really hoped Twilight could solve this little chaos issue. Upon arriving, Applejack knocked hard.

Twilight soon opened the door smiling at her friends yet confused when they started babbling like foals. "Woah! one at a time! What’s going on here!"

Rainbow Dash was using her hooves trying to explain what happened with her baby babble. However, Twilight was still left puzzled. "Ok, something tells me you guys can't speak normally right now. But I bet you could write what happened." Leading the group inside and had them sit down at one of the tables in her library with some quills and pieces of parchment. "Alright go on and write what happened."

They all nodded and tried to write but it turned out that they lost the ability to write as their hoof writing was barely legible and mostly scribbles. Twilight tubbed a hoof down her face. "Ugh! forget it you're getting ink everywhere!"

She took the quills and scrolls away and instead placed crayons and pieces of construction paper in front of them. "how about try drawing what happened instead?"

They took the crayons in their mouths and hooves and began to scribble on the pieces of paper. However, Rainbow Dash somehow had hoof paint appear in front of her. The pegasus giggled as she slammed her hooves into the paint and began to smear it all over trying to paint a picture. Rarity had glitter glue appeared before her which instantly drew her attention. She started to spread it around putting little plastic jewels on her paper. Applejack found she had some glue sticks and a box of mixed macaroni she took the glue sticks and smeared it on the paper and started to stick the pieces of macaroni on it

Twilight blinked at the magic at work and groaned. “As cute as this is, it’s making a huge mess.” She turned her attention to the fillies and colt. “I guessing you’re babbling too?”

The children watched the adults acted like ordinary toddlers playing with arts and crafts and nodded. Button Mash whined and put his hooves up. "Wana make arts and crafts too!"

Twilight shook her head watching Button Mash over the table and grabbing crayons. "I’m not running a preschool."

The other fillies soon can’t resist and hurry over giggling as they grab the supplies forgetting about the babbling for now.

the enchanted diaper bag nearby shot out all kinds of arts and craft objects for them. Pipe cleaners, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, and empty milk cartons! The foals squealed as they began to craft and make all kinds of things. Twilight blushed seeing she really missed making macaroni art in magic kindergarten. She sat down to join in grabbing the glue and a box of macaroni. She’d figure out this babbling thing after some fun.

Spike waddle down the hall after having finished with some laundry soon hearing the giggling and babbling coming from the common room. He blinked a few times upon seeing the mini-disaster the mares and fillies sprinkled with glitter glue and various other bits and pieces.

Twilight was bouncing on her diaper holding a messy work of art made of pieces of macaroni. "I made this for you Spikey!" She declared turning it to show to the dragon.

Rarity whined and babbled angrily showing her art which was a picture of a heart made of glitter glue with a Spike made of pipe cleaners. Spike face turned a bright red "wow! you made that for me!"

Rarity nodded as Spike took it and snickered, "ill hang it on the fridge."

Twilight whined. "Nah uh! Mine's better! Put mine on the fridge!"

Spike was worried fidgeting with his claws. "Uh, Twilight are you feeling ok?"

Twilight pouted, "I fine, now ya gonna put my art on ta fridge? I worked really hard on it."

Spike blushed as he took Twilight's macaroni art. "Yeah...something is definitely wrong here." Rainbow Dash was the messiest out of all of the foals splattering hoof paint everywhere. Spike groaned "ugh you're going to need a bath!"

Rainbow Dash shook her head and babbled in protest attempting to toss paint at Spike.

Spike sueaked and ducked and frowns .”Ugh, this isn’t a daycare.” He watched the others around him babble and squeal feeling a little overwhelmed. He shook Twilight some. “Come on snap out of it.”

Twilight whimpered, "Spi...spikey did I get a star for my art?"

Spike slammed a claw to his face. "That's it! Its obvious Discord did this!'

The lord of chaos appeared "did someone say my name?"

Spike snapped "hey! you turn everypony back to normal right now!"

Discord crossed his claws over his chest. "Well, It actually wasn’t me that did this. IT was the magic with the diaper bags that did.” He swiftly slides over to the group and pinches Rarity cheek. “Seems the adults just can’t help but be young again.” He laughed snapping his fingers as the mares were all cleaned up but also wearing matching blue T-shirts with ‘FoalLand’ written on it.

Button upon noticing the shirts babbled and pointed to the shirts with glee. “OH, you want one too?” Upon seeing the nod, Discord made one appear on Button as well.

Spike shrugged. “Can you at least fix the babbling?”

“Well, that part is easy.” Discord laughed patting each adult o the head unleashing glitter as he did so.

Rarity was the first to rub her head. “Oh my, what just happened.” She looked down up the art projects before her. “Aww, how cute.”

“Well glad we can talk again.” Applejack remarked turning to her sister when Applebloom babbled with a pout. “Hehe, seems you don’t get speech back.”

Twilight shook her head as she recovers and looked at herself. " hey! why am I covered in glue and glitter!"

Discord snickered seeing their cute arts and crafts projects. "My my you are such an artist maybe we should hang these up on Celestia's fridge."

The art projects poofed as Twilight squeaked in horror. “No, wait.”

“Oh come now, surely Celestia will love those. Not to mention your mother too.” Pausing for a moment, he grinned. "That gives me an idea! For the second day, why don't you Twilight run a preschool for these youngsters? clearly, they cant go to a normal school but they can still learn their ABCs and shapes."

Apple Bloom whined "we know our ABCs! A B D F…."

Button mash squeaked, "wait! what color is my shirt!" he pulled it down seeing it was blue and shouted, "I forgot my colors!"

Sweetie Belle blushed seeing she forgot her ABCs to trying to remember. "I think...Z comes after F?"

Scootaloo shook her head "no way its R for Rainbow Dash because of shes the coolest!"

Twilight held a hoof. "Hold up! I can't run a preschool and a school of friendship at the same time."

Discord smirked, "you can close your other school for tomorrow this is more important."

Twilight groaned "fine! but just for one day! Hopefully, I can tell all the students before tomorrow."

Discord cracked his knuckles "alright time for a preschool makeover!"

The castle exploded in a giant explosion of chaos magic the walls became painted with pictures of ABCs and 123s on them. The main lobby now had a giant pink circle carpet with a nap area filled with beds with rails. There was now a chest brimming with all kinds of toys and a plastic pink table for snack time. Discord smirked "there now we have Twilight's preschool! I'm going to spread the word to Cheerilee and all her students they need a refresher on the basics!"

Twilight squeaked "wait for what!? I don't even know how to run a preschool!"

Rarity went about putting the foals back in their strollers as she cooed "Oh don't worry darling I'm sure it'll be easy. Now, what time do you open?"

Twilight shrugged "I don't know eight A.M we want all the kids here for music time before we start the lessons ...What did I just say!"

Rainbow dash gave a nod as she snapped Scootaloo into her stroller and replied, "got it Eight A.M sharp. Do our foals need to bring anything?"

Twilight pondered the question and responded promptly. "Have them bring something special we're doing a show and tell tomorrow...ugh! what! why am I saying these things!"

Applejack snickered, "guess you're a preschool teacher now Twilight. We'll be seein ya tomorrow got to get the little ones to bed early."

They all began to leave with Twilight standing there. "Oh darn! now I need to make up a lesson plan." She sighed looking to Spike who of course handed a parchment ready for her.