Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar

by Blackdrag-rose

Dragon: Facing Gnasty Gnorc

It didn't take Spyro, Spike, or Ember long to return to the central hub area of the Gnorc Gnexus, which was the only area that they could really explore since the area was just the circular metallic island they had discovered upon their arrival, and as soon as they emerged from the tunnel the portal to Gnorc Cove rested in the three of them noticed that the first of the three metallic dragon heads had opened, the one with yellow lights to be exact. That interested the trio for a few seconds, as it seemed that Gnasty Gnorc had designed the heads to open after one of the previous realms had been taken out by whoever his enemies were, which only made them wonder which of the other heads their foe was hiding in and what the next realm had for them. At the same time Spike found a chest in front of the portal that was inside the dragon head with the yellow lights, which had five blue gems and a purple gem inside it, where he and his siblings collected them without delay and then focused on the portal that was in front of them, which had a label that informed the three of them that it was called Twilight Harbor, which made them curious about what was inside it.

Since there wasn't anything else they could do with the rest of the land that was around them, as none of the other two metallic dragon heads were open and there weren't any new chests or enemies that had arrived since they entered Gnorc Cove, the three of them headed through the portal and headed to Twilight Harbor.

When they appeared at the starting point for the new realm the siblings discovered that they were on another wooden walkway that would take them straight to a building that was in front of them, and, more importantly, they discovered that the realm appeared to be some sort of industrial area, in Spike's mind anyway, and that there were a number of lighthouses scattered nearby, but no ships. The three of them determined that most of the ships that would have been in this area must have gone to Gnorc Cove to stock up for whatever plans Gnasty Gnorc had in mind for the Dragon Realms, but that just meant that they could focus on taking out their enemies and disrupting the various buildings that were in their way. The one thing that worried them was the foe that was blocking the path into the first building that was in front of them, as it was a Gnorc, which wasn't a surprise, but he was wearing a vest and some pants that seemed to have some sort of goo on them, just like the hat he was wearing, and the device that was in his hands was a weapon that none of them had seen before. The Gnorc took advantage of the fact that they had paused and fired up the strange weapon that he was holding, where a storm of pink goo blasts flew through the air and rushed to where the three of them were standing, to which Spike snapped back to reality and summoned his barrier to protect them, which allowed Ember to break away and flame their foe while he was distracted.

As the Gnorc fell, however, Spike stared at the weapon that he had been holding onto and tapped it for a few second, as it was unlike anything he had seen in the past, and he could tell that his siblings were interested in whether or not he could determine what it was from staring at it for a few moments.

"So, what in the world is this?" Spyro asked, because he knew that if he had taken on a realm like this all by himself, while Spike and Ember were focused on taking out two of the other realms, he wouldn't have stopped to see if he could figure out what this weapon was, but since his siblings were here they could afford to take a few seconds and see if Spike could determine anything from studying the weapon.

"Given what we saw in the land of the Beast Makers, and what we've seen so far," Spike commented, referring to the various electrical panels and objects that had been brought to the swamp the Beast Makers called home, something that really pissed off Bruno and the rest of his clan, and what they had seen since they arrived in the land that Gnasty Gnorc ruled over, "I would hazard a guess that, with all the machines that we've been encountering lately, that this might be a machine gun, a weapon that allows the user to rapidly fire at a target from a single spot, and that the pink goo that serves as the bullets is something that is incredibly harmful to dragons."

"Okay, so avoid the pink goo bullets and take out the enemies with the new weapons," Ember replied, though while she was happy to see that Spike had some information for them, in regards to what this weapon had to be and what sort of ammunition it used, she was slightly worried about the fact that Gnasty Gnorc was trying to develop anti-dragon weapons in his lands, which might lead to something more dangerous if he was left alone.

Spike nodded his head, as that was an accurate way to deal with the machine gunners, as he was going to call them, but once they knew that these weapons were dangerous, and that their foe was in the middle of developing weapons that were harmful to dragons, the three of them collected the gems that were in front of them and headed inside the building that the first foe had been guarding. Inside the building they discovered another machine gunner that was preparing to take up his position on the other side of the chamber that they had entered, but, instead of giving him time to get ready, the three of them flamed their foe and then moved out of the way as a large Gnorc, wearing leopard skins and carrying a bladed weapon with what looked like grenades on a belt, appeared in their way. What the survivalist, as Spike decided to call him, was doing was rolling barrels into the area that they were in, explosive ones from the looks of it, though it was possible that he could have been using his own grenades against them, but he had a specific distance he could cover and, once they determined what that distance was, it was rather easy to bypass his attacks and then take him down with a quick burst of fire. As soon as that was done the three of them separated from each other and picked up the various gems that were laying on the floor around them, including smashing a lone chest, which was the moment that they found some stairs and a machine gunner waiting behind a corner, guarding absolutely nothing as they soon discovered, so all Ember did was flame that foe, pick up the gem he had been made from, and then regrouped with her siblings.

As soon as the building was clear they returned to where the survivalist had been standing and found a whirlwind that took them up to an opening, one that connected to the building that was across the river that was below them, though as soon as they landed on the walkway Spyro found a side route that happened to have three gems waiting to be picked up, so he did so and rejoined Spike and Ember as they moved forward. There was a machine gunner standing on the other half of the walkway, which appeared to be partly broken to form two halves, but now that they knew the trick on how to take one of them down it was a simple matter for Spike to shield them and for Ember to flame him when she go close, which allowed them to access the next building in this realm. It was in that building that they found a larger Gnorc that was like the machine gunner, only he was wearing a red beret on his head, instead of whatever the machine gunners were wearing, and he seemed ready for a fight with his large machine gun, but, as it turned out, he was ill prepared to deal with three young dragons and the fact that Spike was making sure none of the bullets hit them, thanks to the barriers he was throwing up, and before long they flamed him down and collected the gem he had been crafted from, as well as taking out the two gem chests he had been guarding. As they collected the last two gems in the building, trapped in two normal chests, Spike revealed that these large foes were commandos, as that was what he was going to call them, and found that both of his siblings agreed with him, as he had a good sense for what their foes should be called, before they headed through the opening and jumped down onto the path that would take them through this realm.

Along the path were another commando and two machine gunners, who seemed eager to face the siblings and put them down with the weapons that they had made, but they had no idea what to do as Spike made sure they weren't touched by the bullets while Spyro and Ember dodged attacks that he didn't block, allowing all three of them to take out one of their foes. Once they had taken out the enemies in this part of the area they stopped at the dragon statue that was in the middle of the walkway they were following and found that this was where Cosmos had been imprisoned, as they knew it would be one of the Leaders and that only made them wonder where Bruno, the last of the Leaders, was being kept by their enemy, even though they knew they would find him in due time. As it turned out all Cosmos had to say was that he was happy they had rescued him again and that he was sorry that he was forcing them to do this again, only for Spike to inform him that it was fine, since it took the crystal sealing spell that Gnasty Gnorc had been preparing out of the equation, meaning they would have a chance to fight him without having to worry about it. That, as it turned out, put a smile on the Leader's face as he nodded his head in understanding and took off, leaving them to take on the rest of the realm and do what they've been doing since their adventure started, which caused the three of them to move forward and focus on the machine gunner and the survivalist that were close to where they were standing.

"Spike, aren't you worried that you'll deplete your magic reserves before the fight with Gnasty Gnorc?" Spyro asked, while at the same time taking out the machine gunner as Ember focused down the survivalist, because while he was happy that his brother's barriers were able to withstand the attacks that were being used against them he was worried that this would leave him weakened when they reached their main target.

"I'm only using the spell in short bursts, so it's not staying up long enough to drain a significant amount of the magic I have access to," Spike replied, though at the same time he rushed the commando that was standing near the opening of the next building and flamed him down, after avoiding the incoming attacks without his barrier, before he turned around and smiled at his siblings while they picked up the gems that were around them, "besides, I have the feeling that Gnasty Gnorc might have a few spells up his sleeve and that's why I'm saving as much of my magic as I can, to counter his spells and even the playing field."

With the area cleared of gems, and enemies for that matter, the siblings headed inside the building and quickly took out the commando that was in their way, before he had a chance to get himself ready, and then turned to the left and found a survivalist getting ready to hurl explosives at them, which only prompted them to take him down as well. From there it was a simple matter to smash the two metallic chests he was guarding, break the pair of normal chests that were nearby, and collect the loose gem near the entrance before they headed towards the next opening, which was a walkway that lead to a fork in the path. One direction seemed to take them to another building while the other seemed to go up a ramp, but the first thing they did was stop at the dragon statue and released Bruno from his prison, where he expressed his thanks for them freeing him once more and wished them luck in taking out Gnasty Gnorc, as he had faith in their abilities and had the feeling they would succeed in their quest to stop his plans. Once that was done, and Bruno departed from the realm, the siblings went up the ramp and found that it was a supercharge ramp, which made them curious if they were supposed to use this to smash the locked chest they had seen near where Cosmos had been trapped, before Spike looked at the path once more and found some cranks that, when turned, allowed him to raise part of the walkway into a ramp, one that could allow them to reach the second level of the building they had just walked through. At this point in time Spyro and Ember weren't even surprised anymore, as Spike had a habit for figuring out secret things or discovering things they might not have noticed while they were exploring a realm, and it meant they could clear out the rest of the realm without having to come back at some point in the future.

Ember was the first one to charge down the ramp and flew up into the upper level of the building, where she collided with a commando and a machine gunner, taking them both out, which allowed her to collect the gems that were scattered on the floor and break the chests around her, two normal ones and a gem one, before gliding over to the top of a structure to pick up a few more gems. Once she was done with that she signaled to her siblings and watched as Spyro charged down the ramp as well, only this time he didn't stop when he reached the upper floor and continued into the area that Cosmos had been trapped in, allowing him to collide with the locked chest and smash it open, so Sparx could pick up the gems that had been inside it. Spyro and Ember then make their way back to where Spike was waiting for them, in front of the next building to be exact, where they entered it and he snapped up a few more barriers as they faced a commando and two machine gunners, where the barriers protected them from the bullets as they flamed their targets, allowing them to pick up the gems and smash the pair of metallic chests that were nearby, including the lone normal one, before they followed the path that the other opening offered them. The next building had a survivalist guarding the entrance, one of the machine gunners blocking the exit, and a commando standing near the back of the room so he could over the area between them, which would make it hard for anyone to get around them, but it was their bad luck that Spyro, Spike, and Ember were the ones they were facing, especially with Spike's barriers.

It didn't take the siblings long to take out the three enemies that were in this building, especially since they were getting good at dodging the attacks their enemies were using against them and were flaming them before any of them had a chance to defend themselves, before they collected the nearby gems and broke the three metallic chests that were near them, only to head outside the building to see what else was in their way. As it turned out there were three commandos and two machine gunners stationed along the last bit of the path they had to follow, as it appeared that the exit portal was close to where they were, so the first thing they did was smash the gem chests to their left before jumping up onto the main walkway so they could face their foes. This time around Spyro and Ember insisted that Spike lay off the barriers and focus on taking out the enemies that were in their way, where they showed their brother that they were more than capable of dodging the bullets before they could be touched, allowing them to take out the first two foes, a machine gunner and a commando, with ease. From there the siblings focused on the remaining foes, and this time Spike followed what his siblings said, not even bothering to use his barrier spell as they dodged the incoming bullets and flamed the last three Gnorcs down, clearing the way to the exit portal and, more importantly, giving them the ability to access the next realm, before they tackled Gnasty Gnorc. There were a few gems laying in their way, while two metallic chests rested to the left of the exit portal and two gem chests rested to the right of it, so the three of them quickly gathered the rest of the stolen gems and waited for a few seconds, only for their dragonflies to indicate that they had gotten everything in this realm, so they headed through the portal and returned to the Gnorc Gnexus once more.

When they arrived at the Gnorc Nexus, and moved toward the opened mouth of the dragon head that had the purple lights in it's eyes and nostrils, the siblings found another chest that they smashed, releasing five yellow gems and a purple one, before taking a moment to stare at the sign that was attached to the portal in front of them, as it was different from what they expecting to find.

"Wait, this is the portal to where Gnasty Gnorc is waiting for us?" Spyro inquired, because since it appeared that their foe had gotten into the habit of naming the portals of his land, to indicate where each portal was taking the person that happened to be using it, but even so they were all expecting the third dragon head to take them to the area that Gnasty Gnorc was waiting in.

"It seems to be that way." Ember remarked, though she shared her brother's thoughts on the matter, that it seemed like there should be one more realm for them to take on before they faced their foe, based on what they encountered in the other lands that the dragons called home, but it did make her wonder what sort of dangers rested in their enemy's lair, which he would be using against them.

"Based on what we know of Gnasty Gnorc, and what he's done so far, that's likely where he's been hoarding the bits of treasure that he's found since his banishment." Spike spoke up, as that seemed to be the only thing that made sense at the moment, though at the same time he was curious as to what they needed to do to open the way to that realm, just to see what was waiting on the other side, before he thought of something else, "And, based on what we've seen of this land so far, it might open once we beat our foe and liberate this land from his grasp... or maybe it requires something else that we aren't aware of yet."

Spyro and Ember glanced at each other for a few seconds, because the key to opening the other dragon head could be anything and their brother had a few good ideas for what that key could be, before they focused on what they were about to do and headed through the portal with Spike following them. It wasn't long before the three of them appeared in a circular building that seemed to be made out of metal and only had one passage they could head through, where a green robed thief happened to be standing, with a key no less, but that wasn't who they were focusing on. Standing right in front of them, on top of a platform that allowed him to look down at them, was a large green skinned Gnorc that was much taller than all of the others they had encountered so far, though he was wearing either bronze, brass, or golden armor on his chest, shoulders, feet, and wrists, which came complete with a matching helmet and had a few horns on the shoulder pieces, the wrist pieces, and the helmet. What all three of them were interested in was the fact that the person in front of them was holding onto a large mace in his left hand, one that had four spikes on it, one on each of the four sides of it's head, and had a green crystal poking out of it's top, which was the same shade as the crystalline statues they had freed the dragons from since the big interview happened.

It wasn't hard to determine that this was Gnasty Gnorc, that he had been waiting for them to arrive in the part of this land that he called home, and that the battle between them would be starting soon enough, which was why they prepared themselves for what was going to happen next.

"So, you three have arrived at last." Gnasty Gnorc said, though at the same time the trio head something weird in his voice, he actually seemed worried about what was going on at the moment, meaning he was either hoping that his spell would have been ready before this battle, so he could seal all of them in crystal, or that one of his minions would have been able to take them down, to prevent them from reaching this point.

"That we have, Gnasty Gnorc," Spyro replied, to which he and his siblings stood apart from each other, so they could be ready for the first attack their foe sent at them as they looked around the room they were in, finding another locked door and a number of chests, meaning there were a number of things they needed to get before they took Gnasty Gnorc out, as in recovering the last of the stolen gems.

"Look, we don't have to fight each other," Spike stated, because while he knew that his siblings wanted to face their foe and take him down in battle, like they had done to every foe they had faced over the course of their adventure, he wanted to see if he could convince this foe to stand down and admit defeat, "just stand down and turn yourself in, we can talk with the Leaders and come up with a reasonable agreement between you and the dragon clans..."

"No deal!" Gnasty Gnorc snapped, his tone indicating that he was annoyed with the Leaders that ruled over the five dragon clans and that he was done living in accordance to their rules, speaking of the time before he had been banished and the time that followed his banishment, before he lifted up his mace and prepared himself, "I'll defeat the three of you, by trapping you in crystal like all of the other dragons, and then, once I'm able to cast the spell at full power again, I'll be sure to hit every dragon that calls these lands home, trapping all of them in crystal once more, though this time there will be no one to save them from their fate. Once that's done, and the Dragon Realms are free of obstacles, I'll recover the gems that you have taken and reform the soldiers that you have beaten so far, to take over the lands and enforce my rule over them, though maybe I'll put you three and the Leaders in a trophy room once my goal has been realized, just so I can be reminded of your attempt to stop me and my victory over you!"

"Great, he's mad at us and can't see reason anymore." Ember said, though her tone suggested that she felt that their foe hadn't been able to see reason since the interview happened, when Lindar said that Gnasty Gnorc was ugly, which both of her siblings were beginning to feel was the truth.

"Spike, why don't you chase down that thief and get the key that he's carrying." Spyro stated, where Spike and Ember glanced at him for a moment, as it appeared that he was taking on the role of a leader for this battle and was telling them what he felt they should do, while at the same time he focused on the foe in front of them, "We'll stay down here and see if we can't find another way up to where he's standing, and maybe claim the gems in this area as well."

"Very well, that's a good idea," Spike replied, as he knew that it was a good idea for two of them to stay in this area and focus on Gnasty Gnorc, while at the same time dodging the attacks that were coming their way, before he decided to mention one thing before he got moving, "Just be careful, it seems that he's preparing his crystallization spell again, so he might fire off small bursts of that spell while you two run around this chamber, and I suspect that they're designed to weaken us to the point where we'll fall to the ground and be easy targets for him, so he can use a small bit of his magic to seal us away and focus the majority of his power on sealing everyone else away once more."

Gnasty Gnorc raised his mace and started firing small bursts of magical energy at them, causing Spyro and Ember to separate from each other and pick up the gems that were around the chamber they happened to appear in, as well as smash the fireworks box and the two normal chests in the process, while Spike headed down the passage the green thief was standing in, so he could get the key he was carrying. Spike followed the thief down the passage, picking up the gems and charging through the pair of chests that were in his way as he followed just behind the thief, though a few moments later, when they reached the end of the passage, they jumped into the air and the thief returned to the start of the passage once more, showing Spike that he was running a loop to waste his energy and make him an easier target for their foe to hit. As it turned out, however, that plan wasn't the best in the world, as now that all the gems in the passage had been claimed it was much easier for him to catch up to the thief and collide with his back, allowing him to pick up the key that his target dropped, which was when he headed back to the main chamber and dodged the incoming blasts like his siblings were doing, only to find that the key definitely didn't go to the platform that Gnasty Gnorc was standing on, so he retreated and headed to the other locked door they had seen.

The second door revealed a second thief that moved the moment the door was open, though this time, in addition to the twists and turns that were in the first passage, Spike found that this one went out into chamber of some kind that had a pool of the same liquid that the commandos and machine gunners had used against them, where the first run through the area was where he gathered all the gems and smashed the chests, before getting to the second run and flaming the thief, recovering the key that went to Gnasty Gnorc's platform, causing him to run as it sank into position.

As Spyro and Ember charged after their foe, and Spike followed after them, Spike realized why Gnasty Gnorc was running from them and not fighting, as he was trying to focus the majority of his power on the crystallization spell that he would use against all three of them, to stop the fight in an instant, meaning they had to hit him fast, before he was able to complete his spell.

Since time was of the essence, due to Gnasty Gnorc charging his crystallization spell, Spyro, Spike, and Ember decided to do something they usually didn't do, they tried to ignore the chests that were in front of them as they focused on their foe, but, as it turned out, it was rather hard not to hit a number of the chests, as the first group the siblings encountered were a normal chest with two metallic ones behind it. From there they followed Gnasty Gnorc down some stairs and around a bend, which involved smashing through three more metallic chests in the process while ignoring the gem chest off to the side, before coming to another set of stairs that had some gems along it. Thanks to the path that Gnasty Gnorc was following it was easy for them to take the gems that were in their way, just like the first couple of gems they spotted when they started chasing their foe, though once more Spike found more of the pink gooey liquid near them, meaning that Gnasty Gnorc must have made quite a lot of this dangerous stuff before finding the crystallization spell, and that they would need to figure out how they were going to get rid of all of it. The path their foe was following brought them through a small passage that had three more chests, which were smashed, before coming to an area with some twists and turns, one that he knew like the back of his hand, a thought that made sense, only for the siblings to stop as they decided to abandon the idea of not clearing the area of gems first and picked up the ones they had missed so far, including the gem chests they had charged by moments ago.

Once the area behind them was cleared, and there were sure of that, the siblings continued forward and smashed through the chests that were in front of them, normal, metallic, and gem types, before following the path once more and picked up the various gems that were in the way, before coming to an area where their foe was standing, as if he was waiting for them to catch up with him again, before jumping over the edge and landing at the area he had been standing in when they first arrived, indicating that they would have to follow him again.

Spyro, Spike, and Ember were more than happy to chase after their foe around the large area once more, as this time around they could focus their attention on Gnasty Gnorc and not worry about the various gems and chests that they had dealt with during their first run through the area, though one thing that quickly became clear was the fact that their foe was much faster than they were, because of his size. He could cover part of the course in seconds while the siblings would take a few more moments than what he did, putting them behind him, which meant that he might have a few chances to charge the spell that he was working on, the same one they were trying to prevent him from firing, which made Spike wonder if Gnasty Gnorc's weapon was actually a scepter, instead of a mace. The reason he thought about that was because they had gotten close to their foe a few times and he never attempted to hit them with his weapon, like he might be worried about the damage that such a thing could do to it, which could mean he had found some sort of oddly shaped scepter to use in his plans, or had one made specifically in this manner, to make himself look more intimidating. Either way it didn't matter if the weapon was a mace or a scepter, as their foe was using it to charge his spell and would likely cast it from the crystal at the top, which was why he and his siblings were running around the area, trying to catch up to him, before he had a chance to fire the spell.

After the third time running around the area Spike stopped his siblings as Gnasty Gnorc ran off, where he asked that Ember remain in the lower area when they started chasing their foe again, because if someone was blocking the way he had the feeling their foe would stop in his tracks, giving them the opening he was looking for.

As it turned out his plan worked better than he could have hoped, because it wasn't long before they reached the highest point of this circuit once more and Gnasty Gnorc started to laugh as he reached the end point, but when he went to jump back down to the starting platform, however, he found Ember growling at him in an area that would make him take a hit from one of his enemies. That moment of indecision, where he paused to consider facing his foes or jumping over Ember, cost him more than he initially realized, because as soon as he stopped Spyro and Spike flamed his rear, which caused him to swat his rear and take out the fire, dropping some of the loose gems he happened to be carrying, before he opened a door behind them and charged through the new opening. Spike immediately focused his magic and created a small whirlwind for Ember, allowing her to catch up with them without having to run the entire course again, before they rushed towards the opening and following the new path that Gnasty Gnorc was following, which brought them to a passage that was made out of metal and had wood ceilings, save for the lava floor that was below them. It appeared that their foe thought that he had the advantage, as it seemed that the platforms that he was using the run away from them were shifting into the walls, to which Spike set his satchel and hat aside, since he was sure neither of them could resist the heat below them, before he and Ember dived into the lava as Spro chased their foe on the platforms, which likely made him wonder if two of them had a death wish.

It wasn't long before Gnasty Gnorc reached the end of the passage, where there was a smaller door that he couldn't fit through and that was it, to which he huffed for a moment and turned around as Spyro came to a stop near him, but just out of range of his attacks if he used his weapon like a mace, before Spike and Ember burst out of the lava, using the small whirlwind trick Spike had used moments ago, to land on the edge of the area their brother was in, to which they shook off the bits of lava and focused on their foe.

"Wait, two of you are immune to lava?!" Gnasty Gnorc exclaimed, as that was one thing he wasn't expecting to see during this battle, especially since it wasn't an ability the dragons were supposed to have, at least according to what he knew about them, "That's so unfair!"

"Look, we can still resolve this without having to knock you out," Spike replied, as he knew that some of the dragons they knew were going to be surprised by this bit of information, when they finally got around to telling them, but even so he wanted to try and convince Gnasty Gnorc that he had lost and that he might as well surrender to him and his siblings so they could put an end to this fight, "just lay down your weapon and..."

"I refuse to submit to any of you!" Gnasty Gnorc shouted, where he raised his weapon for a moment and a green light appeared at the top part of it, where the green crystal was located, indicating that he might have enough power inside the scepter for a small burst, enough to seal the three of them away in those crystalline statues.

Spike, seeing what their foe was going to do, braced himself like he did when he was fighting Blowhard, as he was planning on using a spell that he hadn't practiced all that much, before he summoned a shimmering wall in front of him and his siblings, one that was slightly different than the barrier spell he used in the previous realm. Gnasty Gnorc, not even taking a moment to stare at what was happening in front of him, loosed the spell that he was gathering and a burst of green energy raced forward, striking the wall within seconds, though where he expected the wall to break and his foes to be sealed in three small statues he found that the wall was still up. Spike wasted no time in forcing the wall to collapse behind the attack and form a small shield between them and the sphere, where he nodded to his siblings, causing Spyro and Ember to rush forward and strike what their brother had created, transferring the power of their charges into the small shield for a few seconds. That gave Spike the power he needed to loose the attack back at their foe, where Gnasty Gnorc dropped his weapon and held up his hands as the attack hit him, forcing the siblings to shield their eyes as a bright light emitted from where he was standing, meaning they would have to wait for a few moments to see what happened when the crystallization spell hit the one that used it.

When the light dimmed, and they were allowed to see what had happened, the siblings found that a green crystalline statue of Gnasty Gnorc, with his fear frozen in place, was resting in the area that he had brought himself to, though this time around they had no idea how someone would go about releasing him from his new prison.

"That was a nice way to put an end to Gnasty Gnorc's plans, by giving him a taste of his own medicine," Spyro said, as he was happy with what he and his siblings had been able to do, and found that the platforms were returning to their natural state, meaning that Spike could collect his stuff before they left this realm, as the exit portal just happened to be through the door that their foe couldn't fit through.

"Indeed, the Reflection spell was supposed to do that," Spike added, though at the same time he made sure to get his stuff as he explained what he had done, where his tone revealed that he needed more time with that spell to make it work like it was intended to, "it allows the user to reflect a spell back at the person who cast it, so I could reflect the sealing spell back at Gnasty Gnorc, but it's not an easy spell to pull off and I needed your help to complete it."

"Well, at least he won't be terrorizing the Dragon Realms anymore," Ember stated, as she was pleased that their quest was over and they had saved the lands they called home, while collecting all the treasure, freeing all the trapped dragons, and recovering all the stolen eggs, and it put a smile on her face as she thought about it.

Spyro and Spike agreed with her, as both of them were happy about what they had done, to which they headed for the exit portal so they could share the good news with the Leaders and the rest of the dragons that called the Dragon Realms home, and maybe think about taking a break before they did anything major in the near future.