Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Chapter 80: Claw Patrol: Dragons and the Giant Cake Wave

It was a bright and sunny Monday morning and I was in the castle kitchen, mixing a bowl of flour. Shimmer was cracking some eggs with her magic while my mom was washing previously used dishes. Shimmer giggled. “I cracked the three eggs, mommy.” she called. 

I placed the batter on the counter. “Good Shimmer, now put them in this bowl.” 

“Okay mommy.” Shimmer levitated the small bowl over to the batter and poured in the eggs and I mixed the batter again.

My mom came over and kissed my cheek, “Shimmers’ an absolute doll.” she said.

I snickered, “I know.”

That’s when Ren and the others entered. “Hey Sarah, Sapphire and Shimmer… what are you doing?” Ren asked. 

“Mommy’s baking a cake for the bakery contest and Grandmom and I are helping her.” Shimmer replied with a smile. 

“Bakery Contest?” Mason asked. 

“Yeah, it’s on Thursday in Canterlot and we’re making a pink strawberry flavored cake.” My mom replied.

“Strawberry? Ewww.” Jack groaned. Everyone rolled their eyes. Jack does not like vegetables or fruit. “I’m adding fudge to the cake.” I deadpanned. 

“Sold!” Jack exclaimed with a toothy grin. We all sighed and chuckled. “Now for the final ingredient.” I pulled out a box that said ‘Super Duper Baking Soda’.

“What’s that?” Jamie asked. 

“This is Super Duper Baking Soda. Pinkie let me borrow it. She says it makes the batter grow bigger and only add a pinch of it.” I explained as I opened the latch of the box and got a small measuring spoon. “Otherwise the batter would grow out of control.” I pour a very small potion into the batter and it sank in. “There, now I just have to let it sit before putting it in the oven. Mom, Shimmer and I are gonna go get cleaned up, can you guys watch the batter?” 

“Sure Sarah.” Mason said. 

“Thanks.” Shimmer and I exited the room, leaving the gang in the kitchen. 

Ren’s POV

Jack went over and looked at the batter. It was pink like Pinkie Pie. “Hmm… maybe we can make this a bit bigger.” Jack said and he grabbed the box. “Jack, don’t. Remember what Sarah said, you can’t put too much in the batter.” Mason said, blocking this path along with Skye 

“Yeah don’t mess with her cake batter, Private Yamaki.” Skye snapped.

“Oh please, what’s the worst that can happen?” Jack said and he shoved Skye and Mason out of the way and poured in almost half the box! And he poured in the fudge too! “Oooh, this can’t be good.” Jamie whimpered. 

“Stop being a whimp, nerd. Nothing happened.” Jack smirked. 

“Um… Jack..” Kaede pointed behind Jack and we saw the batter bubbling and raising. It poured itself out of the bowl and it crawled along the floor. “Uh-oh.” I said as we started to back away. “RUNNN!” Mason cried and we all ran out of the kitchen as the cake batter burst from the kitchen and we got caught in it. 

POV Ends

Me and Shimmer exited the bathroom all cleaned up. “Ah, now time to check on the cake batter.” Suddenly..


Ren? Jamie? Shimmer and I raced to the hallway to see bits of cake batter and fudge on the ground. “Woah..”

“What happened, Mommy?” Shimmer asked. 

“I don’t know but we have to find out.” Then I heard screams outside. “Lookout, Giant Cake Wave!” 

Giant Cake Wave? Shimmer and I raced outside to see a large wave of Cake batter going through Ponyville and closer look revealed Ren and the others trapped in it. “Oh no, Ren, Everyone!” 

“Sarah!” Twilight, the dragons and the girls came up to me. “What in Equestria is going on? And what’s with the Giant Cake Wave?”

“One of the boys must have added too much of Pinkie Super Duper Batter and now it’s out of control!” I exclaimed. 

“Well we gotta do something before it destorys Ponyville.” Applejack said. 

“Right.” I pressed my com. “Claw Patrol to my bedroom!” 

“Bedroom? Why not the home-ship? Isn’t that where the vehicles are?” Twilight asked. 

“What vehicles?” My mom asked.

“I’ll explain later mom. Anyway my dad bought everything over here last night. Come on!” We all ran into the castle and entered the elevator. “Your castle has an elevator now?!” Rainbow exclaimed.

“Yeah, my dads moved my bedroom up near the balcony so I can see the sun rise when I want to.” I explained. I pressed the button for my bedroom and we went up. In bright flash, the dragons were transformed into their uniforms. A large screen appeared before the doors that led to the balcony. My mom gasped at all of it in amazement. My dragons came before the screen. “Claw Patrol, ready for action, Princess.” Moonshine said. 

“Thanks for hurrying. I’m sure we all know what’s happening.” I said. 

“Yeah, Ren and our friends are trapped on a runaway cake batter wave.” Snowflake said. “And we have to save them before it destroys Ponyville.” 

“Exactly, Snowflake.” I said. “For this mission, I’ll need… Moonshine. I need you and your megaphone to warn everyone in Ponyville and to clear the streets before the wave traps anyone else.”

“These claws uphold the laws!” Moonshine said. 

“Storm, I need you to try and snag the gang in your harness and pull them out of the wave.” I added.

“This Nadder’s gotta fly.” 

“The rest of you stand by in case I’ll need you.” I added. 

“But Sarah how will they get to their vehicles on the ground?” Fluttershy asked. “And how will you get to your car?”

“My dad installed a slide for all of us to slide down and into our respective vehicles.” I added. 

“Can I come mommy?” Shimmer asked.

“Hmm… alright.. You can come and see Mommy and the dragons work.” I grinned. “You can come too mom.”

“Alright honey.” My mom said

“Yeah.” Shimmer cheered. 

“Now Claw Patrol is on a roll!” The slide activated and Moonshine, Storm, Me, Mom, Shimmer and Mane 6 slide down the slide and Moonshine landed in his police car. Storm landed in her copter and the rest of us landed in my car. We drove off after the Cake Wave. 

Ren’s POV

Not good, not good, not good! We’re stuck in this thick cake and fudge batter. I struggled to get out but the fudge made the batter too sticky. “This is all your fault, Jack!” Mason exclaimed. 

“Don’t blame me!” Jack growled angrily. 

“Well I didn’t put my stomach before my head, you maggot.” Skye hissed. He and Jack growled at each other. 

“Boys, knock it off. Right now, uh, we have to get out of here.” Kaede said struggling. 

“Good luck with that, this stuff is thick.” I said. 

“Wait… does anyone hear a copter?” Jamie asked. Now that Jamie mentions it. I hear a copter too. “I hear it too.” I said. We looked up and saw a familiar Nadder flying a helicopter. “Storm!” Kaede cried. 

“Hang in there guys, we’re coming!” Storm called down. We then heard sirens and looked below to see Moonshine and Sarah. “What in the Arnold?!” Skye exclaimed.  

“Moonshine, clear the road.” she called. 

“Right.” Moonshine sped ahead and roared out his megaphone, “Clear the streets, everypony indoors!” he called out. 

“Storm, try to grab one of them with your harness!” Sarah called up to Storm. 

“Right.” Storm roared out a harness and she flew lower so one of us could reach it which was me, “Ren, try to grab it.” Storm called. My arms were stuck in the batter and I struggled, getting one of them free. I grabbed the rope of the harness and Storm pulled up. I was being pulled but the batter stuck to my lower half, making it difficult for Storm. “Ugh… come on, girl.” Storm grunted. 

Storm put her copter at full throttle, trying to pull me out, but the rope of the harness snapped and I was back in the batter wave. “Sarah, the batter and fudge is too thick, I can’t pull them out with my harness.” Storm informed. She looked ahead and gasped. “And now the wave is heading for Town Hall!” 

“Town Hall!” Jamie exclaimed. “Oh no!” 

“We need more claws.” Sarah said. She pressed her com, “Spark, Fire, Silverspike, I need you three to build something to redirect the Cake Wave before it hits Town Hall, and hurry!” 

“Don’t lose it, reuse it.” Spark and Fire called.

“I can dig it.” Silverspike added. 

POV Pause

In no time at all, the three dragons were in front of Town Hall. 

“So what can we build?” Silverspike asked.

“How about a semi circle detour, then the wave will just follow the detour when it hits.” Fire said. 

“That’s perfect. Let’s get building!” Silverspike exclaimed. The three dragons quickly build a semi-circled detour and placed it in front of Town Hall. “It’s finished Sarah.” Silverspike called. 

“Perfect, come here comes the Cake Wave, get out of there!” Sarah exclaimed. 

The three dragons nodded and drove their vehicles away from Town Hall. 

POV Resumes

The Cake Batter Wave slammed into the detour the dragons made and we were now heading east of Ponyville. “Great work.” Sarah said. “Come on.”

Sarah and the gang drove beside us. “How are we gonna get them out, Sarah?” Moonshine asked. 

Storm flew down beside us. “That batter is too strong for my harness. I can't pull them out.” I turned to Pinkie. “Pinkie is there anyway to stop the Super Duper Cake Batter? Like to stabilize it?”

“Hmm.... I don't think so." Pinkie said with a smile. I groaned along with the other girls. "So now what? That thing is gonna reach Canterlot and the whole capital will be caked." Rainbow said.

"We gotta stop it." Applejack added. I began to think to myself. "It's just cake batter.. which can be baked into a cake...Wait!"

"That's it!" I cried.

"What's it?" Storm asked.

"I've got an idea. Storm, Spark, Fire, Silverspike, get to Canterlot. Storm warn the Princesses. Spark, Fire and Silverspike I need to to make a giant oven."

"A giant oven?" the girls asked confused.

"How will that save the day?" Applejack asked.

"We can force the cake batter into the oven where it will be cooked!" Twilight realized.

"But what about Ren and the others? I'm pretty sure they don't wanna be baked inside of a cake." Rainbow said.

"We'll deal with that once everything else is in place. Now go!" I said to Storm, Spark, Fire and Silverspike. They nodded and headed out.

Storm's POV

I flew over to the palace and landed my helicopter at the front doors to the throne room. I exited and came in, "Princess Celestia, Princess Luna." The sisters were surprised to see me. "Storm, what is it?"

"Sarah's cake batter is out of control and heading this way." I informed.

"What?" Luna asked.

"Looks outside." I stated. The sister flew outside and could see the cake batter and Sarah's friends trapped inside of it. "Oh my." Celestia said.

"Spark, Fire and Silverspike are making a giant oven in the middle of Canterlot, but they need time." I added.

"Well then, it's time we shall provide. Come on sister." Celestia said and they flew off to help the gang and I hopped back into my copter and flew off after them.

POV Ends

We were nearing Canterlot when we saw the royal sisters flying towards us. "Celeste, Lulu!" Ren called.

"Man, are we glad to see you." Mason said. The sister flew beside the batter and tried blasting it with their magic but the wasn't working. "Our magic doesn't work on the batter." Celestia said. Luna saw that it was nearing the city. "And it's close to Canterlot."

"Moonshine, clear the roads, now!" I ordered.

"These claws uphold the laws." Moonshine sped ahead and roared out his megaphone and rushed through the city, yelling, "Everypony off the streets giant wave coming through!" The ponies could see the batter wave and went to the nearest shelter. "Storm check on the others." I called.

"Right Sarah." Storm flew off to check on Spark, Fire and Silverspike's progress with the giant oven.

"The wave heading for the library!" Applejack cried.

"Oh no!" Skye cried.

"I got this." I whipped out Aqua's card. "DINO SLASH, AMARGASAURUS, BLOCK!" Aqua landed in front of the library and roared, placing his body to the side. The cake wave bounced off of him and made a right turn. "Woah!" Ren and the other grunted.

"Good boy Aqua." I called and I returned him to a card. I checked in with Storm. "Storm, how's it going?"

"They're almost done, Sarah, just few more minutes." Storm informed.

"Alright then, we'll lead it towards you guys now." I stated. Storm nodded.

"Sarah, now the wave's heading for Restaurant Row!" Rarity cried. This time I whipped out Quake's card. "DINO SLASH, STEGOSAURUS, BLOCK!" Quake roared and swung his tail at the cake batter, forcing it to the left and towards the center of town. "Great job." I called and returned Quake to his card. We saw the giant oven opened with the dragons near the side.

"A giant oven! I don't wanna be baked!" Ren cried.

"What the hell?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Help!" Carrie cried. We sped in front of the cake wave and I finally took out Blossom's card. "DINO SLASH, FUKUISAURUS, BLOOM!" Blossom roared and I took out a move card, "METAL WING!" I slashed the card and the three Pteranodons came out and flew towards Ren and the others grabbing them in their talons. The three of them pulled while Ren and the others held on. Finally, Ren and the others popped out of the cake batter just as it entered the oven and Silverspike pulled a lever down, closing it.

The ponies of Canterlot cheered as the three pteranodons lowered Ren and the others down to the floor. "Are ya'll okay?" Applejack asked.

"We're fine. Thanks to you guys." Ren said.

"Yeah, that was one crazy ride." Mason added.

"How did the batter get out of control anyway?" I asked curiously and the gang looked at Jack with glares. "What?" he asked bluntly. I sighed and shook my head. The Princesses came up, "We're glad you all are safe." Celestia said.

Everyone smiled at the royal sisters when the giant oven dinged and out came the large cake. "Woah.. that cake is huge!" Ren exclaimed.

"Yeah, whose gonna eat that?" Mason asked.

Jack, Rainbow and Pinkie looked at each other and big smiles. They rushed at the cake and dug right in. Mason sighed, "Why did I even ask?"

Everyone shared a good laugh as the three friends gorged themselves on the cake.